Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e12 Episode Script

The Messenger from Kyoto

The Britannian youth, Lelouch, obtained two powers.
One of them is Geass.
The ability to give an order to anyone.
A power that enforces absolute obedience.
The other is the Order of the Black Knights.
His personal army formed to destroy the Britannia Empire, ruled by his father.
Lelouch has started to act by using the code name "Zero" in order to avenge his mother and turn the world into a place that his sister, Nunnally, can live happily in.
What kind of results will those actions bring? Right now, no one knows.
Governor-General, the Japanese Liberation Front was practically wiped out during the operation you led.
One by one, the members who managed to escape have been captured by us.
Is that sarcasm? Our army is still facing reorganization issues.
No, that wasn't my intention For one thing, didn't the problem originate from the policies adopted after the territory was captured? Area 11's subway network, mines, and tunnels.
Why were they left untouched? In the ghetto, management of the census and the proprietorship of each city is still ambiguous! The breeding grounds for anti-government activities were all left untouched! Umm The subway runs throughout the entire country.
If you wish to seal up the areas outside of the settlements, it's estimated to cost Even though you knew that they were being used by the terrorists as bases and escape routes?! I-It was the instruction of His Highness, Prince Clovis Ah uhm "The situation will become chaotic if we are too forceful.
This might give the Chinese Federation an excuse to strike back at us.
" We've already given them an excuse.
Zero is gradually gaining influence.
Undersecretary, there are people who are self-governing this area as the representatives of the Elevens under the management of the Ministry of Home Affairs, right? A group called the NAC.
We managed to discover signs of the NAC during the last battle.
However, the evidence was buried.
It's very suspicious, though.
If we act on this first Yes.
Distinguished families and financial groups.
Shouldn't they be relics of the past? P-Please wait! Those are just baseless rumors.
There is no proof that those things happened.
If we suppress them, the Eleven economy will never advance.
It'll affect the tax collection of our motherland too.
Besides, it's a widespread principle in the empire for the Numbers to manage their own people.
Then how is the investigation on the Order of the Black Knights going? Based on the shield machine that was left behind, it is clear that Zero was the one behind the incident at Narita.
However, we are unable to find any information other than the corpses of the members that were left behind.
Which means that we can neither move against Kyoto, nor chase after Zero.
You know what? From the results I see, you are all useless.
I didn't expect the Britannian Princess to be this capable.
The Liberation Front has been broken up.
Japan's light has been extinguished.
Excuses again! Even though it's said that they are fleeing, Toudou is still well! But I heard that the Burai Kai was lost.
Our hopes are If it's hope, we still have it.
The Order of the Black Knights? You gave them the Guren Mk.
II Ever since the Kururugi Suzaku rescue incident, you have been infatuated with Zero.
Due to the loss at the Battle of Trafalgar, Elizabeth III was surrounded at Edinburgh by the revolutionists.
Father, geez With the help of the Britannian colony America, which is now called What's wrong? You look frustrated.
Constipation? For two days? Huh? No! Do you feel lonely because Lelouch isn't around? It's more like Kallen is absent too again.
We're pretty careless.
The world is still debating over what happened at Narita two days ago.
Suzaku is absent today because of that too.
I know! It's just that I think that Lulu and Kallen both being absent is a big deal! Shirley, that's great.
That's what I like about you.
Please stop making fun of me! As I've been saying, why don't you just tell him? "I love you.
" T-That's impossible! Impossible! Because what "What if I get rejected?! It might ruin our friendship!" There's no need to laugh that hard It's so nice, all of us being here together right now.
That's true.
But I hope that you're a little prepared.
Things that don't change go extinct.
There's no need to be so serious about it.
Ah! If it bothers you that much, why don't you just ask him? Hey, how are you faring on your end? Eh? L-Lulu?! Aren't you absent today?! Nunnally has a slight fever.
Sayoko-san had something to do this morning.
A-Ah I-I see Is Nana-chan all right now? Sort of.
President, where are those documents? Ah, there.
Please distribute them to all the classes of each grade.
As usual, you're good at ordering people around.
I'm blessed to have such a capable subordinate around.
Subordinate? Yeah, I guess I am.
President! Doing that was bad for my heart! Huh? Where's the tickets? Lulu! What is it? E-Erm Was my letter mixed up with those documents? Eh? Ah, I'm sorry.
