Colony (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

Puzzle Man

1 Previously on "Colony" Total rendition is coming.
Our glorious Hosts round up every human they can find and take them to the Factory.
- Come with us.
- I'm staying.
We need to make contact with Noah's people, and get this to them.
There's a little bridge called the Metal Fork in Smith River.
Meet me there in 48 hours, and bring the package.
The RAPs are at war.
Maybe that ship came here to attack them.
There's someone inside.
[dramatic music] [pounding on door] - Governor, please come with us.
- What's going on? We need to get you to the bunker, now.
All right, let me uh Let me get dressed.
[indistinct chatter] [speaking Spanish] [speaking French] Je ne sais pas comment ils vont récupérer le corps.
The third one went down in the San Bernadino mountains.
San Bernadino? That's my region.
What happened? Numerous bogeys penetrated our Host's defense grid.
Three took heavy damage and entered our atmosphere.
Well, they didn't fly halfway across the universe for nothing.
What was the target? The Factory.
And? [ominous music] It's gone? Totally destroyed.
Any survivors? Had the defense grid been fully operational, I am confident the attack would have been stopped.
But how will our Hosts rebuild the grid without a factory? Without a workforce? I can only speak for Region Eight, but we can divert more labor to our fabrication facilities in California.
Anything we can do to help with the war effort.
We must all adjust to the new reality.
I want plans for similar contributions from every region by tonight.
This was just an advance strike.
We must assume that their main fleet is on the way.
And without the grid in place, the battle will spill over on to Earth.
But our Hosts said that we had years to prepare.
- That's what they thought.
- Well, how long do we have? Not long.
[dramatic music] [birds chirping] [lid rattles] [static] This is dispatch.
The 16 bus is running late.
Tojunga shuttle, what's your twenty? Tojunga shuttle on schedule, three passengers to deliver.
Copy that.
Route 8, you got anything for me? Route 8 on schedule.
No passengers, over.
Copy that.
Sherman Oaks, how about [bird squawking] [deep rumbling] [birds flutter] Tojunga on schedule.
No passengers, over.
Copy that, Tojunga.
Route 8, how about you? [radio static] Route 8 on schedule.
No passengers, over.
Then that's it.
Stay safe everyone, over and out.
You still on the line, Route 8? Yeah.
Is there a problem, dispatch? Just checking in on my loneliest route.
You should keep the line clear for real traffic.
The psychological health of our drivers is important.
I'm fine.
I'm spinning some records over here.
Any requests, Route 8? I like the blues.
A bit on the nose, don't you think? How do you feel about Simon and Garfunkel? "Sound of Silence" or "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"? Always with the jokes.
That's not what they usually say.
Oh, yeah? What do they usually say? Right now, there's nobody to say anything.
Some guys might like that, you know? Nobody around to bother them.
I've learned to be careful what I wish for.
So then maybe it should be "Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
" - Good night, dispatch.
- Good night, Route 8.
[static] [birds chirping] [thumping] [gun clicks] Get away from him.
Put your gun down, now! [thud] Who are you? Someone who can get you out.
[tense music] Any sign of her? No.
If the Occupation picked up Bram's radio call, they'll know exactly where to find us.
She's risking her life to meet us too.
Unless she's an occupation plant.
If I were planning an ambush, I couldn't pick a better spot.
Low ground, bridge is a choke point.
The river's so loud, I can't hear anyone coming.
It was my idea to contact her.
I'll meet her.
I'm not letting you go out there alone.
You're right.
I should go with him.
The contact might test me with questions about the Resistance.
Questions you can't answer.
- [sighs] - Radios on, safeties off.
Hey, you be careful.
[sighs] How do you know me? You were married to my mom's other sister, Rachel.
Good, but don't say it like it's a question.
If you don't believe it, they won't believe it.
What's wrong? If Rachel was my mom's sister, how come we never met her? - Charles? - She and Mom didn't get along, but you got trapped in LA after the Arrival and didn't know anyone else.
So you moved in with us.
Up top.
Lindsey said the Greatest Day praised truth tellers, and Lindsey's dead.
You are nothing if not direct.
Gracie, the less we make up, the better.
You're still Gracie Bowman.
You lived at the same address.
But now you've got an uncle Alan.
The closer we stay to the truth, the less you have to remember.
Here's the thing.
You're kids; they won't expect you to know every fact.
More important than telling the truth is that they believe you want to tell the truth.
That you're on their side.
If you show them that, they'll move right down the line and bother somebody else.
- Okay.
- If that doesn't work, there's always selective mutism.
Tough crowd.
If I'm supposed to stay close to the truth, why can't I tell them that you and my dad worked together? Some people didn't like what your dad and I did in Los Angeles.
It's not always fair, but that's the way certain people think.
