Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e23 Episode Script

At Least with Sorrow

I am making this order as Euphemia Li Britannia.
Please kill everyone who calls himself or herself Japanese.
Leave no one alive.
Euphemia betrayed us! All forces, charge towards the ceremonial venue! Break Britannia apart! Euphemia That bitch actually dared to trick us! Damn you Elevens! I see.
So this was your true intention?! It's the Order of the Black Knights! Defeat Britannia! Where is she? Where is Euphie?! Stop it.
I don't have time to deal with you right now! Wow, this has turned into a big, big mess.
Unforgivable She actually trampled on everyone's feelings! Euphemia! Stop it! Are you Japanese? How insolent! I am Euphemia Li Britannia! I see, so this is where you were, you doll princess.
Oh my, you were on that island Yes.
Revenge for everyone shall be dealt here! Wait! Huh? Leave her to me.
You are just a Japanese! What should I do, Zero? Capture her? That's pointless now.
It's a massacre.
I must annihilate all the Japanese.
Why? Hurry I must hurry Erm If I remember correctly Oh, I thought you were one of the Japanese.
Hey, I thought about it.
Why don't we make the announcement about the Specially Administrated Zone of Nippon together? Oh? Nippon? Ah I would like to do that, if possible.
Together with you.
Huh? Why Lelouch? Good bye, Euphie.
You were most likely my first love.
Suzaku? Why, at a time like this?! I can't block the Hadron Cannon.
I won't let you kill Lelouch! Suzaku! Don't get in my way! You I beg you Euphie Please save Euphie! You still can't get in touch with Darlton? Yes, there were reports saying that he had been injured, but after that Governor-General Cornelia, there's an emergency transmission from the Avalon.
From the Avalon? Yes.
According to them, the Order of the Black Knights has taken over the Specially Administrated Zone around Mount Fuji.
What? It seems that the Order of the Black Knights is already prepared to intercept us.
Also Princess Euphemia is What was that about equality?! The Specially Administrated Zone?! You actually dared to trick us! I can no longer forgive you! I definitely can't forgive you! That's right! We can't forgive Britannia! We are Japanese! Isn't this great? The movies, tools, and equipment of the ceremonial venue are still around.
I'll post them on the Internet after editing, and show them to the entire world.
I'll make them realize which side is the side of justice.
Gosh, you really have no loyalty to Britannia, right? Loyalty? Yup.
Britannia is a finished product.
What's the point in chasing after something like that? You're a more honest person than I thought.
The same goes for you.
What do you plan to do from now on? I wonder.
I'm just after data, but I'd feel bad about abandoning you guys.
Besides, Zero is a very interesting man.
We finally meet.
This girl If I remember correctly, she's Suzaku's relative.
Zero, about what we are going to do from now on, under our guidance.
It's the opposite! As the situation stands, ladies and gentlemen from the six major families of Kyoto, I would like you to come under my command.
I will not allow any debate on this.
You no longer have any other path to take if you want to live! As for Governor-General Cornelia we will contact her.
Can she survive the trip back to the government office? Most likely not.
We will contact His Highness Schneizel.
Well then Suzaku Euphie! Euphie I hope that you will tell me why did you give that order? Order? What are you talking about? More importantly Suzaku, you are Japanese right? Eh? Yeah Euphie.
No Eh? I can't No I can't think of that can't Suzaku What is it? The ceremony How is Nippon? Euphie You don't remember? Japanese! To all the people who were oppressed by Britannia! I have always been waiting! Constantly correcting the mistakes of Britannia from the shadows, hoping that they would someday change themselves! However, our hopes were betrayed.
By this act of brutality called a "massacre"! Are all the Japanese happy? We can't forgive Euphemia! Despicable bitch! Witch! Liar! That's right! Euphemia truly is the representation of the kindness of Britannia.
She is just a murderer operating behind the façade of building a country! Did I do well? Go to hell, Euphemia! We won't be fooled any longer! Go die in Britannia! Euphie the Specially Administrated Zone is a great success! Everyone is very happy in Nippon.