Hmm? What's wrong? Lulu! Yes? Don't make any wild guesses.
That can't happen.
To me, that person is just I did it.
I really did it! What should I do He'll come, won't he? He didn't say no But We're just going to a concert together.
That's all.
But it's a chance Thanks, Father.
Kyoto has praised us for making good use of the Guren Mk.
I'm impressed by that.
But that white armor Don't take that to heart.
It was a draw.
A draw! Why did Shirley suddenly Father's job requires him to be away from me.
But he often gives me things like this to make me feel better.
So how do I say this Here.
Hmm? What is it? A love letter.
Huh? You? This guy is too dense to respond to a joke! Tamaki, you're laughing too much.
It's an invitation letter from Kyoto.
They want to meet us directly at all costs.
Is there a need to make such a fuss over this? Calling it a fuss We're talking about Kyoto! They'll provide us with funds if we're accepted by them.
Our pathetic financial affairs can Financial affairs? There shouldn't be a problem if you stick to the plan that I've devised.
Well I-It's not my fault! We've become a big group.
The increase in members was above expectations.
Is pretending to be a big shot in front of the newcomers and bringing them to fool around within expectations? Hey, you I know about it, where you've been going! I-Is that so? For now, I'll leave the meeting preparations to Ougi.
Hey, wait! I'm the one who's been handling the money this whole time.
Now you Produce results if you want me to trust you.
You actually said that? You're someone who claims to be a comrade, yet you refuse to show your face.
Zero, what are you going to do? Eh? Wait, that's a little It doesn't matter what Zero's real identity is, all right? Zero has the ability to win against Cornelia.
He is the leader of the Order of the Black Knights.
Is there a need to know more? Nina-san, is that you? If you're not feeling well No.
It's nothing.
It's really nothing.
Hey What should we do? Well We were originally part of Naoto's unit.
I don't mind if it's his sister, Kallen Since a second-generation member like you gave the leadership position to him Well, everyone agreed to it at Narita But we were practically forced into it.
He even kept it a secret from us, the executive committee I've found out the twelve possible people.
All that's left is how I make my move.
I guess it's essential to meet them.
Who is it? It's me.
Erm I said something out of line back there.
I'm sorry.
Kallen, do you wish to know my identity? That person knows No.
Pardon the intrusion.
Brother? It looks like your fever has gone down.
I guess I was sulking.
Sulking? For some reason Brother, lately it feels as if you have become somewhat distant.
It's possible that my body reacted to that on its own.
I swear that I won't change.
Nunnally, I'll always be beside you, no matter what happens.
Then, can I be selfish? Please hold my hand for a little bit longer.
If I go to sleep alone, I feel that I'll have that dream again.
Are you serious? You're asking me for a favor? Yes.
I'm acting in accordance with the hint you gave me.
No matter what the intentions of those people at Kyoto are, I want to make their power mine.
If that is your wish, if it's essential to the goal you're living for, I will help you.
I need it.
, I need you.
I understand.
By the way, you forgot something.
I didn't forget.
It's just that since I don't know when I'll be back today, I intend to call and turn her down.
You need to abide by the contract.
It's me.
Ah, just perfect.
The thing is that E-Erm Hey, Lulu I might be late for today's appointment.
But It should be okay.
I'll definitely go.
It's my master's order that the other members of the executive committee must come as well.
Just to prevent anything from happening, they are keeping a lookout on the surrounding area.
I'll call for them soon.
But before that Bring those heavily mutilated corpses to tent two.
If there are any items left behind, use it to identify the body immediately.
Send those who have been identified to tent one.
Note the discovery location and time on the certificate.
The second medical corps should be arriving soon.
Staff on the ground, please go to your designated positions Did she really exist and turn up there? Also Forget it! She doesn't exist in any data! Have you done them, the corpse excavation duties? Please, if it's possible, I wish to continue the rescue duties.
Then please continue until you give up on it.
That can be considered part of Her Highness Princess Cornelia's orders.
Lloyd-san Zero, The Order of the Black Knights what are they planning to do? What do they hope to achieve with these sacrifices? They are the allies of justice, right? According to what they say.
Is this justice? Hey, hey.
Don't tell me you're going to blurt out an embarrassing theory on what justice is.
We're soldiers, after all.
It's done.
I've changed the energy filler.
O-Okay! Cecile-kun.
