Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e16 Episode Script

Nunnally Held Hostage

Suzaku is switching between Boku and Ore again.
In this world, there is malice born from kindness.
There is also kindness born from malice.
In the end, how will the people treat the actions that Lelouch has taken? Is judgment inevitable in this world? Geass.
The one who uses this inhuman power will feel loneliness in their heart, whether they are willing or not, as they fall into the abyss between kindness and malice.
However, if there exists someone who is able to rise above Yes.
That person would definitely have the characteristics to be the king, isn't that so? Yes.
The training session following the readjustments on the Guren Mk.
II is proceeding as scheduled.
Kyoto has gotten in contact with the Indian Armed Forces.
All that's left is to wait for the development team and Rakshata to arrive.
We have completed restructuring 92% of our operation cells.
The members have been divided into tiers from 1 to 14.
Zero, per your instructions, we have gotten our supporters to infiltrate all the warehouses owned by Britannia.
Kantou block.
We have divided our men and equipment over all 564 regions.
Thirty-two of our bases have been discovered.
Eleven of them were dummies.
Forty-seven members have been arrested.
However, since information about tier 8 and above has been classified, Britannia won't be able to find out about it.
Due to Kyoto's assistance, cases where the public reported information to the army or police have pretty much been eliminated.
The name list of the supporters within Britannia? Yes.
That one Zero, it's that group you anticipated.
By the way, we are still in the midst of searching for Toudou and the Shiseiken.
I understand.
Continue with your work.
Is it okay for me to be the messenger? They'll look down on you if you behave humbly.
That's the kind of people the Chinese Federation are.
I don't have any confidence.
I'm modest, unlike you.
Just remain like that.
How's your passport? It's well made.
Should be okay.
Are we going to be handed over to someone else's home? It's another Kururugi residence.
This time, we're going to the main one.
Suzaku, keep walking.
But Keep walking.
What's going on? There's a weird smell.
It's because we're near a garbage dump.
Suzaku, isn't that so? Suzaku-san, what's wrong? I I Nanali You can figure out a person's feelings by figuring out the meaning of their tears.
That was what Mother taught me.
I will overcome it.
Hey, Lelouch! Hmm? Good morning.
It's been a while.
You'll have to repeat the grade if you don't come often.
Doesn't that apply to you as well? Mine is due to work.
It's because the Order of the Black Knights have started to act.
Aren't you in the technological department? Ah We're shorthanded everywhere.
Oh? Anyway, how about dropping by my place from time to time for a meal? Nanali is lonely.
Any plans for today? Ah, today is fine.
But is it okay? Will I be a nuisan Hey, Lelouch!!! What's wrong? Did you know about the President's matchmaking session? Yes.
It's today.
Today?! Why didn't you tell me anything if you knew about it?! Because you'd cry if I told you? I'll show you laughter.
It's all right.
I didn't know about it either.
Don't reply like an airhead at a time like this! Airhead? We call how you replied "being an airhead.
" I'll tell Nanali about the meal.
Ah, what about class? I know.
I'm just going to tell her.
You're ignoring my troubles? Sayoko-san, don't classes start today at second period? Are you surprised? Matchmaking sessions normally take place in hotels or restaurants, don't they? It's okay.
Earl Lloyd, I've heard that you're a very unique person.
Unique! Quite a wonderful description.
It is.
To be willing to accept a woman from the Ashford family that has fallen from grace.
Things like court rank don't mean a thing, do they? Pardon me.
Sorry for troubling you.
Go ahead and take your time That's not necessary.
It's a waste of time.
Let's get married.
Eh? That was quick! Then let's put it on hold? Nanali, Suzaku is Yes? Brother! Nanali! Where are you right now? I don't know.
I was just told not to move Nanali! Lulu, it's me.
Don't tell me Lelouch, you were careless.
You thought that I was dead? Hold on, Mao.
isn't here now.
That's why I came.
Someone who isn't affected by Geass is such a nuisance.
I'll save that encounter for later.
I really can't accept the gift that you offered me the other day.
You should be somewhere within a 500m radius from me, right? It's as you said.
Want to try and search for me? The time limit is five hours.
Also, since this is a game between you and me, it'll result in a NG if you manipulate the police as chess pieces.
I don't want to be shot like last time, after all.
However, Britannia's medical science is really amazing.
It's all thanks to that.
Hey Lulu.
You shouldn't have used your Geass to issue the order to "shoot".
You should have said "kill".
You were too naive in the end, that's why your sister is in such a bind.
She's in danger now.
