Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

His Name is Zero

8 (sign): Stage 4 The name is Zero.
Stage 5 The Imperial Princess and The Witch The Britannian youth, Lelouch, received a special power from a mysterious girl.
An absolute power which allows the user to give orders to anyone.
Lelouch decided to plan the destruction of the Britannian Empire by using this as a weapon.
His goals are to take revenge for his mother, and create a world in which his little sister, Nanali, could live in peace.
All while knowing that what lies ahead is his father, the Emperor of Britannia.
At least, that is what Lelouch desires right now.
This gun do you recognize it? Kururugi Suzaku.
This is the tool that was used to murder Prince Clovis.
It was inspected and confirmed.
I investigated your background as well.
You are the legitimate child of the last Japanese Prime Minister.
There's plenty of motivation for you.
There must be some kind of mistake.
I've never seen this gun before.
Your fingerprints were found on it.
You are also suspected of being the one who slaughtered the special forces.
Acknowledge it.
If you confess now, you will be judged as an honored Britannian instead of an Eleven.
I did not do it! Hey, that was Suzaku-san just now, wasn't it? In the news just now Yeah, Suzaku he's alive.
After the war, we were separated Even we Brother? What is it? The news wasn't true, was it? It wasn't true.
There's no way Suzaku would do something like that.
It's some sort of mistake.
That's true.
That's why Good night, Nanali.
That's why we should have announced it as quickly as possible! Even though it was our achievement! Naoto I can't do it, after all.
Being a leader Yes, it should be just as you ordered it.
It was done by someone here who's number one in the world.
The slide system is also working.
All that's left is for me to erase all the evidence and forget about everything, right? This truly is a heartbreaking tragedy.
The Governor General of Area Eleven, Prince Clovis, a person worthy of reverence, is no longer here.
But we must endure this sorrow and turn it into strength.
Mmm the essential part is gone now There's nothing that can be done? So it appears.
The other pilots are all attached to something else and won't pilot it.
Even if we could ask them, they wouldn't be able to produce the same types of results as him.
Did I tell you? His operation efficiency was 94%.
Even if you get a different part That's why, in order to free Suzaku-kun He's an honored Britannian, right? Ever since General Patre's dismissal, the military has been controlled by the Purity faction.
What's the Purity faction? It's a group that believes only Britannians should be in the Britannian military.
Because it's him, I won't be able to speak against the Britannian military to get a criminal acquitted.
But if the suspect were to be an Eleven, Jeremiah's intolerance would help abolish the honored Britannian system in Area Eleven.
Then, Suzaku-kun I don't think he'll be found innocent.
Lelouch, what are you gonna do after this? Our classes are cancelled, so how about that thing we were asked about before Don't gamble! Don't say such strict things! That's right.
I'll stop it.
I've found a stronger opponent.
What? What do you mean by that? Let me in on it.
You shouldn't concern yourself with this stuff.
The Britannian troops' complete victory was due to the ignorance of the Japanese government, which brought about its destruction.
In the aftermath, the Empire and Elevens began working together to pave the way for a rebirth.
Tokyo Tower at 16:00.
Picking a place like this The one who contacted us was Kururugi Suzaku, wasn't it? So that's the conclusion you came to.
But, he might have been caught after he called Karen.
If that's the case, then this place is too dangerous.
To our visitor, Miss Karen Stadtfeld of Ashford Academy.
You have a lost item awaiting you at the service counter.
I repeat Is this the item? Um it is yours, right? Y-Yes.
Thank you.
That's true.
It was going well thanks to Prince Clovis.
After Britannia received aid Zero? Yes.
Hello? The 5th Kanjou train line, get on the outer track and bring your friends.
Huh? His Majesty's memorial program was well made.
Although it may have been a little too emotional.
Your Excellency, the masses desire tears.
A response fitting for a TV producer.
Regardless, I will acknowledge your skill.
To get that much together in that short of time It was as if you already knew of His Majesty's death.
Forgive me, but the memorial programs of all important personnel have already been prepared.
Is there one for me as well? With this recent incident, your Excellency's may also appear on the list.
So that means that I wasn't on it until now.
You're honest.
Forgive me.
Would you like to join the military? We're short on people who can control the media.
I am aware of the manipulation of power.
However, for me So you like commercial broadcasting better? Oh well.
I would like to ask you for one more job.
Tomorrow night, we will transport Kururugi Suzaku to the military courtroom.
Let us lead the Britannians who love their country along the way.
I'm glad that it's easy to negotiate with you.
Make it so that it's easy to see the faces of the escort.
Sir Jeremiah, there are those among the Elevens who hold Private Kururugi as a hero.
I believe that there may be some groups who will try to rescue him.
I will escort him personally with the Sutherland.
