Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e17 Episode Script


The Britannian youth, Lelouch, has embarked on two paths.
One is to find his mother's enemy.
A path that leads to the "past".
The other is to turn the world into a place that his sister, Nunnally, can live in happily.
A path that leads to the "future".
As Lelouch gazes at both the "past" and the "future", is the path that leads to the "present", which only he can choose, the destruction of the world or the reconstruction of the world? Suzaku, I finally understand You were Suzaku, Mao has Did you do that to your own father? I see.
This secret wasn't just your own, right? Lelouch, I It's that elderly gentleman called Kirihara.
The Prime Minister of Japan, Kururugi Genbu, used his own death to convince and stop the hardline faction, which has adopted a do-or-die resistance.
Because a story is needed, be it in Japan or Britannia.
To tell the truth, I was confused.
He was different from how he used to be.
He shouldn't be like this, placing others ahead of himself.
So there was a reason behind it.
Suzaku killed his father and that was when he was just ten.
Has he been bearing that all this time? Hey, Lelouch, don't move your face.
A-Ah Sorry.
That's wrong.
Look down a bit more.
Like this? Too low.
Look up more.
This? Damn.
Your expression is completely different from what you had at first, all right? A bit like this and this This All right! Eh?! It's different from earlier! The emotional look was better! Why? Isn't the hilarious look better? Don't do anything stupid.
What are you doing?! Wasn't the first period math? It's because this is Arts Week.
Remember? His Highness Clovis made it On the first day of Arts Week, we will be holding the completion ceremony of this place, the Clovis Arts Museum.
We hope that Princess Euphemia can choose the winning pictures from among those in here.
This picture! I like it.
Based on our investigation, the artist has a quarter of Eleven blood.
If that's so, you shouldn't have displayed it at all, right? It's because it's essential to put up a façade.
Anyway, please take a look at the painting here.
It's something drawn by the son of Duke Nikolai.
Note: Tako () literally means octopus, but in this case, it refers to the sausages that are cut into octopus-like shapes.
This is usually done as an expression of love.
Tako-san That girl Erm N-No this is actually! We have guests.
They were referred here by Kyoto.
Could it be! Shiseiken-dono.
I'll be blunt.
We wish to borrow your strength.
Huh? What do you mean? Colonel Toudou has been held captive.
He sacrificed himself in order for us to escape.
I understand.
Accept it.
Is it okay? Since the Order of the Black Knights is the ally of justice, there's nothing strange about it, right? Use B13 to gather the troops.
Dismantle the KnightMares and transport them via eighteen routes.
Get Diethard to oversee this.
Inform the regular members to meet up as well.
I'm sorry.
The Chinese Federation is Everything has been resolved.
Don't worry about it.
It would be a hindrance to the plan if your role changed.
More importantly, today is the day that two of the chess pieces I've eyed for a long time gather together.
If possible, another one Today is the execution date of Toudou Kyoushirou.
There shouldn't be any resistance since the Japanese Liberation Front no longer exists.
Yes, Madam.
No, wait.
Have that man carry out the execution by shooting Governor-General! Sorry for making you come here so urgently.
How's the museum? The ceremony only starts in the afternoon.
More importantly, the NAC says that there's unrest at Ishikawa I guess either the EU or the Chinese Federation is backing them up.
There's confirmed information coming from Ganruu as well.
Note: Hokuriku (fers to the region west of Tokyo.
Ishikawa is one of the prefectures within the region.
However, this is a great opportunity to stabilize the Hokuriku.
I'll leave Darlton here with you.
Ask him for help with anything.
Also We've said it before, but choose your knight from this list.
All of them are excellent.
Their families are excellent too.
During winter, the pond will freeze.
I'll get scolded by Brother if I skate there though.
That happened at the Kururugi Shinto Shrine as well, but it was just a small pond.
) is a type of crayfish native to Japan.
There were usually Zarigani crayfish and other things around.
Can you fish for crayfish? It's easy.
You just need to tie frog legs to the end of the string.
Eh? Frogs? The frogs that go, "Croak croak"? Yup.
Though in Japan, we say they go, "Kero kero kero".
"Kero kero"? Yes, "kero kero".
If things proceed as planned, there will eventually be a day when I won't be around Nunnally.
