Cobra Kai (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

The Fall

Ladies and gentlemen… …you’ve been waiting a long time, but we're finally here.
Dojos from all across the Valley have been training for a year for their shot at glory.
You ready to meet 'em? You? You? All right.
This sensei and dojo need no introduction.
He took the All Valley by storm in 1984 and '85 and quickly became one of the greatest underdogs in the history of the sport.
Last year, this dojo came out of nowhere and made it to the finals.
They've got some new fighters, and they’re ready to show the world that they’re the best around.
Give it up for Miyagi-Do Karate, led by two-time All Valley champion Daniel LaRusso! Woo! Woo! This next dojo took last year’s title.
But they’re under new management.
Can they reign supreme once more? And last year’s runner-up.
He may be wearing a new gi, but one thing’s for sure, Robby Keene and his team are ready to strike! Hailing from Reseda, defending champions and still the most badass name for a dojo, here comes Cobra Kai! And finally… this dojo is making their All Valley debut, though you’ll recognize a few familiar faces.
Every year, a new dojo rises up the ranks.
Does this newcomer have what it takes to win it all? Please welcome Eagle Fang Karate, led by Sensei Johnny Lawrence and defending champion Miguel Diaz! At the end of the day, only one of these dojos can be crowned Grand Champion.
Welcome to the 51st annual All Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament! It's karate time.
-Miyagi-Do's, bring it in.
-Eagle Fangs, listen up.
Some of you have been here before… …and for some of you, it's your first karate tournament.
I still remember my first All Valley, where I stood here proudly with my sensei.
…where I pummeled the ever-loving crap out of my opponents as the crowd cheered… …and where I faced down the bullies of Cobra Kai.
Now getting here hasn’t been easy.
There've been some bumps in the road, to put it mildly.
They tried to soften you up.
-That bullshit's behind us now.
-Remember what's at stake.
If Cobra Kai wins, our dojo closes for good.
That means no more Eagle Fang.
-We're not gonna let that happen, are we? -No, Sensei! Of course not.
Because we have something that Cobra Kai doesn't… We have a reigning champion.
We have Miyagi-Do.
Let's get out there… …and show Cobra Kai what we're made of.
Are you ready? Yes, Sensei.
Are you ready? Yes, Sensei.
All right, good.
Let's warm up.
Diaz, a word.
Listen, I know what's been going on with you lately.
You do? You haven’t gotten over that little spat with your girlfriend.
-I can totally relate.
My junior prom was an absolute shit show.
I need you to focus on winning.
You and Sam will make up, but she’s not on your team and your team needs you.
Okay? Let's get to work.
All right, fall in.
All your training has brought you to this moment.
Remember, if you win, you don’t just get a trophy.
You get the glory.
And you get to know forever that you are a champion.
I have had students with all the talent in the world squander their moment.
Do not let history repeat itself.
Do not let your emotions cloud your judgment.
And above all, do not let anything stand in the way of your victory.
Just to be clear.
That's not a pep talk.
That's an order.
And we're all gonna follow Sensei Kreese's orders today, aren't we? -Yes, Sensei.
-Aren't we? Yes, Sensei! Let's go win this! Come on! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to begin our skills competition.
Up first, Demetri Alexopoulos from Miyagi-Do Karate, who'll be showcasing the kamas.
Hi-yah! Bow! Positions! Are you kidding me? What a way to start the skills competition.
Clearly, Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang came to play.
But with such a tight spread, it's still anyone's game.
Baby, you got this! Let's go.
Ais! -Ais! -Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! Hi-yah! -Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! And just like that, Miyagi-Do has been snake bit as Cobra Kai takes the lead, with our qualifier rounds up next.
I can’t believe Cobra Kai beat us in skills.
I thought we had that in the bag.
It’s my fault.
I couldn't break the last board.
Forget that, okay? You all did great.
We're on their heels.
This is far from over.
How the hell are we in sixth place? The skills events are weighed differently.
Gold medals are ten points, silver-- I don’t give a shit about the math.
What do we need to beat Cobra Kai? Uh, math.
To catch up on points, we need to win as many matches in the qualifying rounds as possible.