She's caught in a pinch now.
Wait! Nanali has nothing to do with this! Isn't this too evil for a game? Hmm? I won't forgive you if you intend to make Brother sad! You are rather amazing.
You siblings.
Everyone, it's afternoon! Have you eaten yet? A fight? Shirley and Lelouch? That's right.
We should go along with them and their "stranger" game.
That's what the President said How's the matchmaking going Well, more importantly, what about Shirley and Lelouch Leave them alone.
They're always quarreling like a couple.
Oh? But you Geez.
I have nothing to do with him.
He hasn't crossed that line yet, right? That line? Look, Lelouch is good with theories, but he's weak when it comes to the actual thing.
Actual thing? He doesn't have much experience either.
Experience? Not enough food? Arthur, why are you always? Hey, Lelouch.
How are things with Shirley? Eh? Erm Why don't you give her a present? More importantly, what about classes? If you don't attend the afternoon I'm sorry.
Ah, I'll talk to you about tonight later.
I wonder if he's going gambling again.
Lulu, since you can't find me no matter where you search, I'm extending the time limit by one more hour.
Damn, did he notice that I'm feeling anxious? But what should I do? He should be somewhere 500m away from me in order to read my thoughts Lelouch.
That is? Something has really happened to Nanali.
Welcome back.
I-I-I'm home.
Food will be ready soon.
Food? Did you go out to the store? No.
I'm just using what I can find.
People are still fearful of Britannians out there.
Do you remember anything? I'm sorry.
I can't recall anything.
It's all right.
There's no need to rush.
You're injured too.
It's all right to take time to remember.
There, it's done.
I don't know if it's to your liking.
Who abducted Nanali? Don't tell me it's an old debt from Britannia? No.
It has nothing to do with our identities.
It's just a brat who likes to bully girls.
Are you being threatened? Yes.
Our identities might be exposed if this gets investigated.
That why I can't approach the police or the army It can't be helped.
We have to think of a way by ourselves.
But are you really not gambling It has nothing to do with that.
Then, do you have any leads? Only the photo and the fact that he is observing from nearby are certain.
That's right, I heard the sound of water flowing.
Water The circulatory system.
The installation underground? But this is rare.
What is? Normally, you would have noticed that immediately.
What's wrong? The data was changed.
I have to hack into the login system.
Isn't that against school regulations? I'll just change it back later.
Then let me break in.
Too late.
It's already open.
That's fast.
Aren't you a bit too familiar with it? That's because the student council is responsible for part of the management.
Lelouch, you've been using this to get outside all of the time, right? Yes.
Well, occasionally.
How is it? It's as you deducted.
A machine gun is linked to the observation camera.
For that system, the lag time is 0.
05 seconds.
Then we can't get out of here.
Let's head up, the system Hey! What a reckless guy.
Now, let's go.
Nanali is waiting.
Nanali! Nanali! Brother.
Suzaku-san too.
I'm sorry.
I'll immediately! Wait.
Look up.
A bomb That's right, Lulu.
I'll forgive you since Kururugi came at his own discretion.
The two of you, try and do your best.
We'll remove the bomb.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
There's nothing that can't be achieved if Lelouch and I work together, right? Yes.
A motion sensitive bomb? A solenoid is used to provide the energy necessary for it to remain in constant movement.
If any external forces are applied to the bomb, it'll Explode.
Also, that might also happen if Nanali moves.
It'll be better if we take that into consideration too.
Do you know the explosion range? The radius is over 500m.
Which means that Mao is outside of his effective Geass range.
Was this to lure me in? Do you know a way to dismantle it? Theoretically.
We just need to cut the line that's linked to the detonator.
Bombs aren't this person's specialty, so it's possible to tell the dummy wire apart.
However, we have to think of other ways.
Why? We just need to be able to tell it apart.
To diffuse it while it's moving is not something a human is capable of.
I understand.
Let me do it.
Don't say that so easily! We have too little information.
It's good to be cautious, but we have a time limit, right? As for information, there's some right in front of your eyes.
I'm a soldier after all.
Can you make use of that information? We still have toilet paper Classes were so boring.
Now I just need to last until the final exams It's the rule It's just that stupid teacher.
What a bunch of carefree brats.
That's why things like schools are Eh? What is it? What is he intending to do next? Mao's location should be where the observation camera observing Nanali is transmitting to.
Don't tell me he went back to the school.
What a reckless guy.
I've already told Suzaku not to do anything.
The only thing left that I can do is Welcome, heart stealer-kun.
