Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e18 Episode Script

I Order you, Suzaku Kururugi

The Britannian youth, Lelouch, has embarked on two paths.
One is to find his mother's enemy.
A path that leads to the "past".
The other is to turn the world into a place that his sister, Nunnally, can live in happily.
A path that leads to the "future".
As Lelouch gazes at both the "past" and the "future", is the path that leads to the "present", which only he can choose, the destruction of the world or the reconstruction of the world? In the past, we had problems even getting a bike, but now a submarine Although this is the Indian Armed Forces's military zone, it'll still be bad if we get discovered.
What route are we taking? That woman Well then, I'm going to announce the new organization chart resulting from the reorganization of the Order of the Black Knights.
The overall in-charge for military affairs will be Tohdoh Kyoshiro.
The overall in-charge for all aspects of intelligence, including publicity, spying and public relations will be Diethard Ried.
The Britannian here? He's from the media too.
Zero, I'm not trying to be racist, but what is your reason for intentionally appointing a Britannian? Reason? Then what about myself? As you all know, I'm not Japanese.
What is needed is the ability to produce results.
Things like race, personal history, and methods don't matter.
I get it.
I get it already.
The vice commander will be Ohgi Kaname.
Me? Not happy with that? N-No Well, the original leader was Ohgi after all.
It'd be a bit improper if it were assigned to some newcomer.
The chief of technological research and development will be Rakshata.
The commander of Team Zero will be Kohzuki Kallen.
Team Zero? Only Team Zero will come under my direct control.
Just think of it as my personal unit.
Zero's personal unit.
The commander of Team One will be Asahina Shogo.
The commander of Team Two will be Senba Ryoga.
The commander of Team Three will be Kagezaki Kizuna.
The commander of the second special forces team will be Tamaki Shinichiro.
That's all.
Great! Eh? C.
isn't assigned any posts.
Zero, mind if I ask a question? Hmm? There's an agenda that I wish to discuss.
Even though he is a honorary Britannian, for an Eleven to become a knight is It's already been confirmed and announced on television.
I wonder how he got through Guess it's due to love.
Princess Euphemia is at that age after all.
Are you serious?! This shouldn't be possible! An Eleven as a major Kururugi Suzaku.
Art thou willing to stand by the knight's covenant and fight as a Britannian Knight? Yes, Your Highness.
Art thou willing to forsake thy desires and act as our sword and shield for the sake of greater justice? Yes, Your Highness.
I, Euphemia Li Britannia, acknowledge thee, Kururugi Suzaku, as a knight.
Bravery His affiliation is becoming complicated.
Seems like Lloyd-san managed to convince him.
That person? Yes.
Even though I've yet to meet him Kururugi Suzaku he is like a banner to the Elevens who wish to pledge their allegiance.
I propose that we assassinate him.
Assassinate? Kururugi? I see.
There's Zero who's like a star for those who want to revolt, but there isn't one for those who want to pledge their allegiance.
People won't act just for principles or opinions.
Now that someone symbolic has appeared in Britannia, I think assassination is the most realistic measure we could take I object.
You won't gain the support of the Japanese through the use of such despicable methods.
That's right.
We, the Order of the Black Knights, will not kill an unarmed person.
Assassination means that we kill him during his private moments when he is not armed, right? I'm just proposing the most realistic measure with the least risk.
Zero is the one to make the decision.
This is easy, isn't it? You just need to use your Geass on Kururugi Suzaku.
Why? Stubbornness? Friendship? Or pride? Everything.
Even if it means killing him? You're remaining silent Appointing knights is a special right of the royalty.
Even though I'm the Govenor-General, I can't intervene in this.
Kururugi Suzaku may only be an honorary Britannian, but his capabilities match those expected of a knight.
Also, Sister Governor-General.
Governor-General, you should have seen that yourself.
Treating Numbers differently is a national policy of Britannia.
Then I'll try and change that.
Do you know what that means, Vice Governor-General? It means that you wish to be the Emperor! The construction of the thought elevator is going as planned.
Ah, I know that.
Schneiser is? Yes.
What should we do? Let him do as he wishes.
He can challenge me if he's confident.
With that, to commemorate our Ashford Academy Student Council's disciplinary member, Kururugi Suzaku, in becoming a knight The start of the celebration party! Cheers! Ah, you sure are amazing! Congratulations, Suzaku-kun.
The one who planned and drafted this out was Nunnally.
I guess that many people have already congratulated you, but are you still willing to accept our congratulations? Of course.
I'm very happy now.
What What should I do? Princess Euphemia Good afternoon.
You there, where is Major Kururugi Suzaku? They said that he was here.
