Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


[missile whistles, explodes]
[Toumi] We're under attack!
All operational Knightmares, engage now!
[thrilling music playing]
[scoffs] Less than worthless.
[Toumi] I know that Knightmare.
It's Narah Vaughn's!
Damn it!
All units! Fall back now!
[Iwamoto on radio] Evacuate the base!
I repeat, evacuate!
[soldier 2] Roger!
[soldier 1] Scissorman?
Huh? They've deployed him already?
[Neo soldier] Sir Christoph.
How should we handle the terrorists
that are running away?
Let's see
Why don't we go ahead and crush them.
[Yoko] Enemy units moving south
along the waterfront.
They're closing in on Nakabashi.
Roger. Oda and Munemori,
start moving to the point now.
[both] Yes, sir!
[Yoko] Hostiles, 12 o'clock!
[brakes screech]
Greetings from one of the Einbergs.
I am Heath Lott.
We're annihilating
the Seven Shining Stars!
[Oda] All enemy units on the move!
[Kuroto] Keep drawing them in.
[Oda] On it!
Rozé, what is your current status?
Hmm? Ready whenever you are.
Then let's begin.
[Rozé] All right, then!
Operation Rat Trap
[Ash] Roger.
[theme song playing]
[leader 1] The North Wolf Army
and the Eastern Dawn Brigade have fallen.
[leader 2] So two of the resistance forces
within Hokkaido have now been eliminated.
[leader 3] Indeed, Neo-Britannia's
military cannot be underestimated.
[Shiro] Now just a moment.
Kensei Kuroto leads
the Seven Shining Stars.
They repelled the enemy.
Yes, but the three Einbergs that were
killed were low-ranking members at best.
There are still
several high-ranking Einbergs
and most of the Neo-Britannian army
remains intact.
I'm aware.
What's more, we haven't forgotten
the two previous attempts at liberation
conducted by the Black Knights
that ended in failure.
[Shiro] Hmm.
And what about your claim
that the Situmpe Wall
was the key to freeing Hokkaido?
[Shiro] We're still analyzing it.
I see. So you've yet to establish
an effective approach.
It's hard for me to believe
that Norland von Lunebelg
is one to be satisfied with simply leaving
this as an attempt to stir the pot.
Commander, the person
we are dealing with is a madman
who sent back an entire peace envoy
in body bags.
I sincerely hope this will be
the last time I need to remind you.
And yet again We do nothing.
I don't believe Lady Kaguya Sumeragi
and the old factions
would have ever expected such a windfall.
[Kaoru] I suppose we did get some support.
In that alone, we were fortunate.
But the Princess
[exhales in relief]
I'm free!
[Christoph] So to sum up,
Young Narah and I were able to crush
the terrorist base between the two of us,
while on the other hand
-[clears throat]
-[Heath grunts]
You all got slapped around, didn't you?
How sad.
No! You don't understand!
The way they fought against us
was so cowardly!
Don't. Stop right there.
Those sorts of excuses
are exactly what he hates most.
You volunteered to lead the assault
with the aim of filling
young Arnold's shoes, and yet
Instead of taking decisive action
you allowed the enemy
to control the situation.
Ultimately, all you succeeded in doing
was elevating the name of
Kensei Kuroto's Seven Shining Stars.
[panting in fear]
[Norland] Is that all you have to report?
-your presence is no longer required.
-[panting heavily]
[Christoph] Heath just killed himself.
We're now down to four.
I can't keep these seats filled.
Handle it.
You're always saddling me
with troublesome tasks. Hmm?
Natalia How interesting.
The only daughter
of the Luxembourg Family,
and emigrated here
as Princess Sherry's aide.
I believe that she was the one
who wrote up the application
for that Eleven Special District
you recently approved on a whim.
While she is still in her teens,
she has taken over for her invalid father
as the head of her family.
She's become a central figure
within the administration.
Speaking of which when the emperor
was on a tour of the area,
she protected him
during a terrorist attack.
As a result, Emperor Callis
has grown quite attached to her.
She'll be a difficult one
to court. [laughs]
Hmm? No comment? Indifferent as ever
[all] Ready, set
[Oda] We're so badass!
We totally kicked the crap
outta that Einberg today!
It's not just us! Kuroto's leadership,
Roze's strategy,
and Ash's combat skills
helped us out as well!
Hey, what about me?
Mmm-hmm! You definitely helped out!
[Isao] We may have lost the Otaru base,
but we've found a location that can
accommodate all the new Knightmares.
So that's a relief.
[Kuroto] Yeah.
[happy sighs] So many sweet machines
to work on!
Oh, yeah Where'd those brothers go?
They said they were gonna
take a couple days off.
Right after saying getting enough rest
was part of the job.
[Ash] 197,
198, 199, 200.
[cat meows]
We're at your favorite time
of the day, huh?
-[cat meows]
-All right, all right.
I'll open the door for you.
Lady Natalia has arrived at the cafe.
[Mei] Uh Should I reschedule?
Mmm No, it's fine.
I'll get ready.
I think It's in here.
Or not. Looks like we're out of food.