What did you do? We kept you alive.
It's okay, go on.
So what's your plan to get us through the Wall? You can go take a seat.
I've got contacts in the San Fernando bloc.
They can help.
I don't want another bloc.
I want to get out of the damn colony.
You want to take a kid outside the Wall? I've got friends over there.
You'll get new IDs, place to live.
That whole bloc's a bunch of Greatest Day holy rollers, right? Church every week.
A lot of purple.
That's why I left Indiana for LA in the first place.
- Get away from the crap.
- I get it.
But maybe faking a little religion is a fair trade for safety.
No, Owen's not ready to leave.
Kids are adaptable, I hear.
It's just There used to be three of us.
My husband, Evan.
We thought we were so smart.
Everyone else got hauled away.
We had the Green Zone to ourselves.
Then the drones came back.
I know it's hard.
But you can't stay here.
Sooner or later, the drones will catch you too.
Get some rest.
We can talk about this later.
- Where should we - Take my bunk.
Thank you.
You're not leaving, are you? I'll be here.
I've got work to do.
You like puzzles? All right.
We're going to match up all the white strips, and all the green strips.
Can you do that? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? [birds chirping] [tense music] Company, 10 o'clock, moving fast.
I'm Bram.
The package.
You want to see it, come on over.
Let's get out of here.
I didn't come here to look at luggage.
Okay, let's go.
We've got others.
Charlie! Gracie! - You didn't say kids.
- They won't slow us down.
They slow everything down.
Who's he? My brother-in-law.
Come on, we're going to be late.
Late for what? There it is, your ride.
[clanking in distance] We're getting on a train? After it stops, you've got 60 seconds to board.
- What happens after that? - Drones.
[train rails scraping] Clock starts now! Get on the car marked with an X.
What if the conductor sees us? Nobody else is on board.
Gracie, Charlie, come on.
What about you? Fifty seconds! Got it! I got you, this way.
Let's go! Come on.
[grunts] - Where do we get off? - They'll find you.
Where'd you find fresh fruit? Little grove near the LA river.
Here, kiddo.
Some healthy sugar.
I hear San Fernando bloc has all the fresh fruit you can eat.
Have you gotten other people out? Yeah.
- Friends of yours? Family? - People like you.
People who stayed behind after the rendition.
- Have you ever lost anybody? - No.
Do they pay you? Because we don't have No.
Maybe I'm selfish, but I don't get it.
What's in it for you? - I like my space.
- How many you gotten out? Not enough to balance the ledger.
All right.
Tujunga shuttle, what's your twenty? Tujunga shuttle.
On schedule, over.
Copy that.
Route 8, how about you? Route 8.
I've got two passengers, over.
Copy that.
Transfer requested.
Sherman Oaks, do you guys have room for two? Negative, dispatch.
I'm full.
We'll get them through and put them up at the station tonight.
Route 8, we'll run the usual handoff, over.
Copy that.
Two passengers en route, over and out.
[solemn music] [train humming] This is a terrible idea.
- Let it go.
- Good advice, yeah.
Because people getting herded onto freight trains never ends badly.
- We need to get to the camp.
- Not helping.
Will, tell your son that we're crazy to stay on this train.
It's crazy in a world where a spaceship didn't just fall out of the sky.
What you got? - Supplies.
- For who? Seattle.
Did you know the Occupation had trains? Yeah, they're a key piece of the logistics network.
Is that how we've been getting out supplies at the distribution facility? A lot of them.
But there are long haul trucks too.
Everything is driverless, fully automated.
Who's out there making cereal? Do I look like Captain Crunch? What do you know about Seattle? It was a problem Colony during the Arrival.
Too much coffee, I guess.
But I've heard they got things turned around.
If we're going to Seattle, we're headed north.
I thought the Resistance camp was in the desert.
Maybe they moved it.
Or maybe Noa didn't trust us and was lying.
Or maybe we're being delivered like a package right into the hands of the Occupation.
Why would the Resistance do that? Why do you trust people who you've never met? What were our options? Just sit around and wait for another tactical team to hunt us down? They don't care about you, they just care about the thing you're carrying.
So leave it on this train as a present for Seattle, and then disappear back into some quiet mountain hideaway.
And then what? Just spend the rest of our lives hiding from drones? - From everything? - It's better than being dead.
I know the risks.
I would like more for my children than to spend the rest of their lives hiding in a cabin.
I know you don't understand; you don't have kids.
I have a daughter.
Since when? Since she was born.
What happened to her? I don't know.
[somber music] I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do about it now.
All I'm saying is this: If you stay on this train, you better be ready to accept whatever consequences might come.
Just like I did.
We made our choice.
[crickets chirping] [tense music] - You dug this? - No.
