Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) s01e24 Episode Script

The Collapsing Stage; Zero

Delta platoon will move towards the flank and.
2010 a.
, August 10th: Japan stood defeated before the might of the Holy Britannian Empire.
Japan, which became a colony known as Area 11, had her freedom, tradition, rights, pride, and even name taken away from her.
That number became the new name for the Japanese.
Seven years have passed since then.
Lelouch, the prince abandoned by Britannia, encountered the mysterious girl, C.
, in Area 11, and obtained a special power.
The ability to give an order to anyone.
A power that enforces absolute obedience.
Lelouch was determined to make use of the Geass to destroy his homeland, the Holy Britannian Empire.
This was all done to avenge his mother, who was murdered by someone's order when he was a child, and also to create a world where his sister, Nunnally, could live happily in.
In order to go against his own father, the Emperor of Britannia, who stands before him, Lelouch embraced destruction and took on a false name.
That name was Zero.
Zero, who became the enemy of the people of Britannia, founded the Order of the Black Knights, and continued to go against the people of the world.
Even if the people close to him got involved Even if a large amount of destruction came along with it He refused to halt.
Even if it's his own siblings Even if he sacrifices friendships Even if a path towards loneliness awaits him Because this course of action is the proof of Lelouch's existence.
I see.
The readings of the activity between her neuroforamen and the electrical receptors are higher than expected.
Understanding is happiness! That is why you intend to use me as an experimental specimen to reproduce it, right? This illness.
Code-R is not a patient! Anyway, can't you be a bit more obedient? Note: The arterial circle of Willis are a circle of arteries that supply blood to the brain.
Sir, your brain cells are now draining off into the arterial circle of Willis Enough excuses already! Because I sent you back to our motherland, you turned me into this thing as revenge! I understand.
We can talk as much as we want later.
Let's head back to our motherland! Seeing the current situation, we shouldn't be arguing about that! Listen up, Britannia! I am Zero.
Zero A rebel against those with power! I'll wait until 0:00 hours.
Surrender and submit to my army.
The entire settlement? Yes, the communication channels are Then, what about communications with the outside world? Confirm the positions of the enemies now.
Yes, Your Highness.
Euphemia's revenge I shall deal it out here, Zero.
Let's have a fair and square, face to face confrontation.
This is my ultimatum.
I'll wait until 0:00 hours.
Surrender and submit to my army.
Submit to his army At 0:00 hours, the settlement will H-Hey, what are you doing? Stop it! If you do that Can you stop hindering me? Stop fooling around! If you don't stop immediately How are the preparations for the bombers? They are able to match our timing.
All right.
Prepare to fire! Cornelia, you have lost since you were lured into thinking that it's a direct confrontation.
What?! An earthquake?! A layered foundation that can be broken up in order to counter earthquakes.
There's nothing weaker than that when all the floor parts are crumbled.
Setting up a battle formation around the outer edge to intercept the Order of the Black Knights has brought about your downfall.
I won't be finished off here! Zero You're indeed amazing! Wow, is the entire settlement destroyed? I heard that it's only the outer edge, because some of the buildings are essential for the restructuring of the future.
But how did Zero get such help from the underground? So, Villetta and Jeremiah guessed right after all? That's wonderful then! Yes, people are nothing more than chess pieces when they're up against the world.
This is great.
Once we broadcast the images of the fall of the government office along with our announcement of independence to the entire world, that man will appear even if he doesn't want to.
Once I'm able to get into direct contact with that bastard, the Emperor of Britannia, all the necessary cards will be in my hands.
What is the status of the enemy aerial forces? The other organizations allied with us have started fighting in the areas ahead in order to counter them.
All that's left is the area around the Izu Island Chain, Sado, and Awaji.
All right.
This is the time then.
Charge! Team Three will head towards the press agencies.
Team Six will head towards the public safety department.
The special force teams will try to suppress the airspace in the lower region.