You seem to be doing something interesting.
You understand this? Uranium, right? The one with an isotope mass of 235.
Y-Yes, that's right! If the uranium-235 undergoes thermal neutron absorption, it will split into two nuclei and release free neutrons.
However, the problem is the source material, the uranium-235.
They only make up 0.
7% of all the uranium naturally found.
No matter how much effort we put into preparing the machine to split them up, we are unable to conduct the actual experiment if it remains like this.
That's why President, where is Nina? I asked her, but Ah, Kallen! Can you help out in arranging the pizzas? Hey, are you listening? Kallen, this is for Zero's sake.
If I don't do it here Shirley said that she wanted you to help.
I'm sorry.
There's something important that I have to do now.
What is that "something important"? Oh! Sorry I'm late.
It's all right.
I'm happy just to see you here.
Oh yes, about the thing you wanted to tell me the other day? Remember? You said there was something important.
Ah, that is erm It's all right now.
Eh? I'm sorry, but work has increased, Suzaku-kun.
A-Ah Who is that? My superior.
Lloyd-san, what is it? Oh? Milly-chan, you know him? I’m her fiancé.
Eh? Eh?! Is that fine? A-Ah He said it out loud.
You knew about it? Yes.
Hey, hey! Then you are What's his name? Earl Lloyd.
Earl?! Erm Mr.
Earl Then how are the two of you related? I’ve already said that I’m her fiancé.
What?! He was serious Erm is it military work? Yes.
An important guest is arriving by ship and we need to receive him.
Of course, the Lancelot and Her Highness Princess Euphemia need to be present.
Note: Shikinejima is a volcanic island located south of Tokyo.
Why Shikinejima? The Tokyo settlement is much safer.
I want to know the reason too.
Eh? Cecile-san, you don't know about it either? I don't either.
Huh? Aren't we acting a bit carelessly? Seems that our movement schedule has been posted on the Internet.
There was an interesting girl, so I had to offer some lip service Euphemia is going to that island to receive an aristocrat who is coming from the main country.
Kururugi Suzaku will be going with her since he is her knight.
As it isn't a place of any strategic value, the military power of the enemy should be limited.
This is a chance.
The objective of this mission is to capture the Lancelot and Suzaku alive.
We will defeat him fair and square in battle and turn him into our captive.
What happens after he becomes our captive? After that, leave the rest to me.
So this area? Will it go well? It should be fine, right? The stealth generated as a byproduct still seems to be operational.
How do you know that? Well, Britannia hasn't discovered us, right? Ah, then This is just the first step though.
What were you trying to inspire Kallen to do? I only wanted her to trail Kururugi Suzaku secretly.
I only dropped her some small hints.
Don't do anything without permission.
I don't remember ordering any assassinations.
In the end, it's fine as long as the people view it as a strike from the hammer of justice and not a despicable assassination, right? We can use the media to conceal the truth.
Nice words alone are not sufficient if you want to take over the world.
Am I mistaken? Diethard, what are you trying to achieve? Even though you were demoted, you are still a Britannian.
There isn't a need for you to change the world by following the Order of the Black Knights, right? The first time I saw you during the Kururugi Suzaku extortion incident, I was moved.
A new era assumed a human form and stood there.
I want to film you.
A lone man formed an organization to defeat a country and eventually reign over the world.
I want to record this in history at the closest distance possible.
There is nothing more emotionally moving than this.
Record? When you get involved in an incident, records will become fabricated.
There isn't a report that has no bias.
Zero, isn't journalism something created by the consciousness of the people? You are not in charge of military matters.
I understand.
The arrival time will remain as planned.
Headquarters has already prepared a room to rest in.
What should we do next? I heard that the boat will be docking here.
Yes, that hasn't been changed.
Then, let's wait.
The one in charge of security is Terrorists?! How did they get here?! Team One, continue your advance forward.
Team Zero will provide cover from behind Team One.
Damn you, Elevens! That girl is unexpectedly good.
As expected from Tohdoh.
He defeated the Britannian army before without any KnightMares.
All that's left is to get this information to Euphemia Headquarters seems to be under attack by someone.
Eh? Let's head back to the settlement.
Can you arrange for an escort? It might be more dangerous to return.
Communications jamming seems to be going on around this area.
Please don't worry.
I will protect Princess Euphemia myself.
No, I want you to provide assistance to headquarters.
Huh? Vice Govenor-General, he is an honorary Britannian.
Chances are high that the enemy is the Order of the Black Knights.
If Lancelot defects over Erm do you know what you're saying? You are criticizing royalty.
No that wasn't my intention Kururugi Suzaku, you shall demonstrate your capabilities here.
