Cold Feet (1997) s06e05 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 5

1 David Marsden, I'm arresting you on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.
They allege you misappropriated client funds.
I want a divorce.
He's living out of a suitcase.
Why can't he live here? I suppose if it's just for a few days.
- Kids, can you come and sit down, please? - No, Jenny.
So we need to take care of your dad.
There's nothing to worry about, but he is suffering from depression.
- I came to see Harry.
- Has no-one told you? He passed away on Saturday.
Harry left me some money in his will.
Surprise! Angie? There is a waiter at the door.
- Adam? - Who was that?! Long-distance romance.
It's an oxymoron.
I love you, Ange.
But you love him more.
He's my son.
All right.
I'll see you later.
- Bye, son.
Have a good day.
- You too.
(Knocking at door) I got your message.
What's so urgent? "Earnestly keeps a straight face.
" Eight letters.
Seriously? "Seriously" That's nine.
Fancy a coffee? Yeah, I was just on my way to meet a friend for one.
I could come! CHLOE: (singing off key) Would you take the wheel If I lose control If I'm lying here Oh, will you take me home? That was cracking, love.
Yeah, it was that - it was cracking.
It's just Is it the right song choice? I've got another one.
(Song playing on radio in background) Good morning! Oh, this is nice.
(Doorbell) I'll get it, shall I? (Doorbell rings again) Oh, I've missed our family breakfasts.
KAREN: Oh, hello.
David, your friend is here to see you.
Are we now in the business of house calls? I hope you're not going to invoice me for this.
I wanted to tell you this in person.
What, the police are dropping their investigation? You're being formally charged conspiracy to defraud.
(Doorbell rings) - JENNY: Can you get that, love? - (Muffled) All right.
Erm sorry to bother you, Pete.
We were wondering if we could have a word about Dad? - Is this about the will? - Damn right it's about the will! I told you to let me handle it, Paul.
We know you looked after him and we are grateful for it But truth is, you didn't really know him.
He wasn't in his right mind at the end.
I knew him plenty.
There was nothing wrong with him.
Dad didn't know his arse from his elbow when he left you money.
Either you withdraw your claim or we'll get a lawyer! - CHLOE: (singing off key) Take me home.
- Who was that? I'd be proper hitting those high notes if we could afford singing lessons.
We were gonna have another think now your dad's good deeds have been rewarded.
- Can I, Dad, have the lessons? - Can we talk about it later? Aw, nothing like being able to buy your child's affection, eh? - Bye! - See ya.
The CPS don't even understand the basics of asset management, let alone the finer points.
- Once I've explained it to - Are you a fan of Formula One, David? I'm more of a rugger man myself.
What's that got to do with anything? May 2014, you attended the Monaco Grand Prix.
- Yeah, I was invited.
- By the Chinese property developers.
Who, in your statement to the police, you claimed not to know.
I don't! They weren't even there! They merely arranged the hospitality.
You didn't think your failure to admit that might be something a court could misinterpret? Oh, God! It's just part of the job! Everyone does that sort of thing.
But, according to your phone records, you called them afterwards.
To say thank you.
And I sent them a rather fine single malt.
The Chinese are very big on presents.
Am I to be punished for my cultural awareness? On Friday you'll appear before a magistrates' court to enter your plea.
- Yes, not guilty! - Hm.
Then we'll prepare for trial.
(Door opens) DAVID: Would you prefer to work in your study? Don't worry, David.
I'll be out of your hair entirely today.
I've been called into the office.
Sam wants my thoughts on his latest nonsense.
- Sam? - My idiot boss, David.
- I have told you about him.
- Of course, yes, sorry.
25 years experience I've got on that man.
I shouldn't have to put up with that bollocks.
- Good luck.
- No luck required.
(Door closes) I'll tell her later.
(Hawaiian-style music) (Mobile rings) Jenny Gifford is out of the office today.
Please leave a message.
Beep! (Crunching) What? I'm not expecting anyone.
- Who is it? - Over there.
- Jennifer.
- Grant! - Your ex-boyfriend, Grant? Chloe's - Chloe's real dad, yeah.
- But that doesn't - Real dad? He means nothing to her.
Look, I didn't mean it like that.
Oh, God! Biological dad.
I don't know.
- What do you want me to call him? - I've got a few suggestions! He knows, doesn't he? You've told him, haven't you? How did he find out? No, no, Pete, stop it, all right? Just take a breath, let me explain.
