Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Ice Wall

Have you lost your minds? Turn around!
[soldier] I'd ask
the same of you, Captain.
Hiring Britannian mercenaries?!
We'll rescue General Kuroto ourselves!
[thrilling music playing]
-[force field trilling]
Shimura! Kaneda!
[Isao] It's not too late!
The rest of you can still walk away!
[Enomoto] If we could just breach
that outer wall!
Ramming our Knightmares into it
might just be enough
to break through that thick slab!
-[missile lock alarm beeping]
Guided missiles?
-[radio static]
-[exhales in exasperation]
[high-pitched trilling over comms]
[birds chirping]
This is the data from
Abashiri Concentration Camp.
The footage is disturbing,
but I need the two of you to watch it.
[Rozé] Of course.
I'll make sure my brother
watches it later.
The prison's defenses are impressive.
This intel will definitely come in handy.
[Oda] Hey pal!
What's with the flippant attitude?
You think Enomoto and the others died
so they could "come in handy" to you
So you think they'd want us
to stand around crying and moping?
Isn't using this footage
to succeed in our mission
a better way to honor their memory?
[Oda] Hey!
-You wanna fight
-Just to be clear,
you want our help rescuing Kensei Kuroto
and the rest of your imprisoned members.
[Isao] Yes, that's right.
I could've been more tactful.
I'm sorry.
As long as you understand.
What a pushover.
[Oda] Shut up. Why do you care?
-What's up with this thing?!
-[dog barks]
Easy, now. Yeesh, you're cold!
[Rozé] Ash, what're you doing?
I was giving this dirty fella a bath,
but when I looked away for a moment
You've gotta be kidding.
That's adorable!
What? Hey!
What's the matter?
Well, you know
Quite the hunk.
And I do like my men a little timid.
Oh, Yoko
You need to take this more seriously!
This mission will decide whether or not
the Seven Shining Stars survive.
The rest of you
better get it together as well.
[Oda] You got it!
Wait, who put you in charge?
[theme song playing]
[Arnold] Kensei Kuroto.
General of the imperial guard
of the former Japan Liberation Front.
Bodyguard to the now deceased
Jugo Sumeragi.
Following the Sapporo Incident, he's led
the Seven Shining Stars terrorist group.
Now, with his execution imminent,
the Elevens are stirring up trouble.
They're just harmless flies buzzing about.
There really was no need for you,
Sir Arnold,
the Schwarz Knight himself,
to have come all this way
If my esteemed commander,
Lord Norland von Lunebelg, wills it,
I would go to the ends of the earth.
This prison's defenses are ironclad.
Don't you have any faith
in our capabilities?
If you want the answer to that,
take it up with Lord Norland yourself.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
[door opens]
[man] The warden has a point.
It does seem excessive for us to step in.
Have you forgotten
what happened to the Kirkwaynes?
The Nanashi Mercenaries was it?
There's a chance
they could be aiding the terrorists.
We can never be too cautious.
Of course.
In fact, I rather hope
they're working together.
I will exterminate all those
who oppose Neo-Britannia.
Let me guess. Lavender tea from Biei.
[maid] Very impressive, my lady.
[messenger] Lady Catherine.
A message from Lord Norland.
-[Oda] That's it! Easy now!
-[truck beeping]
[Oda] Keep it coming!
I haven't told the Stars that
Sakuya Sumeragi is being held at Abashiri.
I figure they don't need to know.
Got it.
What do you make of the prison?
[Rozé] See for yourself.
It's pretty much a fortress.
It'll be a tough one.
You'll need to bring your A-game, Ash.
Leave it to me.
Our mission is to rescue Sakuya Sumeragi.
[Ash] Isn't that right?
That's right.
This is what we've been preparing for.
-[Knightmare beeping]
-[machinery whirring]
-Sorry, coming through.
-[button beeps]
I've already informed the Stars
that I'll be infiltrating the prison
and giving orders from there.
Not happening. You're staying here.
You wouldn't be able to handle
the g-forces when we breach.
Didn't I tell you earlier?
I've been preparing for this.