Bunch of guys who built tunnels for the cartels.
Needed something to do after the Arrival.
- You got this.
- Mm-hmm.
What's over there? Never been.
You'll have to let me know.
[ominous music] Is something wrong? How much longer do we wait? We don't.
It's time to move.
Thank you.
Let's go, okay? [tense music] [train wheels screeching] We're slowing.
[squealing] [clunking] - Are you the Bowmans? - Yeah, who are you? You met one of our operatives in Los Angeles; who was it? Noa.
What happened to her? She didn't make it.
[tense music] Show me the gauntlet.
I've been looking for this thing for a long time.
[electronic crackling] So, you weren't just making it up for attention.
You've got the genuine article.
It's not much use without a RAP.
A what? - The rest of the thing.
- Oh.
We call them "Clicks" up here.
And a Click we have.
[soft thud] And who do we have back here? I'm guessing you've had a long trip.
- Yeah.
- What's your name, sweetie? Gracie.
And that's my brother, Charlie.
He doesn't talk very much.
And that's my Uncle Alan.
He talks a lot, just not right now I guess.
We've got a long hike ahead of us; we should get moving.
No, you've carried that thing long enough.
Let us get it.
[tense music] [metal clatters] Please! Are you Route 8? Who are you? Dispatch.
We talk every night.
- How'd you find me? - The little boy.
He said you did puzzles in the police station.
- What happened? - I don't know.
The pickup crew is always careful, but someone must have followed them.
They found the safe house.
My team, the passengers Everyone's gone.
[somber music] [footsteps] You've done that before.
Never on myself.
You're a doctor? You would never know it from what they had me doing in the San Fernando bloc.
I need to get out of this Colony.
Why? So I can hike north, reach the Resistance camp.
Alone? Unless you're volunteering to keep a girl company.
You're exactly the way I pictured you.
The strong silent type.
I don't think you should go looking for that camp alone.
It's dangerous out there.
We just went over this.
What are my options? Stay here.
There's work to do.
What kind of work? The Authority left a treasure trove of information when they abandoned the bloc.
Were those shredded? Yeah.
I put them back together.
Jesus, how long did that take you? After the Berlin Wall fell, the Stasi shredded everything.
Turned 40 years of crime into confetti.
But regular people came back in, spent decades putting it together.
They were called the puzzle women.
Compared to them, I had it easy.
You might be the loneliest man in the world.
What am I looking at? A plan for Los Angeles after the rendition.
I think they emptied the bloc for a reason.
They want to use LA to build a bio-weapon.
The first step will be to repopulate the bloc.
All of this, everything you think is gonna happen here, - it's already happening.
- What? - In Seattle.
- How do you know? The Resistance outside the Walls? They communicate using a numbers station.
They've been sending messages about Seattle.
The whole Colony was renditioned about a year ago.
- And now? - It's like this.
New population, new government.
The camp needs to see what you've uncovered.
And if you want to learn what's happening in Seattle, if they really are building a bio-weapon, you'll find allies.
Maybe you're right; maybe the fight here is over.
It's not over.
It's just moved on.
Help me get this to the right people.
[birds chirping] [birds chirping] [distant rustling] What do you hear? Wind.
How much further to this camp? Not too far.
Noa told us about one of your people.
A special operator.
Did a stint in Kandahar.
We lost him.
How? A raid.
It went bad.
This camp What are we looking at when we get there? It's a good place.
We're doing important work.
Sometimes, it can be political.
So watch your six.
[tense music] [birds chirping] - Who are they? - Welcoming committee.
[exhales] Hey.
Is there a problem? Check them for electronics.
[tense music] Okay.
Give me that.
Put it right in here.
Turn around.
Hey, man, take it easy.
She's a kid.
Same rules for everyone.
Don't like them, don't come.
Okay, you're next.
Come on.
- Watch.
- Put your arms up.
- Anything else? - No, sir.
Follow me.
[indistinct chatter] Hey, who are they? Wait here.
- What's going on? - I told you not to go.
I know what he said.
I brought back the gauntlet.
Show it to me.
I'm going to show it to him.
You disobeyed orders; he's not talking to you.
Not yet.
There has to be another option.
- There isn't.
- What about a tunnel? The Occupation did a sweep.
They're all sealed or booby-trapped.
Well then, we need to MacGyver a hang glider or something, because just walking through the gateway is insane.
Would have been, before the rendition.
- What changed? - The manpower.
My guess is they're running skeleton crews on the inside.
I'm going to bet my life on your guess? It's an educated guess.
I moonlighted as a Redhat.
What about drones? That's why we've got to move fast.
You're the one that wants out.
This is the way.
You know how to use that? Not really.
It's fine, I'll take the lead.
[tense music] What are you doing?