Colony (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Disposable Heroes

Previously on "Colony" Mr.
Kynes specifically assigned us to be your escort.
Trust me, Mr.
Garland is gonna keep me very safe.
I ran into Will Bowman last night.
They abducted me.
Are you really comfortable putting your life our lives in the hands of a guy like that? - Not this one again.
- Dad.
Hey, Sal.
This is Gracie.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
Every day I work for Kynes, I get more intel.
One of the Outliers in my crew scouted the uptown facility.
He wants to hit it.
Is it time to let them have some guns? How'd you find me? I printed up this list of the refugee camp.
My husband is on it.
So are you.
If this checks out, I'll be in touch.
Hey! Couldn't sleep? I'm used to that.
Today I actually had a reason to get out of bed.
You still want to go to the meet? Hell, yes.
You don't? I worked so hard to rebuild here.
I mean, it's not much, but it's something.
All we've built is a distraction.
It's like this Colony.
Just bright and shiny enough to keep us from wanting to dig any deeper.
I know.
It's still a risk.
We don't know anything about these people.
We know they're professionals unlike any other cell we've had to deal with.
What about the kids? - What about them? - This decision affects them.
- Bram gets it.
- Gracie doesn't.
She just wants a normal life.
I thought you would jump at this chance a real insurgency, one that's trained and organized, one who can help us figure out what's really going on.
A lot's changed, Will.
Well I'm going.
So am I.
I want to hear what they have to say.
These are the guys I was telling you about.
This is Harris.
- You run this show? - That's right.
You guys know a lot about us.
I just want to know how.
I'm an Outlier.
So is he.
Him, too.
Same is probably true for you and most of the folks in this gym.
What the hell is an Outlier? Professionals flagged and tracked by the Occupation since before the Arrival.
I work in the refugee camps.
We identify Outliers the moment they register and quietly relocate them into the Colony.
Why? The Occupation is building an army.
The Morks are on the run, fighting a war against something else.
That's why they colonized us.
And when their enemy catches up to them, the Outliers are gonna be their first line of defense.
We all thought we survived the purge because we were smart.
Turns out we're not as clever as we thought.
I don't know.
I'm pretty clever.
Occupation made a big mistake putting you all in the same Colony like this.
We have an opportunity to exploit it.
Look, it seems like a compelling story.
How do I know it's not just a fairy tale? We abducted a high-level IGA official and interrogated him.
Here in Seattle? We have the whole thing on tape.
The answers the official gave us fit with the intel I collected in L.
Classified Occupation documents they talk about building a biological weapon in Seattle.
- You have these documents? - Some place safe.
Like she said, there's a lot of talented people in this Colony.
Put them together, we could do some real damage.
All right, I've got a contact high in local authority.
Give me a beat.
Let me verify it.
And if it checks out? We're in business.
You look like a man who's flush with information.
I was meeting with one of the cells.
They just recruited some new members who claim to have recently captured a high-level IGA official.
The other night at his hotel, me and Ford are watching him.
He disappears for an hour.
Comes back with a bullshit story.
These new recruits, did they say what Snyder gave up? No details, but it's about the Outlier program.
I was getting tired of that little rat running around my Colony.
Actually he contacted me last night said he had something important that I needed to see.
Then I think you should go talk to the man.
Don't let him know what we know.
Just ask him some follow-up questions about his disappearance.
Let him hang himself.
Funny, I thought you said you were gonna be alone.
Forgive me.
Some of my recent experiences have made me a bit less trusting of people.
Oh, you mean like the girl you paid to slap you around? No.
She delivered exactly as advertised.
You said you had something to talk about? I'm afraid that was a lie.
I asked you to meet because there's something you can do for me.
Oh, yeah, what's that? I'm hungry.
We still got a couple hours to lunch.
Yeah, well, tell that to my stomach.
- What the hell was that? - An explosion.
- Hey, where are you going? - To help.
You're running toward it? Hey, help is coming, okay? Hey.
You're gonna be okay.
Stay with me, all right? - What happened? - Truck bomb.
Outliers were killed? Along with a lot of other people.
I'm gonna have to report this incident to Davos.
You do what you want to.
I'm just letting you know that a team is likely to arrive to conduct a full investigation.
We had a deal.
The IGA doesn't get to interfere in Seattle.
The terms of the deal were that the IGA would stay out of Seattle provided that you maintained control.
It sure doesn't look like control to me.
Harris isn't answering his phone.
- You need to find him now.
- I'll handle it.
There's someone here to see you from the IGA.
What kind of someone? Helena.
How many Outliers did we lose? Three.
This is a problem.
You didn't waste any time coming up here to dance on my grave.
I was touring our facility in the Central Valley when I heard the news.
It was a quick flight.
Your errand boy, Alan Snyder he's compromised.
Excuse me? He was abducted by a Resistance group, which feels like something he should've reported up the chain.
I can only wonder what he told them.
Well, I'm here to talk about Seattle.
A model Colony.
- It was.
- Nothing's changed.
A day with one explosion would be a great victory for your other Colonies.
Well, it wasn't just an explosion.
It was an attack on a critical resource.
- Our Hosts will have questions.
- Which I will answer.
I know why you sent Snyder here.
I know why you jumped on a plane the moment you heard the news.
It's because you and the other bureaucrats at the IGA hate what I'm doing because it doesn't fit in your narrow little model.
Thing is, I don't care.
And you don't have the juice to change anything.
You might just get back on your plane and take your errand boy with you.
- Alan.
- Helena.
Are you out of your mind? This is about the convoy, isn't it? Outliers you killed Outliers.
Seems to be having the desired effect.
I signed off on a false-flag operation If our Hosts find out about this A simple attack never would have given us the necessary leverage, and this was just the first step.
