Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e11 Episode Script

Battle for Narita

The Japanese Liberation Front.
In order to destroy the largest armed resistance left in Area 11, Governor-general Cornelia carried out an enclosement operation at the Narita mountain range.
Just when the Britannian army, proud of its overwhelming power, thought that the outcome had already been determined, the Order of the Black Knights made their move.
Using the Radiation Wave of the Guren Mk.
II, they blew up the water vein at the mountaintop.
A landslide started.
Both the Japanese Liberation Army and the main force of the Britannian army were washed away by the soil and water current.
Cornelia's unit was left stranded alone due to the loss of the main force.
Zero decided to lead the Order of the Black Knights towards Cornelia with hopes of turning the tide.
However People no matter who they are, want to believe that victory is possible.
But, compared to "time" and "fate", "believing" is just too futile and pointless.
What's the condition of our army? Based on reports, only 20% is active.
20%? That means that we cannot employ the use of our Order of Battle.
This is the Marzo unit.
We are unable to establish communications with General Alex.
I can't help but think that the second division has been destroyed Lloyd-san, this is? Yeah This is pretty unnatural.
Unnatural? I can't confirm it, but there's information saying that the Order of the Black Knights are around.
Zero? Congratulations! You might get to go out.
Lloyd-san! You lack discretion! Eh? How? Should I tell you? No thanks.
Well, anyway Until the command office finishes their intelligence gathering, we can only remain on standby here.
Is the Governor-general all right? She wasn't caught in the flow, so she should be okay.
However, because the rear support units acted recklessly, she is now caught in a compromising position.
What the hell is the Purist Faction doing? H-Hey! Move! Losing to an Eleven Our honorable Britannia! Lord Kewell! All right.
Guren, move to the designated spot.
The remaining forces will break through here.
Aim for Cornelia! Okay.
I understand.
Let's go! Defend this spot to the death! Tsukiyama! Are you alive? Yeah.
Damn, bring them down! Yes, move.
You will become a warrior if you manage to survive this battle.
Only in a time of crisis The Purist Faction is engaging them? Yes, they are being led by Lady Villetta.
Then use this opportunity and get the Governor-general to retreat.
The air force will provide cover Wait! Something is approaching from behind the Governor-general! To all machines, are your preparations complete? Yes! Good.
Burai Kai, prepare to launch.
Launching! Listen up.
If this landslide is manmade, we should be able to launch an ambush on Cornelia's back.
Capture Cornelia! It's time to take revenge for what happened seven years ago! Yes! For our pride as the Shiseiken! What? Defend the surrounding area! Surround her! The Japanese Liberation Front? Spread out and surround her.
Understood! Don't think of this as a normal Burai.
This reminds me of seven years ago.
It's different from then, now that we have Knightmares too.
Your Highness, leave this place to us.
Please take this chance and retreat! Okay.
Since we are retreating Guilford.
Yes? Move towards point nine while engaging them.
Nine? I understand.
Cornelia! Weaklings! Good.
Keep this up and prevent Zero from advancing! Hey, I think it'd be best if we pull Kallen back No.
The operation will fail if we change positions now.
Despite what I said, our condition is grim.
If this continues, we'll be forced to engage their reinforcements.
Zero, Cornelia was ambushed below.
What? Which group is moving? They aren't with us.
They seem to be from the Liberation Front.
There's someone else who understands my intent? How excellent.
They should be able to hinder the actions of their reinforcements.
General, sir, sorry for arriving late.
Toudou, I've been waiting.
Sir, please concentrate all fire here.
Can we win against them? We will if we can prevent the main force of Britannia from advancing.
Right now is the time for us to turn the situation around.
I've heard that there were outstanding generals and knights in Area 11.
Don't tell me this is Toudou? However, meeting me! At such a time? What should we do? Retreat! No matter what happens, we must rendezvous with Governor-general Cornelia! But the enemy's main base is right in front of us! Also, if we get attacked from behind, the damage to our unit Idiot! The battle will be over if we lose the Princess.
