Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e14 Episode Script

Geass vs. Geass

A reaction called "consequence" awaits you whenever an action is taken.
There are no exceptions.
Lelouch's power could not change that.
Even though he has the power to enforce absolute obedience to any order he gives, he is unable to escape from the inevitable.
Lelouch acted in order to avenge his mother and turn the world into a place where his sister, Nunnally, can live happily in.
But, you see, the world and the people keep threatening him with a "consequence" different from what he imagined, and they continue to hunt for it.
If that "continuation" were to spread throughout the world, where is the one who will bear the sins and take the punishment? Orders to 401: Repel the enemy as you move, heading towards 9 o'clock.
Then, rendezvous with the main force.
Wait! Don't pursue it! Right now, protecting the Governor-General comes first! Zero, please respond! Zero! Is this Ougi? It's me, C.
How is Zero? He can't move right now, but he's fine.
Issue the order to retreat.
We'll be completely annihilated if we drag this out any further.
I-I see.
I understand.
Was that okay? Y-Yes This is rare.
For you to be so shocked that you couldn't even- You're mistaken.
My gun is missing.
Someone took it while I was unconscious.
Which means Someone saw your face? There were at least two.
One who fired, and one who was shot.
There were two.
What are you doing up so early? Writing a letter? Yeah, sort of.
Could it be a love letter? Writing to Lelouch? Maybe You want to meet Her Highness Princess Euphemia? T-Thank I want to thank her.
She protected Nina with her life during the Hoteljacking incident.
She stood up and identified herself as Euphemia, right? I see.
I want to meet her too! Why? Well, she is a princess! If I were to hook up with her I don't believe that people with such impure thoughts would be able to meet her.
"Impure" Nunnally-chan is so harsh.
Isn't she, Miss President? Just because I let Lelouch act up around me doesn't mean that I want you doing it too.
But I want to meet Princess Euphemia too.
Suzaku-san, what's wrong? Nothing, it's just She's someone who is very high above us.
Yes? This is the Ashford Academy Student Council.
Suzaku? Lelouch? Is there anything unusual happening there? There is.
You're not here.
Hey Shirley has yet to show up too.
Lately, you've been absent from class.
You should behave more like a student.
Hmph, Mr.
Model Student.
Can you tell Nunnally that I'll be coming home late tonight? It's not really "coming home late", it's "coming home late again", right? What's the point of being in the same school if you never see each other? Hm? What's wrong? Ah, nothing.
Arthur, argh! Why is he fooling around? Based on the situation Yes.
It seems that Suzaku doesn't know yet.
From that, I suppose the thread connecting the witness to the army has been cut.
Other than the army and the Order of the Black Knights, I don't think anyone else would have been there.
There is also a chance a survivor from the Japanese Liberation Army saw.
And they only stole a gun? I told Ougi to investigate the black market.
What about the blood? I've collected it, but it will take time to analyze.
Also I think I saw Shirley on that battlefield.
Oh, the girl who kissed you? You're rather nosy.
I was just checking, you horny little punk.
But if you really saw her, we should investigate this quickly.
Be it this operation or the one at the Narita Mountain Range, it's obvious they are targeting you, Princess.
It's very normal to target the leader.
There was the incident with His Highness Prince Clovis as well.
Zero, rather than being an enemy to Britannia as a whole, is possibly acting in order to take revenge upon the Britannian Royal Family.
Revenge? Euphemia, did you stand up to save the hostages? You are still the same as ever.
Euphie, be careful.
Eh? Don't let something like the Hoteljacking incident happen again.
How about arranging a knight for her? A knight? If we dedicate a knight to protecting Princess Euphemia, she can form her own personal unit using this person as the core.
Princess Euphemia has the right to do so since she is the Vice Governor-General.
At first, I thought he was truly a kind person.
But don't you think his reaction towards human lives is a little abnormal? But no abnormalities were seen in the data from the actual combat.
Also, I was thinking of testing that.
We're still in the middle of making adjustments to it.
Also, stop treating Suzaku-kun as a part.
He won't see your point, and you won't be able to convey your thoughts if you don't communicate with him properly.
Hey, the same goes for you.