I'm on a journey, Jennifer, a journey to make amends to those that I've harmed.
I want to bring goodness where previously I sowed discord and destruction Look, I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but it has been 14 years.
What the hell are you doing here? It's the 12 steps.
I'm six months sober.
- Wow! - I know.
No, I mean: Wow, you were pissed for another 13 years! Yeah.
It hasn't been easy, but I'm getting there.
And as part of the process I need to atone to those that I wronged.
And I do know how much I wronged you, Jennifer.
- I let you down in such a terrible way.
- Yeah, yeah, you did.
The drinking, the lying, the cheating.
- What, you cheated on me? - Er maybe that wasn't you.
No, that was Diane.
Was it? - It all gets a bit muddled.
- Listen, if that's all, seriously You had to leave New York because of me.
Please, allow me to apologise.
So, he flies halfway around the world to say, "Sorry, I'm a piss-head"? Was a piss-head.
Look, he was a complete bastard to me, as you well know.
Anyway, it's not just me.
He's on some kind of tour.
There's loads of us, apparently.
He sounds like a top bloke! So, what did you say? - It's fine, water under the bridge.
- You don't have to pretend.
I'm under no illusions about the kind of man I used to be.
It's not something I like to dwell on.
Listen, you've actually caught me in the middle of a meeting so Let me buy you dinner later.
What, to make up for all your crap? Really? I know it might not have seemed like it but You meant the world to me.
You're right, it didn't seem like it.
What I do remember from that time is traipsing around New York looking for a bar for you to watch the Test match in while getting shit-faced on Bacardi and Coke.
I remember that.
All these years later, I don't recall that.
You didn't recall it the next morning either.
Listen, let's just leave it in the past, shall we? Just hearing you say sorry, that's all I need.
Apology accepted.
Yeah? I've got to crack on.
(Sighs) Do you really think that's all he wanted? He doesn't know about Chloe.
How could he? The second I learnt I was pregnant I knew him and me were over.
Anyway, Grant is only interested in Grant.
He was here for himself and now he's gone.
Good! Look, we did always say that we would tell Chloe when she was When she was ready.
Well, she's not.
I just think maybe we were wrong for not telling her sooner.
She's 13 now.
She's not a baby.
And it's only gonna get harder.
Don't you think things are difficult enough as it is? Oh, and there's another thing that's my fault.
Oh, seriously, Pete, not this! We always said that we would agree together when the time was right.
And it's not, and I don't agree! I'm not suggesting telling her tonight.
We're not telling her.
Well, not yet.
And you're not telling him neither.
You promise me, Jen! (Sighs) - She's my daughter, Adam.
- Mate, I'm on your side.
Jen thinks we should tell her.
Maybe you should take a break, eh? Jen's always saying she wants a holiday.
A few days away is not gonna put a dent in Harry's money.
We'll see.
(Mobile buzzes) - Oh, right, I've got a pick-up.
- No, no.
Whoa, whoa.
You can't go.
That's not how it works.
I spend 20 minutes pretending to be interested in your life and you do the same for me.
Well, you've got 30 seconds.
Right, well It won't take that long because I've done nothing.
All day? Oh, no, no, no, that's not true.
I called a radio phone-in this morning.
NICKY CAMPBELL: Joining us is Adam from Manchester.
- Morning, Adam.
- Hi, Nicky, love the show.
I agree with your last caller.
Punctuation does matter! - You need to get out more.
- I thought that's what we were doing! Or go back to work.
- You're here cos of Matthew? - Yeah.
Well, it might actually be a chance to spend some time with him.
(Knocking) Come in.
Oh, Kar, come in, I'm just showing Malcolm the proofs for Cats Who Kill.
So, what do you think of Ugly Towns? As books about boring postcards go, Sam, I can't fault it.
But I have to say, as much as I enjoyed it, my experience and interest really lies in fiction.
Yeah, I know, and you're great at that.
I'd like to get back to it.
I get it.
You think this sort of thing is beneath you.
I just think that all of our energy seems to be going on this throwaway stuff.
This throwaway stuff sells, it sells fast! I can show you the figures.
I'm just responding to the market.
Isn't it better to have people play to their strengths? If you're not happy with the direction I'm taking, there's other options.
I didn't say I wasn't happy, Sam.