Another case like Mao might happen again.
To prevent that, I need someone to protect Nunnally.
Also, if Nunnally can become the raison d'être to that someone What is it? Suzaku, actually Suzaku-kun! Lloyd-san said there's something urgent! Who is she? Someone from the army.
Are they your friends? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Can I borrow Suzaku-kun for a while? Ah but I told you it'll be fine.
That man won't come.
Is that so? Then I'm off.
Have a safe trip, Suzaku-san.
Eh? There's something I want to talk to you about when you return.
It's something important and serious.
What is it? That sounds scary.
Well, I'll meet you later then.
Suzaku-san is needed by others.
That's great.
Nunnally, what do you think about Suzaku? I like him.
Of course, I like Brother the best.
I see Shirley, I'll head off first, then.
Wait for me you meanie.
Ah! Geez.
In regards to the construction of this museum, it's said that Eleven companies were excluded from it.
Erm About that incident It's still being investigated.
Please pardon our inability to reply.
It's pointless to ask Princess Euphemia about politics, right? I'm Kellyman from Interstate.
There are rumors lately that say you are selecting your knight, but Eh? Yes Knight Erm I Everyone! Please restrict your questions to those about the museum.
Didn't I tell you not to mix up the hydraulics? But this is different from the Burai! Is working together with the Order of the Black Knights the right thing to do? Is there any other way to save Colonel Toudou? Kyoto has promised that they'll lend us new machines as well.
However, principles and claims are different.
We are not nationalists.
You should know that.
Let's talk about these petty things after the Colonel's been saved.
I understand.
My place is wherever Toudou-san is.
Enough already.
Just put the damn thing together! There isn't much time before the operation starts! Be more gentle with it! Ah? Huh? It's made of something a hundred times more delicate than you.
W-Who are you? The mother of that child.
Looks like you made it in time.
Huh? So you are Zero? Nice to meet you.
I've heard various rumors about you.
Rakshata, same goes for you.
I've seen various news articles on the internet about you in the past.
About me? Articles about the usage of cybernetics for medical purposes.
I hate talking about the past.
Anyway, this Presents from Kyoto.
Erm Will the synchronization rate really increase with this? It won't increase.
Huh?! The survival rate will increase.
The executioner has been changed.
Warrant Officer Kururugi Suzaku.
It's someone you know.
Isn't that great? Eh? There's more to sign? Even though it's Her Highness Cornelia's order, the formalities need to be observed.
This change of executioner is a case that's exceptional among the exceptional after all.
What's going on? T-This is! Looks like we're freed from this document hell.
Colonel, we are on our way to save you now! This Gekka sure is amazing.
A big difference from the Burai.
Yes, with this! Hmm The synchronization with the attached weapons is still imperfect.
Well, that isn't a problem with the line There's a 0.
07 deviation with the cognizance process.
Isn't that because those old guys at Kyoto didn't give us better parts? Orders from the top: I'm to execute you before you get taken away.
Any last words? This life has already been forsaken.
I don't have any lingering attachments.
Then I shall take over that life.
Huh? What? Zero Toudou Kyoushirou.
The only man who scored a victory against the Britannians during the war seven years ago.
The Miracle of Itsukushima? Are you seeking my miracle as well? That wasn't a miracle.
It was a victory achieved through information-gathering and tactics.
That is why I want you.
The master I serve, General Katase, is no longer alive.
I am now just Naïve! What? You must take responsibility.
The responsibility for the miracle! The resistance movement in Area 11 is obviously more intense than those in the other Areas.
This is because Japan was forced into submission while she still had power remaining.
They want to see the continuation of the dream called the "Miracle of Itsukushima".
Are you saying that it's my fault? That's right.
People tend to indulge in the illusions called "miracles".
Isn't that why Refrain is spreading so rampantly? Struggle, Toudou! Struggle on desperately till the very end, then die! Until the name "Toudou the Miracle" gets shredded into pieces! After that, will the Japanese, for the first time, accept the truth of our defeat? That's necessary for the sake of the people.
However, I can make that fleeting dream come true.
With that, Her Highness, Princess Euphemia will now select the grand winner.
The work that this flower is placed on will be the grand winner.
