Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e19 Episode Script

Island of the Gods

Where's the Lancelot? Zero! This is bad I can't remember anything.
This place is? It's really another island.
The vegetation and temperature are the same as Shikinejima's.
It doesn't seem to be a faraway island.
I lost my means of communication when I lost my intercom.
I think it's better to secure a water source first, to ensure that I can camp outdoors.
Kallen? Don't tell me? Erm! Suzaku? That clothing from the Order of the Black Knights? Is it really you? Kallen Kallen Stadtfeld.
You Don't call me using that name! I am Kohzuki Kallen.
A Japanese! Then you really are? I am in the Order of the Black Knights.
There's no need to hide that now.
Then I shall capture you, Kohzuki Kallen, for the crime of rebelling against Britannia.
It's going to be hard to get in contact with Ohgi and the others.
But if I pretend to be a normal citizen and seek help from the Britannian army I see.
You don't know what happened either.
You found yourself having drifted onto this island when you woke up.
Is that right? Hmph, weren't you caught in the incident as well? You deserved it.
Once my comrades arrive, the one being held captive will be you.
You think that Zero will come to save you? Definitely.
Then can you tell me something before that happens? What is Zero's real identity? Find out for yourself.
I see.
You don't know either.
Eh? How? It was true.
You tricked me! It's much better than someone who is hiding her identity.
Why do you follow Zero? Beats me.
Figure it out yourself.
Lelouch? You are Lelouch, right? I didn't tell anyone.
It's the truth.
That is why before you shoot me at least Lelouch The search team is moving from section D to section F.
The other teams are Search for her! Do everything you can to find Princess Euphemia! As a decorative Vice Governor-General, she should've just behaved obediently.
If Princess Cornelia comes to know about this incident Ah I didn't expect a floating battleship.
I remembered saying that I needed data before we make the actual thing? Everyone is interested in the things you make.
That is why it was actualized.
Even the Hadron Cannon? I have to test it first.
I wanted to meet you at least once, Cecile Croomy-san.
I am His Highness Schneiser! Insolent! Aren't you being rude by looking down on the second prince?! G-General Bartley! Oh my.
O-Ouch ouch ouch.
Are you injured? I am Schneiser El Britannia.
Come, take my hand.
Y-Yes W-What a waste.
General, you sure have become loyal.
It's because His Highness has saved me, who should have been imprisoned beneath Tanboru Island.
There's no need for you to think in such a stubborn manner.
The incident this time is all thanks to you.
The same goes for the incident with Clovis.
I should be the one thanking you.
M-My master Bartley.
With that, excuse me, Miss Cecile.
Y-Your Highness Then you shall wait at the base.
Eh? Where are you going? We have some business.
Also, we are going to search for Suzaku with this Avalon.
He is an important devicer after all.
That's especially true after seeing his activity yesterday.
Please wait.
The order yesterday was from His Highness Know where you stand! You'll be committing lèse majesté if you continue! I did it, Cecile-san.
The Hadron Cannon too.
Prioritizing is important in that kind of situation.
Also, he could have been saved if some irregularities had been introduced.
I was betting on him.
Kururugi Suzaku, both as Euphie's Knight and as an important pilot of Special Envoy.
Yes I understand.
Sorry for my insolence.
I am willing to take any punishment.
Why would I? It is my fault for being unable to protect my subordinate.
I'm sorry.
When did you notice it? Back during the hoteljacking.
I see.
I said too much back then.
But I was only sure of it just now.
Hmph, I was naïve.
But why didn't you discuss it with Cornelia? Sister won't listen to what I say.
Also I can't make her even sadder How's Nunnally? I'm living with her.
But her body is still the same You're filled with hatred, right? Can you tell me one thing? Do you know anything about the assassination of my mother? I'm sorry.
But it seems that Sister has done a lot of investigating.
Queen Marianne is the one who Sister admired after all.
Can I ask something as well? Are you Zero? Or? I am Lelouch.
Euphie, the one here now is the Lelouch you know.
L-Lelouch Looks like my stomach has started growling now that I feel relieved.
Are you really okay? From the feces and footprints, I know that this place is a path that wild animals pass through.
This is a chance to arrange a trap originating from medieval times.
Ah Got it.
