Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

The Black Knights

The Britannian youth, Lelouch, met the mysterious girl, C.
, and obtained a special power.
The ability to give an order to anyone.
A power that enforces absolute obedience.
For the sake of his sister, Nanali, Lelouch plans the destruction of the Imperial Britannian Empire.
On the other hand, his friend, Kururugi Suzaku, has found a place within the Imperial Empire.
At this point in time, the future they are about to embark upon has become the inevitable.
Or you could say it has long been preordained.
This is the first time that I've gone out of the Tokyo settlement.
It would've been nice if Lelouch had come along though, wouldn't it? There's no need to be embarrassed.
Didn't we agree that tonight we'd talk about the type of men we like until dawn? President, do you have such a person? Who knows? It's all right.
There are a lot of Britannian tourists in Kawaguchiko too.
The security is good there.
It's not scary, like the ghettos.
But We're here for you.
We won't leave you behind this time.
Ah! What's wrong? Hurry up and come in.
From now on, this shall be our base.
Then I take it you're wiling to cooperate with us? Yes, we're comrades.
This is amazing.
What is all of this? How did you get such a thing? These corrupt aristocrats are willing to give me whatever I request.
Request? That simple? It's all right.
I covered my tracks.
Hey, hey.
There's a second story too.
Isn't this vehicle a bit too big? On the other hand, they may not suspect a hideout this conspicuous.
There's a television in here as well.
Is there anything going on out there? Huh? What's going on? Yes, I'm reporting from in front of the Kawaguchiko Convention Center Hotel.
The hoteljackers claim to be from the Japanese Liberation Front.
They have taken Chairman James, the members attending the conference on the division of Sakuradite, What did she say?! tourists who were around there and several staff members as hostages.
This is a video that the culprits sent to us.
Several students can be seen here along with Chairman James.
The student council Hmm? The leader of the criminal group calls himself Lieutenant Colonel Kusakabe, a former Japanese army soldier.
Impossible! Sakuradite, as it is essential in the manufacturing of high temperature super-conductive substance, directly affects the national security of the world.
It's an important war resource.
This place, Area 11, is the world's largest production zone of Sakuradite.
It supplies up to 70% of the market's demands.
The National Sakuradite Conference is held here every year in order to decide the ratio of Sakuradite each country is allotted.
The result is said to determine the power balance between Britannia and the other countries.
The terrorists were probably aware of the international attention being placed on this conference and have thus carried out this bold act of hoteljacking.
I am Kusakabe of the Japanese Liberation Front.
We have stood up for the independence of Japan.
All of you, even though you aren't soldiers, are Britannians.
The ones who rule over us.
Be obedient and all will be well, Lulu.
They've made their move.
They are the biggest anti-Britannia faction in Japan after all.
Of course they don't want to play second fiddle.
Compared to us? I guess.
Should we rejoice or should we be sad? What they're doing out there is suicide! While the staff acknowledges it definitely says "Rivalz" here, we would like to treat it as Engrish and stick to spelling it Rival.
Rival? Lelouch! This is Lelouch.
Leave a message after the beep.
What the hell is he doing at a time like this?! I know But All of the bridges that link to the hotel have been destroyed, except for the main one.
Attempts to approach via air and sea have failed.
There is only one route left for us to take if we wish to commence an operation to rescue the hostages.
The lifeline tunnel is directly under the convention center.
If we used that in our operation, we can destroy the foundation block and sink the hotel.
This tunnel is used to deliver stock, and thus, a Sutherland might be able to fit through it.
The enemy is most likely prepared, but there shouldn't be any problem.
Based on the level of weaponry that our opponents have used so far, we can easily evade them.
Enemy sighted.
As expected, they are coming in from the path below.
Mercury (II) fulminate unit 2 activated.
The four linked support structures on both sides are in position.
Superconducting maglev style shrapnel cannon, energy confirmed! It's most likely an anti-Knightmare rifle.
Spread out and break through.
Superconducting maglev style shrapnel cannon Fire! What?! They did it! With just one blow! The Mercury (II) fulminate unit sure is useful.
Did you see that, Britannian pigs? All wiped out?! The enemy has modified the Glasgow and placed something like a linear cannon on it.
Are you saying that it's impossible to penetrate their defenses? What should we do? Should we give into their demands and release the political criminals Don't show weakness to the terrorists! However, Princess Euphemia is I know They shouldn't have discovered that yet.
If they know that Princess Euphemia is among the hostages, they will definitely use that as leverage during the negotiations.
Since Her Highness is just there to listen to the conference, her name isn't on the member list.
Yeah, I know.
It will go well this time.
But, I'm not a guardian.
Are we, the special envoys, not allowed to participate in the hostage rescue operation? I made a request, but since our command structure is different, we're treated as irregulars.
