Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e10 Episode Script

Guren Dances

The Britannian youth, Lelouch, obtained two powers.
One of them is Geass.
The ability to give an order to anyone.
A power that enforces absolute obedience.
The other is the Order of the Black Knights.
His personal army formed to destroy the Britannia Empire, ruled by his father.
Lelouch has started to act by using the code name "Zero" in order to avenge his mother and turn the world into a place that his sister, Nunnally, can live happily in.
What kind of results will those actions bring? Right now, no one knows.
Hmm? A Britannian? Isn't that a bit too daring for a spy? Is he an ideologist? Isn't this good? The number of hopeful applicants has increased.
It was easier than I thought.
"Even though I hate Britannia, I don't support activities like terrorism.
" That's how the majority of the Elevens feel.
In other words, a large population of the Elevens supports the Order of the Black Knights.
Because of that, it's easier for the Order to take action.
Not having the people leaking our movements out to the government is already a great help.
The group in Kyoto said that they'll provide us with Knightmares, and the information offered to us has increased.
The Japanese can't resist the lure of a stampede.
As long as we create a reason that they can identify with So you created the "allies of justice" thing for that? Everyone loves them, don't they? The allies of justice.
That isn't the face of an ally of justice.
Is that so? I've been demoted, like you guys.
That's why we want your help.
We don't intend for things to just end like this.
You feel the same way, don't you? Hmm, I wonder.
We've found some clues about Zero! The private establishment, Ashford Academy.
I wish for you to investigate the male students there.
I think one of Zero's supporters is among them.
Due to military duties, we have no choice but to head towards the Narita mountain range.
During that time Narita? According to the rumors, that's where the main base of the Japanese Liberation Front is, right? You're pretty sharp.
You flatter me.
Amazing! T-This is a Glasgow, isn't it? They're called Burai.
They were remodeled in Japan.
This is the first time I've seen something like this! The Order of the Black Knights sure is powerful It wasn't easy to get in though.
Does that mean we're the elite of the elite? I'm burning up! Those people in Kyoto sent this too This is a true blue, completely made in Japan Knightmare! Guren Mk.
II What does the user manual say? The "Radiation Wave"? That's an amazing weapon.
I'm glad.
This means the famous people in Kyoto have recognized us, the Order of the Black Knights.
Senpai! Huh? How should we use this equipment? Ah, I'll come over there.
Wait a minute.
The newcomers sure are helpless.
Not only Tamaki, but Inoue and the others are also excited.
It seems that Kyoto has provided assistance to other resistances as well.
We've finally become one of those they support No.
You are mistaken, Kallen.
This is just a test.
Just getting this much attention from them is remarkable.
How optimistic.
This? The Guren Mk.
II is yours, Kallen.
Mine? But, right now, the number of members we have is increasing.
Also, given the defensive capabilities of the Guren, you should be the one You are the ace pilot.
I am just the commander.
I will just use the Burai since you are the trump card in battle.
Also, you have a reason to fight.
Zero, do you have a minute? A strange piece of information has arrived from the Britannian who wants to join us.
Could this be a trap to lure us out? I want to find out more, but it's dangerous to approach this man recklessly.
But this information is too important to ignore.
What should we do? Shall we go hiking this weekend? Huh? Up the Narita mountain range.
Then Sayoko-san, there's no need to prepare Brother's breakfast.
Is he going out? He said that he's going on a vacation for three days, starting today.
Is that so? Lately, he's been going out more.
Is it with a girlfriend? Oh, that might be it.
Region five, no abnormalities sighted.
The next scheduled communication will take place in two hours.
Like anything abnormal would happen out here.
We, the Japanese Liberation Front, have influence over this area.
It won't be easy to Zero! Calm down.
I just came here to talk.
It's okay for you to ignore them all of the abnormalities I understand, I understand.
Hey, it's your turn.
Don't rush me.
You're an expert at this.
I've confirmed Zero's signal.
We'll move to point two.
Why didn't Zero use the wireless communicator in his Burai? More importantly, what does he mean by "hiking"? Maybe military training? Even though Zero is somewhere else? Don't tell me we're going to dig up a hot spring.
Is that why we brought an excavator along? That makes sense.
Kallen, did you hear anything? Beats me.
How about you, Ougi? Oh, not really.
Zero is avoiding having his transmission traced Looks like he's serious.
Cornelia, the day has finally come.
It's been confirmed that the main base of the Japanese Liberation Front is within this region.
We have divided our four main units into seven, and they are waiting in ambush.
Governor-general, they are awaiting your command.
Once it's issued, we will surround and destroy them in one blow.
Isn't there a chance that enemies will appear from outside of our enclosure? Zero? Please, don't worry.
Right as the operation commences, we will close the neighboring roads and the mountain roads.
We have back-up too.
It would be Zero's last appearance if he were to act recklessly.
Huh? You say you want to meet her, but do you even realize who she is? She's a princess, and we're mere commoners.
You call it fate as a result of the hoteljacking, but what kind of fate is that?! But I haven't said thanks to Princess Euphemia.
