Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e03 Episode Script

The False Classmate

The name is Zero.
Imperial calendar August 10th, 2010.
The Holy Britannian Empire declared war on Japan.
Japan, which was unable to mount any resistance against Britannia's newest weapon, the Knightmare Frame, was defeated, and had its freedom, rights, honor and name taken away.
That number became the new name for the Japanese people.
What do you mean, "Let the Elevens go"?! We still need to retrieve the poison gas! But these are His Majesty Clovis' orders I wish to hear the opinion of General Patre and the others.
It seems that the generals have abandoned their positions.
Are you saying that the only one in the contact room is His Majesty?! I'm so happy, Lelouch.
I heard that you had died during the invasion of Japan.
Well, thank goodness you're alive.
How about it? Would you like to go back to the motherland together? So you can use me as a tool on the diplomatic scene again? You seem to have forgotten how much we were used as tools.
That's right because mother was killed.
Mother was a noble, but her origin was that of a commoner.
To the other imperial princesses, her existance was probably an eyesore.
However Going so far as to make it look like a terrorist attack You killed mother! It wasn't me! It wasn't me!!! Then tell me what you know! No one can lie to my face.
Who was it the one who killed her? 2nd Prince Schneizel and 2nd Princess Cornelia.
They would know.
They were the masterminds?! So you really don't know that much.
I-It wasn't me! I didn't do it! I didn't make anyone do it either! I know that.
However S-Stop it.
Even though I'm only your half-brother, I'm still your brother! The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone.
Hey Lelouch! You were asleep just now, weren't you?! I saw you stop working! Even so, you don't need to hit me.
It's punishment for leaving me behind.
That's right! What were you doing yesterday? Oh, nothing.
All right, all right, all right! Don't change the subject! We need to finish the clubs' budget inspection now, or else we won't have any money to put anywhere, okay? If that happens The horseback riding club would get totally pissed off.
They might just charge in here again! Rival, you're a member of the student council! It would've been better if you had remembered this at least a day earlier! The correct answer would be, "remembered it a day later".
That way, it would be too late and we'd have to give up.
That's a good idea, for now.
GUTS! That "guts" magic again? Yes, it will give you the desire to work hard! Cheap magic like that won't work.
President! I think it's affecting me! Good to see an honest person in the flesh.
Let's just say that I've been well-trained for this! That's not what I meant They're quite splendid.
I checked them out recently in the bathroom of the girls' dorms.
You have good balance on top and bottom.
Hoho Wh-What are you saying?! Pervert! Jeez! I swear the president is a middle-aged man on the inside! Not only that, but she just changes the subject! Millay-chan has always been like that.
Well, we got the budget done on time, so it's all good.
They said that it was a poison gas terrorist attack! That's scary, isn't it? Shinjuku isn't even 30 minutes away! I saw it! There was smoke rising from the Shinjuku area! So that was poison gas Is there anything else about Shinjuku? Shinjuku? That's why I called you yesterday.
I heard about it from a friend while all of that was going on Hey! Pictures of the Elevens' corpses are being shown! No! Don't bring those up! That's strange.
Why are they hiding "that" information? To hide Clovis' death is it to keep confusion from spreading? However, if they were to do that then when they announce it Hmph.
My nerves are still too weak for this.
The things that the civil officers do are half-hearted.
Are you talking about General Patre? The culprit passed through that much security, twice.
With a formal inspection like this Jeremiah, you're being narrowminded.
Without Prince Clovis at this time, we, the purists I will give out orders.
Wait until everything is sorted out on the inside.
Karen! It's been a while! Is your body okay? Sophia-chan was worried.
Are you okay now? Yes.
I can't push myself too hard though.
I see, so that's what was bothering me.
If I miss too much school, I won't be able to keep up with everyone.
Lelouch-kun, what are you looking at? Perhaps you have a crush on her? I just think that it's unusual to see her.
She hasn't been at school since the opening ceremony, has she? Karen Stadtfeld.
It seems that her body is kind of weak.
She only showed up occasionally last year too.
But her grades are top-notch.
She's the daughter of the Stadtfeld family, so she has money and a quiet personality.
You've got refined taste.
That's not it.
You don't need to hide it.
I do think that she's a little sheltered though A bee! A bee! Karen-san, run away! Quick, run away! A bee in a place like this I wonder if there's a bee's nest around here? Jeez, this pisses me off! I shouldn't have chosen such a weak persona to fake.