I would prefer to go back to actual books.
How long have you been here? Eight years.
That's eight months' salary, tax-free.
What? Redundancy.
Like I say, if you're not happy there are other options.
Just let me know your decision, all right? MALCOLM: Sam? - Yeah? MALCOLM: Karen has a lot of prestigious clients.
Keeps the firm on the prize short lists.
Don't worry.
Karen's not going anywhere.
She's a middle-aged woman with kids to support.
She has not got the balls.
- Matthew! - Hiya.
Thank God you are here.
Stop what you are doing.
Good news.
Things are going to change.
I told myself I'm not going to wallow about Angela any more.
I'm not just gonna sit around just doing nothing.
So, instead, tonight we are gonna spend some time together.
- I'd love to.
- Great.
- But I've got an essay to write.
- Oh, essay-shmessay.
Do it tomorrow.
- It's due tomorrow! - OK.
- Sorry.
- No, no, it's fine.
I'll just I'll go down the shop, actually.
There's a new scratch card out.
(Music playing from other flat) (Knocks) - Hello.
Fancy popping out for a pint? - Someone let you down? Matthew, my friends Pete and Jen, but you were my third choice.
I count Pete and Jen as one.
I'd love to.
MAN: Tina! - But you can't? - Sorry.
(Song stops) - Hiya.
- Hiya.
I hate the early shift.
I hate the late shift, too.
Well, this might cheer you up.
I was thinking we should start looking into holidays - Not now, Jen.
- You know, cos, it just We could all do with getting away.
- Relaxing, talking - About Chloe.
Well, we can't just keep ignoring it, can we? Now is not the right time.
We're not telling Chloe.
We are not going on holiday and we are not getting that money.
- What are you talking about? - Harry's kids have contested the will.
Are you joking? I think they're right because I don't deserve that money.
You looked after Harry more than they ever did! Oh! Right, well, we'll countersue.
I'm gonna Erin Brockovich the shit out of them! - Jenny - I'll get some overtime so we can afford a - Jenny! - I'm not having it, Pete, seriously! You did everything for that man, everything! I didn't do everything for him, and that's the problem.
What do you mean? He wanted me to kill him and I tried to.
(Pete sighs) I took a pillow.
I placed it over his face.
I pressed down and he started to struggle.
I wanted to kill him because that's what he wanted me to do, but I couldn't do it.
I couldn't.
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
And that's why I can't take Harry's cash.
Because it's blood money for a hit that I didn't carry out.
(Inhales and exhales deeply) (Doorbell rings) God, who the hell's that? I'll get rid of them, OK? Don't be mad at her, but I explained to the receptionist at your work.
She gave me your address.
I had to see you again.
Hi, I'm Grant.
Come in.
I really love your place.
- It's really homey.
- Thanks.
Sorry for showing up out of the blue again! But erm I feel that I didn't really get a chance to properly explain yesterday about the way I was back then.
It's a long way to come not to see you properly.
- Family all well? - Oh oh, yeah.
Yeah, just good as ever.
Erm little Adam, he's big Adam now, 16.
Football mad.
- And Chloe - Erm we're all out of biscuits.
- I'll go.
- Don't bother on my account.
I haven't touched refined sugar since I stopped drinking.
It's a silent killer, Pete.
I won't be long.
You're probably going to want to put those in water.
(Lively chatter) Chloe! - Hi! - Hi! - How are you? - Had a good day? - Yeah.
You? - Not bad.
How come you're picking me up? What's wrong with your old dad giving you a lift? It's about your nan.
Oh, no, it's nothing bad.
She's a bit down in the dumps and needs cheering up.
I thought what better than you singing for her? Do you think she'll like it? She'll love it! Come on, I'll drop you off.
KAREN: Not exonerated yet, then? Well, you know The thing is No, no, no.
Not long now at all, no.
Anyway, forget this unpleasantness.
Was your meeting a success? He offered me redundancy.
What? - Why? You're great at your job! - I suspect that's the problem, David.
I don't know, I've hated it since he took over, really.
Maybe I should just take the money.
Find something else.
That's a bit risky.
We've got the girls to think of.
And, you know, what with me being on unpaid leave as it were - I thought that was nearly over.
- It is, yeah.
It is, yeah.
But (Doorbell rings) I'm sure you and Sam can put aside your creative differences.
In the current climate, Karen, and at your age Yes, thanks for that, David.
