Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e02 Episode Script

The White Knight Awakens

Stage 3 The Lying Classmate.
Imperial calendar.
August 10th, 2010.
The New Britannian Empire declared war on Japan.
Japan, which was unable to mount any resistance against Britannia's newest weapon, the Knightmare Frame, was defeated, and had it's freedom rights honor and name taken away.
That was the new name for the Japanese people.
Hey you What did you want me to do? Giving me this strange power Why? The special troops were.
What happened here? What is a Britannian student doing in a place like this? Answer me.
Otherwise Answer me! Get down from there.
Right now.
You what do you think you're doing? I see.
She needs to see this power firsthand.
I am Alan Spacer.
My father is a duke.
A duke I have an ID card in back pocket.
After you check it, I would like to request protection.
Keep your hands up.
I will take the ID out myself.
Give it to me your Knightmare.
All right.
The password is XG2.
The ID is 2D4.
All right.
What did I do? Too bad! You missed your chance to get to heaven, Soldier Kurugi.
Um Where am I? Oh, we're still in the Shinjuku Ghetto.
You're near Prince Clovis, so we're in a safe place.
Suzaku-kun, this protected you.
The shell damaged the outside though.
A keepsake? Y-Yes.
There is a belief in these parts that such keepsakes contain spirits that protect their owners.
Are these Um is Lelou What's the current situation? It appears that the poison gas been released.
I heard that there were a large amount of casualties among the 11's.
It seems that the culprit has not been found yet.
I see not yet Soldier Kururugi, what sort of experience do you have piloting the Knightmare Frame? Eh? No way.
A person who is an 11 cannot become a knight.
And if you could? Congratulations! A one-of-a-kind Knightmare awaits you.
Riding it will change you Both you and your world.
Your dreams will be reality.
Damn you Britannia how dare you! Kallen! Don't move yet! I'm fine! I'll act as a decoy so, Ougi-san, you guys get everyone out! The only ones left fighting shall be the resistance.
I understand! But if we're surrounded And at this time, this chip I'm telling you, I got fat! That's because you keep snacking.
I'm fine! Lulu? Why are you calling now? Where are you? If you keep ditching you'll be held back a grade Is there a TV there? TV? Sorry.
It's kind of important.
Jeez wait a minute.
Sorry, can I borrow this for a minute? Eh? For what? The news.
Is there anything on Shinjuku? The news? Um there're just some traffic jams, but nothing other than that.
And the reason for those traffic jams? I don't know.
It doesn't really say here.
I see so they plan on having the army make an announcement after everything is over.
Hey you're doing some weird type of gambling again, aren't you? I told you before that it's dangerous.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, and tell my little sister that I'll be getting home late, okay? Bye.
Aw jeez! Why is he always so self-centered?! The number that you have called is currently This again As long as the situation is hidden from you, it's difficult to determine the reinforcements that you must send.
In other words, these are all the pieces for the board.
Even so, getting through this many enemies by myself will be difficult.
It is also dangerous to approximate things.
How about you pay me back for getting me involved in this? That Glasgow huh? 30 more minutes! The west exit! Eh? Use the railroad and move towards the west exit! Who are you! How do you know this code?! It doesn't matter.
If you wish to win, believe in me! Win Hey! What should I do now? What a cowardly 11.
If all you can do is run, there's no fun in hunting.
In exchange for believing me, I will let you win.
Jump up onto this.
All right! Did you think that this would work? Jeez a plan like this You, chase the Glasgow.
Yes My Lord! What? A-Attacking their own side? You bastard, what platoon are you from?! The enemy has only one arm! No way the terrorists B-B-Bastard! I'm saved.
But how did you get the Sutherland Huh? Where.
Hey! Kallen! What was that transmission just now?! Eh? Ougi-san, you guys heard it too? Yeah.
Yoshitaka and the rest will be here soon as well Are you the leader? Y-Yeah.
I'll give you the things that are inside of that train there as a present.
They're some tools that you can use in order to win.
