Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e175 Episode Script

The Truth of the Mask

All units, widen the gap! That speed and maneuverability is indeed a threat.
However There is a certain pattern that fellow moves in.
A frontal attack will come first.
He won't make a pinpoint attack.
Once his attack is evaded, he will quickly move to launch his next attack.
Analyze his movement data.
X57! That's right.
In such a situation, his next action will be to jump back to widen the distance! The coordinate is X23! With this Check! He evaded my triple thrust? However! Impossible It's Suzaku-kun? E-Eh?! Zero, the orders! Please give us your next orders! Zero! Everything so far was? Suzaku! In Britannia, I had my mother.
I had vassals and classmates.
But I didn't have any friends.
That was why, to me, Suzaku was the first friend I had.
It was a sudden attack.
The Japanese defense force was thrown into combat against the Britannian Army who deployed the Mobile Humanoid Combat Armored Knights, the KnightMare Frames.
They were completely overwhelmed and defeated.
Are we going to be handed over to someone else's home? It's another Kururugi residence.
This time, we're going to the main one.
Suzaku, keep walking.
But Keep walking.
What's going on? There's a weird smell.
It's because we're near a garbage dump.
Suzaku, isn't that so? Suzaku I'm going to destroy Britannia! I am Zero.
Zero? W-Who is this person? He calls himself Zero and is standing against the procession! That's right I swore back then that I wouldn't forgive Britannia for taking away Mother Nunnally's eyes and legs, and the life I had with Suzaku And in order to turn the world into a place where Nunnally can live in happily I shall destroy the world and change everything! Are you sure? I'll announce it, Orange.
Hmm? It'll be publicly announced if I die.
If you don't want that to happen What are you talking about? What are you saying? You will do your best to set us free.
Do the same for that man over there! Hmph.
I understand.
Hand that man over to him.
Huh? Lord Jeremiah, what are you saying Hand him over! No one is to interfere in this! What do you intend to do?! What are you planning?! Lord Kewell, this is an order! You despicable Eleven! Lord Jeremiah, why?! I already told you not to interfere! Do your best to set them free! People! Fear us or seek us! We are the Order of the Black Knights! When those with power attack those without, we will appear once again.
No matter how great the power of the enemy is! Those with power Fear us! Those without power Seek us! The world shall be judged by us, the Order of the Black Knights! If someone wins, the fighting will end.
Someone? That was why I became Zero and created the Order of the Black Knights.
And Hey Lelouch! You were asleep just now, weren't you?! I saw you stop working! Even so, you don't need to hit me.
The vice president of the Ashford Academy Student Council.
That is the identity I assumed.
I spent my life idly as a Britannian student.
The only problem was that merrymaking president who likes to cause trouble for others.
"Man and Woman Role-reversal Festival", "Absolute Silence Party", "Cat Festival", "Orange Day".
I can still forgive her for those.
I will go along with it if she says so.
However, that "Day as a Grade School Student" was No Nunnally seemed to have enjoyed herself.
It's fine as long as she's happy.
Yes Ever since we came to this academy, Nunnally has begun to smile a lot.
Also, Suzaku is here now.
Suzaku, who had been separated from us ever since that summer seven years ago.
That is why I mustn't let them know that I'm Zero.
If that happened, such a normal life would be completely destroyed.
Argh! Eh? Hey! Give that back! I must protect them at all costs.
Nunnally Zero's secret Information about the Geass.
Then he.
What's with this cat? Isn't that the mask that Zero wears? No way.
In a place like this? You saw it, didn't you? Forget about what you just saw! Yeah, got it.
Of course, I'll use it when necessary.
This is President Milly Ashford of the Student Council.
It's a cat! A cat? Catch the cat that is running through the school right now.
All club activities will be canceled temporarily.
Any clubs that participate will have their funding increased.
Suzaku! Lelouch! You're chasing the cat too? It's up above? Wait, Suzaku! You go back! But the student council president said to capture it.
Never mind her, just go back! I'll catch the cat.
I'm better at physical activity! That one time that chick ran away Don't bring up old stories now! That was only seven years ago! Jeez As usual, you're an idiot that's thinking with only his muscles! Suzaku-kun?! Suzaku, stop! Don't worry, leave it to me.
That guy he was way more selfish in the past.
Lelouch! Are you okay, Lelouch? Y-Yeah.
Yes Everything was moving according to my calculations.
Until the appearance of that white KnightMare.
Guided Weapon, Z-01 Lancelot will use the sand board.
You will accelerate at max speed and head up to save the Governor-General by liquifying the path.
Yes, my Lord.
Suzaku-kun, there's something that I want to ask you.
What is it? You really hate it when people die, yet you're in the army.
Why is that so? I'm in the army so that they won't die.
That contradiction might kill you someday.
Ah! I'm sorry.
Sorry! Lancelot, launching.
Governor-General, are you all right? I have come to rescue you.
Again This guy again! Guren Mk.
II, destroy that white armor! His ability to break through is a hindrance! Okay! If I defeat this! Such weapons! It blocked it! Retreat! Everyone, follow the escape route! This will degrade into a battle of attrition.
Retreat! Governor-General! You chase after Zero.
But It's just that my Energy Filler has run low.
Go! Okay.
To the head trailer of the special envoy: I've discovered Zero and am going to capture him now.