I've done an investigation on the machines of the Purist Faction.
It's indeed that.
Yes, the Radiation Wave.
I didn't expect her to help the enemy.
That Rakshata The enemy pilot is an ace too.
Now that Suzaku-kun is mentally unstable, if he were to fight against that opponent again Are you saying that it might lose? My Lancelot? We've been traveling for a while.
We're still going? Calm down.
How disgraceful W-What? We're moving upwards Sorry for inconveniencing you.
My master is waiting for you all.
This is Fuji Mine! Hey, this is impossible! How could we have come to a place like this? But there can't be any mistake.
This mountain, this shape! Which means there is Sakuradite below? Isn't it the cursed treasure that led to the war? Even though invaders were relentlessly shot on sight Their strength actually extends to an area like this Kyoto is indeed amazing.
Isn't it repulsive? Mount Fuji, a sacred mountain renown in the past for her scenic beauty and clear water Right now, it seems to be reflecting the pain our Japan is having, after she was conquered by the Empire and continuously suppressed.
It pains me so.
I apologize for not being able to show my face.
But Zero, the same goes for you.
I must see and know who you are.
You shall show us your identity.
Please wait! Zero brought us power and victory.
That's-- Silence! Who is Ougi? A-Ah Right, that's me.
You shall remove Zero's mask.
Ougi-san! Zero, I'm sorry.
But I want to believe in you too.
That is why please make us believe in you.
A w-woman?! How can that? It can't be! This person is not Zero! I've seen her.
She was together with Zero! To the woman there, are you the real one? Yes.
So, you are not Japanese? Yes, messenger from Kyoto.
Kirihara Taizou.
We can't let anyone who knows the identity of the master go! Especially since she's not Japanese! Please wait! I'm not part of this! How weak.
Not only weak, but the way you think and act is outdated.
That's why you can't win! Zero? W-When did you? Stop! He'll shoot using the remote control! Listen up, no one is to do anything! Kirihara Taizou.
You became famous as the founder of Kirihara Industries through the extraction of Sakuradite.
You were the shadow supporter of Kururugi's political policies.
However, you switched your allegiance after Japan's defeat in the war and became a proactive supporter of the colonization.
Commonly called "Kirihara the Traitor".
But your true identity is The head figure of the six major families of Kyoto that support the resistance nationwide.
Pretending to be obedient is something that comes naturally to you, isn't it? Bastard, what do you know about Master's feelings Stop it.
It is as you said I'm not Japanese! Are you serious? No wonder he didn't show us his face.
Why are you fighting if you are not Japanese? What do you want? The destruction of Britannia.
Are you saying you are capable of doing that? I can.
Why? Because I have a reason that I must do it at all costs! I'm glad that I'm dealing with you.
Y-You It's been a while, Lord Kirihara.
You are indeed The one who was left behind eight years ago as a hostage.
I thank you for your care then.
If the person you were dealing with wasn't me, did you intend to hold him hostage? How can that be? I am only capable of voicing my wish.
Has the seed from eight years ago started to flower? Damn, I can't see anything Ougi! Y-Yes? This person is definitely an enemy of Britannia.
I accept why he couldn't reveal himself.
I guarantee it.
Follow Zero.
We will assist by providing information and identifying military strongpoints.
Thank you very much.
I'm grateful, Lord Kirihara.
Are you embarking on it? The path of carnage? If that is my destiny.
The second, fifth, seventh, eighth, and ninth squadrons are to continue identification duties at the management center.
Is that how you spell Fenette? It's indeed this one.
I'm sorry, because the situation is like this I-It's okay.
Then please confirm the corpse.
Looks like she's not around.
Anyway, things are going to move from now on.
The Order of the Black Knights is now truly an organization that moves according to my will.
Ah, sorry I'm late.
I thought you'd already left.
No, let's put that aside.
Now let's find a place to shelter from the rain.
Hey, Lulu Zero is an ally of the weak, right? Y-Yes.
That's what he said.
Then Why did he kill my father? Father was kind He never hit me He didn't do anything bad But he was buried Unable to breathe Why Why did Father I don't want this! No No! Please Lulu Help me Yeah, I know It's because of my actions.
Yeah, I knew it Then why? It's easy to disappear from the stage.
All I need to do is abandon the existence called "Zero".
Once I silence Kirihara, I can go back to being Lelouch Lamperouge.
But however