By doing that, those criticisms will eventually disappear, right? Yes, Madam.
You're just the defense force! I will deal the final blow! Zero it is indeed you.
Come, charge towards me, Suzaku! Confirming the target.
All units, maintain formation three and retreat.
Don't do anything to the target.
I repeat: Don't do anything to the target! Yes All thanks to the special envoy But th-that is Yes, Your Highness.
To actually jump onto sand without any special equipment on Is he intending to get the Lancelot surrounded by using himself as bait? However Zero, with this! You! Have been captured.
What is this? I can't move.
It's useless? I have something to tell you, Kururugi Suzaku! Mind coming out? Everything except for the first propulsion system should still be operational.
I will be following international laws in terms of how to treat captives.
If you are not willing to listen, you will be shot from all four directions.
It's all right! Tell Suzaku to go out! More importantly, why is the Lancelot not moving? Something is interfering with the reaction of the Sakuradite that is inside the KnightMare's propulsion system.
Gefjun Disturber.
Could it be?! But part of the cause is due to the jamming that is going on.
I thought that it would continue to exist only in theory I was too careless.
So it really is you, Rakshata.
The effective radius and operation time is still not ideal.
Kururugi Suzaku, I will be blunt.
I want you to be one of my comrades.
Is this a threat? Even so, I refuse.
I told you before.
It's worthless to achieve results using the wrong methods.
Then I ask you, is the peace we have now meaningless? What do you think would have happened if Japan chose to adopt a do-or-die resistance seven years ago? The Chinese Federation and the EU would have intervened, and Japan would have been divided in three.
Battles would be breaking out even now, right? In other words, the peace we have now is the product of that immediate unconditional surrender.
That's right I'm fighting to prevent the peace that Father created from collapsing.
No, you are mistaken.
The surrender was not the decision of the elected Prime Minister Kururugi.
It was something selfishly decided by someone who killed him.
The command authority of the government was thrown into confusion and they had no choice but to surrender.
Do you understand? The will of the people was stolen.
Selfishly! By that single culprit who broke the rule! Can you hear them? The microphone is picking up too much noise.
Why That is There is only one means for atonement.
Huh? Support, with all your effort, the choice that the Japanese were unable to make then.
The path that was taken away seven years ago To fight against Britannia.
Fight? That again? This is another path to take.
Do you intend to spread that ego of yours to everyone for eternity? Is that what you call peace? E.
Can you hear me, Major Kururugi? Come in! Can I? Do as you wish.
This is Colonel Harry, the commander of Britannia's Shikinejima Headquarters.
We are going to commence firing land-to-land missiles against the terrorists.
Major Kururugi, you are to prevent Zero from moving out of there! He issued a death order to his subordinate?! Kururugi, you are? I can't agree with your methods.
Right now, the only thing I can do is! That bastard! Don't move.
You will be affected by the electronic field on the ground.
But! We will be using the Portman as escorts.
Govenor-General, you should first Wait! You intend to blow up the Lancelot?! Major Kururugi is preventing them from moving.
Right now, we can defeat Zero.
Who decided upon that operation? Kururugi Suzaku is my knight! This is a level-one order.
The withdrawal of the order requires a position above governor-general or the consent of more than three general-class personnel.
In that case, who is the one who issued the order?! Connect a line for me! This is a level-one order, Vice Governor-General Euphemia.
Step aside! Vice Governor-General! Inform the base that there's the danger that I might be caught in it! Even if that happens, are they still going to issue the order to fire?! There should be a limit to your willfulness! Erm, if Princess Euphemia is It might be useless even with that.
Confirmation of missiles approaching! Damn! Zero, I'm coming to save you now! Shit! If this goes on, you will die! Are you really fine with that?! Major Kururugi, this isn't a meaningless sacrifice! We will be able to defeat, with certainty, the criminal Zero who committed the grave sin of rebelling against the country! Your heroic deed will definitely be retold via different means forever! Shut up! To all KnightMares, fire a shower of bullets at the missiles incoming from the right side! It doesn't matter if you use up all your ammunition! Suzaku, let go of Zero! I am I am Kallen Stadtfeld from the student council! Look at me! Suzaku, you can't die yet.
Soldiers must obey their orders! Hmph! Because it's easier that way! Submitting to orders! What do you want? No! I decided upon this! This is my rule! The Float System? I'm bested.
That's Elder Brother's Avalon! W-What is that? Suzaku, you will really die if this goes on! Better than breaking rules! You unreasonable fool! My Geass is a power used to control people.
No one is able to betray me.
Also, the target who is given an order, his own morals, thoughts, and emotions will all be trampled.
Even though all of that was clear to me, I made Suzaku