Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e15 Episode Script

Cheering Mao

In this world, there is malice born from kindness.
There is also kindness born from malice.
In the end, how will the people treat the actions that Lelouch has taken? Is judgment inevitable in this world? Geass.
The one who uses this inhuman power will feel loneliness in their heart, whether they are willing or not, as they fall into the abyss between kindness and malice.
However, if there exists someone who is able to rise above Yes.
That person would definitely have the characteristics to be the king, isn't that so? I need to check first.
Are you my enemy or my ally? Why are you asking this now? That man called Mao has a Geass that enables him to read the thoughts of others Is that possible? It is.
The way Geass manifests varies among people.
In Mao's case, as long as he concentrates, he's able to read thoughts within a radius of up to 500m.
If he wants to, he can even read thoughts that are deep within the consciousness.
He's your worst enemy since you are the type that uses your mind to fight.
500m Well, I've assumed that there are people other than me who can use Geass.
Did he bind a contract with you? Eleven years ago.
Ha! Guess he's my great senpai.
Then, is this great senpai my enemy? Mao is targeting me.
Even though he's an enemy, he's not after your life I know that.
Otherwise, he would've revealed Zero's identity to the army or police.
But he only targeted Shirley What are the conditions for his power? Mao has a strong Geass.
There are no such conditions.
Unlike you, he has neither a usage limit nor the need to look at the target's eyes.
He has no weaknesses? If you must know, Mao is unable to turn off his power.
He has to always listen to the inner voices of people around him, whether he wants to or not.
I feel like skipping that class If only my father were I understand, Mao.
Don't worry, Mao.
I won't die.
Mao? Mao Mao, are you awake? C.
, I really can't do without you Wait for me, I'm coming to see you now.
If Mao managed to read my thoughts, he would be targeting my biggest weakness.
But Brother, it's been a while since just the two of us spent time together.
We have to let Sayoko rest from time to time.
From today on, I'll stay home for a while.
Brother, lately you haven't always been home.
Did you find something fun to play with? Something like that.
The opponent this time is a bit hard to handle.
When you talk like that, you make me wonder what kind of person it could be.
There hasn't been anyone like that since Elder Brother Schneizel, right? I'm sorry, but I can't sell them to you without a permit.
Besides, Sir, you're from the Chinese Federation, aren't you? Eh? Even though you sold stuff to the Order of the Black Knights? Last Tuesday at 23:00, to someone named "Wolf".
Of course, that was an alias.
You I'm going to need you to help me, too.
In many, many ways.
And? Of course it's essential to protect your sister.
But if we just wait I'm getting the Order of the Black Knights to perform a search.
What if he's not hiding in a ghetto, but in here, the Tokyo settlement? We are just wasting time.
Instead of doing that, why don't you use me as bait? Mao's target is me.
If I- Hey, if I continue to use Geass, will I end up like that? Or does that happen when I'm unable to satisfy the contract with you? As you use it, the power of the Geass will gradually grow stronger.
Those who are unable to handle it will eventually be engulfed by their powers.
Did you bind a contract knowing that? To both me and Mao?! Yes.
You are a cruel woman.
You don't know how that guy who's chasing you feels, do you? You abandoned Mao because he was unable to fulfill the contract, didn't you? What are the terms of the contract? You're despicable! Why didn't you finish him off when you abandoned him? You could have taken away his powers or his life! It's due to your indecisiveness that Shirley! Regarding Mao, it'd be best if we act seperately.
From today onwards, I'll be staying in the building next door.
Next door? The Student Council and the Cultural Society's clubhouse I don't care about them.
Think of a way to handle them yourself.
Medical check? Knightmare pilots are required to undergo that.
I understand.
Then, tomorrow after school.
Eh? You want to meet her? Impossible.
You need to have a court rank of at least a knight to request an audience.
It's possible for an earl, right? Me? Yes.
Huh? Lloyd-san is an earl?! Ah, that's embarrassing.
He's a real aristocrat, even though he can't tell play and work apart.
Ah I just need a few days.
During this period, I need to prohibit people from entering the clubhouse That's not impossible, but Hey, don't tell me the fact that you're a prince It didn't get leaked out.
The only ones who know that I'm still alive are the Ashford family.
Ah, the Ashford What's wrong? Lelouch, I'm having another matchmaking session.
