Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Melting Snow

[wind gusting]
[mechs whirring]
[soldier] Bingo.
They'll make fine souvenirs.
[girls panting]
-[mechs approaching]
[engines powering down]
[both whimper softly]
[narrator] The once-mighty superpower,
the Holy Britannian Empire,
which had occupied a third of the world,
fell with its 99th Emperor,
Lelouch vi Britannia,
ultimately marking the end
of its long history.
Turmoil ensued, fragmenting the empire
into several smaller countries.
However, under the leadership
of Schneizel el Britannia,
the majority of these states came together
under the banner
of the United Federation of Nations,
taking a new step forward.
Peace reigned once again.
Or so it seemed
Kowa Period, Year Three.
A faction of Britannian forces declares
war on the United States of Japan
and launch a surprise attack
on the Hokkaido Block,
swiftly seizing control.
There they establish
the Neo-Britannian Empire.
And so, the Japanese people
once again faced oppression.
Reminiscent of the days when Japan
was a territory under Britannian rule
known as Area 11.
[theme song playing]
Situmpe Tower is still standing strong.
Which makes that our target.
Big brother,
how's the tune-up coming along?
-[computer trilling]
-I'll need 11 more minutes.
Looks like we're camping here tonight.
Mmm-hmm. Looks like it.
Hey, are you hungry?
[man whimpers]
You really shouldn't
squirm around so much.
Otherwise, who knows
what my bullets might hit.
[winces in pain]
Why are you doing this to us?
We're not terrorists, or collaborators!
Eleven says
the same thing.
I think we should drop
the whole matter, Gran.
-[woman shrieks]
[woman shouts] My husband!
[Gran] I did like you said, Greede.
I let it drop.
-[woman cries]
-A slight misunderstanding.
Forgive us.
No need to interfere.
Play nice, and they walk all over you.
That's the problem
with you brainless monkeys.
[Gran] Looks like
we'll have to teach them a lesson.
So listen up!
I think it's time that
you worthless Elevens learned your place!
Your former Lord, Jugo Sumeragi, is dead.
His daughter, Sakuya Sumeragi,
wastes away in prison!
The Situmpe Wall,
which you built to keep Britannia at bay,
now serves to protect
our Neo-Britannian Empire.
Crushing the Black Knights'
invasion plans.
Two times. Definitively.
You're all livestock
trapped in the ultimate cage.
There's no hope for any of you!
Don't bother thinking about things.
Live your idle lives.
Having human feelings
and human rights are beyond you.
You should feel honored
to serve as my target practice!
Security forces,
take out the rest of the trash.
[soldiers] Yes, my lord!
[female reporter on radio] In other news,
security forces carried out
a counter-terrorism operation yesterday
in the Kushiro Ghetto
of the Tsurumai District.
The Kirkwayne Security Forces
-reported zero casualties
Meanwhile 36 Eleven terrorists
-were killed.
-[Rozé] Kirkwayne?
[gas station attendant] Hi, welcome!
[Rozé] Would you fill up the oil
and recharge the battery, please?
[vending machine chimes]
[man] What the hell's the matter with you?
-You stupid girl!
-[woman grunts, whimpers]
A single drop of that oil is worth
more than any of you Elevens!
[woman] I I'm sorry.
Sorry doesn't replace the oil ya spilled!
Now get up, you Uh
Why did you hit her?
[stutters] What the heck?
Answer the question.
I'm in charge here,
I'll treat her however the hell I
[groans in pain] Ow
Hey, hey, come on now.
That's enough, Ash.
Let's all just relax
and take a breath here.
Sorry about that.
My brother's such a hothead.
What's wrong with you people?
You know,
I've got half a mind to call the
Look, we don't want any trouble here.
I'm sure you and I can come
to an understanding.
Why don't we step inside
and talk this out.
-[Ash] Can you stand?
-Let me help.
I'm sorry.
Is your brother going to be
all right by himself?
[Ash] Yeah.
You don't have to worry about him.
I was outta line before.
Are ya hurt?
If you're tired, you can rest inside.
After all, you Japanese
are a national treasure to us.
Um, thank you.
Well, please allow me to pay restitution
for how I've treated you.
And overtime, of course.
Just a minute!
You rest. I'll take care of this one.
You're a treasure, I tell ya!
Welcome, what can I get you?
He had a change of heart after our talk.
I don't think he's such a bad guy.
Are you, like, a magician?
So I'm a magician, huh? Sounds nice!
[seagull cawing]
[man] I don't like it!
Do you honestly expect us
to rely on complete strangers?
[Isao] They've got a great track record.
There was the Kutchan
Cricket Stadium Attack, for one.
The Rarumanaino Dam Eniwa Murder.
And The Niseko Panorama Line Attack.
Isn't that right?