Y-Yes! Vice-governor Euphemia! Please deploy this G1! Vice-governor! No! But If commanding officer Guilford gets trapped, Governor-general Cornelia's life will be No! There's a field hospital here as well as residents who are seeking refuge Not only that, this G1 base is the symbol of the main headquarters.
We were given strict orders by the Governor-general not to move no matter what happens.
That's why So! Hello, hello! This is the special envoy deployment, the tech department! Insolent! Just step aside.
You are irregulars participating in this campaign! Well that's true, but We're waiting at our leisure because of that.
Vice-governor Euphemia, I beg of you.
Please issue an order to the special envoy.
Don't think we don't know about it! You just want the credit for saving the Governor-general.
If the situation could change because of one machine, no one would be suffering! Not only that, you are just a Number.
No, no.
If that's the case, it doesn't matter if we try, right? It isn't any loss to you if we fail, right? Hey, are you listening? Euphie I understand.
I'll leave it to you.
All right! Thank you! Yes! I'll definitely! This guy is something else.
Colonel, what should we do about Cornelia? If Zero is the kind of man I think he is, he has something planned.
We have no choice but to believe in him now! What? Zero has changed course? Yes.
We will come and provide cover for you.
More importantly, give me the information about Zero's movement! O-Okay.
This is Zero's predicted course.
This is bad.
The Order of the Black Knights is heading towards where we planned to lure Toudou's group to Your Highness, Cornelia! I heard you, Guilford.
Guided Weapon, Z-01 Lancelot will use the mountain road type board.
You will accelerate to max speed and head up to save the Governor-general by liquifying the path.
Yes, my Lord.
Suzaku-kun, there's something that I want to ask you.
What is it? You really hate it when people die, yet you're in the army.
Why is that? I'm in the army so that they won't die.
That contradiction might kill you someday.
Ah! I'm sorry.
Sorry! Lancelot, launching.
Cornelia! What a puny one! What? Looks like it isn't just your average custom machine.
Can you hear me, Cornelia? It's checkmate for you.
Zero? Yes.
Shall we celebrate our reunion? However, I hope you will surrender to us before that.
There's something I want to ask you.
By the way, your reinforcements won't make it in time.
It's my victory, Cornelia.
How foolish, Zero.
This one! As long as I can defeat this one, my escape path will be revealed! You're agile! Such cowardice! To attack me from behind! Oh? Then your operation wasn't cowardly at all? For us to be attacked while our formation is broken If this goes on, we won't be able to reach the Princess.
Colonel, the enemy's reinforcements are hindered.
Change the operation objective to capturing them alive! Understood! If this goes on, Her Excellency, Cornelia will be Guilford My knight, Guilford.
I hope that you and Dalton will aid Euphie.
Your Excellency! I won't surrender.
I will fight to the end as an imperial princess! P-Princess Cornelia! What a boring choice.
Reckless as usual.
To think that he would use the VARIS to break through the obstacle in the middle Governor-general, are you all right? I have come to rescue you.
Special envoy? Who authorized you? But you've been saved.
If it's that Lancelot Hey, don't tell me it's that Knightmare? Yes, the one that was at Shinjuku and Kawaguchiko.
Again This guy again! Guren Mk.
II, destroy that white machine! His ability to break through is a hindrance! Okay.
I'll leave that to you.
I'll handle Zero.
Shinjuku's vengeance is right here! Don't tell me its speed can match Lancelot's? If I defeat this! Such weapons! It blocked it! Hey, are you all right? Y-Yes.
How's the Guren? The right arm is ruined.
We'll need to fix it.
Retreat! Everyone, follow the escape route! This has become a battle of attrition.
Retreat! Governor-general! You chase after Zero.
But It's just that my Energy Filler has run low.
Go! Okay.
Should we really just retreat? Victory was already certain.
If this goes on We left the Japanese Liberation Front behind as bait and escaped? Even though I hate the way you say it Yeah Well, people aren't pieces in a game.
Zero wouldn't think that way.