Good morning, Natalia.
Good morning, Rozé.
Oh, Vallen,
can we have the place to ourselves?
[Vallen] Of course, as you wish.
[Rozé] I know you might be
the owner, Natalia,
but your time is important,
so let's make this quick.
Wow. So it can even change your eye color.
[Sakuya] Things are less uncomfortable
this way, right?
They are. [chuckles]
[Mei] Princess Sakuya,
would you like a cup of tea?
[Sakuya] Thanks, I'd love one.
And how about dessert?
[Sakuya] Maybe the raspberry pie?
Sincerest apologies, Your Majesty,
but we're out of the raspberry pie.
Oh! I'll go buy some!
[Sakuya] Natalia, have you found out
anything about Sakura yet?
Not much. We know she's being held
in a government facility right now.
But I haven't been able
to pinpoint her location.
The military has classified it
as confidential.
I thought about asking if the Emperor
could arrange a meeting,
but it seems wiser not to.
I'm worried it could backfire.
Especially with someone
like Norland involved.
Anyway Enough about classified things.
Have you been able to rest much?
I have! It's hard to believe
how much I've slept.
I've been out like a light.
I didn't get that phrase before.
It's hard to do that resistance work
while maintaining your disguise.
It's the stress melting away.
Yes. Maybe that's it.
No. I know it's not.
The Power of Absolute Obedience.
My Geass' power.
I remember him saying
that the Power of Kings would isolate me.
I guess this is what he meant.
No one can know about this.
It's my secret.
-[Natalia] Are you okay?
-[gasps softly]
Has there been anything else
that's been weighing on your mind?
Not at all. I'm fine!
Hey What do you say
to trying something new?
[Sakuya] Uh What is this?
[Natalia] Isn't it nice to wear
something feminine from time to time?
I guess. But this isn't really
You still get to enjoy your freedom,
and I get another pair of hands.
That is a win-win as far as I'm concerned.
[Sakuya chuckles] That sounds
like something you'd think of.
-[comms device beeps]
Looks like the government wants me.
Now, I'm expecting you
to put in your best.
All right, Princess?
I'll be off!
All right then. See you later.
[man] Look at this cutie in the dress.
[man 2] You work at a cafe or somethin'?
[man] Elevens like you have a lot of nerve
holding down decent jobs.
[man 2] I know, right?
Leave me alone!
This district recognizes
Japanese people as
You're not Japanese. You're an Eleven.
-You better lose that attitude!
-Come with us.
Is there a problem here?
[man] Get lost!
I neutralized your problem.
You're free to keep going about your day.
[Sakuya] Um
Do I look weird? This feels weird.
It suits you quite well.
[door opens, doorbell dings]
Sorry I'm so late!
I ran into some weirdos on the way back.
Oh! But this gentleman came to my rescue!
Meet my hero! This is Ash.
[Sakuya] Huh?
Of all the times to show up!
Uh There's a new girl?
[Vallen] Yes. She started work today.
[Sakuya] Nice to meet you, sir.
[Ash gasps]
[servant] Lady Natalia.
A thousand apologies
for summoning you here.
[Natalia] Has something happened
to Emperor Callis?
-[knock on door]
[servant] Lady Natalia
has arrived for you.
I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.
[Mei] Wait, what! So that guy is your
[Mei] I'm so sorry.
If I'd known,
I never would've brought him!
[Ash gasps]
He's totally staring at you.
I'll go gauge things with him. Back me up.
I'm right behind you!
Would you like some more coffee?
-Oh, yes please.
-Uh, so, wha what is your name?
[Mei] She goes by Raspberry!
That's not the kinda "backup" I meant!
That's a beautiful name.
Uh, I mean
What's your favorite food?
I love to eat and I'm a good cook too.
My specialty is wild herb dishes.
I have some puppies and kittens at home,
and they go through food really quickly
since they're still growing.
Usually, I have to buy their food in bulk.
I'm away from home a lot
and they still need to eat.
And it's not like human food is any good
for them, so I can't
-leave them my leftovers.
-[Sakuya] Wow.
I never would've guessed
he could talk this much.
He only communicates the bare minimum
when I'm Rozé
Well, it doesn't seem like he's noticed
that it's me yet.
In that case
If you care this much about animals,
you must be a really kind man.
-[Mei] He's chugging red-hot coffee!
-[Ash breathes heavily]
-Another, please!
-[Mei] Now he's going for a third cup?
So, did you move here with your parents?
My family brought me here.
My mother passed away,
but I still have my younger brother.
Do you have any siblings?
[Sakuya] Is he probing?
She does not! But she's my second cousin!
[Sakuya] That's just a big mess
of half-truths!
It's meant to be.
I never would've guessed
that you two were cousins.
[chuckles nervously]
[Sakuya] Thanks for your help,
but I should be good for now.
[Ash] Um
Another please!
[Callis] I see.
This cafe you speak of
sounds like quite the fascinating place.
You can visit whenever you like.
You're more than welcome.
I would, but Japanese go there, correct?
I'm afraid of such people.
Though, I guess if I think about it,
I'm more afraid of Norland.