If anyone comes strolling out, I will execute him on the spot! We would like to notify our passengers that if you see any suspicious persons on board the train, please go directly to the inter- Hello? Look to the right side of the direction you're heading in.
What do you see? A city of the Britannians.
A city of robbers, which stands because of our sacrifices.
Then on the left side.
Our city.
The dry husks of a city which was sucked dry by the Britannians.
Good answer.
Now then, come to the first car.
The next stop will be Ookubo.
For the middle line The next stop will be Ookubo.
For the middle line, please change trains at the next stop.
Is it you? It's not a trap, is it? Hey, what happened in Shinjuku and the order for a ceasefire was your doing? Hey, say something! How was it? What are your thoughts on the tour of the city? Tour? Hey, so it was a ridiculous guy like this? I wanted you to have the right mindset.
The city, the ghetto.
It's true that a gap exists between ourselves and Britannia.
It's a hopeless gap.
That's why, as the resistance That's wrong.
You cannot defeat Britannia with mere terrorism.
Defeat? Terrorism is nothing more than childish harassment.
What?! Are you saying that we're little brats?! Do not mistake who your enemy is.
The enemy is not the Britannians.
It's Britannia! If you're going to do it, then it's war.
Do not involve the civilians! Prepare yourselves.
Weigh out justice! D-Don't joke around.
That's easier said than done.
How can we believe the words of someone who won't even show his face?! That's right! Take off your mask! Yeah, would you show us your face? Okay.
Let me show you.
However, what I will show you is not my face, but my power.
If I make the impossible possible, you'll believe me, won't you? He took out the prince of Britannia! We must praise Kururugi Suzaku as a hero! But, he is an honored Britannian! He is the posthumous child of Prime Minister Kururugi, the man who threw away Japan! The civilians did not even know of his existence! The incident in Shinjuku was the work of Koujuki's group, right? Yes, currently a man named Ougi is leading them.
Has Kururugi's headquarters said anything? No, it seems they cut off contact after he joined the military.
What do you think, Toudou? We have no obligation to watch his public execution.
That's quite timid, considering that you are Toudou, the miracle.
I have no intention of confusing miracles with recklessness.
Congratulations! The two people that you asked about weren't on the list of casualties.
Is that so But you are truly in an unfavorable position.
Even when you go to the trial, no one will be on your side.
But, the courtroom is a place where the truth is revealed.
I think the "truth" is something that is covered up most of the time.
If that's really how the world works, I don't want anything to do with it! It's nearly time.
It's nearly time.
Please look at this.
The amount of people that are lined up along the roadside.
Everyone is waiting! They are waiting for the prime suspect of Prince Clovis' murder, the honored Britannian Kururugi Suzaku, to pass by! A former Eleven! They are anxiously awaiting his arrival! Camera number five is too slow.
Charles, is everyone in place? What? The studio?! Let them wait.
We're not rushing it.
Everything is going according to plan.
So they're here Oh, we can see them! It's the suspect, Kururugi! Kururugi Suzaku will be here soon! See? Hmph, reporting a facade like this I've stooped pretty low too.
Murderer! Idiot! Damn Eleven! Why?! Go die! Even though we know that Suzaku-kun is innocent The Empire decided that they would not accept our testimony.
It can't be helped.
But Hey, is that altruism? Or is it humanism? You're playing word games with me at a time like this?! Is there anything else that we can do? You know a lot about cases like this.
We can't get ahold of that person in the summit either.
All we can do is give up.
The voice of the people, the voice of rage is rising! It's a voice which shows how much the Prince was loved.
A voice of justice which judges the terrorist! Suzaku-san! Sir Jeremiah, who aided in the investigation, is taking charge as the second-in-command.
There's no way they can do it with just three people.
But he said, "I will make the impossible possible.
" He said that he would save that man, Kururugi Suzaku! That's right I don't need a path that I can turn back from.
Second commander Jeremiah.
What is it? A vehicle is approaching along 3rd street and headed this way! As ordered, we checked it out but Do you think that it's something of the terrorists? Well, it is His Highness Clovis' personal vehicle His Highness'? What an outrageous guy.
I don't mind! Let him pass through.
All vehicles halt! They stopped? Really? Heh.
I'm telling you, it's just a coincidence.
But Jeremiah's actions are those of someone who craves the limelight I'm saying that it's a coincidence! There was no plan for them to stop here.
Perhaps there was some sort of accident? This is point five.
There is a car heading that way.
Th-This is the personal vehicle used by Prince Clovis.
Can you see it? No way they're going in head-on? What does he plan on doing? With a fake like this, can we I see, so it's just you guys.
Sorry, can you give us a little bit more time? If I speak to them, then the others will No, two is enough.
Eh? Don't be stupid! How many enemies do you think there are? If you cooperate with me, we'll have reached our goal.
Make this by tomorrow.
It needs to look like this on the outside.
