Cobra Kai (2018) s04e10 Episode Script

The Rise

Sir, I need you to relax, please.
-Do you know who you are? - Can you tell me your name? - I… -Lie back down.
Call that detective.
Tell him his John Doe is awake.
Good news.
Looks like it’s just a pulled muscle.
- It may ache, but you’ll be fine.
- Oh, thank God.
So does that mean that I can keep fighting? They've given you 30 minutes to recover.
So let the pain guide you.
If it's telling you to sit this one out, I'd listen.
I'll get you an ice pack.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
- How's it feel now? - Not bad.
Just a little sore.
Miggy, you don’t have to continue.
Don’t worry, Mom.
If something feels off, I won’t fight.
- Make sure he's okay.
- Of course.
You were so good out there.
Especially when you kicked that one kid in the face.
Gracias, Yaya.
All right.
We’ve got a half-hour.
Show your back who’s boss.
Robby Keene is ahead one-nothing as he and Demetri Alexopoulos battle it out for a trip to the finals.
Score, two-zero.
Go to your senseis.
All right.
I had it hard beating him when he was on the good side of the force.
Now that he’s gone all Sith, I feel like a helpless Jedi youngling about to get slaughtered.
Well, you’re taller.
You have the high ground.
That's how Obi-Wan beat Anakin.
All right, just remember your fundamentals.
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe through.
You got this.
Come on, Demetri.
- Let's go.
- On your marks.
And fight! That's a block.
No point.
- Ais! - Point.
He's very good.
So are you.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
All participants in the girls' semifinals, please report to the center mat.
Matches begin in five minutes.
Hey, dude.
I, uh… I saw your… Saw your match out there.
Uh… Uh, and, you know, I saw Robby compete last year.
He's, uh… You know, he's one of the best.
What do you want? Um, I guess I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, okay? For all the… For all the shit I did.
Y-You know, it wasn't cool.
And I guess I was just trying To impress your friends by picking on the new kid who didn't have any.
Yeah, okay, I'm sorry.
I just… I can… I can… I can imagine what it must have felt like.
Oh, you can imagine? Okay, go ahead.
- Uh, go ahead and… - Tell me how it felt.
Well, like, not, uh, great? Then you wouldn't know.
Because no one's ever been such a piece of shit to you! Well, maybe it's time you found out.
How does that feel, LaPusso? Not great? Man, get up, get up! What are you doing? Just getting payback on the kid who thought he could bully me and get away with it.
Anthony LaRusso was your bully? Not anymore.
Do you hear that? Get ready for high school next year because you're gonna be in a world of pain.
This is not how I trained you.
It's Cobra Kai.
No mercy.
- Anthony, are you okay? - I'm fine.
Just… Just leave me alone.
- Anthony - I said leave me alone! This semifinal match has been all Cobra Kai.
Tory Nichols is on her way to the big dance.
Winner! Oh, it's gonna be a battle for the ages, because here comes Samantha LaRusso and Miyagi-Do.
Point! Winner! The girls' final is set.
- How's the boy? - Like you give a shit.
Look, what happened with Terry back in the old dojo, I didn't know he was gonna do that.
- I don't have time for this shit.
- It didn't have to be this way.
You could have been with me and your real son.
You don’t care about Robby any more than about me.
- I cared more about you than anyone.
- You had a funny way of showing it.
You forced me to fight dirty.
Sweep the leg.
You have a problem with that? No, Sensei.
No mercy.
You sacrificed my soul so Cobra Kai could stay number one.
That is not true.
I wanted you to be number one.
But you were down two-zero.
And you were about to be beaten.
And I knew that would take you into a downward spiral.
And I was right.
Because no matter what people say, it does matter whether you win or lose.
And if I can help Robby win, he’ll remember it for the rest of his life.
And maybe someday, he can be the one to keep Cobra Kai going.
No, that's never gonna happen.
Because tonight, Cobra Kai’s gonna die.
The remaining boys' semifinal match will resume in five minutes.
Here, rub some of this on.
We have to hurry.
Sensei, I-I don't know if I can do this.
Yes, you can.
You can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough.
Look, I know you're not 100%, but you got the heart of a champion.
Everything you've learned and been through was just a warm-up for this moment.
It's time to show the world what you're made of.
Give it your all.
Do what I tell you, and we’ll not only take down Cobra Kai, we’ll show LaRusso and everybody else who’s really the best.
- That's what this is about.
- Hey.
We're not gonna get another shot at this.
It's now or never.