- Things are really terrible out there! - Not all things, I hope.
- Hello, David.
- Eddie.
(Sighs) I kept telling myself I'd had my last drink but then You know how New York is, Jennifer.
It's very sociable.
You know, the launch parties, taking the clients out.
The property market collapsing didn't help.
Thankfully my investments were not too badly hit but I don't know.
Survivor's guilt, maybe.
I hit the bottle.
It was the perfect life.
The downtown apartment, good job and a really great girl.
I'm glad that we've seen each other again, I really am.
But we really need to get on and Of course, sorry! I've been talking too much, haven't I? (Door closes) It's Nan's bingo night.
She cut me off after the second chorus.
Erm Sorry, this this is erm Well, an old friend of your mummy's.
Can I go to Gemma's to practice for the show tomorrow? Sure, great.
You got a show? - It's just a school thing.
- Mm, there's no "just" about it.
It's only the Didsbury Comp's school talent show.
It's hardly the X Factor, but we've all got to start somewhere.
- Great attitude.
- See? - That's how you do supportive, Mum.
Ahh What's she like? It's a tricky age - 11.
- Mm.
- Tall for 11.
- Well, it's in the genes.
Not mine, obviously.
She takes after her mum.
- Jen's tall.
- Ish Yeah.
- I'll see you out, shall I? - I'm glad we did this, Jennifer.
- I feel cleansed.
- Me and all.
Redundancy could be the best thing that's ever happened to her.
Or the worst.
Better the devil you know.
Stick somewhere she's being taken for granted, or take a chance on something new? - No contest.
- What if there is nothing new? What if it's all just smoke and mirrors and empty promises? David, are we still talking about work here? Enough! Eddie, publishing's what I do.
It's important to me.
David, I shouldn't have to put up with the way Sam spoke to me.
And I'll thank you both to remember I am capable of making my own decisions.
- Sorry.
- Apologies.
Sorry, Eddie, how rude of me.
Would you like another cup? I'd better be on the move.
I have a dinner meeting tonight but I've booked us a surprise for tomorrow.
- Pack an overnight bag.
- I can't.
I'm seeing Jenny.
- Can't you cancel it? - No, I can't.
It's all arranged.
Next time, then.
Goodbye, David.
Lovely to see you.
(Door opens and closes) Presumptuous! Expecting you to drop everything to accommodate him.
Being whisked away from all of this.
What a huge inconvenience.
(Song on radio) You know, I had a go myself but it just seemed to make it worse.
- I could get a plumber in.
- Try it again now.
Bloody hell! Yeah, that's it.
So, how are you coping on your own, plumbing aside? I'm not on my own.
Matthew's here, although I hardly ever see him.
He's either doing his homework or he's got his face stuck in a screen.
If you take an interest in things that interest him, he'll take an interest in you.
He's 15.
Have you tried wanking eight times a day? Well, he must have other interests you can share in.
Hm Just keep your eyes open, you'll notice.
That's very impressive.
How's your grouting? - Sanctimonious prick! - I did offer to pay.
- No! Grant.
- Oh.
He's exactly how I expected him to be.
But the worst thing was Jenny.
- What about her? - She was so taken in by it all.
Oh, Christ, I'd forgotten how irritating he was.
I mean, he was bad enough on the booze but But worse off it.
How is Pete taking all this? As you'd expect.
He was ecstatic.
- I left him, remember? - So why were you being so nice to him? You're being ridiculous.
I was trying to get rid of him.
That's the last time his name is mentioned in this house.
I thought I was very understanding.
I'm going to sleep! Fine! Fine! - Have you almost finished? - I would f you didn't keep interrupting.
I wanna know what you think.
That's amazing.
Isn't it? When Dylan came back at the end.
- Yeah.
But didn't you want to punch Marissa? - What's this? The new instalment of One Summer Girl.
It sounds dreadful.
What would you rather we read? - Crime And Punishment? - Aren't you supposed to be revising? You have to read it the second it comes out - before people start to ruin the ending.
- Is it really that popular? - What's the website called? - Er here.
You might enjoy it.
(Mobile rings) Adam, hi.
All right, big man? Just seeing if you were ready for the magistrate tomorrow.
Hang on a second.
(Chuckles) Ready as I'll ever be.
- Have you told Karen yet? - Er no.
No, no.
She'd only worry needlessly.
