Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

The Stolen Mask

The Stolen Mask.
Stage seven Attack Cornelia Your Majesty, his body has arrived.
I was just speaking with Clovis.
Huh? We must hurry with the plan.
He was a suspect, right? In that case with Prince Clovis.
The teacher said that he was unjustly arrested.
But he got caught, so there must have been something suspicious about him, right? He's not a terrorist, is he? N-No.
Of course he isn't.
The school would at least do a background check For an Eleven to An honored Britannian.
But that's the same thing.
You can't possibly be scared.
If you talk to him, then you'll see what kind of person- You're too direct.
It's been seven years since I used this signal.
"Let's talk at the rooftop.
" I'm glad that you're safe.
It was all thanks to you.
If you hadn't covered for me I just returned a favor from seven years ago.
Oh, what about that girl? Remember? The one from the capsule.
We got separated during the battle.
Wouldn't you know more? No It looks like no one other than the Special Forces knew.
I see.
Is it okay to call you by the name Lelouch? The former me is supposed to be dead, on paper.
Lelouch Lamperouge.
That's what I'm going by right now.
I see.
How's the military hearing coming along? And to be enrolled here I was surprised too.
I didn't think that you would be here.
There is a certain person who is seeing that the investigation be carried out properly.
That person said: "If you're 17, you should go to school".
My Brother Clovis painted all of these? Yes.
What gentle colors.
So this is what Brother was like We have succeeded in discovering the Hezbollah.
All right.
Find the location of the hideout! Send the information quickly! Yes, my Lord! It can't be Cornelia is here?! What ancient relics! Dalton, in here, right? Yes.
Shall I send reinforcements in? We will also- I don't need help against these creatures! Understood.
Surrender, you foolish Elevens! Damn Britannian! It looks like Zero isn't here.
Interrogating you one by one would take too much time.
All of you will be punished here! I'm back, brother.
Welcome back, Nanali, Sayako-san.
I have a present for you today.
Oh, I wonder what it is.
These hands I'm so happy You're safe after all! It's been a while, Nanali.
Suzaku-san, you can stay the night here, right? Suzaku is now a student of this school.
So you can see him anytime you want.
Really?! I have a job at the military, so I can't come every day.
The military Are you going to continue that? Don't worry.
I got transferred to the technology department, so it's not that dangerous.
I see, the technology department, huh? Oh, I'll help you.
Sit down.
Unlike seven years ago, we're the hosts.
You've become so courteous.
And you've become ill-mannered.
Yes, yes.
I told you to stay in the room.
That man he's the Britannian soldier that we met in Shinjuku, isn't he? Is it okay? He's okay.
That's right He's my friend.
Get out, Jeremiah.
Sir Guilford! So you came to an understanding?! At least concerning the suspicion of being part of the rebellion, Orange-kun.
Still, the reality is that you Purists allowed Zero to escape.
We have decided to drop you by three ranks.
You have two choices.
You can either start over as a beginner pilot, or go work on an orange plantation.
Come again sometime.
Nanali would enjoy it too.
But Hm? Lelouch, let's keep pretending to be strangers while we're at school.
Why? How are you going to explain the fact that you're friends with an honored Britannian.
If we're careless, the fact that you were a prince will be revealed.
It's the same for Nanali, isn't it? I don't want to cause you guys more trouble.
You're putting others first just like before- Before? Ah nothing.
Thanks for today.
It was fun.
I'll see you again tomorrow.
I'm kind of happy.
Eh? I didn't think that there would come a time, when I would be able to say that.
The history of the Elevens You were acting a little strange yesterday, weren't you? You didn't show up for the student council meeting either.
My world history test went pretty poor, and Yeah right, up until now you've It's not in the news yet, but Samurai's Blood was crushed by Cornelia.
They were the biggest group in the area, but in an instant Hey, Zero.
At this rate we'll Don't panic.
We need to wait for the right opportunity.
But I'll contact you next time.
What a casual guy.
So this is where his limit is, huh? Nina-san? Oh, I'm sorry.
Was I too loud? No, that's fine, but what about school? Is something wrong? Um I'm kind of scared.
Scared? A transfer student came to our class.
He's the one who was suspected for murdering Prince Clovis.
He's an Eleven Oh, thank you for ordering from us again.
This order was under a man's name, but is it okay? A hiding place for the mask? This is physical evidence, unlike the Geass.
Brother, I made some tea Oh? This smell pizza again? I'm saving up some points.
I'll be right down.
Brother? Aren't you getting a little chubby? Like around the middle? Don't touch it.
Oh, how scary.
Huh? As I thought I figured it was that Is Suzaku-san going through some difficulties? No, it's just Things like this take time.
Isn't it possible to do something? You're his friend, aren't you? Hey! Give that back! Uh hmm? By a cat by a mere cat! This isn't funny! I won't be exposed by something so stupid! Could it be? No, I didn't touch it.
Yes, that's right.
It seems that he had something important taken by a cat.
Something important? I don't really know, but it must have been something extremely important, no doubt about it.
Because I've never heard my brother make a surprised noise like that before.
I wonder what Lelouch's important thing is.
