Colony (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Sierra Maestra

Previously on "Colony" You took part in an operation that went bad.
I work for the other survivor.
There's a tattoo on his right arm.
Bugs Bunny, holding a stick of dynamite.
- Are you the Bowmans? - Yeah.
Show me the gauntlet.
I've been looking for this thing for a long time.
This camp, what are we looking at when we get there? It's a good place.
Sometimes it can be political.
- What am I looking at? - A plan for Los Angeles after the rendition.
They want to use LA to build a bio-weapon.
Everything you think is going to happen here, it's already happening.
In Seattle.
The Resistance, outside the walls.
They've been sending messages about Seattle.
The whole colony was renditioned.
The camp needs to see what you've uncovered.
Help me get this to the right people.
Got it.
Told you you'd barely feel it.
You missed some, there and there.
There's some dirt embedded in the abrasions.
Let's have a nurse clean it.
You're all good.
I'd milk this for some ice cream on the way home though.
Can you help me with curtain two? Sure.
Hi, what's going on? Something's happening in the LA bloc.
They showed up a couple of minutes ago.
My whole family is in LA.
I need your help.
- My shift is over.
- It's a special case.
- Then you need a specialist.
- That's why I came to you.
A friend of mine has a head wound.
A bad one, and he can't come to the hospital.
I don't handle those kinds of cases.
You need to talk to somebody else.
There is nobody else.
This friend of mine, he was risking his life to help our neighbors on the other side of the wall.
Do you know what's really going on over there? I found a doc, was a neurologist before the Arrival.
Well, I hope she's a good one.
Shot came out of nowhere, I don't know why he's not dead.
He got lucky.
The bullet's lodged in the frontal lobe.
I grabbed some surgical supplies from the hospital.
This isn't stitches and some antibiotics.
It's brain surgery.
You guys have to dump him at a hospital.
Tell them he got robbed or something.
- We can't do that.
- If you don't, he'll die.
And if we do, they'll fix him up just enough to torture him.
Put us all in danger.
- What's his name? - Tomas.
- He's your friend? - Stepson.
If I go after that bullet, there's a good chance I kill him.
Maybe paralysis.
I know.
Wipe down the table with bleach.
I need a stable operating surface and as many towels as you can find.
Do you think there's other kids here? Oh yeah, I'm sure there will be.
And it's safe, right? Well These people have been living here for a long time.
Good morning.
I'm Andrew MacGregor.
I, uh, run this place.
Hey, would you mind? The adults need to talk.
Could you step out for a minute? Okay? I want to know how you got a hold of the gauntlet.
Um, my team hit a secure train that turned out to be transporting a RAP.
A Click, and we got the gauntlet off its suit.
What happened to the Click? The Occupation recovered it.
You're welcome to stay at the camp.
Provided you follow the rules.
Children go to school, adults work.
There's a strict curfew.
No one's allowed outside the perimeter without permission.
And there are no electronics of any kind.
So that's how you stayed off the drone's radar.
By keeping the camp analog.
Before the Occupation recovered the captured Click, were you able to interrogate it? We tried, it was unresponsive.
Your defector, can you communicate with it? It's not a defector, it's a prisoner of war.
- Oh, I - It's good for morale for people to believe that their enemy is divided.
My team captured that Click.
It's the single biggest victory of the Resistance.
Now I'd like you to write down everything that you learned in Los Angeles.
Tactical layout of the bloc, the full details of the Click operation, including anything you may have learned about the gauntlet.
Anything you think might be useful will be useful.
I want to see it, the Click.
Well, of course.
Once you prove yourselves.
I think we proved ourselves when we brought you the gauntlet.
And I'm grateful for that.
Start with the book, then we'll talk.
It's worth the risk.
They're just people.
I don't like people.
I'm starting to get that.
Look, we're low on supplies.
We can't get a car to work since all the gas has gone bad, and maybe those guys - can give us a ride.
- A truck is too high profile.
Well they must know something.
They've been living out here since the Arrival.
You don't know that.
It's going to take us months to hike north.
Every day on the road is a risk.
What's the harm in talking? Besides, if it goes badly, you can always just Shoot them.
Stop right there! We're friendlies.
We just want to talk.
I'm not armed.
He is, but he doesn't want to shoot anyone.
I know he looks like he does, but that's just his face.
Whatever you want, you're not getting it.