You know what's at stake? If we lose, I'm not your sensei anymore.
You want that? All right, then prove it.
Fight for it.
Show me you're not a kid anymore.
All right? Show me you're ready to be a man.
Can you do that? Yes.
All right, good.
Rub that on.
You got this.
I’ll see you out there.
Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do are neck-and-neck on the leaderboard.
But there's a dark horse… Or should I say a dark bird? …that still has a chance.
Will Eagle Fang Karate stay alive in our dojo race? We're about to find out.
Miguel Diaz has one minute to return to the mat! Countdown clock? Kind of dramatic, isn't it? Yeah, it's the All Valley.
He's really taking it down to the wire, huh? Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Well, it looks like Miguel Diaz is not gonna fight.
Which means that the winner by default is Eli Moskowitz, who advances to the final where he will face Robby Keene.
The finals are up next.
What happened? I blew it.
Where's Miguel? I don't know.
I came back.
He's not in there.
He's probably afraid to see you.
He thinks he let you down.
No, I'm the one that let him down.
- No.
- Yeah.
Heard you made it to the finals.
What happened to you? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
It just felt like I wasn't fighting for me anymore.
I get that.
I feel pressure from my dad all the time.
Yeah, except that Johnny isn't my dad.
Anyways, uh, I just wanted to wish you good luck.
And let you know All finalists, please report to the center mat.
I gotta go.
But I’ll see you out there rooting for me, right? I'm always rooting for you, Sam.
Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over.
It's finals time! Since Cobra Kai scored the most points, they only need to win one match to be crowned Grand Champion.
But if Miyagi-Do wins both matches, the title is theirs! Ooh, high drama! Up first, the boys' fight! Good luck to all of our fighters! Let's go! This is it.
Time to show LaRusso and your father that you don't need them.
That you're strong enough on your own.
My chance to get back at Robby for what he did to me.
This fight is not about him.
The biggest battle is always the one within.
Okay, concentrate, defense, focus, power.
You find your balance, and those points will come.
All right? Competitors.
Go out there.
Go get him.
Face this way.
Face each other.
Ready and fight! Point! One-zero, Keene.
- Let's go, baby! - On your marks.
Time out.
He knows all my moves.
He trained at Miyagi-Do way longer than me.
And you were in Cobra Kai longer than him.
You each know each other’s karate better than anyone.
Put him on defense.
Ready? And fight! Point, Miyagi-Do! On your marks.
Woo! Go, Eli! Score, one-one.
Ready? And fight! No point.
No point.
No point.
Continue! Back to your sides.
Unbelievable! These two amazing competitors have reached their three-minute time limit in a one-one tie! Which means their championship match will be decided, for the first time since 1985, by sudden-death overtime! Let's go! Go to your senseis.
You're showing him respect.
This fight should be over by now.
Do you wanna fight him? You're angry.
Use it.
That was incredible! Any advice on the last point? Give him all you got.
Competitors, to the mat.
Next point wins.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Ready? -And… fight! -No point.
- No point! Continue.
- It's okay.
Come on.
Come on! Point! Winner! Yeah! Woo! Your boys' champion, Eli Moskowitz! Yeah! And with that, Miyagi-Do vaults into the overall lead! It all comes down to the girls' final, coming up next.
Yeah! Robby.
You all right? Yeah.
Focus on your fight.
I just, um… I just need to clear my head.
I, uh, guess it all comes down to the final match.
- Yeah, I have to get back in there.
- I, uh, spoke to Dr.
She said you’ve been keeping up with your appointments.
Yeah, she helped me find a volunteer to help with my mom.
Thanks, I owe you for that.
Well, then you can pay me back now.
By making sure Sam doesn't get hurt.
- It's karate.
How can I promise - I'm not asking you to back down.
I just want you to play by the rules.
Even if I still don't understand them.
Okay, I'm gonna go out there and root for my daughter.
But what I’m really rooting for is that this fight finally puts an end to all this bullshit between you two.
My money's on Sam.
I don't know.
Nichols is on the warpath.
What do you want? I want your help.
Look, you and I may be set in our ways, but these kids, they're still growing.
They can learn from both of us and use what we teach them to create their own way.
I guess I didn't want that to happen because I cared so much about honoring Mr.
Miyagi's legacy.
But I forgot one of his most important lessons.
Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong, you choose own way do karate, same reason.
Yeah, but I do it your way.
One day, you do own way.
I was scared of the influence you were having on Sam.
But I see now some of what you teach can be good sometimes.
I'm sorry I didn't realize that sooner.