[Rozé] I need to be on the front lines
giving orders.
[clicks, beeps]
[Knightmare powering up]
[Ash] Fine.
Hold on tight.
-[alarm chirps]
-A giant trailer is approaching.
Shoot it down as soon as it's in range.
[controller] Yes, sir.
[thrilling music playing]
[Rozé] We've reached the point.
Got it.
[Shota] Let's do this.
High heat signature approaching!
[sighs] Activate defense system.
Let's go!
-[Rozé straining]
-[missile roaring]
[alarm chirps]
Target is moving away.
[commander laughs] What a joke!
[commander] In any case,
it's still a nuisance, so shoot it down.
-[missile lock alarm blares]
-[grunts weakly]
-[alarm blaring]
[grunts, strains]
[digital beeping]
A Knightmare Frame
has breached the compound!
Sound the alarm immediately!
[controller] Yes, sir!
[Ash] Hey.
Wake up, Rozé!
[gasps, groans]
Are you okay?
Good, you're all right.
Thanks Ash.
We've infiltrated the prison.
I'll proceed with breaching the outer wall
at the designated point.
[Isao] Copy that.
All right! Let's head to the prison.
This time,
we're getting our general back!
You sure you're okay?
I'm fine.
Just be sure to follow the plan, Ash.
[Ash] Of course. Leave it to me.
[man] Sir Arnold.
It seems they're here.
[Arnold] Glad I didn't come
all this way for nothing.
[controller] Our Knightmares
are approaching the enemy.
[controller 2] Six more enemy units
closing in.
[grunts in frustration]
-How the hell did this happen?
-[door opens, closes]
Dispatch reinforcements!
[Rozé] You know,
I'd really prefer you didn't.
Well, guess that's asking too much.
Who the hell are you?!
[Sakuya] Release all prisoners!
[trills, beeps]
-[prisoners clamoring]
[prisoner] What's going on?
Hey! This way!
They really did it.
[Isao] Those two actually managed
to pull it off.
[Haruka] Now it's our turn to do our part!
-[door trills, beeps, opens]
It's been a while, Sakura.
Lady Sakuya
[Sakuya] Finally
We're finally together
I missed you
Why? Why did you sacrifice
yourself for me?!
Because I'm your decoy.
That's not true!
Why did you come here?
If anything were to happen to you, I
What's wrong with helping a friend?
You did the same for me back then.
-[rain pattering]
-[footsteps approaching]
-[Sakura] Sa-chan!
I finally found you!
Come on, let's go home.
[chuckles] You haven't changed at all.
Thank you, Sa-chan. [chuckles]
Excuse me.
Don't worry. He's an ally.
I've received word from headquarters.
[warden] Sakuya Sumeragi
is to be transferred.
Lady Catherine Sabathra,
the White Queen of Weissritter,
is on her way here
to oversee her transport.
What?! The Weiss Queen?
Sakura, I'll explain everything later.
Just come with me!
[Oda] Whoa! Awesome!
The enemy's Knightmares
are all lined up here, just like you said!
[motor whirring]
Right, then!
[Oda] Let's hit 'em hard!
Looks like they pulled it off.
[alarm beeping]
[Arnold] Honestly
With such sloppy security,
it's no wonder the terrorists
have free reign of this place.
Assume all non-Britannian Knightmares
belong to the enemy.
Now exterminate them!
[soldiers] Yes, my lord!
[Haruka] They'll wipe us out at this rate!
-We've gotta coordinate and fall back!
-[alarm beeping]
[soldier] Too slow, you outdated trash!
[Haruka shrieks]
-Their specs are on a whole other level
-[alarm blaring]
[Isao] Haruka! Eject!
We'll regroup at Point Bravo
to extricate General Kuroto!
[Arnold] Never seen
that Knightmare before.
Are you a traitorous mercenary?
Or were you sent by the Black Knights?
[Rozé] Hurry, Sakura!
Come with me, Sa-chan!
I've still got things to do.
-[engine whirring]
-[sighs wearily]
[Sakura screams]
Sakura, take cover!