Er Well, we could've done that before, but Hey, how high of a social status do you think the granddaughter of a principal has? Hmm so-so? Ah so-so C.
, what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you that I would protect you? Pretending to be a guardian Lelouch, why are you Lelouch? I don't have time to discuss philosophy with you.
You changed your family name to Lamperouge, but you left your first name as Lelouch.
How naïve.
Unable to give up the past.
If that's so, your "C.
" is weird too.
It's not even a human name.
Lelouch Do you know why the snow is white? Because it forgot what color it is.
All troops are in position.
I understand.
As planned, Euphemia will stay at G1 and support us from the rear.
Give command of the medical troops to her.
Yes, Your Highness.
Princess Cornelia.
Guilford? Is it about Euphie? Yes.
Shouldn't we have made her stay at the government office? She was unexpectedly stubborn.
She said that she wanted to see a real battle with her own eyes.
Oh? What's that unit in the back? It's the back-up troop with an Eleven pilot.
Eh? Is that Lancelot? In the beginning, having a Number pilot a Knightmare wasn't allowed.
However, that unit is one that was authorized by His Highness, the second prince.
Even with our military powers, we are unable to interfere with it.
They hope that we provide them with as much actual combat to participate in as possible.
Hey, are we really going to do this? The enemy is Cornelia.
It's an army that has considerable strength within Britannia.
That's why we should cooperate with the Japanese Liberation Front Even as things are now? Ougi, you don't believe in me? What are you saying? I was the one who wanted and asked you to be our leader.
Then there's only one answer.
Governor-general, it's time.
Commence the operation! The Japanese Liberation Front Are they a group that has fallen behind the times? Or are they a group that has forgotten self-respect? Now it's time for you and your magical dream to become one and disappear.
An enemy attack? The Britannian army has surrounded the entire Narita mountain range.
We have identified more than 100 of them.
It's started.
S-Stop joking Zero, stop joking around! We'll be completely surrounded by them! There won't be an escape route! We're already sealed in.
If we want to live, we have no choice but to fight here.
Fight? Against Britannia? Are we going to go head-on with them?! We're already surrounded Not only that, but our enemy is Cornelia's army.
A powerful enemy that's different from what we've been fighting against! Yes.
It would be a miracle if we emerge victorious.
Zero, at a time like this! A messiah will not be recognized until he makes a miracle.
If that's so, we will need a miracle.
Hey, miracles don't happen so easily! You're damn useless as a leader! I should have been All paths of retreat have been cut.
If any of you think that you can win without me, feel free to shoot me.
You've had only two choices ever since you joined the Order of the Black Knights.
Either live with me, or die with me! We're completely surrounded! Our nearby supporters have all been captured too! General Katase, there's a transmission from Cornelia's army asking us to surrender Idiot, if we give up now, the Japanese liberation movement will cease.
Then General, are we taking an aggressive approach, or a defensive one? Toudou What is Toudou doing? He went to Kyoto to pick up the Burai Kai.
Shisaiken is traveling with him.
According to schedule, they should be back soon, but Toudou won't make it in time.
Burai, prepare to sortie! Break through the corners of the enclosure and escape! The pride and honor of Japan is at stake here.
It's time to make our comeback! The enemy's main base should be inside the mountain, but we are unable to pinpoint the exact location.
However, in order to obtain the list of their supporters, we cannot perform an aerial assault on their main base.
The enemy would aim for one of the corners of our enclosure and try to break out from there.
Once they do that, we will be able to identify the location of their main base.
Three of our units will be going head-on with them.
They are the units lead by General Darlton, General Alex, and Governor-general Cornelia.
As for our flank Note: ECM stands for Electronic Countermeasures.
It's the enemy's ECM.
The enemy is going to appear soon.
Note: ECCM stands for Electronic Counter-Countermeasures.
We should activate our ECCM.
Switch the communication channel over to Alpha 4.
The enemy's what is it called again The Burai? Right.
Just be careful of the thing that looks like a Glasgow.
Yes, My Lord.
So, this mountain has been transformed into a fortress? Your Highness, please stay back.
Guilford, don't treat me like those other women.
Your Highness Cornelia! Don't tell me! Cornelia! Don't panic! Take the head of their leader! Insolence! It can't be helped.
We shall cover you.
I, Cornelia, am here now! Isn't there anyone who wants to kill me?! What's wrong? Why don't you try and challenge me? Do as you wish.
You're the leader.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
An order has been given to evacuate this region.
If there is anyone left, please take refuge quickly.
I repeat, an order has been given to evacuate this region Why was this place chosen? Everything will become meaningless if the army discovers Code R's test data.
We initially thought that, since we're inside the terrorists' area of influence, it would be harder for them to track us down.
General Padre was the one who decided that.
Even if you bring it up now Too weak.
The enemy's fire has started to intensify over here.
This might be it.
Spread apart! It's hopeless.
We've lost communication with our second wave of attackers.
What overwhelming power General Darlton, by analyzing the objective of the enemy's movement, we've determined that the entrance to the main base of the Japanese Liberation Front should be that mountain cottage.