I'm sorry too.
I saw you and Miguel bonding and I freaked out.
I was afraid of losing that connection.
Now I’m paying the price for it.
I shoulda just let him train with you.
He would’ve been a stronger fighter.
Well, since it seems the water is flowing back under the bridge, what do you say we team up again? You want me to help Miyagi-Do win? Miyagi… …Fang.
Uh, just for today.
Let's do this.
What better way to cap off this exciting exhibition of karate than with a final match for the ages? Representing Cobra Kai, the Queen Cobra herself, Tory Nichols! Coached by her senseis John Kreese and Terry Silver.
And representing Miyagi-Do Karate, the Bonsai Badass, Samantha LaRusso! Coached by her father and sensei, two-time All Valley champion Daniel LaRusso, who I've just been informed will be joined by Sensei Johnny Lawrence.
So wait Oh, I stand corrected.
Fellow two-time All Valley champion, Sensei Johnny Lawrence! Let's go! Don't worry about them.
You've been fighting all your life.
Now it's time for all that struggle to pay off.
Use all that fire inside you.
Yes, Sensei.
Good luck.
Head in the game, Nichols.
All right.
Ready to kick some ass? Yes, Sensei.
If that's okay with my other sensei? I want you to win more than anyone.
Whether it's defense or offense, Miyagi-Do or Eagle Fang.
I want you to be you.
Just make sure you keep your anger in check Uh, s-sorry.
You were saying? Go kick some Cobra Kai ass.
Competitors, take your position.
Come on, Sam.
LaRusso! Ladies, good luck.
Face this way.
Face each other.
Ready? And fight! - Point! - Yes! LaRusso.
Score, one-zero.
Holy shit! What was that? A flying tornado kick.
She’s not using Miyagi-Do.
She's fighting aggressive.
You get more aggressive.
I've seen what's inside you.
Let it out! Come on! Ready? And fight! Point, Nichols! Score, one-one.
Ready? Fight! Point! Two-one, Nichols.
Damn it! I’m attacking but it’s not working.
What style should I use? Yours.
Trust your instincts.
Use everything you've learned from me and Sensei Lawrence.
All of it.
Your dad's right.
Every now and then.
Come on, Sam! Ready? And fight! No point.
No point.
Out of bounds.
What? Come on, Ref! She went out after she got hit! Yes! Ready? And fight! Point, LaRusso.
Score’s two to two.
Next point wins.
Ready? Fight! That's a block.
No point! Warning.
Elbow to the face.
- Go to your senseis.
- Warning? Should be a point deduction! - I didn't mean to.
No, it was an accident.
- Go to your senseis.
- Are you all right? - She got me good, but I can still fight.
She comes in like that again, give her a shot to the other eye.
- She can’t see, she can’t fight.
- Won't I get disqualified? Why? She ran into your elbow.
Do exactly what you just did, disguise it in a counter.
Worst you’ll get is another warning.
Trust me.
This ref will never end the match on a technicality.
It was an accident.
I don't need to cheat.
That's not fair.
I got second place.
Second place is no place.
You're off the team.
You're nothing.
You lost.
You're a loser.
- You suck.
- Yeah? Hey, come on, man! Don't! Come on, who's the loser now? - You suck! - Come on! Who's the loser? I don't hear ya! Since when do you disobey an order? Let her do what she wants.
You've come this far.
This is your fight now.
So whatever happens, it’s up to you.
Ready? And fight! Point.
Winner! Hey.
You all right? - What a match! - You all right? - What a match! - Good effort.
Give it up for your first female champion, Tory Nichols! And the winner of the Grand Champion trophy and still the baddest dojo in the Valley, Cobra Kai! Thank you.
Thank you.
We couldn’t be prouder of our hard-won victory.
And we’re just as proud to announce we’ll soon be opening Cobra Kai franchises throughout the entire Valley, so every one of you young men and women here can be part of our championship dojo and learn Cobra Kai's Way of the Fist! - Thank you! - Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai! We did the right thing and we still didn't win.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
One of the parents saw Miguel get in an Uber.
What's an Uber? It's like a taxi.
He left before the finals.
I'm so sorry.
It's all my fault.
I’m sure he just wants to be alone.
We’re gonna head home.
You guys go.
I'll meet you there.
Some days I just wish we could have a do-over.
I know the feeling.
Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai! Hey! Hey, victory party at my place.
Queen Cobra, you coming or what? Yeah.
I just gotta grab my bag.
All right.