That's great I shall announce here that, from now on, we will regain our independence from Britannia! However, that doesn't mean a revival of the previous Japan.
I won't make the foolish mistake of repeating history! What we are going to create is a brand new Japan! She must have a wide embrace, ready to accept anyone regardless of race, past, and ideals.
A place where the strong won't oppress the weak! A country with dignity! Her name is the United States of Japan! That's right.
This is the time to create a new country! How strange I can't see your face I want to go to school Because I stopped halfway Euphie, you can still go now.
That's right, let's go to Ashford Academy together.
It has an interesting student council.
Together with me Enjoy my share as well okay? No, Euphie.
No! Suzaku meeting you was Zero! Zero! Zero! How Area Fukushima: Residential troops are currently moving towards Ibaraki.
Area Tama: We are currently transporting weapons to the unarmed volunteers.
Area Hamamatsu Are you preparing to attack the Tokyo Settlement? Yes.
Now is the best chance to do so.
It's all right.
The Geass is ineffective against me.
You know that, right? That's right.
I guess it's time to say goodbye to everyone, now that I can't control my Geass.
Nunnally? Brother? Erm I want to talk to Sister Euphie.
Brother, me and her, the three of us can go to the school festival together.
Look, Milly-san said that, since the school festival was interrupted, she wanted to organize another one.
That's why I was wondering what we should do then Erm sorry.
You said that we won't be meeting with her again But it's fine no matter what form it takes, if we can have direct interactions with her again Nunnally, you didn't hear about the news? The radio broadcast was terminated halfway.
Did something happen? Nope.
It's fine then.
Sorry, I'll be back tomorrow morning.
We'll discuss it then.
There aren't any changes other than being unable to stop your Geass? Not really.
Just Euphie wanted to go against the order I issued with the Geass.
I thought that it might be due to my power weakening But it's most likely to her, the order was something she really, really, couldn't accept.
It's something very natural to do And? That's all.
Maybe We made a contract, right? I'll be the only one left beside you.
Things have started to move.
Even though it's been only a few hours since the information was revealed on the Internet, riots have started up in various areas.
The largest militant organization, the Order of the Black Knights, is advancing towards the Tokyo Settlement while absorbing normal civilians into their ranks.
The other blocks are currently engaged in battle.
We can't expect any reinforcements! Included among the enemy ranks are people who applied to be Honorary Britannians, and their numbers are in the tens of thousands! Lord Guilford! No.
We can't act without the orders of Her Highness.
However, since the Govenor-General issued the order to cease combat, she has locked herself up in Princess Euphemia's room.
In such a situation where General Darlton's whereabouts are still unknown! This is the Toyama squad.
Twenty-three people have joined us.
Do you have any weapons? We have obtained some explosives from Okayama, but we don't have enough vehicles.
Can we send some people over to you? The only vehicles left are cargo trucks.
Is that all right? The group from Yamadashi has joined up as well.
The survivors from Samurai Blood have contacted us as well.
Our numbers have grown quite impressively.
I hope that everyone from the student council managed to escape.
That's not true.
I am happy.
I had completely forgotten what kindness was, Marianne Kaname-san, the same goes for you.
Are you all right? If I remember correctly, you are working at Shizuoka.
Ah, this place is still sort of all right.
Hey, Chigusa, there's something important I want to talk to you about when I return Huh? What's wrong? That's the first time you called me by that name.
Ah Sorry Did you feel awkward? Nope.
I'll wait for you then.
Here she is, that Britannian bitch! You were looking outside earlier, right? You are a spy! You are a spy, right?! As rebel troops draw closer, public order in the ghetto is deteriorating.
Dear citizens, please do not leave your houses until given notice by the administration.
Currently at the Settlement Will this place turn into a battlefield as well? H-How can that be? Govenor-General Cornelia's regular army is here.
It won't.
It won't.