So keep walking.
We're heading to Portland to find my kids.
Just want a ride.
We don't pick up strangers.
We can help you.
He's ex-military, and I'm a doctor.
Looks like your boy had an accident.
I could take a look.
He just broke his arm.
- It's fine.
- Not if it sets wrong.
What's that? Asacol.
It's an oral mesalamine.
Used to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease.
I know a place loaded with supplies.
If you help us get them, we'll give you that ride.
So what do you think? I don't know yet.
Vincent warned me last night this place was political.
And when we got here with the gauntlet, they didn't exactly treat him like a hero.
I know, but they have a RAP.
Do they? I trust that guy about as far as I can throw him.
Well, you don't like him because you don't like taking orders.
I don't like to take orders? Look, we came a long way to find this place.
And you heard him, they've got a way to stay off the grid.
And a school for the kids.
Yeah, they could use a taste of a normal life.
Halfway normal.
It's also a chance to be a part of something big.
Can you imagine actually talking to a RAP? Finding out why they came here.
What it is that they really want.
I love you.
I'm going to dig into this camp.
See if it's a safe place to settle.
I'll fill this out.
What if that guy doesn't keep his promise? Well, we brought him something incredibly valuable.
We deserve to be a part of it.
In my experience, deserve ain't got nothing to do with it.
Well, a lot of my friends died for that thing.
I'm not taking no for an answer.
Then may God have mercy on this camp.
I'm Dr.
Donovan Landay, the camp's physician.
Will Bowman.
This is Charlie, Gracie.
We offer physicals to all the new camp members.
It's usually been a while since people have seen a doctor.
That's good.
Long enough to make you feel a little nervous, huh? - She hates getting shots.
- Oh, me too.
But most of the vaccines have expired.
So these days, I rarely chase after kids with needles.
Why don't you two go introduce yourselves to the teachers? Go.
They'll be fine.
I know.
It's just we haven't left them with anyone else in a long time.
So, what kind of things you treat around here? Oh, small town stuff.
Accidents, GI issues, women's health.
Got much experience with combat injuries? Well, you need me to take a look at something? No, not yet.
Everyone in this camp works.
The new arrivals always start in the fields.
You should report there.
Got it.
Doctor's orders.
We call it a dead zone.
Walkers keep everyone out.
It's like there's an invisible wall, and if you cross it, they shoot on sight.
Now every store outside the zone has been stripped, but in there, there's plenty of supplies.
Including medicine for your wife.
Yeah, there's a pharmacy just across the border.
And you can pick out the drugs we need for everyone.
I'll let you two talk.
- No.
- Why not? They're amateurs.
The moment something goes wrong, they'll panic.
Give them a little credit.
They've survived this long.
Dumb luck only takes you so far.
We need a ride and we need supplies.
Two birds, one stone.
Unless you want to hike the entire Central Valley on two bottles of water and a granola bar.
We'll go take a look at the op.
But if I don't like it, we bail.
Fair enough.
Can't tell me you're not a little bit curious about what might be inside.
If the RAPs are guarding it that carefully.
Got enough mysteries in my life.
- They're watching us.
- Yeah, so shut up.
We have to keep to ourselves.
Heads down.
This isn't my first camp.
You know how to use a hammer? - Yeah.
- Then you're on the crates.
- What about you? - In my more formative years, I may have held a hammer, yes.
Hey, you're not supposed to walk around camp alone.
Why not? I've been assigned to your security detail.
I need a security detail? I can show you around if you like.
Is that where they're holding the Click? That's off limits.
- You can't go in there.
- Why not? - Stop.
- Don't touch me.
Take me to Vincent.
They put an armed guard on me.
It's for your protection.
What does that mean? Is my family safe here? Of course.
Then what the hell is going on? Why didn't MacGregor want you to come get us from the train? Why did he refuse to talk to you last night? Like I told your husband, this is a political place.
We are all supposed to be on the same side.
We are on the same side, but MacGregor is a very cautious man.
It's for the good of the camp.
We've made mistakes.
What kind of mistakes? The kind you make when you're fighting against an enemy much more powerful than you.
Is there really a Click here? - There is.
- Have you seen it? - Yes.
- Spoken with it? You haven't.
Um, it doesn't speak.
- Because it's dead? - No.
It's not like that.
Then explain it to me.