The further we get, the tighter the vice around Cobra Kai’s metaphorical balls.
Now you're speaking my language.
The thrill of skills.
I told you everyone would love it, Sue.
Hey, I was always on board.
It's Ron who was standing in our way.
He even botched up the contract for the garage.
I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking.
This needs to be his last go round as president.
At the next meeting, I’m calling for a vote of no confidence.
What the hell is Ron doing on my mic? Ladies and gentlemen, the male and female division qualifiers are about to begin.
And with them, we enter a new era! That’s why we need a very special guest to kick things off.
Let’s give a big All Valley welcome to multi-Grammy-award winning, international superstar, Carrie Underwood! Holy crap! Oh my God! Oh my God! That son of a bitch pulled it off.
Hello, All Valley! I am so honored to be here.
I didn't see a lot of karate growing up in Oklahoma, but you guys know I love to compete, just like these wonderful young men and young women.
-Woo! -Woo! -Yeah! One thing I have learned is that everyone gets their shot, their chance in the spotlight.
Everyone gets their moment.
This one's yours.
Her husband's a client.
I fixed a crown fracture in his maxillary incisor.
We never doubted you, Ron.
Fight! -Winner! Point! Point! Fight! You got this, Bert! Let's go, All Valley! Winner! Winner! That's point! Winner! Point! Winner.
-Point! Winner! -Yeah! -Great news.
-What? Demetri won! That puts him in the quarterfinals with me and Hawk.
-How are we doing here? We’re still in second overall.
But we have three fighters still alive.
We need one to advance, and we can take the lead.
Come on, Chris, you got this.
All right, guys.
Score's two to two.
Ready? Fight! -Ais.
-Red side, point.
Red side, winner.
-Fight! Point! Winner! Ready? Fight! Point! Winner! They know our moves.
I wonder how.
All right, folks.
We’ve witnessed some great fighting today.
But you ain't seen nothing yet.
Because we have arrived at the quarterfinals! Which means things are about to get intense.
Of the eight boys and eight girls on this stage, one of each will be named All Valley champion.
And then we’ll tally all the points to determine which dojo has earned the title of Grand Champion.
And since the points get higher in each round… …it’s still any dojo’s game! So you keep your eyes on this here blue mat, because we are just getting started! -Point! -Oh! Winner! Point! Come on, ref! She was out of bounds! Where are your eyes? Fight! Ha! Point!Winner! And with that, Eagle Fang's hopes of winning Girls All Valley Champ have gone up in smoke.
It's all right.
You did great today.
I let her shut me out! I should’ve focused on my low game.
She’s been at this longer than you.
There's no reason to feel bad.
Oh, I don’t feel bad.
I only trained for six weeks.
I’m gonna be stomping all of these weak ass bitches next year.
So with you out, do we even have a chance of winning? If the right female fighters get eliminated and Miguel makes it to the final and he wins, then, technically, there's a chance.
Good chance.
You wanted to beat Miyagi-Do so badly you gave Cobra Kai all of our secrets.
The goal is to win.
I did what I had to do.
If all you care about is winning, you didn’t learn anything I taught you.
Everybody thinks their way is the only way.
You, my dad, Cobra Kai.
Truth is, it doesn't matter which way you fight as long as it works.
And I'll use whatever it takes to win.
Why? To get back at your dad? Me? Sam? The world? If that's the case, I have another Miyagi-Do secret that you can slip to your friends.
Never put passion in front of principle.
Because even if you win, you lose.
Alexopoulos has Robson on the ropes.
Which of these fighters will advance? Miyagi-Do or All Star Karate? -Point! -Yeah! Demetri! Winner! Newcomer Demetri Alexopoulos is heading to the semis! Your friend’s lucky he didn’t face Cobra Kai.
Can’t say the same for you though, Lip.
Gonna make you kiss that mat.
Ignore him.
He's always been a bully, but that's not who you are.
I don't know who I am these days.
You’re not defined by your haircut, you know.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved it.
I was really digging the purple actually.
ButI liked you for your energy, your confidence.
Yeah, well, I, uh, lost my confidence.