The rest will engage in a frontal assault.
Gather information about the remaining capabilities of the enemy! Retreat! Retreat! All forces retreat back to the government office of Britannia! Yes, Your Highness! What's wrong? If you're having problems controlling your machine, the cockpit block can at least be P-Princess Cornelia, please go on ahead to the government office and don't bother with people like me! Cornelia identified.
Brace yourself! Prepare yourself! Tohdoh! You vengeful ghost! Princess! Leave this to me! Guilford? That bastard I met at Narita? Take this chance to return to the government office! Are you telling me to forsake my subordinate and run away?! Princess, you must retreat! It's for Princess Euphemia's sake too! That's right, I'm chosen by the princess a knight chosen to protect the princess! That's the same thing as the Lancelot's? That is why I will defend this spot! I understand This is an order.
Come back alive, my knight, Guilford.
Yes, Your Highness! Team Zero, together with the special forces team will go in first and take control of the school area! We'll make one of those buildings our headquarters.
Eh? The school area? Ohgi, you'll be stationed there.
Ohgi? O-Okay.
I understand.
You intend to go, right? To the Tokyo Settlement.
However Congratulations! The Special Envoy was established in order to carry out our research.
We have already finished what we're supposed to do.
We haven't received any orders from the Governor General to sortie either.
That is why, you'll be violating orders if you launch now.
Suzaku-kun, I understand how you feel, but You can't do this! Zero is in Tokyo! I will defeat Zero with my own hands! Don't hinder me.
I will do it! Tohdoh-san! Colonel, are we going to charge? How are the other teams doing? They are attempting to flank the enemy.
The Graston Knights? Lord Guilford, we have already set up a formation ahead.
Please head back.
You have my thanks.
Please don't say that.
We were originally General Darlton's subordinates after all.
Even though we don't know the General's fate yet, protecting Governor General Cornelia comes first.
Do you know what the situation is like? I think that the enemies that are attacking up front are a diversion.
However, only the militia remains once we're done here.
In other words They're trash.
Diethard, I've already taken care of the aerial forces.
Leave G1 to Kaguya.
You'll move to the designated spot.
Yoshida, prepare the Raikon.
Tamaki, Rakshata? We are moving.
Kallen will switch to providing backup.
Tohdoh, if the target appears Understood.
All right.
Ohgi, what is the name of our supporter? A-Ah She's called Shinozaki Sayoko.
Hiroshima Settlement, communication has been terminated! It seems that revolts have broken out in the Sapporo Settlement as well.
Fleets from the Chinese Federation have been sighted gathering around the East China Sea.
Even the Chinese Federation? To think His Excellency is not around at a time like this He went there again? Your Highness, Odysseus.
Preparations for the dispatch of our troops have been completed.
Please appoint someone as the commanding officer.
Asking me that so suddenly We're clear that the incident with Euphemia was a failure But all the areas will fall if we don't manage this well Your Highness! Right now, Her Highness, Princess Cornelia is Brother, I will go.
I-Is that so? You will go? It's sad, isn't it? People killing each other.
Superconducting Maglev-style Shrapnel Cannon.
Fire! First special assault team, advance! It seems that Britannia plans to defend only the government office.
They intend to conserve their forces while waiting for reinforcements.
So that is indeed what they're planning.
Don't move! This is the Order of the Black Knights! We'll be taking over this area! You will follow our instructions.
H-How can that be? D-Don't tell me? Now, shall we show it to the world, Zero? This is the movement that'll change the world.
Section Chief.
O-Okay! Looks like we are able to film the great movie that the public is waiting for.
With this, all the broadcasting stations are Raise your hands and turn around! This school is now under the command of us, the Order of the Black Knights! Put your guns away! Huh? What are you saying at a time like this? Rivalz Let me act cool for once.
I will protect everyone! Ah, I see! Stop it! I already told you not to do anything to them.