Oh no, I was seen.
As I thought, she's the girl from before.
I-Is there something you want from me? Answer my question.
You were piloting a Glasgow in Shinjuku yesterday, weren't you? Yes.
Why are you a terrorist? Because I'm Japanese, even though half of my blood is Britannian.
A half?! But, why go that far? Um, was there something that you wished to ask me? No, I'm done.
Oh yeah.
Just in case Say nothing about Shinjuku.
What do you mean "about Shinjuku"? Why would you say something like that? Go back to the classroom.
I will after you answer my question.
It doesn't work? What is this supposed to mean? Lulu! Karen-san! We're in the science lab next! Hurry up! Oh no! I need to get the equipment out for the experiment! I screwed up.
But What should we do? He may be late again tonight.
I'll wait.
He said that he wanted to eat dinner together.
Here, it's done.
A bird? Yes.
It's a crane.
Japanese people are really skillful, aren't they? Nanali-sama? Sorry.
I'm late.
Welcome back, brother.
Welcome back.
I'm back, Nanali, Sayako-san.
As you know, the plans have all failed.
We will shut down this laboratory because of that.
But We have prepared a place in Narita.
Everything will be transferred over there.
Even if I have no memory of it, the fact that the other generals and I abandoned Prince Clovis is a reality.
I will most likely be sent back to the motherland and will take the responsibility for this.
If the fact that I was conducting this experiment in secret becomes known on top of all of that Understood.
We will prepare as quickly as possible! Just now, Sayako-san was teaching me origami.
She said that if you fold a piece of paper numerous times, you can turn it into things like birds and ships.
Oh, you don't need to talk so quickly.
I won't be going anywhere.
Thank you, brother.
You're welcome.
I'm glad.
Brother, last night you were a little scary.
Really? I'm sorry.
I just had something on my mind.
Hey They say that if you fold a thousand of these, your wishes will be granted.
If there's anything that brother wishes for No, I'm What about you, Nanali? Is there something that you want? I wish for a kind world.
By the time you can see with your eyes, the world might be like that.
Really? I promise you that it will be.
That's right.
For us, there will be restrictions on our future.
Even though we're protected here, we don't know how long the Ashford family can back us.
If our identities were revealed, Shirley and Rival would be separated from us.
Our fate is to be tools of the government, or to be used in some plot.
I must create a world where at least Nanali would be able to live happily.
I learned this recently.
It's how Japanese people make promises.
s f I lie, I will swallow a thousand needles" s ut your finger" That's scary.
I would have to swallow a thousand needles.
Yup, so you shouldn't lie.
Don't worry, I won't lie.
At least not to you.
This is my only weapon, I need to know how to use it.
It's almost time for class.
Oh, right.
Teacher, please tell me what the questions on the test will be.
The humiliation of Edinburgh and the battle of the new continent.
It's about civil wars.
So, this power hasn't disappeared.
Teacher, please tell me what the questions on the test will be.
Quit joking around and study seriously! You can do it if you try.
Okay! I see, so it won't work on the same person twice.
How does it feel being back at school after such a long time? Uneasy.
Yesterday was a class on History.
Hey, wouldn't it be better if I went back there? The military's lookouts are being really strict right now.
Stay there until things cool down.
But about that voice We can't search for someone with only a voice as a lead.
Not only that, Naoto would also be happier if you stayed a student.
Forget about Shinjuku for a while.
I'll contact you again.
Shinjuku I know, but Say nothing about Shinjuku.
Could it be that voice? First, was training for nobles.
After specifying which ones would rule, they focused on those people and trained them.
They would raise excellent rulers.
Second, was speed.
Elizabeth They sound similar? No, a memory of a voice isn't that reliable.
That is enough.
The greatness of Elizabeth I came about from Henry IX's enthronement What I did just informed her of Shinjuku, but If he knows my identity I must settle this as soon as possible.
What about the laboratory? It was moved to Narita last night.
I see.
I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
Hey Lelouch, later we should- Sorry, I'll see you later.
Oh, really? Karen-san, you live at home? Do you have stuff like a curfew? What? Can you come with me for a minute? There's something that I want to talk to you about.
I thought that you would ask me that.