Come out, you insolent fools who defile His Majesty's vehicle! I am Zero.
Zero? Wh-Who is this person? He calls himself Zero and is standing against the procession! What is this? That guy what does he plan on doing? Who is this person named Zero? Zero? As in nothing? Is he a terrorist? If that's so, his actions are far too foolish! Is it an Eleven? Suzaku, I will repay my debt to you.
That's enough, Zero.
You're finished! Now let's start by having you remove that mask.
What? Sir Jeremiah! That is That's right, Jeremiah To you, who has not seen the inside of this, it is a capsule full of poison gas.
No that's! What's this? Can all of you in front of the TV screen see it? It appears to be a machine of some sort, but its purpose is still unknown.
We will stand by to hear the declaration of the man thought to be a terrorist, so please wait! Th-This guy He took every Britannian civilian here as a hostage! Not only that, but he did it without letting them realize they are hostages! Want to try shooting me? You should know Roper, get the sound! Get the camera closer as well! Get up there! B-But this looks kind of dangerous Damn it amateurs! All right! Your terms? An exchange.
This thing for Kururugi Suzaku.
Ridiculous! This man is charged with high treason for killing Prince Clovis.
There's no way I can hand him over! No.
You're wrong, Jeremiah.
That guy isn't the culprit.
The one who killed Clovis is me! No way! That guy? Are you serious? Oh? No way! A real culprit! Wh-What a turn of events! The masked man who calls himself Zero, er, we don't know their gender.
But he has admitted that he is the real culprit! However, what will happen to the captured Private Kururugi?! That's going too far! He can't run away! It's no use now For the life of one Eleven, you can save many Britannian lives.
I don't think that's a bad deal.
This guy he plans on turning this incident into a show! This man is crazy! You should pay for your sins of masquerading around in His Majesty's vehicle! Are you sure you want to do this? I'll announce it orange.
What's that? Orange? Who knows? It's set up so that if I die, I will be in the public spotlight.
If you don't want that to happen What are you talking about? What are you saying? Let us go, with all your strength! Do the same for that man over there! Hmph.
I understand.
Give him that man.
What?! Sir Jeremiah, what did you just Give him that man.
Huh? I-Is it okay? But Hand him over! No one interfere! What is the meaning of this?! There was no plan to Sir Curel! This is an order! We can't tell what exactly is happening from here, but it appears that Kururugi Suzaku's bonds are being undone! Are they serious? That man is a murderer.
What are you doing? Damn you! Who are? So it appears that you are unable to talk.
If we let them get away, we will be Zero, it's time.
Well then.
We will speak later.
You damn Eleven! Sir Jeremiah, why?! I told you! Don't interfere! He jumped off? So he has accomplices We did it! With this You insolent fool! In the middle of the street Sir Curel! Are you unable to obey my orders?! Anymore actions like these will be considered treasonous from this point on! Understand this, I will say it only once.
Let them go, with all your strength! To think that he would really rescue him What is he? How stupid! It's not as if a bluff like that would work forever! But, we have to acknowledge him.
Eh? Aside from him, who else can do something like this? It's impossible for the Japan Liberation Front.
At least, I can't do it.
Even the war against Britannia that everyone thought was impossible It might be possible, if we've got him.
It appears that they treated you quite poorly.
You know how they operate now, do you not? Private Kururugi.
Britannia is rotten.
If you wish to change the world, then become my ally.
You are Did you really kill Prince Clovis? This is war.
Do you need a reason for taking the enemy's head? And about the poison gas? Taking the civilians hostage It's a given that bluffs will be used in a negotiation.
Looking at how it turned out, no one died.
The result I see, so that's how you think.
Come to me.
Britannia is a worthless country that you cannot use.
That may be true, but That's why I'm going to change Britannia into a worthwhile country from the inside out.
Change it? I don't think that the end justifies the means.
Wait! Where are you going? In about an hour, the military trial will start.
A-Are you an idiot?! That trial is rigged to judge you as the murderer! The police, the witnesses, even the lawyers! Even so, those are the rules.
If I don't go, the accusations against the Elevens and honored Britannians will begin.
But you will die! I don't mind.
You're an idiot! In the past, my friend told me that a lot.
"You're an idiot.
" I suppose that's my weakness.
I want to capture you, but if I do that here, I would probably face retaliation.
If I'm to be killed, then I would rather die for the sake of others.
But, thank you for saving me.
You idiot! We've made contact with the suspect.
Zero must have let him go.
But it's no longer certain who the original murder suspect is Private Kururugi may be acquitted.
I'm glad.
What should we do about it? The precious- Sayako-san? How naïve I thought that Suzaku would understand He's going to change it from within the system? Idiot! You'll only be swallowed up by that system! You'll only be killed by it! A lifestyle where I receive grace and charity I won't choose it! I don't need to be ruled like that anymore.