[Catherine] No, no, no, no!
Weiss Queen!
She may be an Eleven,
but she's the heir apparent.
You're not taking her anywhere!
If I can just stall her!
[Catherine] You small fry
can take a nice long nap!
No way!
[Sakura screams]
Naughty kids who misbehave get punished!
My work here's done. Hmm?
[Rozé] Wait!
Sakura! Sakura!
[Rozé whimpers]
I was so close to saving you
I'm not giving up.
Next time, I won't fail you!
[dramatic music playing]
[scoffs] Our Knightmares
don't stand a chance
[Catherine] Arnie!
I got the princess, so let's go home.
Lord Norland wants us to hurry back.
Very well.
But first, I must take down
the Knightmare in front of me.
This Nameless Mercenary
has killed countless of my soldiers!
I'll rejoin you
once I've taken care of this.
Why is he always so stubborn?
-[lock trills, beeps]
-Well, good luck!
Time for my execution, then?
[Sakuya] It's been too long, Kuroto.
You served at my father's side,
and when he was captured,
you did all you could to rescue him.
I owe you a great debt.
Princess Sakuya!
It's good to see you.
[Sakuya] I need your strength.
Please join me.
This time, we will take both Sakura
and our land back from Neo-Britannia!
Why the hell is it moving like that
Each time we surround it,
it manages to evade us.
It's aiming straight for the vitals?
I've seen that move before
It can't be!
[Oda] Captain Monobe, I'm out of ammo!
[Isao] Miura, take cover!
This strategy won't last long.
What is Rozé doing?
[Kuroto over comms]
Do you read me, Monobe?
-[both gasp]
-That voice!
Reading you loud and clear,
General Kuroto.
Right, then! I'll take command from here.
[Kuroto] Proceed to the rendezvous point
via Route Alpha.
[Isao] Roger that!
Ash, I'm sorry.
I failed to rescue Sakuya Sumeragi.
[Ash] I see
I underestimated the Einberg.
How's the situation there?
It'll be over soon.
What kind of machine is that?!
[rock music playing]
[Arnold] It's you in there,
isn't it, Ash Phoenix?
Answer me!
[Ash] It's just you left, Arnold
The man who gained notoriety through
bloody ambushes and assassinations,
living out his days as a terrorist, huh?
And I'll continue to do so
for my brother's sake.
Well, whatever. Time for you to die.
Give it a rest.
You're not capable of beating me.
[Arnold] We'll see about that!
Too easy. It's over.
[Arnold] Too bad!
My shields guard against
everything that approaches.
Even a cheater like you
can't break through this wall!
[laughs maniacally]
Think you can do it?
My Knightmare is ironclad!
[Ash] Very well
Then let me show you
that even iron can bleed.
[Arnold] He's fast!
[Arnold] My sword!
His movements defy all logic!
You rely too much on props.
If you had put more faith
in your own abilities,
things may not have ended this way.
[Ash] Now it's truly over.
-[metal crunching]
[Arnold] What?
Is this really how I die?
Ash Phoenix
Damn you to hell
[slurring] General Kuroto!
You better be drinkin', bud!
Damn it, Oda!
[Oda] Don't be such a buzzkill!
There you are!
[Yoko] Don't look so uncomfortable.
[Yuri] You did so good, Haruka!
[Rozé] This changes the balance
of power in Hokkaido.
With the loss of three of the Einberg,
and Kensei Kuroto's reemergence,
the resistance is gaining momentum.
I'm sure Neo-Britannia is freaking out.
[Ash] Where was Sakuya Sumeragi taken?
To the Neo-Britannia Government Office,
the enemy's headquarters in the capital.
Next time won't be as easy.
[Rozé] Hey, Ash.
Is there someone who means more to you
than anything?
That would be
my younger brother
My one and only
You, Rozé. Of course.
[Rozé] Of course!
It's getting a bit chilly.
I'll head back inside.
[Sakuya] Once I rescue Sakura,
it will all be over.
Once it's all over,
I will avenge my father
I will kill you,
Ash Phoenix.
[closing theme song playing]
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