Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e01 Episode Script

The Day a New Demon was Born

2010 a.
b, August 10th.
The New Britannia Empire declared war on Japan.
The neutral islands in the far east and the world's only superpower, Britannia.
In between them was the epicenter of the deeply rooted diplomatic conflict created by Japan.
During the mainland battle, the Britannian army used the Mobile Humanoid Armor Vehicles, Nightmare Flames, in combat for the first time.
Their power was beyond anything imagined and the Japanese defense forces were easily defeated by the Nightmares.
Japan became a territory of the Empire and had its freedom rights and name taken away.
Area 11.
That number was the new name for Japan after the war.
I'm Suzaku I'm going to destroy Britannia! This is Alpha 3.
The target has exited Delta 12 and entered into Delta 14.
It's moving at a rate of 80km/hr.
Movement according to the CCP.
Floor 5 to Floor 2, Code 3.
288 to command.
Capture of target This is an image of the terrorist bombing which occurred in Osaka last week.
This attack, which caused the death of eight Britannian citizens as well as 51 others, is Your time has run out.
From here on, I would ask that you make your moves in 20 seconds.
So he says.
Has your substitute arrived? I'm saved! Is it okay with your school? Oh? A student.
Oh? A noble.
Youngsters are so lucky.
They have plenty of time.
Time to regret.
Your name? Lelouch Lamperge.
Hey, hey! You can't win this no matter what, can you? Rival.
When should I depart from here in order to make it to the next class? Uh if we hurry, then in 20 minutes or so.
Then, I'll be asking you to drive safely on your way back.
Huh?! It'll end in nine minutes.
Master, about that thing I mentioned last time I understand.
I'll talk to them.
Nine minutes? It's 20 seconds per move.
That's enough.
From the King? Where's Lelouch? Rival took him away.
Another match? I wonder Neither of them have the right attitude for the student council! They're betting money on it! Even though he's got brains, Lulu's way of using them is weird! If he'd study, then his grades would be better too Even though our Lulu-chan is such a serious guy? How cute! Hey, President Dammit.
Even though we managed to get it out, because that Tamaki didn't move according to Naoto's plan Nobles are the best! They have pride so they'll definitely pay up! On top of that, a new record of 8 minutes 32 seconds! He didn't have much remaining time left either.
And nobles are so indifferent.
They're just considered masters because of their special rights Well, would you like to play against Jaireven then? We're different from Britannians That's so horrible, involving innocent people 11's are so scary.
Thank you waiting.
There will now be a public address by His Majesty Clovis, the Third Prince of the Britannian Empire.
To the people of the Empire, and of course, to the many 11's who are cooperating with us.
We're not 11's, we're Japanese! Do you understand? My heart is now being ripped into two! It's being pulled into a heart of anger and a heart of grief! However! I, the one who has responsibility over this Area 11, cannot bend to these terrorists! Why? Because this is a fight for justice! The justice which protects all peace! Now, everyone.
Let us all lift up our condolences to the eight who sacrificed themselves for the sake of justice, shall we not? Let us pray silently.
Oh, you're not doing it? What about you, Rival? It's embarrassing.
That's true.
And even if we cry, the dead people won't come back to life.
Whoa, that's harsh.
In the end, it's all just self-gratification.
No matter how hard you stretch, the world won't change.
That was wonderful, Your Majesty.
It's hard to imagine that you were enjoying yourself at a party until just now.
The governor is the face of the government for Area 11, so doing this sort of thing is Oh my, you are full of confidence.
I am merely preparing myself.
Showing myself without confidence will only make the people of the media happy.
No, no.
We were hoping that if we could provide His Majesty Clovis with even a little bit of information Oh my, Your Majesty! A paper mache intelligence, huh? Your Majesty! A military man? What is it? How impolite.
Please forgive me! However Another boot licker? If only there were You fool! W-We have told the police that it was just some medical equipment.
