Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e07 Episode Script

Attack Cornelia

Stage 8 The League of Black Knights Lord Lelouch vie Britannia, 17th in line to the Imperial throne of the Britannian Empire, enters.
I heard that Queen Marianne was murdered in Britannia's capital.
It's not a place where terrorists could enter easily.
Then the true suspect is? My, how frightening.
The very thought of investigating scares me.
However, even though his mother has been killed, he shows remarkable strength.
But Lord Lelouch has no standing anymore.
The Ashford family, which supported him, is also finished.
What of his younger sister, the Princess? They say that her legs were shot.
And her eyes were wounded.
I heard that it was an ailment of the heart.
It's the same thing.
A body that cannot be used in the game of politics.
Your Majesty, my mother has passed away.
And what about it? "What about it"?! Did you request an audience from the Imperial Emperor of Britannia just to say that? Bring in the next one.
I do not have the time to play with children.
Father! Yes, your majesty! Why did you not protect mother?! You are the Emperor, the greatest person in this country, are you not?! You should have been able to protect her! At the very least you could have visited Nanali.
I have no use for the weak.
The weak? That is the true nature of the imperial family.
Then I do not need to be a successor of the throne! I have had enough of following you and being caught up in conflict! You are dead.
You have been dead since the day you were born.
Who gave you those clothes that you wear on your back right now? Your home, your food, even your life I am the one who gave all of that to you! In other words, you have not even once truly been alive! And yet, you show such insolence?! Lelouch.
A dead person like you has no rights.
You will go to Japan with Nanali.
As a Prince and Princess, you will be good trading material.
The seventh generation Knightmare Frame has abilities that are beyond normal I heard an Eleven is the pilot of that Lancelot.
He is an honorary Britannian.
However I'll have him promoted from a Private to a Lieutenant.
That should be sufficient.
I'll show that I can win without depending on numbers.
It's because you fight with your life at stake that you have the right to reign.
I understand that reasoning, sister.
But I'm sorry for making you look at my homework.
It's okay.
You weren't attending a normal school up until now, so it can't be helped.
The people in the student council are helping me too, but I can't quite get the hang of it.
To tell you the truth, I was a little worried about you.
I was wondering if you would fit in at such an informal school.
I was wondering that too.
But, I happened to meet an old friend of mine, and he opened the doors for me.
Hold this friend dear to you.
If your friendship continues, then it's not a chance meeting, but one that was inevitable.
Hey, why don't you try that? Oh, thank you very much.
I'd like your opinion of it.
J-Jam? I got some good blueberries.
All right, break it up, break it up! We don't have to show ourselves today.
Con-gra-tulations! That's all! Um Go to school.
Classes are over for today, but it's also important to meet with your friends.
Hey, can I ask you something important? Hm, what is it? Karen, are you hiding something from us? It's okay.
You don't have to hide it.
Um, what are you talking about? Tell me.
It won't surprise me.
The other day, I saw it You're seeing Lulu, aren't you?! Lulu? Well, I saw you two at the courtyard the other day.
No, no wait! He was the one that started- Lulu started it?! No, it's not like that But the other day, when we were trying to catch that cat, too! That's completely different.
Why would I get upset over a mere kiss "Mere"? Then, you've done more?! No! Stop thinking strange things! You're letting your imagination run wild! About that marriage interview I understand that you want to rebuild the Ashford family.
But mother Eh? Disconnected?! We have the Saitama Ghetto completely surrounded.
The Fierce Yamato's hideout is somewhere in this area.
More than half of the neighboring civilians are cooperating with them.
How shall we proceed? How goes the effort to control the civilian populace? The first group will be ready at t-minus two hours.
We're ahead of schedule, then? All right.
You men were involved in that incident at Shinjuku, were you not? Yes, we are grateful for your mercy Princess Cornelia That's not what I am talking about.
Don't you think it looks similar? Huh? To what Shinjuku looked like.
The military is currently conducting a siege on terrorists in Saitama.
Due to Governor-general's Cornelia presence, there has been a restriction of entry.
Hm? What's with that scary face? We've received word that the attack will begin in two hours.
Residents of the surrounding areas are Why is she making us announce the time as well? She's provoking Zero.
Zero is a theatrical type of criminal.
In order to draw him out, I have created the same situation as Shinjuku.
If he is the overconfident type, he will surely come to kill me.
Governor-general! In that case, your life may be in danger.
In battle, one must risk their own life to take another's.
Do you plan on accepting the enemy's challenge? She went through all that trouble to invite me, after all.
And there are some things that I want to ask Cornelia, too.
Destroying Britannia or finding out who killed your mother Which is more important to you? Those two are one and the same.
Britiannia's Imperial family is in conflict trying to decide the next one who will succeed the throne.