It's just a formality.
You know, in and out, quicker than a divorce.
Good, because Pete and Jen have asked us all over for lunch tomorrow, if you and Karen fancy it.
That's if they don't throw away the key! (Chuckles) Great.
See you there.
What did Adam want? Er he's invited us to Pete and Jenny's for lunch tomorrow.
Self publishing.
It smacks too much of vanity if you ask me.
Once upon a time I might have agreed with you, David.
But some of this is actually quite interesting.
We've said all we have to say.
Go through the lawyers.
Right, what's going on? I'm not here to cause any trouble.
I think you're right.
I don't deserve the money and I'm not gonna fight you for it.
Well, I'm I'm glad you've seen sense.
Your dad, he was a lovely bloke, and he was dead proud of you two.
I'm just sorry I couldn't do more for him.
Erm I erm I found this in my dad's stuff.
Paul didn't want you to see it but I think it's only right.
(Inhales and exhales deeply) It's probably best if we start with E minor which is these two.
- Together? - Yeah.
Hello, Adam the young.
- What brings you here? - He's teaching me to play guitar.
- Ten quid an hour.
You'll pay, won't ya? - Seven, you say? - No, ten.
- Seven it is.
Ah, I'm sorry.
So, who are your heroes? Peter Kay.
Eric Cantona.
Barack Obama.
- I meant your guitar heroes.
- Er - All time it'd have to be BB King.
- Bloody hell, a man of uncommon taste! - Your dad likes Richard Clayderman.
- Who's BB King? I know.
I have failed as a parent.
- Grab your coat.
Come with me.
- "Come with me" where? Trust me, both of you, come on.
(Laughs) Oh, this place is the bomb! I used to come here all the time.
Prepared to have your minds blown.
He can't seriously think we've never been here.
I know, just play along, eh? (Background chatter) I'm so sorry, Jen.
Where have you been? It's about to start.
I went to see Paul and Tricia.
Oh, tell me you didn't let them off the hook, please! Look, I don't want the money! I thought you understood.
Yeah, let's talk about this later.
- Go in and get some good seats.
- You not coming? I should say hi to some of the mums.
Morreen and that.
See you in a minute.
What the hell are you doing here? Didsbury Comp Year 9 Talent Show? Chloe's isn't 11.
She's 13.
Which means that when she was conceived She's mine, isn't she? It's all right.
I'll go and ask Pete.
She's yours.
I knew it.
How the hell could you not tell me? OK.
I should have told you, and her, but I was just scared that she'd I don't know She should know.
Yeah, we do need to tell her one day.
And we will, I promise.
But not now, not like this.
What, so I'm just supposed to walk away, wait? Well, me and you, we can keep in touch.
I'll send you photos, anything you like.
It's just that me and Pete we love that girl more than anything in the whole world.
Please, let us decide when the time is right.
I don't know, Jen.
You came here to make everything right with me, didn't you? Well, this is what I need you to do.
Just let me watch her sing and then I'll go.
Oh, Christ.
Really? - Sure you got enough there, Dad? - Ah, it feels good to hold them.
Look at the covers.
I mean, that's art.
You don't get that on a digital download.
(Knocking) Oh, boys, we are gonna have the best night, all night! I mean, there's 20 albums there! - I'm sorry, mate.
- All right, pal? Here we go, keep the change.
Ta-dah! Thought you might be peckish.
Ah, nice one! Great! Come on, dig in.
God, isn't this great, eh? All boys together.
Who needs women? - Great! - Right.
What do we start with? (Piano intro) (off-key) Would you take the wheel If I lose control If I'm lying here Oh, will you take me home? Could you take care of a broken soul? Will you hold me now Or will you take me home? Whoo-hoo! Wait till you hear this.
Er Matty and me thought we might go watch a gig later.
- Oh.
Can I come? - Er It's sold out.
- I've got a mate on the door.
- Oh, brilliant.
Well, there's beers in the fridge if you want some.
Matty? That pizza has gone right through me.
I'll be back in a minute.
What are you doing? - What? - You called me "Matty".
- That's what my mates call me.
- Yeah.
Well, you know Why are you offering me a beer? I'm 15 years old.
- I know you drink it.
- Not with you! Dad, this has got to stop! What? I'm sorry you and Angela split up.
- I know it was my fault - No, it wasn't your fault.
You can't transfer your affections onto me.