Looks like I'm unable to escape from it this time.
Hey, what should I do? That I President! Shirley? You've resumed your morning training? Yes, starting from today.
I can't remain depressed.
Maybe I should learn from you, to be full of energy.
What are you saying? President, you're always Huh? You're that person I met before.
So you're from our school.
What kind of joke is this? We are from the same class, aren't we? Eh? How could that Huh? Eh? That's enough.
Shirley, it's about to start.
I'm coming now.
Well then, President, see you later.
What was that just now? We had a little fight.
Pretending not to know each other? What a cute way of playing around.
I'm sorry, but can you play along until everything calms down? Well, I don't mind.
Will it take a while? Yes, most likely.
I'm not searching for Refrain smugglers.
I told you I'm searching for an Asian named Mao! If you're looking for Asians left in the settlement, the remaining ones are here doing odd jobs.
You might as well ask the police I hate the police.
Then ask the Order of the Black Knights.
If you want to take an alternate route, they are currently the most powerful, be it in the ghetto or the settlement All of you are saying the same thing.
Obviously! This is weird Why What have you been searching for all this time? My diary.
I can't find it.
Eh? Did you bring it with you when you went out of the settlement? Why would I? Yes.
I'm sorry, Zero.
We have yet to find the man called Mao I see.
Note: Kantou refers to the eastern region of the main island of Japan where Tokyo is.
Kyoto is in the central-southern Kasai region.
Should we make use of Kyoto's information network? No.
Just concentrate on the Kantou block.
Contact me if you discover him.
I understand.
I'll contact you at the stated time later.
If I get within the 500m radius, my thoughts will be read by Mao.
However, that condition might instead be used to predict his movement To check him, a chess piece is Still missing? Looks like we were thinking the same thing.
It seems so.
I think we'll be able to cooperate.
Yes? Lulu, it's me.
is there, right? I want to talk to her alone.
Hand the phone to her.
Are you awake? Y-Yes.
Why did you collapse at that place? What is your name? Me? Name? What is it? Don't tell me your memory is? What about Zero? Back then, you were What is Zero? What am I doing? I do something treacherous and yet end up with this? But I don't know.
Erm I was able to take your clothes off with my eyes closed, but Putting them on was But the room was warm, so I thought it was okay.
I'm glad.
Eh? It seems that I was saved by a kind person.
Lelouch, be happy.
Right now, things have come to an end between you and me.
I will patch things up with Mao.
Is this a betrayal? Why are you asking this now? I have never thought of you as an ally, just an accomplice.
Wait! This is surprising.
By doing that, aren't you the same as Mao? C.
, you know too much about me.
I can't let you go off just like this.
Don't go! C.
, stay by my side! Geass is ineffective against me.
I've told you that before.
Don't worry.
I don't intend to leak out things about you.
I'll leave your Geass as it is.
Mao won't appear in front of you again.
With this, your hindrance has been removed.
Congratulations and goodbye.
The results of the test were good.
The discipline and life statistics seem to be on the high side though.
Will it be a problem? It's excellent for a soldier.
Are you unconsciously comparing yourself to your father? That might be the thing that's restricting you.
This often happens to children who have famous parents.
Kururugi Genbu, the Prime Minister of the former Japan.
He was a great man, wasn't he? Urabe and the rest sure are late.
Besides that, this sure is an ironic place to meet at, Prime Minister Kururugi's memorial The traitor who committed suicide after we just decided to adopt a do-or-die resistance.
Stop it.
By continuing that, you will be doubting the reality of General Katase's suicide.
Discovered Toudou, who is in hiding.
To all sections, prepare to capture him.
Yes, My Lord.
I have read it, the reorganization of the Order of the Black Knights.
I have a general idea of what you want to do, but there are a few areas that I want to change.
I will relay your thoughts to Ougi.
The functional capabilities of our individual cells I hope you can include that in your next take.
That's all.
Is that my last test? Diethard although he's a Britannian, he's much more useful than I thought.
But I can't eliminate the suspicion of him being a spy yet.
That's it, Mao's phone call C.
! Why are you so quiet? Your thoughts are the only thoughts that I can't read.
You're really super-awesome.
You're still as childish as ever.
I was hoping that you would call me your prince on a white horse since I came specifically to pick you up.
, you're happy, aren't you? Mao, I've already told you before.