No, they are being forced into conflict by that man! However, that is also Britannia's strength too.
Because the most successful person who manages to win will become the next Emperor.
That is correct.
The weak will lose everything and be forced to grovel.
That's the kind of country that Britannia is.
That's the kind of world.
Survival of the fittest is the rule of nature.
If so, then what will happen to Nanali?! Does she have to give up just because she is weak? I will never accept that.
I will erase a world like that- Anyways, there's nothing between me and Lelouch.
Lelouch? So, that's that! It's nothing.
Um do you know where Lelouch is? How should I know where that jerk is?! Don't go, Lelouch.
It would be a problem if you were to die before you fulfilled your contract with me.
What you're saying and what you're doing seem to be quite different.
I won't kill you.
I'll just shoot your leg and force you to stay here.
I see.
You can't use Geass, can you? Well, I had assumed as much.
If you could do it yourself, then you wouldn't have asked me.
Do you think that I fear guns? Of course you do.
I was dead until the moment I met you.
A powerless corpse which was lying to itself and pretending to live.
A life that lives without doing anything it's the same as a slow death.
If I must live as I did before, then Wait.
True, there is no meaning to a life like that.
Damnit! Why?! There are children here! We've done nothing! That is exactly why! The civilians of this ghetto did not report the presence of terrorists, but hid and protected them! That is a crime of treason against the empire! It appears the civilians have been taken care of.
It's about time, then.
Shall we begin? Yes.
To all troops: We will now begin the operation to destroy the Saitama Ghetto.
All troops, line up in formation one! Why does Princess Cornelia not give us the order to attack as well?! It's because there's an orange with us.
You should be grateful that you got off so easily.
Thanks to you, our path has been closed.
But, that was Zero's! That again? Zero Was that student really his ally? The first four blocks have been secured.
Seventh and eighth units report no casualties.
It's the same Even though Cornelia replaced Clovis, Britannia hasn't changed.
Which unit are you from? State your unit name and ID.
I am Daniel Toles of the 3rd Reconnaissance unit.
I have acquired this from the terrorists.
Would it be possible for you to take this to headquarters? A disk, huh? But, before that, I'll have to check your ID.
I understand.
But, before that, I would also like to have your Sutherland.
All right.
Handle it with care.
Thank you very much.
The outer area has been taken.
So we can't even try to give one last push? The subway's stopped running and the farm roads are being heavily patrolled.
What about backup from Akabane or Jouyou? Even with backup we wouldn't stand a chance! Izumi-san! How was it? What about Toda or the Kawaguchi route? More importantly this! I am Zero.
Zero?! Zero, as in You should have heard about Shinjuku.
Obey me.
If you do, I will save you.
B12, suppression complete.
F7, there is no sign of the enemy.
Group Gordon, please move to position 516.
D24, all enemies have been eliminated.
Yes my Lord.
Moving to 516.
No action yet.
Is that Zero guy coming or not? He's just another terrorist.
They came! They really came! It's just as Zero said! Now, how about I lure Cornelia out.
I wonder if I can catch them off guard R1, R2, continue to fall back.
Lead the enemy out to N2's position.
B7, fire at two o'clock.
P5, open fire.
Group Geshtar, signal lost! G47, enemies spotted.
Group Hazinski engaging combat.
They seemed to be ambushed.
It appears that the enemy has captured and used our Sutherlands.
It's the same thing that happened in Shinjuku.
Has Zero arrived then? N2, fire at three o'clock.
R4, fire.
N1, start from the ones on the left.
All right.
P3, destroy the bridge and cut off their route.
Point 17 has been lost.
Group Haley, signals lost! So that's it.
Order all troops to retreat.
Any more casualties are meaningless.
A withdrawal?! I beg your pardon, but we can still fight! You can't fight like this.
This is an order for all troops.
Move to the ghetto outskirts as quickly as possible! Don't break your formation! Move to the ghetto outskirts as quickly as possible! What's this that was no challenge.
If I mingle in with the retreating troops, Cornelia, I'll be right next to you.
The conditions to strike were cleared sooner than I thought.
You can't fight against your blood.
But, those types are dangerous.
I wonder which path he will take.
I know.
Who do you think I am? So Lulu was here before this area was developed.
Were you neighbors? What about you? Oh Me? I guess it's similar.
Lulu didn't seem very serious, didn't like hard work, and felt kind of stuck-up.
To tell you the truth, I didn't like him very much when I first met him.
But I saw a traffic accident the first year of high school.
No matter how you looked at it, the one at fault was the guy who hit them from behind But nobody tried to help them.
Then Lulu didn't look like he was proud of it nor was he laughing at it, but rather, he looked bored as usual.
And I thought to myself, "I wonder what he's thinking about.
" "What is it that he wants to do?" So then I got curious, and then You began to like him.