B-But! You told us to make this place our headquarters Headquarters? Somewhere else There's no need for it to be the Ashford Academy We, the Order of the Black Knights, are going to use this school as our headquarters.
We don't have the right to refuse, do we? I'll guarantee everyone's safety.
Nunnally, until the battle ends the Order of the Black Knights will defend this place.
So There's no way we'll believe that! This is a war, right? Against Britannians like us Rivalz, please do as you're told.
Huh? Kallen? I see So that's what's going on Can you promise me this? You won't lay a finger on not just us, but everyone in this school? Everyone in the boys' and girls' dormitory have been prohibited from leaving.
I think it should be fine.
Hey, what did you do to me? Eh? Do you know how frightened I am? The two of you did this, right? Something to me Huh? Cruel how cruel Zero, the Lancelot is here! It came after all.
Move aside! Where is Zero? I will finish off Zero! Geass? That's right.
Zero has an extraordinary power.
Don't tell me Why did Her Highness Euphemia's personality suddenly change? Also, what were you, someone who obeys rules, doing at Shikinejima? In other words A power capable of manipulating people and making them lose their memories.
Everything falls in place now that I think about it.
Most likely, due to its side effect, an Eleven and I actually That student Lelouch Lamperouge is truly evil! Suzaku! Kallen? Since we've encountered each other in combat I'm sorry, but you have to die here! Don't be an idiot! You and all the other Japanese are being fooled by that man! The way you say it pisses me off! What the heck do you know about Zero?! Then tell me! Zero! Where the heck is Zero?! Come, answer me! Where the heck is Zero?! Traitor, there's no way I'll tell you that! Then I'll finish you off here! Don't act arrogant just because you can fly! Caught you! Take this! Come, talk! Where is Zero?! I hate persistent men.
Is that so? Then I'll finish you off here Is there anything you want to say? Wait! Kururugi Suzaku.
It's naïve for me to feel attached to you.
How about we have a one-on-one duel to sever all ties? Just what I wanted! Tohdoh-san? Asahina? How is Urabe faring? We have taken over the Energy Filler supply repositories as planned.
All right.
Let's join up with Senba and Chiba.
Surround the government office once we finish resupplying.
Our main forces will be breaking through the front! Understood! Give orders to Lord Cray to retreat.
Tell him to form a defense line in the railway tunnels.
Yes, Your Highness.
Your Highness, Cornelia.
We are in formation.
What about the defense line of the government office? Keep it as it is.
It'll be disadvantageous to the Order of the Black Knights for this war to be dragged out.
Yes, Your Highness.
And, how are things on Brother's side? The Pacific Ocean fleet will arrive in 75 hours.
Within Area 11, the aerial fleets from Sado and Torishima have already taken off.
In other words, in about thirty more minutes Leak that information to the Order of the Black Knights.
After leaking it out, you guys will defend the front of the government office together with Guilford.
Your Highness, Cornelia? It's preparation for the banquet.
Zero! You still can't calm him down? He's strongly resisting it! I'm going to remove the connective nerves from his bones! T4 is heading towards the government office? Has the enemy's aerial fleet arrived? No, it seems like a sole machine.
Then, it won't affect our strategy, right? We have taken over the school area, and Diethard and the others have taken over the media area.
Kaguya-sama is around to act as a decoy as well.
We'll win once we secure the rear.
This is for the sake of Yoshida and the others who have died Vice Commander, we caught a suspicious person.
A student? Let him go if that's the case.
There's no reason for us to imprison them.
No, it's an intruder who sneaked in from the back of the school.
Snuck? Oh?! Chigusa? S-She's a supporter under my direct command.
Lead her to another room.
I'll personally listen to her report.
I wonder if Nina is still at the Ganymede's warehouse.
More importantly, Kallen Ah, what will they do to us? It'll be fine.
Huh? The Order of the Black Knights will No, Zero will definitely not hurt us.