Not only that They can't leave the operation in the hands of an Eleven.
Her Highness Cornelia is a person that clearly distinguishes between Britannians and Numbers.
It's still not enough for them to accept us, is it? If that's the case, what purpose does the honorary Britannian system serve? Are you her father? Shirley-san is Where should I put this? Over there around the driver's seat.
Hey, where's the box that was placed here? She was just sightseeing.
She's still just a student.
And yet, the terrorists still This is unforgivable.
Shirley Is my daughter all right? That girl didn't do anything wrong.
An organization is necessary in order to fight against Britannia.
But it's still too early.
But I can't leave things as they are now.
Given Cornelia's personality, she will definitely ignore the hostage's presence, and Then why hasn't she made a move? Don't tell me Zero.
What will happen to the hostages? At any rate, there isn't any reason for them to release any Britannians.
That that's right Hey, Zero Do you mind if I distribute these to everyone? I think they're pretty cool, but we're a resistance No.
We are not a resistance.
Then what? What we are aiming for is To be the allies of justice.
The special sniping platoon is in position.
They are currently awaiting orders.
The commanders of each squadron are still conducting reconnaissance The students that are among the hostages are the people from the student council, right? The negotiations are still going on I am a member of an organization.
I must place the ideals held by the organization before my own personal emotions.
Cecil-san, over there.
What? That's Don't tell me the hostages are going to be! Stop Stop it.
STOP! If we don't receive any responses to our demands, we will make someone fly every thirty minutes.
I hope that you can make a sincere effort on behalf of the hostages.
Killing someone just to show us they're serious.
How barbaric.
How about we proceed with the negotiations and request them to set the women and children free first? No! If we give in, we'll only be acknowledging the terrorist's position.
Then shall we storm in by force? We should only do that after we are sure about Princess Euphemia's safety, right? Euphie I Governor-general, Zero has We have received word from Zero.
What? Car #3 was stolen by Zero? What is the military doing?! It seems that it was somehow stolen without them noticing.
Huh? Then where is car #3 now? Right in the middle of the army It's been confirmed that it's Zero.
Should we snipe him? Stay as you are for now.
Apprehend him after you have surrounded him.
Hey What does he mean by "allies of justice"? Beats me.
But we might get killed before we know that.
The ones behind don't have any way to escape either.
Why aren't we using that trailer? What would we do if our base is discovered? Do you think that man, Zero, can be trusted? That's why I said before that he's suspicious.
Well, I'll think of something if anything happens.
Cornelia I feel like returning the big favor you did for me, but it's still too early to use you.
If things go as I've planned, there isn't a need to use Geass.
We meet again, Zero.
Are you a member of the Japan Liberation Front? Or do you intend to provide assistance to them? However, our business comes first.
Vengeance for my half brother, Clovis I shall do that here! Cornelia, which will you choose? The dead Clovis, or Euphemia, who is alive? Good, it's as I thought.
The first condition has been cleared.
You're still the same as ever, Cornelia.
You have always pampered Euphemia.
That's why you can't make your move.
Emotions have hindered you.
I will save Euphemia.
I don't know what you are saying.
I'll save her.
I'll be able to do it.
It's Zero? Yes.
The Britannian Forces have contacted us.
All troops, let Zero through.
I repeat: Let Zero through.
Will the Japan Liberation Front accept me as a fellow comrade, or will they treat me as a nuisance? No matter what, they can't suppress this desire deep within their hearts that makes them yearn to see Zero.
Which means Good.
The prerequisite conditions to the operation have all been cleared.
What should we do, Governor-general? Due to the arrival of Zero, the time before the next hostage is killed should be delayed.
This is an opportunity.
We shall wipe them out, together with Zero! Yes! Thanks for the appointment.
She said that we can launch Lancelot! Eh? She said that you are to enter from the tunnel and head straight towards the enemy! Llyod-san! Doesn't that mean they're telling us to act as bait?! Yes.
It seems like her special unit will break through during the confusion.
"Seems"?! Such a thing Cecil-san.
I'll do it.
Please let me do it.
As long as it's possible to save everyone If Lancelot and I are required now, I should do it! Even if that means acting as bait.
Lieutenant Kururugi, I shall now brief you on the operation.
According to the surveillance devices, the hostages are held near the middle tower, inside a food storage compartment.
Guided Weapon Z01 Lancelot shall use the lifeline tunnel and move towards the hotel basement.
Once near, you will destroy the foundation block and sink the hotel.
It'll take an estimated eight minutes before the place where the hostages are becomes submerged.
While the hostages are being saved, the elimination of the terrorists will be handled by another unit.
Now, in order to destroy the foundation, the VARIS will be employed.