Whenever he glares at me,
it feels like my heart is being crushed.
[Natalia] Your Highness
What do you think
about opening a cafe here, just for you?
You mean it?
Yes! I want it to serve
hot cocoa and sweets!
[Natalia] Well, then, it shall be done.
I'm certain it will lift your spirits,
Your Highness.
[Ash] More coffee please!
-[Mei] That's his tenth cup!
You know, I bet
that you're good around animals.
They don't seem
to warm up to me that much.
They always flock to my younger brother.
I've been trying to find ways
to make them like me more.
[Sakuya] He doesn't seem like
he's a bad person
Wait, what did you just say?
I did it. Jugo Sumeragi
-I killed him.
Wa Was there something wrong
with what I said?
-[clock chimes]
-[Ash] Oh!
I should really be heading back.
May May I come again?
I look forward to it.
Hello there, Princess Sakuya Sumeragi.
So, starting now, I have the honor
of being your personal knight.
I'm the White Queen of Einberg,
Catherine Sabathra.
That's all.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Yes, I'm pleased to meet you as well.
Just so you know,
I can't say that I'm a very big fan
of this new appointment.
I mean, seriously?
You're half-Eleven and a princess
that needs protecting on top of that.
You're weak!
The worst! I hate you.
But Commander Norland is so strong!
The best!
Love him.
So, I'll do my job like I'm told.
You may find me to be a bit harsh
every now and again.
Try not to let it get to you.
Well then, if you'll excuse me.
See ya.
[Sakura] It doesn't seem like anyone's
caught on that I'm a decoy yet.
As long as I keep playing my role,
it will ensure Sakuya's safety.
I have to believe that.
[Norland] What's the status?
-[keyboard tapping]
-[Stanley] Progress is at 87%.
We have to take all possibilities
into consideration, so I need more time.
Very well. Take however much you need.
[humming lightly]
[Natalia] So?
Were you able to enjoy yourself?
[Sakuya] Uh I guess so.
I really wish that you'd stop
involving yourself with the resistance.
But I know it's pointless to ask you to.
[knock on door]
Please, help me.
I want to save Sakura.
I promise. I'll do what I can to help.
[gasps softly]
And I will too!
[women chuckle]
I'm so lucky. Thank you.
-[Sakuya] Hey, Natalia.
Is it okay if I come back?
Of course you can! You're always welcome.
After all, the cafe is your home, too.
[Callis breathing shakily]
[breathes raggedly]
[crown clangs]
[ministers chattering]
[minister 2] Fetch a doctor! Hurry!
[minister 1] Emperor Callis!
Can you hear me?
[minister 2] Emperor Callis!
[Isao] Done with your break?
[Rozé] Yup, returning to duty.
The units we ordered just came in.
Oh! Really?
[Isao] This is the Black Knights'
new Knightmare Frame, Sekka.
And the customizable ace unit, Keisetsu.
[Oda] Wow, an ace, huh?
Really gets your heart pumpin'!
Sure, I know that this new model
has way better specs
compared to the Akatsukis,
but the normal one is more than enough.
Where's your sense of adventure?
It's every pilot's dream
to have a fully customized ace unit.
Hey! Who's supposed to be
our ace pilot anyway?
Mr. Kuroto!
Have you decided
who our ace pilot is gonna be yet?
Not yet.
It seems like there'll be hard feelings
if one of you picks.
Would you like the outsider here
to make the objective choice?
That's a good idea.
Shall we? Let's leave the decision to him.
Very well.
Well, if you don't like my decision,
you can always change it.
-[Yuri] Hey, Rozé!
The Artemis just got here, too!
It'll be my first time doing maintenance
on a flying Knightmare.
My heart is pounding!
So they finished it
I'll be able to support you directly
with this, big brother.
That's it. No more flying tandem
in the Apollo.
Doing that is gonna kill me.
Yeah. Sorry about that.
[Rozé] So, uh
Do anything fun with your time off?
No, not really
Did you?
Yeah, I think so.
And preparations seem to be
chugging along for our next plan.
I see
Hey, Rozé
I think I might be in love.
-[tea splashes]
[Rozé] What!
[Sakuya] Whoa, wait, hold on.
Does that mean
[news flash beeping]
A statement from the Imperial Palace.
Our 100th Emperor, Callis al Britannia,
has just passed away.
Now with an update.
The Imperial Palace has just released
a second announcement.
Sakuya Sumeragi me Britannia
will ascend to the throne
as the 101st Empress.
-Wait, what?
-Princess Sakuya?
If you have just tuned in,
the Imperial Palace has announced
that our 100th Emperor
[Natalia] I can't believe this.
Callis al Britannia
has just passed away.
As a result, Sakuya Sumeragi me Britannia
will be ascending to the throne
as the 101st Empress.
[dramatic music playing]
[Sakuya] Sakura
Just when I thought
I was getting so close
Do you desire power?
The power of the king
will condemn you to solitude.
It will drive away
those most precious to you.
[Sakuya] Could this be
what he meant?
[wind gusting violently]
[closing theme music playing]
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