How are you so certain? Despicable! You intend to hold them hostage? Wasn't this supposed to be one-on-one?! You are the one who turned down chance after chance to become my ally.
I'll make you regret those boring aesthetics you hold so dear! Hey, isn't that black KnightMare the one that appeared on the news? How is that Why would Zero be aiming at this place? Impossible! Impossible, because if that's true! Charge in at a low angle and fire my Harken Zero! Go.
This is! There's indeed no time to come up with a countermeasure to this.
Zero, as promised? Yeah, do whatever you wish with that machine.
Zero, do you intend to bluff and betray people till the very end?! Hmph, I have no time for a hypocritical game.
Farewell, Kururugi Suzaku.
Damn it! The defenses are tight, as expected.
Is this the time to act carefree? The enemy reinforcements are about to land.
It'll all be over if they start their bombing run.
The Energy Filler has already been changed, right? Tohdoh, I'll be invading from the aerial region of the government office.
Hmm? I think that it's too dangerous to depend so much on the capabilities of your machine.
I know.
I'm just creating a distraction.
It looks similar Yes, like the Aries Imperial Villa.
Why do you know that? I'll tell you why, someday.
Wait for that day.
Welcome, Zero.
As I thought, you'd come here upon hearing about an aerial bombing.
Come, it's a welcoming banquet.
I wonder if you like dancing.
Chigusa, why did you come to the battlefield? Let's find a safe place.
For now, we'll Oh? I'm sorry for hiding it from you.
But I'm doing this for the sake of peace.
Once Zero frees Japan from the clutches of Britannia We can be together.
Don't say something so disgusting! For me to be together with the likes of an Eleven like you? I'm Villetta Nu, a knight of Britannia.
E-Erm I-I see Chigusa your memories have returned Ohgi was shot?! Yes.
The medical team is tending to him now.
Was that woman the one who shot him? The details are still unclear We are still investigating.
Wait! Eh? Don't let word of what happened to Ohgi spread.
It'll cause a commotion among our comrades.
Just search for that woman.
I understand.
Eh?! At this rate, even Suzaku will be Did something happen? Please use this chance to escape.
Huh? Please go and help Suzaku-san.
Right now, that is the best thing to do We wouldn't find the culprit if she was hiding in a place like this.
Where's the light switch? Beats me.
Zero Euphemia-sama's Revenge! What's wrong, Zero?! I should be overwhelming her based on machine specs! Weakling! Caught you! Your life seems as if it's within my hands! Cornelia! This is your punishment! Princess, this is Darlton.
Why? Don't worry.
I won't kill you.
You made it.
Princess, in order to deliver you to Zero Huh? Princess? Why? Thank you, Darlton.
Princess! Oh my? Is that you, C.
-san? You're mistaken.
B-But Nunnally, I've come to pick you up.
I see So you are Zero? Hatred against the Britannian Royal Family Darlton's analysis was right A-Are you doing this for Nunnally's sake? That's right.
I shall destroy the current world and create a new era.
You are killing others for such nonsense? Clovis and even Euphie! The same goes for you, Elder Sister.
You did that even though you admired my mother, Queen Marianne, the Flash of Lightning.
Looks like it's pointless to carry on this conversation.
That's right.
In that case I, Lelouch Vi Britannia, seek an answer from you! Yes? Elder Sister, were you the one who killed my mother? No.
Then who did it? I don't know.
Elder Sister, the guard commander back then was you, right? Yes.
Why were the guards withdrawn? Because I was asked to do so.
By who? Queen Marianne.
By Mother?! How can this be? In that case, Mother knew that there would be an assault that day?! No, that's impossible.
We would have run away if that was the case.
What happened that day?! Who did it?! Who killed Mother?! You don't know? Then who is the one that knows the truth?! You investigated them, didn't you?! The facts surrounding that day! Elder Brother Schneizel moved her corpse away under the orders of His Excellency.