If you wish to use these and win, enter in under my command! There're some over here! Over here too! This is amazing Maybe we should listen to him for a bit This many how did he? You there in the Glasgow! Y-Yes! You stay in there.
That machine is geared towards disturbance tactics.
All right! How is your energy filler? About 15 minutes left Then, get a new pack.
In 10 minutes I'll send you some new orders.
Phew, this is more tiring than I thought.
But, I must remain steadfast to see this through to the end.
The stakes of this game are peoples' lives! The terrorists in 11 are putting up some resistance but it's hardly a threat to our force.
And more importantly I understand.
The gas capsule is Under control, I hope? Yes.
The girl can still be taken back Yes, without taking her life.
Hey, is it really okay? The IFF outnumbers us, and we know nothing of its tactics! They're completely confident in their numbers.
They have no need for traps.
You guys just go to the points as instructed.
D-1, can you move it? The controls should basically be the same.
Who are you? At least give me your name.
I can't do that.
What if the transmission is being monitored? More importantly, if Q-1 is on time, then in 23 seconds the enemy Sutherlands will be there.
Most likely to your right.
Just fire into the line there! Jeez, what does he think he's sayin'? All of you, check your weapons.
Hey! Are you serious?! An enemy troop at point F-3-1! A diversion huh? How futile.
The Lazerus troop should proceed as normal.
We will make Orion and Valerie go to them! We will strike them from the back! 3 2 1 Fire! Wh-What?! Group Orion and Group Valerie: communications lost! An ambush? The ID signal is a double-edged sword.
And if the terrorists follow my commands, we've already won.
P-1, P-4, P-7.
Move 100 meters to the right and turn the Slash Hawk to the 3-O'clock direction.
All right! Listen to this voice! Jeez.
Guess it can't be helped.
Are you ready yet P-5? Stop calling me weird names! In the front, too! The enemy has moved to D-2-A! Lazerus troops No! Groube pick up the slack! No way! Our mech army is being outmaneuvered by terrorists Groube has ejected! The vehicle is lost! Change the signal! Our transmissions are being monitored! We have done it already! Four times in fact! Do it one more time! What a disgrace! I-I am sorry Hello! What is it? We're in the middle of a strategy meeting! Well I was thinking of making the new troop available Now is not the time for that! R-2, launch anchor! B-7, a UN Round.
Group N, move forward as you are.
Damn you 11's! Lazerus troops' signals have disappeared Now! Put up Quincy's group! But, Your Majesty, if we do that, the formation Now, the enemy has five choices.
Do not worry about breaking formation.
We'll certainly catch the enemy's troops here! Are they going to break formation? What's this? They've taken the worst possible approach.
Q-1, the map is accurate, right? Yeah, the old town is But without looking at the actual scene That's enough.
All right! Send Lerus in too! Mission number 3.
Enclose them! Concentrate your firepower! Are the preparations complete? The terrorists main strength is in the middle.
Crush them.
What?! The enemy isn't there?! This is Check.
It IS possible.
I can do it.
I can do it! Britannia can be defeated! Who is it? Who am I fighting against? This guy could be better than Toudou! Lloyd! Oh? Yes? Could you win, if we used your toy? Your Majesty.
Please call it the Lancelot.
Cooperative Weapon 301.
Activating Lancelot.
Activating Lancelot.
Hatch is free.
301, Lancelot, standby for activation.
Beginning engine rotation.
What about the manual? Has it been put to practical use? As expected of you.
Even if it was a simulator, you still are top class.
The thing that you just told me Eh? Ah It's possible, but the chances are close to zero.
But they're not zero, right? That's true but I don't want you to do anything over the top.
It's a new system so there's no ejection system implemented yet.
All right.
I understand, Cecile-san.
This is Yes the Special Dispatch Cooperative Technology Department's secret cooperative weapon, the Lancelot.
It's the only 7th generation Knightmare Frame.
Well then Suzaku-kun.
How about we begin deployment soon? Beginning deployment.