Hey, guys, let's go, let's go! Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai! I almost thought you were gonna back out of our deal a few times.
You know what? You played it just right.
No one suspects a thing.
Money will be in your account tomorrow morning.
Thank you, Mr.
What the hell? Robby? What's going on? I followed you.
What happened here? Moving to a new location.
Multiple locations, I think.
You kicked ass today.
- Could've gone either way.
- Yeah.
It's just a match.
Don't let it eat you up.
Trust me.
It's not that.
It's this kid, Kenny.
I thought I could take him under my wing.
Be the mentor I wish I had when I was younger.
But when I saw him today, it, uh… It's like looking in a mirror.
I realized I screwed everything up.
I had all this hate inside of me.
For you and for Miguel.
And I thought I could use Cobra Kai to control that.
But it just made things worse and now it's never gonna get better.
That's not true.
You had a good thing going with LaRusso.
I got in the way.
Don’t blame yourself.
Blame me.
I’m sick of blaming you, Dad.
It's gonna be all right.
We'll figure this out.
Okay? 1998 Bollinger.
Been sitting in my cellar for years, waiting for the right moment.
- Not unlike yourself.
- Touché.
I gotta give you credit, John.
You reawakened something in me.
Something I forgot was there.
And I'll always be grateful for it.
Told you.
To Cobra Kai.
The number one dojo in the Valley.
I gotta say, I'm surprised you backed off on Nichols in the finals.
That's not like you.
Well, what can I say? I had a moment of sympathy.
That's a first.
You remember when you asked me what I thought your weakness was? It's Johnny Lawrence.
That's what this was all about, right? It was never about us teaming up or bringing back the glory days.
That was all bullshit.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
And I fell for it.
You know why? Because everyone has a weakness, John.
And mine is you.
You think that I'm your weakness? Well, you've got it backwards, because I am your strength.
I have been your strength ever since Vietnam.
Yes! There it is.
I can always count on you playing the guilt card.
How many times do you expect me to repay that debt before we’re square? What did you do? It’s okay, Raymond.
The man who did this can’t hurt you anymore.
Give me his name and I promise you I'll put him away for a long, long time.
- You wanna be Cobra Kai, huh? - Yes.
You wanna be Cobra Kai? I'll make you Cobra Kai.
But you gotta do something for me.
His name is Sensei Kreese.
John Kreese.
I'm shedding my weakness, Captain.
John Kreese, you’re under arrest for aggravated assault and attempted murder.
- You have the right to remain silent.
- John, what did you do? -Hands behind your back.
Come on.
- Hey! - John, take it easy.
Don’t worry about a thing.
I’m sure I can dig up an old friend or two to help out with Cobra Kai while you deal with your legal problems.
You're gonna regret this.
I am Cobra Kai.
- Put him in the car! - Move! And don’t worry about Lawrence.
I’ll take good care of him too.
What's going on? Show him the note.
Mom, I’m sorry for leaving a note like this, but I thought it was the best way, maybe the only way, to say what I have to say.
The last few months have been a roller coaster.
My injury, rehab, me and Sam, Sensei and Mr.
I convinced myself that I could get over all of that by focusing on the tournament.
I thought that if I won that everything would work out.
But I was wrong.
Tell Sensei that I'm sorry I bailed.
His karate helped me grow, but I'm still not sure who I wanna be.
And to figure that out, I think I need to know where I came from.
Sensei was scared to find out the truth about his past, and honestly, I am too.
But overcoming that fear is the fight I have to face instead of competing for a trophy.
I need to meet my father.
This is something I have to do.
Please try not to worry.
I'll be safe and I'll be back soon.
I love you, Mom.
And Yaya too.
I called the police.
I-I don't know what else to do.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I'm gonna find him.
I'll make sure he's safe.
There's something I didn't tell you about my ex-husband.
I know.
You said he's a bad dude.
Don't worry.
I can handle myself.
- And I'm sure he'd never hurt his own son.
- That's just it.
He doesn't know Miguel exists.
I just want my baby back home safe.
I'll make sure of it.
All right? I promise.
I did everything I thought was right.
I followed all of the Miyagi-Do teachings.
I even put aside my rivalry and teamed up with Johnny.
None of it worked.
Now I'm supposed to give up my dojo and step down as a sensei.
But there's too much at stake to honor an agreement made with men who have none.
If Cobra Kai is gonna keep growing and getting stronger, I need to do whatever it takes to stop them.
Even if that means going on offense.
I know this isn't your fight and this is a lot to ask… but will you help me finally put an end to Cobra Kai?
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