Mother's corpse? Then what's inside that coffin? Hey, come back! I know.
The guards of the government office will soon No, your sister has been taken away! I'm not free to listen to jokes right now.
We should now take Cornelia hostage and head back to the base I know! She's your raison d'etre, right? They're heading off to Kaminejima.
Kaminejima? All hail Britannia! Oh my, are you Zero?! How lucky! It's fated! How unfortunate! Don't tell me it's Orange-kun? O-O-O-O-O-O-O Oh please! Can you die? Take Cornelia! I understand! Zero, I shall remove all enemies of the people of the empire! Yes, that is why All hail Britannia! A failure like this How am I going to answer my master? Only his emotions have gone out of control.
However, if his actions go out of control as well At the very least, it'll be great if we can still reason with him Damn! Don't be a nuisance! Zero! Currently, we are above the area of conflict Why did you stop Suzaku-kun? As a civilian in military employment, it's the natural thing for me to do, right? You don't want him to die, right? How can that be possible? You know it too.
Humans break so easily.
Both their body and their soul.
Relationships with others too.
Even if you say that, people and the world won't always behave as you tell them to.
However, those are the kinds of parts I want.
If Warrant Kururugi Suzaku is useless, I'll just search for another Devicer.
Be careful.
Your KnightMare will be stopped if it gets into the field.
I understand.
It's nimble.
Ohgi? It's me.
Zero? Thank goodness Minami? What happened to Ohgi? He was shot.
He has lost consciousness and is currently undergoing treatment.
In addition, the culprit is still I understand.
You'll suffice then.
Can you go and find what the girl in the wheelchair is doing? Well, before that, Ohgi is I'll think of a replacement for him later! Right now, the girl in the wheelchair comes first! Replacement? Hurry up and confirm it! The students that we held hostage have all vanished.
During the confusion right after Ohgi got shot Lelouch? Sorry but right now I'm Is Nunnally with you? She's inside the clubhouse.
We have split up for a while.
I understand.
Hey, where are you right now? I can't get in touch with Nunnally Sayoko as well Lelouch, I'm your accomplice.
I'm your ally.
You want me to believe that? It's nothing but nonsense from a woman who won't even explain her own existence.
I'll be troubled if you die.
That is the truth.
Hmph, everything you say is for your own convenience.
Team Three, it's the enemy aerial machine.
Concentrate fire and finish him off! Understood! Target acquired.
Fire! I see it! W-What the heck is that?! C-Captain Kamizaki! Zero! Hey, Zero! Don't be a pest! I don't have time to mess around with you! C.
, head towards 12th Street.
Everything you say is for your own convenience! You missed! You're facing me, Jeremiah Gottwald! Orange-kun, you're mistaken.
I've already hit.
Attacking from behind.
Shatter to pieces, outdated fool.
All right.
I can head to where Nunnally is now.
Geez, it's tough.
Note: Kaitenyaibatou is the name of the sword used by the Gekka.
Guess we need to use the Kaitenyaibatou.
Tamaki-san, what should we do with these fellows? Should we lock them up with the other students in the gymnasium? Students? Contact Zero! Zero will definitely protect us.
It'll be weird if he doesn't.
Everything up till now has been Shut up! I'm the one who knows Zero the best! He wouldn't hesitate at a time like this.
Stop it! Ah, what's this? You're willing to come out for some Britannian bastards? Suzaku What we want is that white armor of yours.
Traitors shall die here! Arthur? This damn cat! Enough already! Finish all of them off Good evening! Retreat! Retreat for now! Huh? Don't tell me! That pudding earl actually came to the frontlines? Rakshata, you're indeed here.
Use this chance! Bastards, stop there! How is it, Cecile-kun? What's the status of the test part? Looks like it can be used in actual combat.
It recovered! Open your filler cover.
I'll refill your energy.
But Cecile-san, why are you here? Why is that, Lloyd-san? We just came to take things back.