Begin from phase 20.
Energy Filler, equipped.
Fully stable and suppressed.
Energy Filler humidity level is accurate.
Voltage begin.
30 seconds to maximum.
Core Binding Devicer set up.
Devicer's 301.
Entry confirmed.
Location report input complete.
Interface self-support confirmed.
Yggdrasil control confirmed.
Rejection response is minimal.
Devicer stress response is minimal.
Everything is within the tolerance level.
Up to now has been according to the data Status: all green.
Back up, all back.
Status acknowledged.
Second reconfirm has finished.
Lancelot, depart! Hahaha! Full throttle from the start, huh? This is greater than the manual! With this What's that? For a Sutherland A little bit more and I can destroy the inspection.
This is B-group! Enemy sighted! Hm? Is it backup? Real battle is different I guess What's the situation? Everyone escaped but four troops were instantly Number of enemies? One troop, just one! Is it a new model? I've never seen that type bef aaah! Hey! What happened?! Bastard! What? It can block bullets? Yeah.
What should we do? Ishida! Ahhh! These terrorists are so useless.
It's only one troop and they can't handle it.
Damnit! All right! I can do it! With this Lancelot I can do it all at once! N-4, N-5, hold it off.
When the high-speed squad gets there, surround it.
All right! We can't stop this thing! Hey? What happened? What is it? What's going on? Well, it looks like I've incurred an unwanted debt.
However, with this P-1, what happened?! The enemy is it really only one troop? These numbers are above what we assumed it would be.
Yeah, and he plans on going all out.
If I destroy all of the Knightmares, then the fighting will stop.
No matter what, I need to save Lelouche and that girl! So this is the guy the one who's messing with my plan! So this is the commander! A mere pilot like you! How dare you! It can't be helped.
I need to eject here.
Hey! We'll get him back for this! So this is it? I guess I must learn that with humans, there is no perfect plan.
What is that monster?! That guy has no concern for how high the casualties rise! Saving a person in the middle of a fight Hmph.
If you want moral victories, I'll give them to you.
However Huh? An act of mercy? It appears to be that way.
He's interesting.
Suzaku? You're tired aren't you? Should we end it now? I will do it.
Please let me do it.
Be careful of the operation time! Okay! Ahh.
He's the perfect part.
Halt! Where is your ID? This is Prince Clovis' apartment! Finally, a guard huh? You've become quite spread out, as I planned.
Plan? Yeah.
I want you to let me pass.
I see.
All right.
Kallen! This happened because you people decided to turn against Britannia.
What?! You cowards! How many people do you think have died?! Shut up! We've also had a lot of our people killed! Don't cry! Ougi-san.
What about that person who was talking to us? I don't know.
He won't answer the calls either so He might have died.
See, I told you! We would've been better off to use the poison gas than ending up listening to some guy we don't even know! But Nagata, that idiot! So this was where you 11's have been hiding.
Prepare to fire.
Brother! To all troops.
Cease fire immediately.
Cease fire? As Area 11's governor, I command you in the name of the 3rd, Prince Clovis la Britannia.
All troops, cease fire! Cease all structural destruction activity.
Aid the injured ones regardless of whether they are Britannian citizens or 11's.
I command you in the name of Clovis la Britannia.
Cease fire immediately.
I will not allow anymore conflict! Is that all? Yes.
That was perfect.
What's next? Shall I sing a song for you? Or be your opponent in chess? It brings back memories.
Do you not remember? We always would play chess together, even though I always won.
What? Remember? At Alius' imperial Villa.
Who are you? It's been a while, big brother.
Right now, Empress Mariann is the eldest.
I am the 17th successor, the second in line to throne.
Lelouche vie Britannia.
Lelouche? But you're "supposed to be dead?" I have returned, Your Majesty.
In order to change everything.
I thought it was impossible for a mere student to do something about the world.
It's not realistic.
You don't have to think very hard to realize that.
However, if the ability is in my hands Probably, the choice that I should take is