If we move all of our forces Send out the supervisors! And the Nightmares too! Alert 1 proclaimed, Alert 1 proclaimed.
Squads 4, 7, 8 proceed to preparation.
Following them, Squad 3 and all personnel to positions.
Squad 9, all stand by.
Hey, about that first move Hm? Why did you start by moving the King? If the King doesn't move, then his subjects won't follow.
Hey What? Lelouch, do you want to become a company director or something? Of course not.
Strange dreams will only serve to destroy your self.
Waaah! What the hell?! Driving along so carelessly! Stop! That way is-! Um was that our fault? Of course not.
To headquarters: "The target has crashed into a building that was abandoned while it was being built" Wait.
Control has been turned over to the military.
It's General Atlas.
A General?! We must get it back, no matter what.
That is What's that? Hey Lelouch, it looks like the energy line got cut Yeah.
Hey, isn't that? Hey! Over here! Whoa.
That's bad What, what? An accident? Maybe they're drunk? They're so stupid.
Hey someone go help them.
Hmph all these people Hey wait a minute! Oh, a school boy rescuer has arrived! Hey, can't someone at least call the cops? Hey! Are you okay? Hey, what you're doing is the right thing to do, but I really wish you would stop that.
Because of your meaningless pride, we're gonna be late to class.
Nagata, Nagata! Hey? Can you hear me? I found it.
My Where did that come from? Are you there? Hey! Stop! Is this what you call a hit-and-run? Hey, put a ladder on this side too.
This is a warning! Right now, you may hire a lawyer! Quietly give yourselves up! The next attacks won't miss! Give yourselves up! Even the military has shown up.
What should we do? That's why I'm here, right? Getting out is dangerous.
The situation doesn't look too good I should use my phone to call We can get to the subway from the other route.
Karen, let's use "that" now! That's suicide! Eh, you're right That woman Where are you Lelouch?! We need to go to school! The target is leaving the settlement and is heading towards the ghetto.
All right, get them.
Yes! A smash hawk?! A Nightmare! Dammit! These guys are real terrorists! You know how powerful this thing is! You guys back off.
I will be her opponent.
I don't know where you got it, but A medium-sized Glasgow cannot stop this Sutherland! And neither can an 11 who cannot even comprehend His Majesty's affection! Karen! Change of plans! It'll be bad if I stop! You escape! But! What a simple-minded guy.
Why?! You second-hand scrap metal! Oh? Not bad, but Out of service area.
This vehicle is running along an old subway corridor.
I don't know where I am and getting out would be dangerous.
But All right.
I can see.
The situation is clear.
My apologizes to the military, but I'll be taking the terrorists' transmitter as a gift.
Oh, I forgot about him That guy, leaving me behind! A-ha! H-How did you know? Oh, I was right? You bastard! You're going too far.
Something that you, General, and Prince Clovis have been hiding has been stolen by terrorists.
Getting it back is easy, but you want to find out who their companions are too.
If you allow the terrorists to go on, you will find their hideout.
Congratulations! Your deduction was spot on! Oh, no.
I merely said that it was strange That's enough! And what is it that you want in exchange for you silence? That's why I'm telling you! We want to help in the search.
Help? Yes.
We want data.
And what is it? The thing that was stolen.
A chemical weapon.
In other words a poison gas.
The terrorists are running along a subway corridor.
Your mission is to find the weapon that the terrorists stole.
11 soldiers search the Shinjiku ghetto and the subway corridors.
Upon discovery, send back the coordinates.
We, the Imperial Army, will conduct the extraction.
Although you bastards are immigrant Britannians, you were originally 11's.
Go sniff out the monkey that has the same smell as you.
If you want your citizen status approved, go find the treasure! Now is the time for you to show your loyalty to Britannia! Yes, my lord! An accident? Or S-So it's no good As if I'll let anyone find 404 has discovered the target! All right, prepare to move out! If I climb up top now.