The Lancelot and various other things.
It's just a Sutherland part, but is it working? Yes.
It has cleared the connection check.
Then leave this area to us.
You go after Zero.
Thank you very much.
I'll leave Ashford Academy, along with everyone here, to you guys! I know.
My fiancée is here after all.
Royal private? K-Kururugi? Governor General Cornelia! They are persistent.
As expected from Cornelia's elite.
Hmm? I'll leave the rest of the battle to you.
Huh? Diethard will take over the injured Ohgi's duties.
Leave it to me?! What do you mean by leave it to me?! There's something that I must do.
I'll be terminating any further communications from now on.
W-Wait! How can you do something else in such a situation?! Team Seven has been annihilated! What? Calm down! It's fine, so we'll take turns! We'll start from the lower grades.
Head back for now! Bring the injured along! Hurry! Hurry! T-The combat situation favors our army.
Listen up Hide the fact that I'm injured They'll lose their morale Guilford and the Graston Knights However only you Please stop talking.
Kaminejima Zero is over there.
Also No good I can't remember Geass You are Euphie's knight, right? Go and clear Euphie's tainted reputation then.
Ah Yes.
I hereby grant you Even though it's a simplified ceremony, I've knighted you as a knight of Britannia.
You are now a knight in name and in reality.
Go, Kururugi Suzaku! Yes, Your Highness! Eh? Zero is gone? No, he just handed command over to those in the battlefield.
Why at such an important time? Why was Ohgi shot?! Where the heck is Zero?! I already told you, I don't know! We can't contact him?! There's no reason for him to escape, right? However Even if it's Tohdoh-san If we don't know the entire combat situation Zero What should I do? K-Kallen Ohgi-san? Are you all right? Yes Kallen, more importantly Chase after Zero Eh? There must be a reason behind his actions.
Go and help him.
Zero and Naoto's dream You've inherited it But how do I find him? You should be able to see him soon Right? That is The Lancelot? That bastard must have a reason for leaving this place.
Kallen, get the launch mechanism from Rakshata Understood.
Supply team! Hand the flight unit we captured over to me! Make it the highest priority! Damn it! At the very least, the place will.
! Last until the students have finished boarding the ship.
Do your best.
I understand.
Eh? Why is there a heat source detected at a place like this? A KnightMare? What's with that ancient thing? The Ganymede? Nina! Oh shit! Cease all firing! Get the Order of the Black Knights to stop as well! Huh?! Cease fire for now! We must not shoot that thing! Everyone, do as he says! Don't shoot it! It's something that has made Lloyd get serious? Nina, you've completed it? It's not completely checked though.
I don't know whether I can make it explode.
But I Nina, what do you mean by explode?! It's dangerous, please step back! If it goes according to her theory, the entire Tokyo Settlement might be caught up in the explosion.
How can that be possible? Believe him! There's even Sakuradite being used in it! Where is Zero? Tell me.
Princess Euphemia's revenge Where is Zero?! What have I been doing all this for if Nunnally disappears? For what reason did I declare this war for independence? I even sacrificed Euphie! It can be seen.
We're near Kaminejima.
I'll take her back no matter who I face I'll take Nunnally back! So, it's really this place.
Does this place have something to do with you? I don't know this place.
Hmph, so that means there are other places like this? Is the one who took Nunnally a Geass user? I don't know about that.
It's the truth.
I believe you.
At the very least, our relationship as accomplices will continue.
Thank you.
What's wrong? I see This is! What? Calm down.
This is a trap set to ward off intruders.
The one who activates it What is this? The past? C.
?! No However Who are you?! Stop this Stop this! C.
This is your The only things that remain are my memories as a witch.
I don't even remember whether I was originally a human or not.
Nor do I remember the people who hate me, or the people who like me.
Everything has disappeared in the flow of time.
Within the endless flow of time I alone You're not alone.