They seem to be taking down
Britannian officials in each case,
while saving Japanese lives.
The Nameless Mercenaries, right?
Yeah. Just showed up out of nowhere
about a year ago.
All we know about them
is that they're brothers.
And Britannian.
No way! I can't trust these guys.
I have to agree.
I'd hate for us to put our faith
in these two
just to get stabbed in the back.
But if the rumors about them are true,
it's worth considering.
They would make formidable allies.
-[water dripping]
-[kittens meowing softly]
[Rozé] More cats?
The poor things
were floating down the river.
I almost didn't get there in time.
They're so cute!
[sniffs deeply]
[gasps] Wait, are you seriously thinking
about taking in more strays?
-[Ash] I'll look after them.
-[Rozé] You're joking, right?
I'm the one who takes care of them.
All you do is buy their food.
-That wasn't a "no," right?
-[Rozé] Huh?
[Ash] It's your lucky day, little ones.
Welcome to the family.
[Rozé] We never agreed on that.
[Ash] Would you rather
I throw them back in?
[Rozé] Oh, sure, make me the bad guy.
[Ash] Then I guess it's settled.
[Rozé] Ash! Are you serious?
-[camera shutter clicks]
-[Rozé] I wonder
if they're from the same litter?
All right,
they're registered for adoption.
I just hope that they both
end up in a good home.
So do I.
If you keep this up,
the trailer's gonna be full of strays.
Maybe we should change careers
and open up a pet shop.
I'll let you handle running it.
I'd be useless.
[Rozé] Well, you could do it
if you just tried!
[Rozé] Hmm, not a bad set up.
This might be fun after all.
[Black Cat] Sorry to disappoint you.
But the theater's closed.
I heard this place had some great films.
[Black Cat] Been years since
this place screened something.
[Rozé] We got an invite.
The film code was 946W465.
I invited you. Call me Black Cat.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Rozé, and this is Ash.
[Black Cat] We can talk more inside.
So, what do you think?
[Ash] I don't sense any hostility.
[Rozé] Then let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Black Cat] This is Greede Kirkwayne,
one of the Einbergs in charge of strategy.
His younger brother, Gran Kirkwayne.
Also with the Einbergs.
He's a captain of this territory's
Knightmare Frame Combat Forces.
They claim to be conducting
security operations
and counter-terrorism activities,
but that's a lie.
They've killed countless Japanese
just for fun.
Two years ago, they murdered my family.
There are so many of us
who have suffered at their hands.
We want to hire the two of you
to take them out.
What do you think, Ash?
It's up to you.
Whatever you decide to do,
I'll follow your lead.
Will you take the job?
We'd be taking on two of the Einbergs.
Key figures in Neo-Britannia's military.
Fighting them won't be a walk in the park.
Just that makes the whole idea
sound worthwhile.
[Black Cat] Then
Yeah, we've got it covered.
My brother and I are on the job.
[radio static]
[soldier] We've received the transmission
from the nearby police force.
The Japanese terrorist group
has gone silent.
The area is clear.
Yeah, yeah. Understood.
What a pathetic excuse for a police force.
Can't even handle
a few Elevens on their own.
That's exactly why we're here.
And besides, Lord Norland
will be quite pleased with us
after if we take them out ourselves.
[Gran sighs] Fair enough.
[soldier] Captain Gran, up ahead
[Gran] Huh? The hell is that?
[Greede] What's going on?
Put in on-screen.
[soldier] Yes, sir.
[Greede] Investigate it.
[soldier] Yes, sir.
[soldier gasps]
[Rozé] Come one, come all!
Members of the Kirkwayne Security Force!
Welcome to our humble show,
prepared just for you.
I've never seen
a Knightmare Frame like that.
Who are they?
-Go check it out!
-[soldier] Yes, sir.
Identify yourselves!
[Rozé] Do you actually think
we're just gonna blurt it out?
Very well, if you insist.
The two of us
are the Nameless Mercenaries!
[mechanical whirring]
Your time is up!
We're gonna crush you!
[soldier] The Nameless Mercenaries?
[Gran] I've heard of them.
A pair of Britannian brothers
who engage in terrorist activities
at the behest of Elevens.
You've killed
way too many Japanese citizens.
That's why we took on this request.
We're here to finish you off.
You what?
You really think you can?
You really think we can't?
[dramatic music playing]
[soldier] They vanished.
That's impossible!
-[soldier 1] Fire!
-[soldier 2] Yes, sir!
Without taking a step? You're kidding.
[Greede] Units 2 and 3,
attack the infiltrating Knightmare Frame.
Security forces, search for the brat.
-[Gran] Greede, I'll jump in too.
-Very well.
Show that Knightmare what happens
to those who defy the Kirkwaynes.
We've never even been
able to get this close before.
But those two
they might
I've secured your route
to the main stronghold.