Otherwise, he would have manipulated us like chess pieces.
But that's impossible.
His hatred for Britannia is real.
People who understand hatred should also understand sorrow.
To the head trailer of the special envoy: I have discovered Zero and am going to capture him now.
Zero, I'm indebted to you.
It's because of your actions that people were saved.
I also know that a lot of Elevens are supporting you from the shadows.
However, your methods are wrong.
That is Don't tell me, from the capsule at Shinjuku? Stop it.
Don't lay a finger on this man! C.
? She is an ally of Zero? Hey, what do you intend to do? Your opponent is a Knightmare! It'll be troublesome if you know.
Even though it's indirect contact, it's still worth a try.
Father? Impossible, you should have died No! That wasn't my intention II! Hey, don't tell me you are using Geass on the pilot? I'm just showing him some shocking images.
But I don't know what he's seeing.
More importantly, escape.
Make use of this time.
What about you? I can't move yet.
Go first.
Stop joking around.
I can't keep owing you favors.
Stop it! Right now I'm What the It's different from before.
T-This is? S-Stop it Don't invade me! Stop Why I will reveal myself I had no choice but to do it! What's going on now? Idiot, escape now! C.
! Escape! Bastard! Don't pursue! Zero's operation has been stalled.
We should meet up with the General and prepare to escape.
Your Highness, I'm coming now! Guilford, relay this to the entire army, prepare to retreat.
There is no reason for me to risk the lives of my officers and men.
Maintain combat status and gradually fall back.
I have no choice but to accept it We have lost this time.
Look, Britannia already has their hands full dealing with the Liberation Front.
They left a gap for us to escape.
Hey, where's Zero? I can't contact his Burai either.
Don't tell me he got captured? It seems that this woman is really not human.
The speed at which she recovers from wounds is abnormal.
I was certain that her forehead was shot in Shinjuku.
Clovis was performing private experiments on her.
She should have something to do with Britannia, but Her vital signs are the same as a human.
I'll send her blood sample for investigation later and take a photo of her wound too.
What is it? Finally, my name is called.
We were still unable to capture Zero? It's because the Japanese Liberation Front formed up their defense line.
They probably blended in during that period.
How sly.
They are always relying on others to shield themselves.
And how's Kururugi? We have retrieved him.
It took a while because we waited for the Energy Filler to be used up so the machine would stop.
Waited? Did something happen to the machine? Possibly.
It was going berserk.
That shouldn't be how a unit made by Brother behaves.
I took out the fragments and cleaned your wound.
There isn't a need.
So it seems.
That's why there isn't any meaning in saving me.
You always let your pride get in your way at inappropriate times.
I know something interesting because of that.
That's your name, isn't it? You sure have a bad hobby, eavesdropping.
Isn't it a nice name? It's much more human than "C.
" How foolish To me, humans are After all, I've I've Forgotten everything.
Every single thing.
As things are now, names are Why is the name? I'm saying it because it's a good opportunity to do so.
I was saved earlier.
Up till now everything including the Geass That is why I'll only say it once.
Thank you.
This is the first time I've been thanked.
Do you mind if I request a gift from you? Say it again, like how you did earlier.
Ah That name? Just once, with care and concern from within your heart.
I have no choice.
How was that? It was bad.
It was completely bad.
Not kind at all.
Nor does it reflect sincerity or kindness.
Your pronunciation was odd too.
Most importantly, it lacked warmth.
You're a very selfish woman.
Of course.
That's because I'm C.
Another soldier? Shows how corrupt the army has become, I guess.
I am not Orange Zero! The one coming to pick us up has arrived.
Zero! Are you all right? The other members have gone off first Who? Oh, don't worry.
She is an important comrade of mine.
, I don't know why snow is white.
However, I think that white snow is pretty.
I don't hate it.
I see.
Still not enough The conditions to force Cornelia into a dead end.
In order to create those conditions, perhaps there's a need for me to overcome something? After that, I must lead the Order down another path.
Yes, in order for that to happen, I might need to