A Britannian soldier?! Don't kill anymore! Wait! I'm And poison gas on top of that! Even if you try to talk your way out of it That's why I'm telling you! It was Britannia that made the poison gas in the first place, right?! You Don't kill? Then, break apart Britannia! Lelouch? It's me.
You so you became a member of the Britannian army? What about you? You don't mean? What're you saying? It's not a poison gas? Sorry, I panicked and That's fine.
You can use the Glasgow's communicators.
More importantly, is it Yeah.
As the information stated, I think it's poison gas.
What about Nagata? I don't know.
I think that he's in the tunnels, but Answer me, Suzaku.
Is this girl a poison gas? But in the briefing You monkey.
I don't recall giving that much authority to an immigrant Britannian citizen.
But I had heard that this was poison gas You have no right! This is bad This definitely IS poison A powerful poison that would make Suzaku's masters nervous.
If it were to leak to the outside But I will allow you to have that right And give you an order.
Soldier of Britannia, use this to kill the terrorist.
He's different! He is merely a civilian who has been caught up in this! Bastard This is an order! You pledged allegiance to Britannia, didn't you? That's But I cannot.
What? I won't do it.
I can't shoot a civilian like him.
Then die.
Suzaku! From what I can tell, you appear to be a student of Britannia.
This was unfortunate.
Retrieve the woman then kill the student.
Yes, my lord.
Those Britannian bastards Go Japan! They got away?! And that was with the special troops?! Forgive me.
We scattered according to the report, but the bedrock Why do you think that I only told you guys?! W-We will restart the search! The plan has entered the next stage.
H-However, Your Majesty! If that is leaked to the outside, I will be disinherited.
Let us tell headquarters that it was a practice maneuver for cleaning up a district.
As the Third Prince, Clovis, I command you.
Destroy the Shinjuku Ghetto! Why is Britannia? Grandfather! All right.
Time for the next floor.
The opponents are trash who cannot even rise to the standard to become a Britannia citizen.
Kill them until there are none left.
Of course.
Sir Jeremiah, General Barkley wishes for you to take command There are other staff officers, aren't there? This is the only combat that's happened in a while.
Let me have fun! What are you?! All this commotion it's your fault! Hey! And Britannia Britannia even killed Suzaku It's not there? It appears that it was released before combat.
Even though we brought along the Lancelot? What should we do? There's no meaning if there's no devicer.
Listen up wait there.
How is it? It appears that there are only 11's here.
It's around here, right? The only exit.
Maps of the area are no longer used, but He hung up! That Lulu! A location worthy of the end of a terrorist.
You guys Well, for a student you tried hard.
As expected of a Britannian.
However, your future has just ended.
Don't kill him! Hey! I would've preferred her alive This is what we should tell the higher-ups: "We, the elite troops, found the terrorist base and destroyed it.
However, the hostage had been beaten to death by the time that we got there.
" What do you think about that, student? What is this Suzaku and This girl and Am I going to meet my end here too? Without being able to do anything so quickly Nanaly! You don't want it to end here do you? What the? It appears that you have a reason to live.
Is it the girl? No way If you have strength, will you be able to live? This is a contract.
In return for power, I want you to grant one of my wishes.
If you agree to the contract, you will live as a human, but differ from other humans.
A different source, a different time, a different life The power of the King will make you isolated.
If you are prepared for that The union of RagnarÃk.
The land of legend once again! Fine then That contract I'll bind it! Hey, how should Britannians who hate Britannia live? Are you an ideologist? What's wrong? Aren't you going to shoot? Your opponent is a student.
Or have you realized it? That those who are allowed to shoot are only those who are prepared to shoot? What's that? Lelouch orders those of Britannia, you guys to die! Yes, Your Highness! From that day on, I've always been lying to myself The fact that I'm alive is a lie My name is a lie.
My history is a lie.
Full of lies Being so fed up with a world that didn't change at all, but being unable to give up the despair of a lie.
But what I obtained Power That's why