Aren't you treating him like a replacement for someone else? Hey, I wonder! But Hmm~ :? You only tend to notice strange things, don't you? Well, I am your superior after all.
What are you doing out here? I'm waiting for my room to be disinfected.
Why must I search through other people's underwear? You owe me big time for this.
I know.
It would go faster if you did it yourself.
If you're the man who that woman loves That's my problem.
You're being held down by weird things again.
But the gun couldn't be found anywhere.
And her diary is only updated until the 14th.
The 14th? Yeah.
That's the day her father died.
This is? Pictures of you? Mine? Isn't she a lovely suspect? Enough.
Stop saying that.
Narita? Lulu Why did you do such a thing Yeah, I wonder why.
What a majestic memorial, Shirley Fenette-san.
Who are you? What a shame.
Just a bit more, and I'll take down that white armor next time.
Don't worry about it.
Yes, yes.
Tamaki was defeated immediately.
The ship of the Liberation Front Eh? Why did it explode? They self-destructed, didn't they? They contacted us asking for help, right? Didn't Zero act because of that? Ah, that's right! It was a chance to see his face.
Don't tell me you still doubt Zero N-No, it's just The timing was too perfect.
What do you plan on doing if Zero was really behind it? What are you trying to imply? Hey, Diethard.
It seems that you ran away in fear earlier.
Britannian weaklings don't have the right to question us, the Executive Committee.
I was assigned only to assess the battle's situation.
I had Ougi-san's approval too.
Y-Yeah Zero said he didn't mind.
Do you like her? That girl named Shirley.
Beats me.
Do you hate her? Beats me.
So why are you going to Narita? Obviously because she may have found out my identity.
What are you going to do after you find out? Eliminate her? Don't put in too much effort into it if it's something you don't really want to lose.
Was that from experience? No, it's a way of life.
Lelouch is such a cruel man.
Why do you know about Lulu too? You were tricked by him, weren't you? He's really Zero.
Who are you?! His mouth gave the order to kill your father, and stole away your kiss.
You can't forgive those kinds of people.
Punishment is required.
Both you and him.
Me? I know everything about that night.
So this is Zero? This is rather surprising.
The student himself is Zero.
And he's a Britannian.
If I hand him over to Governor-General Cornelia, I can become a noble.
Not just a dame, but a real noble! And he's still alive.
This is great.
I wonder what kind of punishment awaits you As for you, the Governor-General would Unexpected Was he your boyfriend?! You are a murderer.
You have committed the same crime as Zero.
No, I was Not only that, but you also made use of the death of your father in order to gain compensation.
No, I was I was! A manipulative woman.
You acted pitiful on purpose because you wanted him to be nice to you.
No, no! Did the sympathetic look make you feel better? Stop it! How long do you intend to play the part of a tragic heroine? I never thought about those things! You, who killed someone and seduced a man, are not fit to be a heroine.
You are the wicked witch.
No, I was You knew that Lelouch likes some other woman, but you still hung around him.
It's time for you to get your just deserts.
Embrace this emotion for the rest of your life.
Embrace it all by yourself.
If you don't bear your sins and set your heart free, you and Lelouch will be terribly pitiful.
I thought this would be the place, but It looks like we have no choice but to split up and look for her.
Do you know what she looks like? Why are you saying that now? The chances are low.
She shouldn't be there.
What are going to do after you find out? Eliminate her? No, wait.
There should be another person.
Where is that person? That person and Shirley Calm down.
Once again from the start Shirley? It's me.
Where are you now? Where, I wonder? Who are you?! Bastard! What did you do to Shirley?! Ah, isn't that nice? What a scary face.
A face that shows that you won't forgive me for striking your woman.
WHERE IS SHIRLEY?! You want to know? Then let's have a duel.
You're good at it, right? Batuan is a style of painting originating from Bali.
I don't have any photos.
As for pictures, I can draw in the Batuan style Give me a break.
Do you expect me to wait until you finish drawing? It's faster for you to ask the army or the police.
I don't want to be caught in a boring pinch.
Then why don't you start looking from the high ground? I understand.
Enough already.
Why is Lelouch Don't tell me Mao! Is it him? The other witness.
The chess game is most likely a trap.
He probably aims to lure me to a deserted place.