Eh You're good at this.
Want to give it a try? I'll release you if you promise to help get food.
I won't fall for it if you're trying to win me over.
You sure are stubborn.
Completely different from how you are in school.
If there were metal tools I'll help out as well.
I can't make a princess do physical work It's all right.
The system is perfect.
Erm Then I'll search for fruits and other things.
Be careful! Okay.
The enemy battleship went past us.
Damn it, a battleship that can stop in the air.
What the heck is that? It's indeed dangerous to remain in this sea region.
Let's retreat.
Ah No, we need to stay here till the end to search for Zero.
But the current situation doesn't allow us to send a search team out.
It's all thanks to Rakshata that we were able to hide here.
In addition, we are unable to confirm for sure that Zero and Kallen are still alive.
The existence of the whole organization will be affected if we make a wrong move.
What are you saying? It's the opposite.
It's because of Zero that we are here.
It's because of Zero that an organization was started.
An organization can exist only if there are people.
Bastard, your way of thinking is very Britannian-like.
Then I ask you this: There are people with different ideologies gathered here.
However, what is the element that makes everyone work together? Wasn't it because results were being produced? And who's the one who produced those results? I acknowledge the results.
But can that be compared with the lives of everyone here? Sometimes, the life of one person is more important than the lives of the masses.
As a former soldier, that should be common sense to you.
You're saying that here? E-Erm It can't be helped.
I'll tell you.
That fellow is still alive.
We have no time to listen to your hopes.
It's confirmed information.
I know it.
Are you a prophet? More importantly, didn't I tell you to practice controlling a KnightMare? You dumbass.
"Dumbass"? It's been a while since someone talked to me in that manner.
What's up with you acting arrogant? You're just Zero's lover.
I've already told you I'm not, all right? A guy who's only full of sexual thoughts.
I'm saying that you're acting impolite to the executive committee! Please wait! You're going off-topic! Anyway, let's do this for now.
We will move to a safe sea region just outside of Britannia's surveillance range.
We will wait till tomorrow and put all of our efforts into organizing a big search.
Along with a time limit All right.
There's no choice then.
God damn it, it's all because of your pranks that I have to argue with a boring man.
Kallen is on the island as well? What bad taste, pretending to be an observer.
What's wrong? It's delicious.
I think the pitfall trap will be completed tomorrow.
Ah, I'm stuffed! I ate too much.
Is the way you are now the real you? Yes.
Have a problem with that? Nope.
You're much more energetic and charming than when you're in school.
Kallen, leave the Order.
Right now, you can still The terrorists who get caught have tragic ends.
So that's the reason for being so gentle all of a sudden? How unfortunate.
I'm the commander of Zero's personal unit.
I have fought in a KnightMare against you before.
That red one? That's right.
Even if we perish together, I'll bring down your white armor one day.
Kallen, there's no future in the method you use.
Then what about your future? Are you going to carry on living as a dog under the controlling system? "Honorary Britannian"? "The great Knight of the third princess"? Ha! The name of the last samurai, Kururugi Genbu, is crying! I'm different.
I'll show you that I can change this wrong world.
Otherwise If I don't do that Brother won't rest in peace.
That's why I'll fight! I'll do anything in order to win! Kallen I killed my father.
Eh? My father didn't commit suicide.
I killed him with these hands.
The stars are still the same the same as before.
The same as the starry sky we saw together in the past.
How wonderful it would be if it has remained the same since then We can't return? That's right How wonderful it would be if we can return to how it was before Zero is the same as my father.
They think that the world revolves around them.
That's why, no matter how much blood is shed Are you saying that we should accept the current situation? You call that peace? Isn't there something more important than lives? I don't have any intention of giving up.
But I know it.
I know what will be left behind when you try to achieve results using the wrong methods.
It's just a sense of loss and regret.
Then tell me.
What is the meaning behind my brother's life? Who is the one to judge what is right or wrong? I Euphie In order for me to live on I struggle on desperately in order to search for a reason to live I am despicable.
Huh? If Kururugi-kun is still alive, he should have drifted here to Kaminejima.
We will send out a search team tomorrow morning.
This is what you were talking about? Yes.
The Shinjuku incident happened when we were in the midst of excavating it.