Do you understand our determination? Th-That is why I said That you don't remember? Are you still spouting such futile excuses? Ask the others who were there! If you need testimonies Caring only for yourself? How disgusting! I will not allow you to stay by His Majesty's side any longer! I didn't know there was a place like this on campus.
It's a clubhouse made specifically for the student council to use.
It was made with enough space so that balls and other events could be held here.
There won't be any interruptions if we're here.
That's right.
Here it is! I found it, I found it! This is what you were looking for, right? Oh, yes that's it! The experiment data.
Jeez, my back hurts.
Did you find it? I'm done with all of this, so let's begin! Whoa, amazing! As expected of Millay-san! Feel free to praise me all you want! Um what is this for? You knew and brought her here, didn't you? Karen-san, we're going to add you to the student council.
Huh? My grandpa specifically requested it.
The board chairman? Yup.
He said that your body was something to be wary of, so normal club activities would be difficult.
Oh! I am Millay, the student council president.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Rival, the secretary! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I am Shirley! I'm also a part of the swim team.
Nice to meet you! I-I'm N-Nina.
Oh, yes.
Nice to meet you as well Um, Shirley-san? I'm sorry, but could you put this on the table? Oh, thank you Nana-chan.
Nanali? You're here too? She's Lelouch's little sister.
I'm still in middle school and not really a part of the student council.
It's okay.
She'll be a member soon.
Yeah! Karen-san, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Okay! How about we start off with a toast? Champagne! Wouldn't that be bad for the student council? Now, now, don't be so uptight.
We all know that's not allowed! What's going on? This is for you, Nanali.
Lelouch, pass! Aw jeez! Lulu, I won't let you have it so easily! What's wrong? What about spare clothes? Sayako-san has some.
This is why Britannia is Jeez It's Lelouch.
I brought you some spare clothes.
You can come in.
I have the curtain drawn.
Oh, sorry about that.
Those guys are too lively.
It's okay.
It's not so bad having some mindless entertainment like that from time to time.
The spare clothes are mine.
Do you mind? I don't mind.
You must be pretty fast.
You went all the way to the boys' dormitory, didn't you? I live here.
It's difficult for my little sister to live in the dorms.
We got special permission from the board chairman to live here.
I see.
I'll be going.
Wait! Can you get that pouch for me? Sure.
You're stronger than I thought.
Were you in Shinjuku that day? What are you talking about? Don't play dumb! Why did you say Shinjuku? Is there something wrong with Shinjuku? Don't answer a question with a question! The answer is yes or no.
I don't want to hear anything other than that.
If I don't answer it, somebody will come.
Is it okay? Hello? Ashford Academy Student Council.
No, I'm oh, yes.
It's for you.
He said that if you answered, you would know.
Hello? Sounds like you're okay, Q-1.
I was wrong? Tomorrow at 1600 hours, come to the ex-Tokyo Tower by yourself.
Who are you? The one who gave the order for ceasefire was Hey! Don't hang up! What do you mean by, "order for ceasefire"? Your friend seemed a little dangerous.
That was, um Can I guess? You were talking about a game, right? Some online game or something? Y-Yes! That's right.
I'm usually at home right now.
That's why I told you, you shouldn't say anything about Shinjuku.
There are people out there who try to show you pictures and videos.
By the way, I can see everything.
Um, I won't tell anyone.
See you later.
I was wrong.
Sounds like you're okay, Q-1.
Huh? There's not a whole lot of work to do even though we're the student council.
There's some paperwork every once in a while, and the rest is event planning.
Events? You mean like the culture festival? Things like guys and girls switching places, total silence parties, or holding classes while wearing just swimsuits What's with that? It's the president's hobby.
You'll be forced to tag along eventually, so be prepared.
Brother, bad news! What is it? Prince Clovis is dead! They say that he was killed! Prince Clovis was murdered! He has become a martyr in the battle against the Elevens while pursuing peace and justice! We must carry on with his ideals while bearing with the sorrow of his passing.
We've just received breaking news.
The person who was thought to be the primary suspect has been apprehended.
According to the announcement, it's an honored Britannian.
It can't be Private Kururugi Suzaku.
The suspect is a former Eleven.
The honored Britannian, Kururugi Suzaku! Is this something to be celebrated? Suzaku is alive, but why Why has he been arrested in my place? I need to save him, no matter what.
Even if I have to rush the plan, I can do it.
I can do it, because I have the power to.