This is the first time I've played this game.
Was calling my cell phone a pretense? No, it's because he doesn't know what I look like.
In other words, he didn't have time to take a photo of me.
That means he wasn't preparing the area for a battle.
In that case You can make use of flaws to break through? Shouldn't you pay more attention to the duel? You'll lose.
You liar.
What was that about this being the first time? Lelouch, unless it's you No, because it's you, you can't win against Mao.
Impossible I actually Hey, is it okay if we consider this my victory? He defeated me completely Who the hell is he? You didn't hear about me from C.
? As expected of you.
You came up with fourteen possibilities of my true identity in just a brief moment.
And one of those is right on.
A Geass user?! Oops.
Your Geass is useless unless you're in direct contact with your target's eyes.
I know all about those rules too.
You read my mind?! That's the kind of Geass I have.
Did you shoot Shirley?! You! You shot Shirley?! No way.
Shirley? Now, shall we start the punishment game? Zero You weren't your usual self yesterday.
Why do I feel this way? Are you all right? Get a hold of yourself.
Hey, you You're alive.
I see You are Zero.
Shirley, that gun is? Yes.
It's Zero's Lulu's gun.
Use your Geass.
You have yet to use it on her, right? But I can fire at you immediately if you do that.
Can he only read surface thoughts? Are there restrictions to his Geass usage like mine? Time level, a duration? Anyway, what are his intentions? If he intends to kill me Think it through and use the strategies you're good at.
Spin, spin, spin around.
Shut up! There's nothing more suitable than death for someone who fools with the hearts of others.
Bear your sins.
Since I'll die with you.
What? She fired at another witness in order to protect your secret.
Then, that blood stain was? Lulu, let's end it all.
Right, right.
Sins need to be punished.
Bastard, you made Shirley! If he can read a person's mind, he can easily control and mislead them! Yes, that's right.
Shirley, don't be fooled by him! He is! Hey, hey.
The one who lied to her is you, right? Stop it! If killing is a sin, then don't sin again by killing me! Splendid! You know just what to say to her.
Did you really kill someone? Aren't you just being misled by him? She figured it out herself, that it's meaningless to continue to hide it.
That couldn't happen! Shirley! Just shut up already! What were you trying to correct? He was the one who killed your father, wasn't he? Kill him, he's just a murderer.
But Shirley! I I am What's wrong with this girl? Her thoughts are in a mess.
Enough, I will Stop it, stop it! I get it.
I get it already.
I'll leave the two of you to sort it out by yourselves.
Shirley! What's going on? To think I made it so dramatic Since it's boring, I'll make the two of them Who is it? To think I didn't notice Don't tell me! C.
! It's really you! I finally found you! The real you! Are you awake, Mao? I'm sorry, Mao.
That's right, Mao.
You did it, right? Thank you, Mao.
, that dress is wonderful.
, I'll come to you! I'll come to you right now! Definitely! Definitely! Mao To think you actually came out from the heart of a person.
Shirley, it's okay now.
It's okay.
Lulu I shot someone So It's my fault.
Shirley, you're not at fault.
Lulu, I shot you too I'm still alive.
But Lulu, I shot you! I forgive it, your sin.
I'll bear all of it I wanted you to be kind to me What's wrong with that? Even though Father died Forget it.
It's okay if you want to forget all of the horrible things.
I can't do it! You can! I'll make you forget everything.
Don't tell me Shirley, I'm sorry about your father.
If reincarnation exists, I will Lulu No! Erm, did you lose a family member too? No, not a family member.
A friend.
Yes Probably a precious one.
I see.
I only realized it for the first time, after losing her, how often her smile saved me.
We can no longer argue or laugh like that together.
Did you like that person? I don't know anymore.
The morning will come.
Up until now, I didn't know what I came here for.
But maybe I came to put an end to something.
Even though there are a lot of things you can't forget, and a lot of sad things too, the morning will still come, right? So there's no need to overdo it by bearing them in your heart.
That's right.
I feel the same.
Thanks for all you have done.
It's true that I might have been naïve.
It might have been better if I had eliminated Shirley.
However Geass If this power causes people to be lonely, I must have a soul that is able to endure this.
As for Mao my vengeance!