I guess that's how it is.
Love is nice, isn't it? Cornelia.
The one who will lose is you.
I will be the one to win.
Huh? Yes.
You are the Goddess of Victory.
Shall we go? My knight, Gilford.
I thank you for summoning me.
Even though I have Geass, going in with this much security is too dangerous.
As with Clovis, I'll need to find an opening and catch her off guard.
Hm? The student council room? The meeting for the cat festival should be tomorrow.
Karen says that's not true, but it kind of looked like she was pretending to be mad to cover up.
That's why it's best to ask him directly.
I'll ask him what he thinks of you too.
Eh?! You'd go that far? Don't worry, I can word it nicely.
No, you CAN'T! Hm? Oh well.
It's okay, just let me do it.
If I do it No! No! I can handle this, I can- S-Sorry.
Uhm Did that hurt? Quite.
You're must be desperate, Cornelia, trying to mobilize your personal unit to take back the upper hand.
This is Zero.
N1, change back to the original signal and pretend to be a Britannian soldier.
He'll be the bait.
There is a Knightmare which is emitting a signal that has been left behind within the area.
Are they unable to send a message? What of the relief party? Destroy it.
What? He may be held captive by the enemy! I told them to retreat.
I have no use for a fighter who cannot obey my orders.
That's that.
But! Complete the mission, even at the cost of their life.
If they are under me, this is something that they should know.
Yes your Highness! H-Hey! Can't you tell by the signal?! I'm your ally! D-Damnit! They didn't check his identity? Then N2, emit your signal and retreat to the hospital area.
R1, R2, wait around.
Ambush the enemy as they pursue.
Another signal, huh? Which means there is an ambush right ahead.
Gloucester, go around the building and encircle it.
They're not falling for it? Oh no! R1, R2, break off the ambush and retreat immediately! Gloucester, we have reached the indicated location.
No enemy troops spotted! So they've read my hand.
Maybe I really am fighting against Zero.
P2, N3, cut around behind the enemy.
What's wrong? Respond! P2, N3! Damnit B1, B5, you guys go! You've gotta be kidding me! There's no way that we could win against Cornelia's personal unit! Hey! We surrender! We won't resist! Spare us! Kill them.
P6, P8, what's happening?! B7, go back and cover N4! This is B7.
I've found prey here.
I'll take this one out first! No! That's a decoy! B7! Obey my commands! What're you saying? If you don't take it out now Get down! B7! They're coming from above! That idiot.
B8, status report.
There's no status- B8! Damnit! Those who are left, report in order from P! Mission complete.
All troops move into formation four.
They were overwhelmed? This easily?! This hasn't been much of a game at all! So it didn't go the same way as Shinjuku, did it, Zero? Or maybe it was someone mimicking his actions? Oh well.
We'll know soon enough.
This level of organization it's far too different! A command to all Knightmare pilots.
Open your hatches and show your faces! Cornelia! I repeat: All pilots, open your hatches and show your faces! If I'm forced to show myself Even if I don't have Zero's mask, my true face will be revealed.
I can't let that happen! Using Geass No way! Unless I looked directly at my opponent, it won't work! If the opponent is a Knightmare Which means I could still use the other soldiers or pilots No way! There're too many opponents.
How would I make them face me? No, it's possible.
I should just say who I am.
But, the Knightmare is Then I should launch a front attack and force my way through! That's not possible Against Cornelia's personal unit, that's suicide! Open your hatch.
It's your turn.
What's wrong? Hurry up and open your hatch.
Well, my hatch broke during the battle.
Then I will open it.
Turn your back towards me.
Hurry up.
I understand.
I'll do it right now.
It's Zero! We've spotted Zero! Oh? As I thought, this is how Zero acts.
It can't be! Capture him! Groups 3 and 5, follow! Image saved, objective confirmed! All I can do now is pray! Capture him! Cut around behind him! Firing squad, fire! He fell! Princess, what should we do next? Yes.
Could it be that this stunt is part of a trap? That's possible.
We don't know whether it's really him or not.
What is clear now is that he seems to be a person with a large amount of pride, just as you theorized.
Then pursuing him is meaningless.
The fact that he showed himself to us most likely means that he has prepared an escape route.
So he has placed protection upon himself? She's of a totally different level compared to Clovis So this is Cornelia? Why did you save me? I told you before.
If you die, it's a problem for me.
The conditions were the same.
I shouldn't have lost! You are quite a sore loser.
A certain power is required in order to make full use of these "conditions".
Then I'll obtain it An army of my own which will not lose to Britannia.
A group of people, a nation! Who is there? People who can work for me as my army.
At this time if only Suzaku were here No, don't look back! He's a Britannian soldier.
Even if he doesn't come out on the battlefield, he's on my enemy's side.
Then, the answer I should choose is