So… Eli… Next up in the quarterfinals, it’s Kyler Park of Cobra Kai versus Eli Moskowitz of Miyagi-Do.
Looks like you've got a fight to win.
-Everything good? -Never better.
I know who I am now.
And who's that? The guy who’s gonna win this fucking thing.
To your marks.
Face me.
Bow to each other.
Ready? And fight! -Point! Yes! Fight! Point! -Fight! Point! -Winner! Yeah, Eli! Woo! Mom, are you going to eat all of this? What can I say? I have the munchies.
Our next quarterfinal match will be Samantha LaRusso of Miyagi-Do Karate versus Piper Elswith of Cobra Kai.
Face each other.
You got this, Sam! Just like we practiced! Ready? And fight! Point! One-zero.
Go, Piper! Go! Robby said Miyagi-Do was for defense only.
And without your defense, you have nothing.
Ready? Fight! Point LaRusso! -Fight! Point LaRusso! -Point LaRusso! Yes! Winner! -What was that out there? -Eagle Fang.
That's what I thought.
How’d you pick up so much? Why does it matter? I won.
You didn’t win the right way.
Maybe my right way is different than yours.
Don't I get a choice? -I don't get why they're having us fight.
-Just the luck of the draw.
No matter what happens, the fact that you made it this far at your age is a huge deal.
Your brother’s gonna be impressed.
Well, I owe it all to you.
You changed my whole life.
But don't think I'm going easy on you now, old man.
Yeah, okay, wiseass.
-See you out there.
-All right.
For our final quarterfinal match, we have a real snake fight.
It’s Cobra Kai versus Cobra Kai.
Face each other.
Ready? And fight! Point! Time out.
Go to your senseis.
Are you fighting your friend or your opponent? I thought you wanted to be a champion.
Competitors, on your lines.
Ready? And fight! -Point! On your marks.
Fight! Fighters ready? Fight! No point.
No point! Continue fighting.
-Ooh! Winner! You all right? Face me.
Go to your side.
Just let him cool off.
Robby, you good? Yeah.
Well, if it isn’t Mr.
Hey, Mr.
Looks like it's me and Eli in the semis.
Should be a good fight.
I caught your last match.
Couldn't help but notice you circled your opponent.
You didn't have us catching fish for nothing.
It's time to get ready.
All right.
Bye, Mr.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
Softening Diaz up before our match? As if you haven’t gotten into Sam’s head with all your Eagle crap.
-You've been training her, haven't you? -You should be thanking me.
For turning Sam into someone who can’t control her anger? Better than turning my champion into a pussy who starts a fight and then runs away.
I don't care what happens today.
Stay the hell away from Sam.
Stay the hell away from Miguel.
And now, our first semifinal match will be Miguel Diaz of Eagle Fang versus Eli Moskowitz of Miyagi-Do.
All right.
 Don't forget to breathe out there.
How you feeling? I'm okay.
Not exactly thrilled to be fighting my friend.
It doesn’t help that nobody’s ever beaten Miguel either.
Sorry, shouldn't have said that out loud.
At least you know how he’ll fight.
Because Johnny taught you too.
Listen, don't forget your blocks.
Stay patient.
All right? You got this.
All right, you can do this.
You've beaten Hawk before.
Remember that killer instinct.
-Take his ass out.
-What? Take his ass out? Hawk is my friend.
He's fighting for LaRusso.
He picked his side.
Whose side are you on? -Yours.
-Are you sure? Hawk may be your friend, but if you wanna win this, you have to beat him.
Whose side are you on? What do you mean? Gentlemen, take your positions.
I'm on your side, Diaz.
Go, Diaz! Finally, a worthy opponent.
Not gonna hold back, right? -No.
Neither am I.
On your marks.
Face me.
Face each other.
-Ready? -Ais! And fight! Go after him! Good, good! Nice, Diaz! Nice! No point, that's a block.
Continue! Let's go, Diaz! You're not a kid anymore.
You want something, you're gonna have to crawl across the floor.
Use your damn teeth if you have to.
-You can do this.
I know you can.
I'm always gonna be here next to you.
-Yes! You’re gonna be my teacher? No.
I'm gonna be your sensei.
Medic! Miggy.
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