You don't have any weapons or strategies.
The bomb was just left as it is.
You can't make use of the Order of the Black Knights or that friend of yours.
Lulu, what's wrong? I don't intend to explain things to you.
You have prepared the last game, haven't you? Yes.
Let's put an end to this with your specialty.
It's been a while since we spent time like this.
There have been a lot of unexpected events since we came to Area Eleven.
Haven't you put on weight from doing desk work? Geez, sister.
Sister, don't you think that this garden resembles it? Queen Marianne's imperial villa.
Ah, since you mentioned it I heard that it was done under Elder Brother Clovis' order.
Surprisingly, he liked that place even though he was always arguing with Lelouch there.
He must have treated him as a rival.
His rival is much younger than him though.
However, paintings of Lelouch and the others were found among the ones left behind by Elder Brother.
Were they? We must hurry up and stabilize this area and capture Zero, or else we will disappoint Clovis and even Lelouch and Nunnually.
Since this place is the land in which the lives of three of our siblings were extinguished.
This balance is both the detonation and the dismantling switch for the bomb.
The chess piece captured from the opponent is placed on it.
If the needle swings towards my side completely, the bomb will be detonated.
If the needle swings towards your side completely, it will be dismantled.
In other words, your sister will be saved if you win.
This was done in rather bad taste.
No wonder you got abandoned by C.
It's pointless to provoke me, since your thoughts are all clear to me.
You're not the type that can blank out your mind.
There's a critic within yourself who is always looking at your own actions, and you are always looking at the actions taken by that critic, who is another part of yourself.
You are that kind of person.
It's useless.
No matter how you think, my victory is certain.
A plan that involves thinking about seven things at the same time in an attempt to confuse me.
However, as long as my Geass is concentrated solely on you, it's easy to tell what the truth is.
Ah, even the last plan has failed.
It's because you looked down on me that the life of your sister "What should I do? I'm out of plans.
I could make use of the others, but as long as Nanali is still being held hostage" Sorry, sorry.
I dropped it.
It's your turn.
If you don't hurry Look, look.
Time is running out.
You sister will be gone.
Eh? Is that move okay? Is it really okay? It's enough, right? Huh? Mao, please stop it.
I can't really hear you.
It's enough already, right? Please spare Nanali! Huh? I I lost.
Well said.
I'm finally hearing the thoughts originating from deep within your heart.
This feels great! The best! However, no.
With this Check! Stop it!!! Nanali Now, how does it feel to get exploded into pieces? Why? How? Don't tell me, in order to force me to concentrate I'm Kururugi Suzaku, a Warrant Officer from the Britannian Army.
I'm arresting you for disturbing public order.
Suzaku You dismantled the bomb? What You actually matched your speed with the swinging movement? It's because Lelouch told me which line to cut.
I told you? What are you saying? It was your instruction wasn't it? You told me to barge in once I heard screaming.
I did? As I thought This was what happened.
Mao, this is checkmate.
Lelouch Don't tell me you! Seems so.
I used Geass on myself to make myself forget that I told Suzaku what to do.
You, who believe that information from the thoughts from the heart is absolutely reliable, have lost.
Also, in order to read my thoughts, your effective range was reduced, leaving a hole within it.
Impossible What did you intend to do if he failed? That's true.
This was a plan that couldn't be carried out if I didn't trust Suzaku.
Sayoko-san, it's okay now.
Yes, I'll leave it to you.
Sayoko-san It's fine now.
Do you think you have won? Stop it.
Let go of me, you father killer.
You killed your own father seven years ago.
You thought that the war would end if you stopped your father, who adopted a do-or-die resistance? What a childish way of thinking.
The truth is that you're just a murderer! No, I I! Isn't it great that it didn't get exposed? It's all thanks to the lies told by the adults around you.
Then, the news from the army that Prime Minister Kururugi had committed suicide was Everything was a lie.
Lies I had no choice! If I didn't do it, Japan would! You're still trying to grasp for an explanation as things are now? You, who deserves to die! You want to save people? The thing you want to save is your own heart, right? You hope that you would die while doing so, don't you? That's why you always place yourself on the verge of death.
Your kindness is there just for self-justification! You're just a spoiled brat that wished to be punished! Mao! Shut up! Shit! Wait! I once loved you, Mao.
Mao go there first to wait for me.
At the world of death.
I I I am foolish.
In the end, I didn't ask Mao anything about the contract.
Also, Suzaku Why is it when we meet up again No, that's wrong.
He has wanted to tell me it since a long time ago.
If we had met properly back then