We are accomplices.
If you're a witch, I'll become a warlock.
Hmph, you sure know what to say at the right moment.
, are you all right? Who do you think you're talking to? It's me! Zero, it's time for you to repent! Persistent bastard! The damage taken during the fight with Cornelia is! The Hadron Cannon can only be fired one more time! My wonderful revenge! High speed! High accuracy! High efficiency! Leave him to me.
You go to where Nunnally is! However, the amount of energy left is! I'll be fine.
No, I feel a bit uneasy.
Lelouch, you must win.
Against your own past.
And against the results of your actions.
, don't die.
Who do you think you're talking to? That's right.
Discovered! You are not the type of man that I want to commit a lovers' suicide with.
Defend it to the end! Victory is just in front of us! We can't advance at all! If we don't advance, the enemy reinforcement will! What should we do?! Inoue What the heck is Zero doing?! All forces advance! Finish off the rebel forces in one sweep! Defend this place even till death! Our forces will be eliminated if we lose this place! It's not because Tohdoh is bad at military tactics That guy Zero has charisma However now that we've come so far Don't tell me! Zero-sama Have you really abandoned us? Abandoned Japan? Was the trap at the entrance used to buy time? Was I their target? Or was it targeted at C.
? No matter what, I need to ensure Nunnally's safety first.
Turn and face this way, slowly.
At a time like this! Zero, can you not hear me? I'm telling you to face me.
Euphemia mercilessly killed innocent Japanese.
Yet, towards a woman like her, you It sure is a convenient power.
The one called Geass.
You hide within the shadows and all the responsibility is thrown at others.
How arrogant and despicable.
That's your true self.
Kallen! Don't you want to know Zero's true identity? What are you saying at a time like this? You have the right to witness the truth as well.
Wait! What?! Why?! I don't believe it.
Le Lelouch is That's right, I'm Zero.
I lead the Order of the Black Knights against the Holy Britannian Empire.
And I'll eventually be the one who takes over the world.
You made use of us Japanese? Even me If you see it from a result standpoint, Japan will be liberated.
You have no qualms about that, right? I should have arrested you earlier.
You discovered it? I don't want to believe it.
That was why I always denied it.
Because I believed in you.
But you were always lying.
To both me and Euphie.
Even to Nunnally! That's right! Nunnally has been abducted! Suzaku, can we have a truce for now? I hope that you would help me to save Nunnally.
There's nothing that we can't do together! How naïve! You should have cooperated with Euphie! If you had cooperated with Euphie, the world That's all in the past! They are already over.
The past?! Didn't you kill your father? You can regret as much as you want afterwards! No, you won't do that! What? You will betray the world right till the very, very end.
The world has betrayed you too! Your wishes must not be granted! Idiot! The world does not revolve only around ideals! Come, shoot me if you intend to do so! I have liquid sakuradite with me! It will explode if my heart stops beating.
It'll be the end for you guys too! Bastard! I propose a trade with you.
Who is the one who told you about the Geass? What did that person do to Nunnally?! Things from now on have nothing to do with you! Your existence is a mistake! You are someone that doesn't belong in the world! I will save Nunnally! Suzaku! Lelouch! People Humans chase after the existence of happiness.
What the Britannian youth, Lelouch, wanted was just a tiny bit of happiness.
It's nothing special.
At the very least, the spark that triggered his actions, was just a very tiny wish that every human has.
That dream That vow Who could deny him that? Is anyone fit to do so? But People are judged because they are linked to others and the world, whether they like it or not.
That is their fate.
In that case, when personal feelings face off against the will of the world, it is treated as nothing more than a pointless, misty existence.
Sin and punishment.
Fate and judgment.
That which stands in Lelouch's way is the past he forged.
Is that hatred part of human nature? Even so, he can be thankful now.
Yes, at the very least Humans chase after the existence of happiness.
A ray of hope a vague wish can only spark from despair.