God damn it, Vincent.
I dragged my family hundreds of miles across bad country to bring that gauntlet to this camp.
I've earned a seat at the table.
- I agree, and you'll get it.
- When? Hey, this may be MacGregor's camp.
- We have all made sacrifices.
- I know.
I disobeyed orders to come and find you because I was inspired by your story.
And because I believe in the possibilities of the gauntlet.
But it requires a lot of experience to navigate this camp.
Let me play this out.
I get it.
I've done what MacGregor asked.
All I want is a chance to speak with him.
And there's stuff in there that he should know, especially about the Click.
Water break.
Can you spare a drink? - Yeah.
- Thanks, man.
Got to be some irony in dying of thirst while digging an irrigation ditch.
I'm Will.
- Where you from, Ed? - Nevada.
- Colony? - No, free lands.
We're from Los Angeles.
This place is a paradise compared to what we've been through.
- I bet.
- Tight ship, too.
Lots of ex-military and law enforcement types.
Yeah, I guess.
Reminds me, a Marine buddy I ran with thought he knew a guy here.
Got to be the only jarhead in the world with a Bugs Bunny tattoo.
You know him? I'm sorry, I don't.
You sure? Kind of hard to forget a tattoo like that.
We should get back at it.
- Can I get my canteen? - Yeah, sorry.
Back to work.
Back to work.
All right, back at it.
How do we know it hasn't already been looted? - We don't.
- That's the third pass.
We're looking at 20-minute sweeps.
Since we can't risk taking the truck in, we have to go on foot.
We'll be exposed the whole time, so we need to stay close to cover and move quickly.
15 minutes to walk in, five minutes inside the pharmacy.
Wait for the next walker sweep to pass, then 15 minutes out.
There's no way that walk takes 15 minutes.
I'm allowing time for variable.
We need more time inside.
If you don't like it, find yourself another Marine.
It's tight, but doable.
Move fast.
Clock's ticking.
Jesus, this place is a gold mine.
Where's the Asacol? Clock's started on our return window.
Roll out.
I-I can't find my wife's medicine.
Don't care, time's up.
No! No, it doesn't take 15 minutes to get back.
Give us a minute, I'll help him.
30 seconds.
Asacol, got it.
Move out.
What the hell are they doing? They're not supposed to be in the dead zone.
Come on! Hurry! - Amy.
- Go! Go! No! - Help me! Help me! - Amy! Help me! Please! Oliver! Melissa! Have you seen any bags? I want to pack this up.
- We need to travel light.
- This stuff is invaluable.
Won't matter if we're dead.
Sorry about what happened.
But it was their fault.
They didn't follow the plan.
I've been around plenty of death.
Then you know how to deal with it.
We just need to keep moving.
I don't want this to be easy.
Next window with the drones is about to open.
We got to go.
Bram! There were three kids my age.
And a whole library.
What'd you think? It's pretty cool.
How was it? - Fine.
- A moment? Playbook here look familiar to you? Curfews, armed guards, border fences, forced labor? This place is being run like a colony.
Yeah, I kind of picked up on that.
And I don't like it's business or it's politics.
MacGregor, that charming Easter Island statue who runs this joint is more interested in his own glory than any cause.
Trust me, I know the type.
So what, you just want to leave? Yes, absolutely, as soon as we can.
We can't leave already.
We've been dragging the kids all over the scorched earth.
This place isn't safe, not for us.
My wife is a hero to these people.
I'm telling you, that only makes her more dangerous to MacGregor.
We risked everything to come here.
We can't leave before we find out if it was worth it.
Look, if you feel you've got to go, I get it.
I'll help.
I can't go out there on my own, I'm not you.
What do you want me to do? I want you to remember that my safety and yours hinges on your children's ability to protect a complicated secret.
And even if they keep their mouths shut, if just one person here happens to be from the Los Angeles bloc and recognizes me What's the problem? She wanted to speak with you.
About? Uh, here's everything from Los Angeles.
Including everything we were able to learn about the Clicks.
Is that where you're holding it? Thank you for this.
I'm happy to help however I can.
I'm glad to hear it.
I do know the gauntlet as well as anyone.
I'm happy to help with whatever it is you're working on.
Well, right now it's all about observation and study.
We're going about this very slowly and methodically.
We don't want to rush into anything we don't really know what will happen.