Should I say "bingo" in this situation? No, it's more along the lines of Go along with me, honest one.
Is that Darlton? The enemy's main base is there? Okay, we shall wait here.
Is that all right? I don't like to take credit for my subordinates' work.
Send the reserve troops to Darlton's location.
You'll get yet another medal.
As expected from Cornelia.
A well thought-out tactic.
But the more elaborate your tactic is, the easier it is to see past it.
This includes your location as well.
Weren't the reserve troops supposed to gather where General Darlton is? Yes.
But our unit is supposed to wait behind Governor-general Cornelia's unit.
You call this behind?! This is the outskirt of the outskirt of the battle! How am I going to regain my honor at a place like this?! Communication with Nakamura squadron, terminated.
No reaction from region three! Major Tabata was killed in action.
Kuroda and Kumada have been killed too! What is Nagoya doing?! Toudou If Toudou were here, the divine wind would blow again.
Show me the miracle of Itsukushima once again Aren't we being a bit overbearing, Toudou-san? Asahina, Chiba, prepare the Burai Kai.
Tell that to Urabe and Senba in the car behind us too.
All the roads leading into Narita are being restricted.
Things have started.
Let's hope we make it in time.
With this, the power of the anti-government forces in Area 11 will be Eliminated.
All right! Our preparations are complete! All members of the Order of the Black Knights, prepare to sortie! Damn, guess we have to do it.
I don't want to die.
Let's try to make a miracle.
We have Zero with us! From this point on, we, the Order of the Black Knights, shall head down the mountain and ambush the Britannian army! Once I give my orders, dash straight to point three with all your might.
The aim of our operation is to capture the second princess of Britannia, Cornelia, alive.
The one who will clear the path for us is the Guren Mk.
Kallen, make use of piercing electrode number three.
Do it with one decisive blow.
Checking the power output.
Radiation Wave activated.
Atmosphere under control.
External discharge! We did it! What's going on?! H-Hey, is it an earthquake? At a time like this What?! This is? Impossible! Such a huge landslide If this goes on, Alex's and Darlton's units will be completely eliminated! Climb up! Head towards higher ground! What's the situation? We're still evaluating it.
Your Excellency, please step back.
It's dangerous over there! I don't care! Where's Alex? Hurry up and figure out Darlton's situation! Can this place hold? This is the epicenter, it should somehow My, oh my.
They will be washed off to the bottom of the mountain.
There was a heat reaction.
Could it be that someone purposely caused a steam explosion? How could that be? It's impossible unless they use an Electrical Wave or a Radiation Wave.
What happened? Ah, it has nothing to do with us.
You just continue to stand by in your machine.
It was more destructive than I thought.
Even though we have already managed to split up Cornelia's personal unit, we need to divide it more.
The physics teacher no, it was Nina who helped me with the calculations.
We have confirmed another unit that is stationed on top of the mountain.
Kalius's unit has gone to intercept them.
They intend to make use of the confusion? There's an emergency transmission from Kalius's unit.
What's wrong? It's not the Japanese Liberation Front! The enemy is the Order of the Black Knights! What? Then.
?! It's Zero! You've finally appeared! Zero! Lord Jeremiah, if you leave your position without permission It's an emergency situation.
Follow me if you wish to be powerful once again! Cornelia's reinforcements have been restrained.
Finish them off in one blow! Okay, let's do this! Listen up, our mission is to protect the backs of Zero and the others! Fire! Kalius's unit was completely wiped out? I must end things before Zero meets up with Governor-general Cornelia.
Lord Jeremiah.
Villetta? So you have come Fighting with one's back to the river I never expected a tactic from an old classic to be this effective.
Note: Lelouch is referring to a tactic used in the Chu-Han War.
Zero! Shit! Is Zero here? If you're around, fight with me fight with me, Jeremiah Gottwald! Oh, it's been a while.
You're still in the army? But I don't have time to deal with you, Orange-kun.
O-O-O-range?! Die! Lord Jeremiah! Don't interfere, this is my duel! But this is the first time we've seen a Knightmare like this! Don't tell me the Elevens have! How could those putrid Elevens have that kind of technology?! It's fast! T-This guy This guy eliminated Kalius's unit? Can you see it, Britannia? Finally Finally we can fight at the same level as you! This Guren Mk.
II signifies the start of our counterattack! Shit! There's something about that right arm.
As long as I get away from it What?! Sorry.
W-What the hell is this?! Lord Jeremiah, eject! How could this happen? How could I do that? Zero is Zero is right in front of me Damn! Don't activate yet, auto-eject! I have I have Zero I won't lose as long as I have the Guren Mk.
II! Jeremiah was killed The Order of the Black Knights what the hell are they? All of the conditions have been cleared.
The pieces are all in place.
All that's left is to checkmate the enemy.
Now, let's end it.
Even Cornelia knows that her chances of victory are slim now that her forces are divided.
I have the Guren Mk.
II on my side too.
I must capture her alive so that she can tell me the truth behind Mother's death.
Also, capturing her alive would be a great victory.
As long as there's nothing irregular happening to the Order of the Black Knights