Buy a dog, or start a gang of your own.
Just stop trying to muscle in on mine.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
No, no, no.
Here, oh, listen, I need to head out.
- Dad, you don't have to do that.
- No, no, erm David's expecting me.
He is! Honestly.
I'll see you later.
(Exhales) Food, wine, now, please.
- How was the concert? - Ah, it was great.
She hit at least half of the notes.
Personal best.
- That's good.
- Yeah, it was actually.
- Except Grant showed up.
- What? - He knows about Chloe.
- Jenny, I'm so sorry! I know.
He wanted to see her.
He's gone now, but clearly I'm gonna have to get Pete to agree to tell her.
I know.
Anyway, that is not for now.
Wine is for now! Except, what's this, eh? Why you still working? It's a list of clients I think might be willing to come with me if I set up as an independent.
They'd be my bread and butter that would allow me to nurture new talent.
- Blimey.
Get you.
- Do you think I'm being ridiculous? No.
Not at all! Can't think of a better woman for the job.
Food, wine, business plan! Fine.
Oh, hello! - Eddie? - Thought it was just us.
It was supposed to be.
- Another surprise? - You caught me.
I know you two have plans, but I thought it might be nice for us all to go out together? Give me a chance to get to know your friends better.
Works for me.
Champagne? Sounds wonderful.
Oh, no, you're gonna need to order that from the bar.
- Oh, right - Good lad.
- Sorry.
- I don't care.
Oh You should be proud of that.
It's not for singing, though.
- Dad? - Hm? - Be honest.
- Yeah.
Was I rubbish? No! Love, you were brilliant.
The best! You didn't win for the singing, but what do they know? When Elvis was starting out some clown in Nashville said he should have stuck to truck driving.
And how wrong were they, eh? Come here.
I've met this Sam type before.
They always, always want to make it about balls.
And you know what? You, my friend, have got the biggest, hairiest balls of anyone I know.
Oh, dear.
Yeah, sorry, no offence.
None taken.
No, I think Karen should leave.
Oh, see! I said that setting up by yourself that was a good idea.
I said that! - Setting up on your own? - Mm.
- It's a lot of work.
- Yeah, but it would be worth it.
I'd be doing it for myself.
You of all people know how rewarding that can be.
I did it when I was 20 and even then it was hard work.
I wouldn't be starting up again at my age.
She's not your age, Granddad! Look, a publishing house of your own requires a big initial outlay.
Look, I don't mean to be the voice of doom.
I'm just worried about you jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
You were encouraging me to leave.
What did you think I would do instead? Well, if you did take redundancy I thought you might come with me to Dubai.
I'm gonna be there for the next couple of months.
Might be fun.
- Dubai? - Yeah.
It's something to consider.
- More champagne? - Yeah! Brilliant.
Excuse me.
Cor I like the guy! (Sighs, clears throat) - Er Karen, do you have a minute? - What is it? Well, erm, when I said that the case was almost over - No, no, no! - Is everything all right? Wanker! Two years I've been nursing that project and with less than five minutes thought, Sam's just gone and killed it dead.
He wouldn't recognise a good thing if it bit him on the arse.
OK, enough is enough.
You're doing the lamb? With the fancy what's-its-name With the fancy couscous.
I know how you like it.
- Pete, I need a word.
- OK.
Look, at Chloe's school show last night - What's that? - Nothing.
- Didn't look like nothing.
What is it? - It's nothing.
- Come on, let's have a look.
- No.
What's wrong with you, you big weirdo! What is it? It's from Harry.
"I know you tried your best to help me.
It meant more than you know.
"So I've left you a little something to help you get back on your feet.
" Love.
See, I told you.
He wanted you to have the money.
Why didn't you show this to me before? I knew what you'd say.
Well, if it's that Harry had forgiven you and the money is rightfully yours then, yeah, bloody good guess.
My letter.
My decision and I've made it.
- Oh.
- Karen not with you? - Why would she be? - Moral support, if nothing else.
She's got lots on.
Anyway, I plead not guilty because I am not guilty.
I get bail and I'm home before she is.
MAN: Bollocks, eh? Bollocks.
We're next.
Bullshit! You're sure this is the right court? - I'm in there? - Try and stay calm, David.
Court rise.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
(Softly) - Stand up.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm terribly sorry.
This is my first time.
This is my first and last time I can assure you of that.