Clovis is indeed much more suited to do such things.
Hey, did you really see that light? Yes.
It should be the search team.
I'll decide how to deal with it after confirming it.
Deal with Thought elevator? I'm not good with archeology, especially of those things with "super" in front of them.
Insolent, you are being rude! But it's just too different from my specialty.
If I had known about this, I would have asked Cecile for help right from the start.
Don't be so negative about it.
Father seems to be obsessed with this kind of thing.
Isn't that so, Bartley? Yes.
We have found several similar items around the world.
Other than this place that I discovered, the others have turned into forbidden areas.
Although it's just my hypothesis, the attacks against the other countries could be just to secure this list of points.
In order to understand this occult data, we are using the Gawain's Druid System? It's still a prototype machine that hasn't been calibrated.
That's why I called you over.
Ah ha! I think it's around this area, but Lelouch, if there's a search party, our time together will end, right? It can't be helped.
With such an unreliable knight at your side, you even had problems eating Besides, Kururugi Suzaku he is your real knight, right? Do you mind if I ask? Why an honorary Britannian? Because Why are the two of them? Suzaku! Princess Euphemia! Don't move! She is my hostage.
Zero? Go along with me here.
Let go of my subordinate.
This is a hostage exchange.
Zero, you're doing this again?! Don't come near me! Hmph, you want to call me despicable again? No matter how many sacrifices are made, you have to eliminate the terrorist.
Are you going to break that rule and abandon your master? From your expression, it seems to have already been broken.
Stop it! Shut up! You're just a doll princess who can't do anything by herself! It doesn't matter.
Suzaku, ignore me and fight! Your Highness? If I do it now You thickheaded idiot! What is this? P-P-Please retreat, my master! Major Kururugi! And don't tell me Zero! I-Idiots! Princess Euphemia is there! Capture them! Capture them alive! Zero, there's a KnightMare there! All right, I'll use that! Let's go! Okay! Suzaku? Suzaku, what's wrong? Thank God! Not only is no one in it, it's already activated! Form a wall! Form a wall in front of Princess Euphemia! What's with this KnightMare? How lucky.
Schneiser! He is Zero? Ah, the Gawain is! Get it back! We can't give that machine to Zero! Schneiser, right now is Alert one.
Alert one.
There are Sutherlands at the exit! Hold on tight.
I'm going to break through like this! Eh?! Disappear! The weapon is still incomplete? Zero, you're? Don't worry.
It still has another trick.
It flew! The KnightMare is in the sky! The Gawain Our Gawain is It's all right.
It's just a prototype machine after all.
More importantly, it's great that the two of them are safe.
Ah Elder Brother Schneiser! Euphie, sorry for coming late.
It's all right.
Your Highness, we will proceed as planned.
Major Kururugi Suzaku, we are detaining you for violating military discipline number two, that of insubordination.
Eh? Wait! He is my knight! Something like that is! We'll do something later.
For now, we should Erm what happened? I've contacted Ohgi.
We will join up with them in the open sea.
also What about the Guren Mk.
II? It has already been retrieved.
Remember to thank Asahina and Chiba.
Okay! Suzaku, I'm sorry You're the only one I didn't intend to use it on.
Live! Major Kururugi?! The order! Shut up! I don't care about that! I must live no matter what happens! I don't know how you got out of the Lancelot, but we lost the rare chance to eliminate Zero because you treasured your life.
Do you intend to defend yourself? That was really me? There isn't anything that shows your insubordination better than this! Kururugi did that? Yes.
The details are still unclear though.
God damn it.
The suppression of Ishikawa was just completed.
Your Highness.
What is it this time? Note: Kyushu is the southern-most island of the four main islands of Japan.
The gateway bridge at the Kyushu block has been destroyed! What? On land, there are attacks from four directions.
On top of that, there are a large amount of attack boats approaching from the surrounding sea towards region seven.
Is it the Chinese Federation? But there wasn't a war declaration No, on those boats are the Japanese national flag! Why was Schneiser on that island? Does that mean that something is hidden on that island? Also, Euphie I can trust her for now, but I need to think about Kallen and Suzaku No, it's crucial to deal with Kyushu first.
After all, that decides which path that the Order of the Black Knights and I should take from now on.