Colonel! Welcome back, Toudou-san.
Everyone, sorry to have caused you trouble.
This is nothing.
Assist Zero.
Destroy the remaining troops here.
Understood! With this, all the conditions have been cleared.
I have chosen Nunnally's knight as well.
All that's left is Why is that thing here? My, my.
The remaining problem has come charging in on its own.
Your Highness, isn't it time for you to make your decision? I understand To me Ah? Hello? The captive is? Fighting is Oh my.
The enemy's new machines sure are amazing.
But Cecile-kun.
Yes? If you view it solely by result, isn't it lucky that the only transportation device left here is the trailer with the Lancelot onboard? In other words, the result is solely dependent on the Lancelot, isn't that right? Is that the white armor that Zero is having problems with? Y-Yes.
Hmm This is reckless.
It's seven against one.
But that KnightMare called "Lancelot" is pretty powerful.
W-Wow, he evaded! Amazing, again Do your best, white knight! That's right.
Send out everything to provide cover for Kururugi.
Report that the terrorist has been eliminated.
Zero, do you have any information about that machine? I have a plan to deal with him.
I hope that you can follow my orders from now on.
I'll leave the rest to you.
All units, widen the gap! That speed and maneuverability is indeed a threat.
However There is a certain pattern that fellow moves in.
A frontal attack will come first.
He won't make a pinpoint attack.
Once his attack is evaded, he will quickly move to launch his next attack.
Analyze his movement data.
X57! Eh He really came.
That's right.
In such a situation, his next action will be to jump back to widen the distance! The coordinate is X23! With this Check! This is! He evaded my triple thrust? However! A-Ah! This is bad.
It doesn't have an escape block yet! You haven't installed it yet?! Impossible It's Suzaku-kun? E-Eh?! Zero, the orders! Please give us your next orders! Zero! Everything so far was? Suzaku! Hey, look at that! It's an Eleven! If I remember correctly, that's Kururugi Suzaku! The one from His Excellency, Clovis's Why is an Eleven inside a KnightMare? Stop fooling around! Stop the video transmission! If this goes on Please wait! Huh? I want to see it for myself.
All right, it can still move.
Stop it, Suzaku-kun.
Do you still wish to continue living even after breaking your own principles? Are you disappointed? Then why don't you execute me as planned? Why You shouldn't be there.
You should be beside Nunnally What's wrong? Didn't you come here to do that? Have you degenerated into a useless brat who's satisfied with the present? It's meaningless to go against the current society.
A power that accepts it and tries to change it is then truly Are you serious? Of course! Then you should travel down that path! Eh? Be it victory or defeat, you won't achieve anything unless you do your best.
The same applies whether it's at the national or personal level! Understood! Zero, are we going to capture him or? Zero! Listen up.
Destroy the white armor.
Wait for Zero's orders! I can't wait! Captain Senba, Freely Rotational Life-or-Death Formation! Understood! Wait! Stop it! If you do it right now! Don't worry.
It's an attack from four directions.
There's no way to evade it! Warrant Suzaku, release the Haken Booster! The password is my favorite thing! Impossible! What the.
?! Eh? Are you all right? An interesting way of fighting.
Asahina, turn to the left! This time! Stop it! Zero! Stop Continuing this fight is We have achieved our objective.
Use route three We will retreat immediately! A battle you can't win and a battle lost are different.
Zero, looks like you know that well.
Wait! Release the chaff smoke! Hey, they escaped! Have they repelled the Order of the Black Knights? Suzaku, you did well.
Traitor! Why didn't he chase after them? It's because they're fellow Elevens, right? I get it.
I was wondering how he was able to take them on even though it was seven against one.
Huh? Princess Euphemia? Everyone! I will answer the question raised earlier.
You were wondering whether I had decided on who would be my knight, right? The one I have decided on to be my knight is the person over there.
Warrant Officer Kururugi Suzaku.
Toudou-san I am your enemy.
Zero is not coming out? Yes.
He didn't reply even when I called him.
What's wrong? My friend, Suzaku What during that seven years of blank space changed him? No, since I became Zero, that fellow must just be putting on some kind of false mask as well.
Had our fate been laid out for us ever since that summer? But I will win.
No matter who my enemy is.