A love letter? An embarrassing photograph? How about a poem notebook? Poem? All right, leave it up to us! We'll definitely get it back faster than Lelouch! Definitely! If the terrorists were here now, I could have initiated the plan! Karen no I can't be suspected even more by her than I am already This is an emergency! That's why, I told him.
Yeah, yeah, then? Then he.
What's with this cat? Isn't that the mask that Zero wears? No way.
In a place like this? You saw it, didn't you? Forget about what you just saw! Yeah, got it.
All right! This is President Millay Ashford of the Student Council.
It's a cat! A cat? Catch the cat that is running through the school right now.
All club activities will be canceled temporarily.
Any clubs that participate will have their funding increased.
And There's a super reward for the one who catches it! A kiss from a student council member! From the Student Council which means me too?! That's right, isn't it?! Eh?! She's been going in and out of the student council building.
A kiss from Little Missy It's not like on the cheek, or anything, is it? No at this rate, even the cheek is fine! Then we should do it? All right! Stop it! It's my first kiss! Student Council members means Lelouch-kun is okay too?! I would like Millay-san Don't come out in a place like this FIGHT! If speed matters, we top everyone else! Find it! If you find it we win! A cat! If you find the thing that the cat has, then give it to me, to me, to me Damn President doing such unnecessary things! Using people as a reward without their consent! This is why Britannia is Really? No way I can't believe it That's cool, isn't it? Yeah, it is Jeez I shouldn't have chosen such a weak persona to fake! I'm sorry! Are you okay?! Shirley, what the hell are you wearing?! But our kisses are at stake here! Agreed.
Nanali, are there some sort of special things about that cat? Um I think one of its legs is lame, it's footsteps were strange.
Oh, and that cat calls like this: Meow! What a ridiculous school.
Even though we're monitoring it I wonder if Suzaku-kun is okay.
More importantly, this school Oh, I've talked to them.
I see.
But they didn't have to move everything, including the Lancelot out That's true.
Even if they tell us that numbers aren't allowed Sorry to keep you waiting? Hey, even if us student council members catch it, we'll get the prize too, right? You mean the kiss? Of course.
I see.
Well, how about we go all out for once! Hey! Don't drive around inside the campus! With this, our kisses are safe.
Shirley, please go around the back.
Wait! What? Hey, about the right to that kiss Who are you going to use it on, Karen? Could it be Lulu? W-Why him?! B-Because, um well Isn't that? Suzaku! Lelouch! You're chasing the cat too? It's up above? Wait, Suzaku! You go back! But the student council president said to capture it.
Never mind her, just go back! I'll catch the cat.
I'm better at physical activity! That one time that chick ran away Don't bring up old stories now! That was only seven years ago! Jeez You're being an idiot as usual.
Did someone really corner it? Who found it? Over there! Suzaku-kun?! It's all right don't be scared Suzaku, stop! Don't worry, leave it up to me.
That guy he used to be way more selfish in the past.
Lelouch! Are you okay, Lelouch? Y-Yeah.
Don't tell me those two are You're too relaxed.
I kind of lost energy.
Hmm? What happened? The transfer student saved Lelouch from his pinch.
As I thought, it was the cat from before.
Thank you for saving Lulu! Way to go, transfer student! This cat, it was holding something wasn't it? It looks like it was wearing something, but I couldn't really see.
It vanished somewhere along the way.
What about Lulu? He said there was something he forgot, and that I should come down first.
That's it! His embarrassing secret! Eh? So that's what it was all about, President.
Aw, just when I thought that I could finally get a weakness of yours.
Lulu's such a show-off, after all.
Hey do you two know each other? He's an Eleven No I'm We're friends.
President, could you let him into the Student Council? What?! In our school, you need to join a club no matter.
But If it's a request of the Vice-President, I guess I have no choice.
Looks like this matter is settled.
You two, please lend me your ears.
Nanali? This is the reward that Millay-san set.
Because it is two of you, please make do with me who is half a student council member.
All right, it's party to celebrate the capture of the cat! Of course it's all on the new guy! Don't push it! I'm Shirley! Nice to meet you! Oh, I'm Rival! I'm the student council president, Millay Ashford.
Pleased to meet you.
A word from the current Royal Emperor, the 98th of the Holy Britannian Empire.
People are not equal.
Those who are born fleet of foot those who are born beautiful Those who's parents are poor those who have weak bodies Birth, growth and talent, all humans are different! That's right, people are born to be different! That is why people fight and compete with one another! From there, evolution takes place.
Inequality is not an evil.
Equality itself is evil.
What of the EEU which made their policies equal for everyone? They have become mere spectators of a mob-ruled government! The Chinese Federation, which made it's citizens equal, is full of negligence.
But we, Britannia, are not like that.
We fight, compete and continue to evolve! Evolve what a nice word.
Britannia alone is moving forward, towards the future! My son Clovis' death is proof that Britannia is continuing to evolve.
We must fight! Compete, take, possess, control! Beyond that lies the future! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! Lelouch's enemy huh All Hail Britannia! All Hail Britannia! The word "denial" is halfhearted.
My father if that man is the symbol of Britannia, then I must crush him! If on the way, my older Sister Cornelia is in my way, then the same applies! Even if you guys don't know it yet, I have power! As long as I have the Geass I will do it alone!