I wonder Don't say such things.
It's scary.
Ah, Nunnally, Lelouch hasn't return home yet? L-Lelouch? Is something wrong? A-Ah It's nothing.
Just call him Lulu already.
Come on, patch things up.
"Lulu"? Was that what I called him? You are still saying such things Lulu Nina, go back to the floor of the school building.
The rebel troops are approaching Tokyo.
I know.
Zero will come, right? Please wait, Princess Euphemia.
I'll definitely avenge you.
Euphie I don't understand Why did you do such a thing? Do you want me to tell you? A child? Why are you on the Avalon? Nice to meet you, Kururugi Suzaku.
I am V.
? The Atsugi line has been breached! What about reinforcements from the main country? It's already too late.
Then we should abandon this area Don't panic! P-Princess Cornelia! I already have the Graston Knights on standby.
Deploy all troops to the other edge of the Tokyo Settlement.
As long as we eliminate the Order of the Black Knights and Zero, the rebellion will be suppressed! It's our victory once we bring down Cornelia! All troops, position yourself based on the combat deployment map! Diethard, leave the frontlines to Tohdoh.
I'll leave this place to you.
Sumeragi? Thank goodness! I made it in time.
How mean! You intended to leave me aside and head off into battle.
I have been a fan of yours ever since your début.
I was thinking that I'd finally get a chance to have a good talk with you.
Hey, you are surprisingly tall.
But it's fine, I'll catch up with you soon.
K-Kaguya-sama, isn't everyone from the six major families staying at Fuji? I chased after you! In order to see how my husband fights! Eh? Husband? You need a wife after you win this battle, right? Since you can't reveal your identity, I think that you might need someone to compensate for that.
Do you think we can win this battle? Yes, because I'm the goddess of victory.
That sure is dependable.
But, unfortunately, I've already bound a contract with the devil.
Eh? As things are now, I don't think I can get along with Gods.
Hurry up! We have to send the experimental specimen to the main country! The pressure is! The internal pressure is building up! At such a time?! Good morning.
Listen up, Britannia.
I am Zero.
A rebel against those with power! I'll wait until 0:00 hours.
Surrender and submit to my army.
This is my ultimatum.
I'll wait until 0:00 hours.
Surrender and submit to my army.
General Darlton, it's indeed impossible.
I don't care.
I must go to where the princess the princess is.
It's a pointless threat, Zero.
The Tokyo Settlement can be considered a fortress.
You can still head back now.
You won't involve just Area 11 if this goes on.
Your life, along with the entire world, will be engulfed by constant battles.
I know that.
But I Euphie? Impossible, how could she know my number? No, there's someone that knows it.
Lelouch, it's me.
Suzaku? Why are you calling at such an hour? Lelouch, are you at school right now? No, but I'll be back soon.
I see.
I called because there's something I want to tell everyone.
At such a time? What is it? I I hope that you won't look at the sky.
Eh? Lelouch, is there someone you hate so much that you want to kill him? Yes, there is.
I always felt that I shouldn't think that way.
That if I don't follow the rules during a fight, I'll just be a murderer.
However, hatred consumes me right now.
I am going into battle to kill someone.
Above the sky of Tokyo, where everyone lives commit murder That is why It's fine to feel hate.
It's for Euphie's sake.
I've made up my mind as well.
I don't intend to head back.
Is it for Nunnally's sake? Yes.
It's time for me to hang up.
Lelouch, thank you.
Don't mention it.
We are friends, right? We've always been, ever since seven years ago.
Yes, bye.
Bye then.
See you later.
What?! Suzaku, my hands have long since been stained.
Even so, it's fine if you come forth to challenge me.
I'll entertain you.
It's because we are friends.
Perhaps I have desired this ever since that day The destruction and reconstruction of everything.
That's right.
Destruction is needed before reconstruction.
If my feelings become a hindrance in the process, it's best that I eliminate them.
That's right, I have no choice but to proceed forth.
That is why