To me, you are just That is just a lie.
A lie! Because C.
loves me the most.
Thank you, Mao.
Mao Stop it! Shut up! Ignore it.
Just concentrate on my voice.
That's right.
If my thoughts are the only ones you can't read, if you only calm down when just the two of us are together, I will always be with you.
Yes, I am always here.
So don't worry.
, you're the only one.
You're the only one I want.
I don't care about Lelouch or anyone else.
As long as you come Stop it! I should've done this from the start.
, it's me.
Mao I'll wait for you at Clovis Land.
Come alone.
You're as stubborn as ever.
If you don't come, I'll just expose Lelouch's identity.
Well, I can just kill him anytime though Lelouch, be happy.
Right now, things have come to an end between you and me.
God dammit, she comes and goes as she pleases.
It's hard to understand a stubborn woman.
As I thought, C.
would never shoot me.
loves me! No! I was just using you! What are you saying? Lying is bad.
Lying You shouldn't lie! Lies are! Don't worry.
I understand.
, I had a house built in Australia.
It's a beautiful, quiet, white house.
But we need to take a plane to reach Australia But C.
, you're too big to bring onto the plane as carry-on luggage.
So I'll make you compact! It'll be quick if I use this! Is this my punishment? You're wrong.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
You're wrong! I'm thanking you.
As I thought, you're here.
At a place where the thoughts of others won't interfere with you.
It's so easy to find this place.
Lelouch The maximum effective range of your Geass is 500m.
It can't reach this place, the Tokyo Tower.
Indeed, indeed.
Even so, what do you intend to do? It seems that you have put some effort into hacking.
Do you intend to remote-control some toys to deal with me? Or do you intend to use that sharp tongue of yours to convince me to surrender? Hey, you're being quiet now? If you want C.
back, you have to Mao, don't tell me you think that "C.
" is her real name? Is that true, C.
? You didn't even tell me Why did you tell a person like him? You understand, don't you? C.
is mine.
is mine, Mao.
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! C.
has been mine since a long time ago! I have taken all of C.
Even parts that you haven't seen.
Lelouch Come out! Lelouch! Come here! Come to me! Let me read your thoughts! You liar! Mao, you have lost.
What are you saying?! Enough, as long as C.
and I Is it Lelouch? But the distance is And so many This is it! Put down your weapon and surrender! What's with these people? Warning to the abductor, put down your weapon and surrender! P-Police? Who informed them? Lelouch? Why are you here? Impossible! You were at the tower just earlier, right? Are you an idiot? All of that up until now was a recording.
Impossible! But But didn't you talk to me? The way you think is too simplistic.
The ability to read thoughts is wasted on you.
You even predicted my replies? Don't fool around, you brat! I'll get out immediately even if I get caught by the police! Shut up! Don't say bad things about me! C.
told me that you can't turn off your Geass.
However, the effective range depends on how hard you concentrate.
You made use of the monitor to draw away my concentration.
But I still have a way to defeat you.
The moment you do that is your moment of death.
Lelouch, please wait.
If you have a good talk with him What is this about "moment of death"?! Police, listen carefully to this! The man over there is the terrorist! Fire! Mao! Zero When I bound a contract with him, Mao was just a six-year-old orphan.
Reading and writing, parental love, good and evil, he knows nothing about those.
This is Echo 3.
As planned, we have rescued the hostage from the ghetto.
What? What about the transportation to the hospital The power of the Geass that Mao obtained from me made him distance himself from other people.
That's why, even though he treats me as his best friend and his lover, I'll ultimately just be a stranger to him.
Perhaps to Mao, I'm the only human he knows.
I am everything to him in this world.
, I've decided that I won't lose to the Geass.
I will control this power and become familiar with it.
I'll let you see how I will change this world.
I will fulfill both your desire and mine.
The contract that he was unable to fulfill, I will make it possible.
So Lelouch Are you comforting me or pitying me? Or are you getting attached to me? It's a contract.
This time, I'll be the one proposing it to you.
Let's bind it, this contract.
It's time to make progress.
I'll meet Cornelia and find out the truth.
After that, I'll build a safe place for Nanali.
Small battles are meaningless now.
I have to suppress the Tokyo settlement.
There's a need to increase my military powers to do that.
I'll make use of external powers as well.
I have to make use of every chess piece I have.