Lelouch? It's me.
Now that I think about it, that fellow was already different back then.
He was calling himself "Boku".
Even though he used "Ore" in the past.
Lelouch, let's keep pretending to be strangers while we're at school.
Although the police are incompetent now, they can join the police and change them from the inside, right? The Order of the Black Knights the way that Zero acts is too despicable! They don't start things by themselves.
They only ride the coattails of others and disturb the situation.
They think of themselves as judges and indulge in their victory.
Nothing changes by doing that.
It's worthless to achieve results by using the wrong methods.
The Suzaku I met for the first time seven years ago was much more selfish.
He was upright and proud to be Japanese, even shedding tears because of it.
If you think about it from another perspective, not everything has changed.
However, there is indeed something different.
That is You want to save people? The thing you want to save is your own heart, right? You hope that you would die while doing so, don't you? That's why you always place yourself on the verge of death.
Your kindness is there just for self-justification! You're just a spoiled brat that wished to be punished! Mao! Shut up! Shit! I finally know The reason why you changed I I Suzaku, you were keeping such a big secret and couldn't tell anyone about it.
You've been bearing it all this time, haven't you? Father? Impossible, you should have died No! That wasn't my intention I I! I had no choice but to do it! What's going on now? Idiot, escape now! C.
! Hurry escape! Be it binding himself down with rules, or becoming a Britannian soldier, they were all done for atonement.
Is that what's going on? Come to me.
Britannia is not a country worth serving.
That may be true, but That's why I'm going to change Britannia into a worthwhile country from the inside out.
Change it? I think that it's worthless to achieve results by using the wrong methods.
Wait! Where are you going? In about an hour, the court-martial will start.
A-Are you an idiot?! That trial is rigged to judge you as the murderer! The police, the witnesses, even the lawyers! Even so, those are the rules.
If I don't go, the accusations against the Elevens and honorary Britannians will begin.
But you will die! I don't mind.
You're an idiot! In the past, my friend told me that a lot.
"You're an idiot.
" I suppose that's my weakness.
I want to capture you, but if I do that here, I would probably face retaliation.
If I'm to be killed, then I would rather die for the sake of others.
But, thank you for saving me.
What a stupid fellow.
Ever since back then However However that's why I thought you were suitable to be Nunnally's knight because that's the way you are.
I can't remain by Nunnally's side forever.
Why are you fighting if you are not Japanese? What do you want? The destruction of Britannia.
Are you saying you are capable of doing that? I can.
Why? Because I have a reason that I must do it at all costs! If things proceed as planned, there will eventually be a day I Are you embarking on it? The path of carnage? If that is my destiny.
That is why I need it Someone Nunnally can bare her heart to, a person I can trust! Yet.
Yet you Impossible It's Suzaku-kun? It's an Eleven! If I remember correctly, that's Kururugi Suzaku! The one from His Excellency, Clovis's Why is an Eleven inside a KnightMare? Stop fooling around! Stop the video transmission! If this goes on Please wait! Huh? I want to see it for myself.
All right, it can still move.
Stop it, Suzaku-kun.
Do you still wish to continue living even after breaking your own principles? Are you disappointed? Then why don't you execute me as planned? Why You shouldn't be there.
You should be beside Nunnally What's wrong? Didn't you come here to do that? Have you degenerated into a useless brat who's satisfied with the present? It's meaningless to go against the current society.
A power that accepts it and tries to change it is then truly Are you serious? Of course! Then you should travel down that path! Eh? Be it victory or defeat, you won't achieve anything unless you do your best.
The same applies whether it's at the national or personal level! Okay! Zero, are we going to capture him or? Zero! Warrant Suzaku, release the Haken Booster! The password is my favorite thing! Impossible! What the.
?! Eh? Stop it! Zero! Stop Continuing this fight is We have achieved our objective.
Use route three We will retreat immediately! Everyone! I will answer the question raised earlier.
You were wondering whether I had decided on who would be my knight, right? The one I have decided on to be my knight is the person over there.
Warrant Officer Kururugi Suzaku.
Euphie? Suzaku is going to be Euphemia's knight What is going on? There is a certain person who is seeing that the investigation be carried out properly.
That person said: "If you're seventeen, you should go to school".
Is that so? The person with authority back then was the third princess of Britannia, Euphemia li Britannia.
That's why Suzaku is Yes, back then too The one you wanted to save then was Euphie.
I see Now that I think about it, everything makes sense.
Suzaku, you've chosen Euphie? Not us, but Euphie.
There's something I can do, but there's no need for it.
Victory is already within my reach, since I know that the pilot of that white armor is Suzaku.
This is Lelouch.
Thanks for your constant support.
This time, the second opening, "Kaidoku Funou" the ending, "Mosaic Kakera", the original soundtrack CD.
A special calling card produced for the show, and a Cheese-kun cubic puzzle stolen from C.
Ten people will be given this set as a present! Only those subscribing to MVS mobile services are eligible for this! This is an order from me, Lelouch vi Britannia.
At all costs! Lelouch, return it to me! Kururugi Suzaku That fellow is my enemy? The man who should protect Nunnally became Euphemia's knight Even though the lineup for the Order of the Black Knights is already finalized, am I able to accept this? Must I dump that unwillingness aside, in order to shape the world according to my wishes?