No, of course not, I Sorry, how long have you had your Click? Long enough to know that we need help with communicating.
You haven't gotten anything from it at all.
Right now, only frustration.
But we're hoping that the gauntlet will be the breakthrough.
You think the gauntlet's a translator? In the most basic of terms, yes.
I want to see it.
Once we are sure that it is safe to be in the room with the Click, and once we know what we're dealing with, Absolutely.
I am aware of the risks.
I brought the gauntlet here.
In good faith, I also provided a full download of everything I know about it.
There's a good chance I've got something to offer in that room.
She has exactly the kind of experience we need, Andrew.
Give us a minute.
You know, I fought with Broussard for a year in LA.
We saw a good bit of action.
He trusted me.
This Broussard, he told you about the proper protocols? Would he have gone about the vetting process any differently? No, no.
This is an important first step.
I want to review it, and then I want to sit down with you and your husband and discuss it.
And once we are absolutely ready to use that gauntlet, You will be in that room.
I promise you that.
Thank you.
I'm okay.
Clumsy, but okay.
I don't feel good.
Do you hear that noise? We've got to get out of here.
Wet socks don't bother me, I just didn't like the water squishing around in my boots.
Now don't worry about me, lamb.
Lamb was not a word one would ordinarily think of calling Mrs.
Okay, sleep time, more tomorrow.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Mmmm, love you.
- Love you too, Mommy.
Good night, y'all.
Did you get anywhere? Stonewalled.
I brought an offering to the temple.
Gave MacGregor everything we know about Los Angeles.
How was your day? Lots of secrets here.
Snyder doesn't like this place.
A Resistance camp? I'm sure he doesn't.
He survived a long time on those instincts.
What is that? The RAP, it's online.
Online? Watch the kids! Turn it off! Goddamn it! What happened to going about this slowly and methodically? It's a damn machine.
I-i-it's a d-damn machine.
Did it just speak? It, speak.
Has it spoken before? Has, it, spoken, before? This is the first time.
That's why we needed the gauntlet.
You understand? Yes, understand.
Oh, my gosh.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Where are you from? Where, where, where.
Two, seven, break, zero six, break, one five, stop.
Fifteen, stop.
Four, five, seven, positive 44, - break, two seven - This is just gibberish.
- It's talking nonsense.
- One, five, stop, fifteen, stop No, I think those are coordinates.
77 parsec.
It knows our units of measurement.
They probably knew a lot about us before they came here.
Why did you come here? War.
War, with us.
You're goddamn right you're the enemy.
You had an enemy before you came here.
Not humans.
You mean another species from somewhere else.
You're on the run from them.
Why do you need us? Resource.
You wanted our resources? We are the resource.
What are you building? Defense.
Defense? You've slaughtered hundreds of millions of human beings.
Human ally.
You think you're our ally? Enemy, pursuit.
Your enemy is coming here.
To Earth.
What will they do when they get here? Zero.
What? They'll do nothing? I don't think that's what it meant.
Total annihilation.
Human equal ally equal partner.
It's lying.
Our enemy is your enemy.
We are your defense.
We're on lockdown, effective immediately.
I want two armed patrols for the next 24 hours in a two mile radius.
Watching for any kind of response, go.
What are you talking about? We need to get back in there and keep interrogating it.
We can't trust a word that thing says.
- We need to keep it talking.
- I said it's finished.
We could have Click or Occupation kill teams coming here right now.
We need in control of our own situation before we're worried about that thing.
Tired? Exhausted.
Glad to be out of that zone, though.
No doubt.
What do you think happened last night? Don't know.
And that building.
What do you think it was, some kind of Factory? Don't know that, either.
But I doubt it's good news.
I need to tell the camp what we saw.
In case we get caught by a drone or whatever else is out here.
Just be fast.
I think we should get out of the Central Valley.
Head for the coast, might be safer.
Yeah, more cover.
Probably harder for the drones to patrol.
14, 78, 3, 52, 11, 36, 101.
14, 78.
3, 52.
11, 36, 101, over.
Copy, Tania-two.
I need to get a message to the camp.
Negative, Tania-two.
Camp signal is down.
- You haven't heard from them? - Not since last night.
Any idea what's going on? Sorry, Tania-two, that's all I've got.
Over and out.
What is going on? Do you think something happened to the camp? Don't know.
But we need to keep moving.