Thank you, Ash.
Now just stick to the plan.
[Ash] Understood.
Units 2 and 3,
spread out and contain the target.
Hey, now. Save some for me, will ya?
Vanguard units!
Just try to put some pressure on him.
Let me handle the fun part.
[Greede] Unit 2, engage.
Unit 3, surround Point B15.
Unit 2, continue suppressive fire.
Stay alert.
This enemy is a capable pilot.
[Rozé] Coming from you,
that's quite the compliment.
Looking for this?
Pretty careless of you
when there are reports
of an intruder around.
[Greede] Security, to my office.
[Rozé] No one's coming.
After they led me to the armory,
I told them it was nap time,
and they all fell asleep
right on the spot.
Now, down to business
[Greede] Are you going to kill me?
[Rozé] Hmm. You like playing chess, right?
How about we play a strategy game,
you and me?
Something different,
where we use Knightmare Frames
instead of chess pieces.
If you win, I'll let you
and your brother off the hook.
You're certainly brave,
I'll give you that.
Very well, I accept.
[Rozé] Bro, sync your map
to channel Bravo One.
I'll give you instructions from there.
-[button clicks]
When did you set traps?
Wait, did you really think
we were gonna set up an ambush,
then just wing it?
-So, what's our next move?
We have the advantage in firepower.
Time to go all in.
[mechs whirring]
Hmm. You're gonna push forward?
Looks like you've nowhere left to run.
What's your next move?
[Rozé chuckles]
Let me guess.
You think this is checkmate
because you've got me cornered.
-Of course you do.
Because that's exactly
what I wanted you to think.
[scoffs] Why don't you win first.
Then you can boast.
Fair enough.
Hey, bro! Time for checkmate.
Copy that.
[mechanical whirring, clicking]
[aggressive music playing]
[Gran] Fire.
-[gunfire continues]
-[metal crunching]
[screams, grunts]
[Gran panting]
[soldier 1] It's closing in fast!
You bastard!
-[radio static]
[Ash] It's just you and me.
There's nowhere to run.
[Gran] Don't underestimate me.
I am Gran Kirkwayne.
I am an Einberg!
Some peasant of no name
will not defeat me!
[Ash] Your idea of a fight is
to torment others from a safe distance.
If you had known pain
and built experience,
it would've made you stronger.
But I guess, now we'll never know.
[Gran] Shut your mouth!
-[systems overheating, trilling]
[mechanical whirring]
[Rozé] And checkmate.
It's really a shame.
[Greede] Damn it!
Guess that means it's your turn now.
Have you thought this through?
All you're doing is branding yourselves
Neo-Britannian enemies.
I can assure you that Lord Norland
will hunt you down and crush you both.
And what if he does?
is my resolve.
[stutters] Sakuya Sumeragi?
No! You were imprisoned at Abashiri.
Straight from an Einberg's mouth.
Thank you. For all of your help.
I haven't forgotten the Kirkwayne family.
You were trusted aides to my mother,
Sherry me Britannia.
You even relocated with us to Hokkaido.
But I was always aware of the disdain
you and your brother had for the Japanese.
I was also aware
that under Britannian rule,
you and your brother abused your power
over the Japanese people.
And when Neo-Britannia invaded this land,
you colluded with them from within.
Not only that,
you even defected to the enemy
and proceeded to hunt down
Sakura and I that day,
and you are the reason
we were split apart.
[scoffs] If you really
are Sakuya Sumeragi as you claim,
it appears that we've imprisoned
a worthless decoy.
You're wrong.
She's my friend.
I tire of this game.
-End this and kill me already.
-I'm going to give you a choice.
What's this? Handing yourself
to me on a silver platter?
[mystical music playing]
I, Sakuya Sumeragi, command you!
Swear to me that you will save 100 times
the number of Japanese
that you have killed,
and you live.
If you refuse, you die.
Stupid girl! One hundred times?
All I have to do is pull this
-[body thuds]
[Rozé on comms] Ash, it's done.
[Ash] Understood.
[Rozé] Well, I think it's safe to say
we did as we promised.
So think you can trust us now?
You are the leader of Hokkaido's
largest resistance group,
the Seven Shining Stars,
right, Haruka Rutaka?
Uh how did you find out?
You really shouldn't underestimate
our intelligence network.
That was just a test, right?
To see if we lived up to the rumors?
So if you're satisfied with our work,
why don't you tell us
what the real mission is?
[Rozé] Oh, I see.
[Isao] Sorry for the test.
We had to be sure.
[chuckles] It's no big deal.
Happy to demonstrate.
So that's Abashiri Prison, huh?
We're ready to do whatever it takes
to rescue our comrades.
I understand.
I've finally made it.
I'm here, my friend. My best friend.
I promise I'll rescue you.
Wait for me
[closing theme song playing]
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