David Marsden of 31 Boland Street Didsbury, Manchester, M20 7EO? Yes.
You are charged with conspiracy to defraud.
How do you plead, guilty or not guilty? There is absolutely no foundation whatsoever to this charge A simple guilty or not guilty, Mr Marsden.
Not guilty.
The defendant has a permanent home in Manchester? - Children? - Yes.
That's right, Ma'am.
I have every intention of clearing my name.
It is as sim- Mr Marsden, you are in my court now and you will abide by my rules.
That means shutting up.
Do you think you can manage that? Well? Yes Y-Your Honour.
I can.
You will appear before Manchester Crown Court on the 16th October for a plea and trial preparation hearing.
In the meantime you will abide by the following bail conditions and surrender your passport to the court.
- Passport? - You didn't bring it? - I told you, you had to.
- No, you didn't! - I tell all my clients facing court.
- I can't remember everything! Is there a problem, Mr Vardy? I've decided to accept your offer, Sam.
Eight months pay tax-free suddenly sounded very appealing.
- You seem a little upset.
- I'm angry, Sam, there is a difference.
I am a middle-aged woman with kids.
You know what that means? I have a solid gold, grade-A bullshit detector that went ding, ding, ding the second I met you.
- Let's talk about this rationally.
- I'm perfectly rational.
You ask any one of your clients who've agreed to come with me.
- Now, hang on - No, you're out of your depth, Sam.
You're faking it and you will be found out.
You should really walk away now.
But I know you won't.
You know why? Because that takes balls.
Malcom, do yourself a favour, don't settle for this.
Good luck, boys.
You're gonna need it.
Top and tail these, please.
Erm, Jenny? This is fun.
Well, I'm cheerful.
"Why's that, Adam?" I hear you cry.
I will tell you for why.
Because last night I went to the pub on my own.
Hang on, you said there's nothing sadder than a middle-aged man drinking alone in a pub.
I may have said something similar in the past.
There's nothing sadder than a middle-aged man drinking alone in the pub.
But last night I was that man and I wasn't sad.
I knew Matthew was out with young Adam, having a good time.
And you two, you guys were out at Chloe's school show.
You were having a good time.
But I wasn't lonely.
I was just on my own.
And I realised that that's fine.
Look, do I miss Angela? Of course I do.
You know she's left a big gap in my life.
But I'm not going to try and fill it with someone else.
I I'm just gonna work on on being me.
You know, being comfortable in my own skin.
(Doorbell rings) Wow, growing up at last, hurray! Mind you, there was this one guy on his own on the other side of the bar.
What a loser! Hey! I told Sam where to stick his job.
(Cheering) - Attagirl! - You should have seen his face.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
David not with you? No, he said he had something on.
He'd be here later.
(Mobile rings) Oh, speak of the devil.
David? Where are you? I'm at the magistrates' court, Karen.
I was charged, and I got bail.
- But - Hang on a minute.
You were charged? - It's fine.
I got bail - Slow down, slow down.
I can't slow down.
Look, I need my passport by four o'clock or they'll erm they'll send me to erm erm prison.
Listen, don't panic OK? Just stay where you are.
- David's in court.
- What? Unless I find his passport in the next two hours they'll deny bail and send him to prison.
Prison? What? He didn't tell me he'd been charged.
He said it was practically finished.
- He didn't want to worry you.
- You knew? No, no, no, it's just a formality.
I'm sure it's gonna be OK.
You're sure he's gonna be OK.
That's all right then, isn't it? He said he didn't do anything wrong.
Smells good.
(Doorbell) Look, I'll get that.
OK, don't worry, I'm coming to yours.
We're gonna find it.
- I need to talk to Chloe.
- What? - Oh, shit! - We're only as sick as our secrets.
- And I can't live with yours any longer.
- You told him? No! Chloe, I'm Grant.
I'm your father.
- What's he talking about? - She has a right to know.
I know this is a lot to take in, but I'm telling you the truth.
I don't understand.
Dad's my dad.
Yes, I am.
I am and I love you more than anything in the world.
So he's lying? Oh, sweetheart.
We never wanted you to find out this way.
Baby, we were going to tell you.
I swear.
- No, Chloe.
Please, love.
- Chloe, Chloe.
Please, love! - Chloe - Wait! ADAM: No, Pete! JENNY: Oh, my God! What are you doing, you maniac!