Anti-material level 3 has been loaded into the Impact Rail.
The problem is those people lying inside the tunnel ready to ambush.
Lancelot's evasion rate is only 47.
8% becase the area is constricted.
Are we really going to do it? Yes.
Come back when necessary.
You can't afford to damage Lancelot.
"When necessary"? Yup.
I understand.
Suzaku-kun, I'm going with the President and Nina to Kawaguchiko this Sunday.
Want to come with us? Sorry, I have work that day.
I see.
It can't be helped then.
But thanks a lot.
I'm really glad that you invited me.
12 minutes before the operation starts.
Commencing countdown.
E-Eleven What did you say just now?! Eleven?! We're Japanese! We understand, so stop! Take your words back! We aren't called Elevens! We take it back! What's with your attitude? Come over here! I'll teach you all a lesson! No! No! Stand, you fool! No! No! Stop it! Who the hell are you, bitch?! Take me to your leader.
What?! You shouldn't do this, Vice Governor-general! I am the third princess of Britannia, Euphemia vie Britannia.
Are you all right? Are you hurt? No Do you have any intentions of allying with me? Show us your face then, Zero.
Isn't this rude of you? I understand.
However, there is something I want to ask before that.
What do you intend to achieve with these actions? It's obvious.
I want to announce to the world that the Japanese are still alive.
How old fashioned.
Huh? You guys are old timers and can no longer be saved.
B-Bastard! What do you mean, Zero? MA Boost Lancelot, launch! Reaction confirmed.
One enemy Knightmare.
Acceleration rate is faster than expected.
It doesn't matter.
It'll be the same.
Superconducting maglev style shrapnel cannon Fire! I told you so! Looks like he didn't intend to be bait and wants to finish them off instead.
I've brought the hostage as reported to the Colonel.
She calls herself Euphemia.
Zero, I have nothing left to tell you! Die.
Fire! Colonel?! Calm down.
Zero? The Colonel and the rest have committed suicide.
They realized how meaningless their actions are.
Did you stand up in order to save the hostages? You're still the same as ever.
Eh? What? The Knightmare from the special envoy has? Yes.
He can break through if he keeps this up.
Should I expect that of him? Okay.
I can still handle this level of damage.
It broke through the fifth volley! Unbelieveable! Don't panic! Spread the cannons on the four linked support structures.
We must defend this place even to our deaths! Cecil-san, I'm going to use the VARIS here.
W-Wait, that's dangerous! My time to act is getting shorter.
I have long braced myself for the explosion! You bastards I've heard that you have been appointed as Vice Governor-general, Your Highness Euphemia.
It's nothing to be happy about.
Is that so? That's because Clovis is dead, since I've killed him.
He was begging me for his life till the end.
With that mouth that ordered the murder of the Elevens.
Was that why you killed my brother? No.
Then why? Because that man was a child of the Imperial Emperor of Britannia.
Eh? Come to think of it You are one too.
Turn on maximum power! It doesn't matter if the barrel melts! We must stop the interception no matter what! Fire! That Eleven He did it? Gilford! Yes! Don't tell me The white armor from back then! Euphie! Everyone! Stop it, Lieutenant Kururugi! How's camera #3? Was it taken by Zero? That's why I'm hoping there's some reaction! What's wrong, Zero? Wasn't that your intention? To make use of it? Suzaku-kun! I couldn't save them I I It's happening again! Here it comes.
Eh? That's Zero! To all Britannians, there's no need to panic.
The hostages that were held in the hotel have all been saved.
I shall return them to you.
Everyone Thank god A shameless lie.
That only means they will become hostages once again if we act against you now! People! Fear us or seek us! We are the Order of the Black Knights! A knight order? It's rather ironic hearing terrorists calling themselves knights.
We, the Order of the Black Knights, are allies of all those who hold no weapons! Be it Elevens or Britannians.
The Japanese Liberation Front used underhanded tactics, used Britannian civilians as hostages, and killed them in cold blood.
It was a meaningless action.
Thus, we have punished them.
Of course you should keep relaying it! Responsibility? I'll take all of it! Clovis, the previous Governor-general, was the same.
He massacred Elevens who possessed no weapons.
I can't stand to see these kinds of cruel acts, which is why I punished him.
I don't wish to fight.
However, the act of the strong completely and utterly killing the weak That is unforgivable! Only those who are prepared to be killed should be allowed to kill! When those with power attack those without, we will appear once again.
No matter how great the power of the enemy is! Allies of justice? Those with power Fear us! Those without power Seek us! The world shall be judged by us, the Order of the Black Knights! That's right.
I have been wearing a mask ever since that day.
A fake name A fake record But I have obtained two powers.
Geass and the Order of the Black Knights! Everything is going just as I planned.