What does that mean? Kynes has been reverse engineering our Host's technology.
- You have no proof.
- But I know it's true.
And once we have the authority to look under every rock in this Colony, we'll find more than enough to hang him.
Killing three Outliers isn't gonna give the IGA the pretext it needs to come in here.
You haven't seen my second act yet.
Sometimes I miss the old Alan the one crippled with self-doubt.
As I remember, you fired that Alan, sent him to some godforsaken processing facility outside of Los Angeles.
Live and learn.
Kynes told me that, uh, you'd been abducted by a Resistance cell.
Did he? Is it true? I play all sides, Helena.
That's my gift.
They found Harris, sir.
Forensics found the remains of an IED in the back of the truck it detonated prematurely.
So we're supposed to believe that Harris attacked the convoy then blew himself up en route to commit another act of terror? - It doesn't add up.
- It's nonsense.
They set him up.
One of the other cells? I want an autopsy on him as soon as possible.
Here's the thing I don't get.
You snuck into this Colony, but me and the rest of those guys came through the front door.
Why aren't you in one of those pods? - Yeah.
- Maybe they're watching you.
Doesn't seem worth the risk.
They must know that if a couple of us find each other, there's gonna be trouble.
They sure seemed to want you in one of those pods - back in L.
- Exactly.
So what changed? What's different about Seattle? And those pros you saw, the ones who work for Kynes maybe they're Outliers, too? Could be.
Uh, can I help you? This is my house.
You're Amy? - Uh-huh.
- I'm Katie.
Uh, Will's wife.
You've already heard that much about me, huh? No, uh, nothing, really.
I'm sorry.
Um, can we start over? How's that? Still a little awkward.
Uh, Will's here, I'm guessing? Yeah, he's inside with Broussard.
They're talking shop.
They do like their boys' time.
Did they meet with the other cell? We all did, yeah.
What'd you think? They seem professional.
But? I've learned the hard way to, uh to wait for people to prove themselves.
Broussard said you were with him at the beginning in L.
That was a long time ago.
Do you have a family? No.
I was in L.
for a medical conference when the Arrival happened.
So I'm alone.
Have you spent a lot of time with Will? Some.
Is he all right? He's been through a lot.
Has he done anything I should know about? In my line of work, I'm in the proximity of a lot of tragedy.
Men and women usually handle it differently.
Guys like Will tend to be more action-oriented.
I'm sorry.
What's going on? Inside.
- What the hell is this? - Stay where you are.
What happened? - Harris is dead.
- How? There was a bombing downtown a truck.
What truck? A transport headed for Blake Island.
- It was carrying Outliers.
- And Harris was on this truck? No, he was killed in a second explosion.
You hear anything about this at the hospital? I had lunch with a friend.
It must've happened after my shift.
This wasn't your op? - No.
- Wasn't ours either.
There hasn't been a Resistance attack in this Colony in 18 months, and then you guys show up.
You think the four of us have the muscle to pull off something like this? You tell me.
The IGA official we abducted said he came to Seattle to find dirt on Kynes.
The Authority is trying to discredit him.
- By killing Outliers? - They're a military asset.
Hitting them would attract a lot of attention.
Why would the IGA destroy their own assets? The man we're talking about he's capable of anything.
I want to see the tape.
This says that there's a bio-weapons facility in Seattle.
- Where did you get that? - We know more than you think.
And if I catch you in another lie, there won't be a warning.
I will cut your throat, and you will bleed out right here.
Who is he? Alan Snyder a bloc governor from the Los Angeles Colony until he got promoted.
Before the Arrival, our Hosts used an algorithm to sort humans into different groups.
Your group determined your fate whether you worked for the IGA or went to the Factory or lived in the Green Zone.
Everything was based on how you were classified.
So Outliers are one of these groups? A special group with special privileges.
What does he mean? That's why we came to you.
We need to work together to figure that out.
Harris was your commander, right? I know it's hard to lose him, but it's next man up.
And you've got to realize we aren't the enemy.
I need to call someone.
They do not move until I get back.
I didn't know you were here.
Yeah, I was one of the first responders.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Really? 'Cause I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight.
I'm just worried about Gracie.
Where is she? School? Yeah, they're on lockdown.
I checked.
That's the safest place to be.
I mean, this this was a professional job.
They're not going after kids.
Meadow says you take good care of your sister.
She's been through a lot.
As you have, I'm guessing.
You know, the wife and I were talking about how much fun it was to have you and Gracie over for dinner, and I think you should come again.
Harris was dead before that bomb went off.
Sloppy almost like they don't care that we know.
It's no coincidence our problems began shortly after Alan Snyder arrived in this bloc.
Question is how high it goes.
Get me the airport director.
Yes, sir.
You're on with Garvey McCallum.
Hey, Garvey, it's Everett.
I have a question about Helena Goldwyn's flight.
Where'd she come from? Well, the manifest said our facility in the Central Valley.
But? But there was a second passenger on the plane an IGA courier headed out to the island.
And they only come from Davos.
- Thanks, Garvey.
- No problem.
She was already in the air when the bomb went off.
Helena's too political to do anything on her own.
The entire IGA is gunning for me.
I thought we had more time, but it is what it is.
- Glen.
- Yes, sir.
Send an encrypted SMS to everyone in Project Phoenix.
Let them know we've just gone live.
Yes, sir.
Shut it down.
Are you sure? It's a shame to kill something this beautiful, but we always knew this was temporary.
All right.
It's been a pleasure, Ev.
See you on the other side, huh? I hope so.
If it isn't the Ice Queen and her evil little sidekick.
We need to speak with you.
I'd love to, but I'm late for a meeting.
We ran tests on your deceased bodyguard, Harris.
It seems he was designated as an Outlier.
Do you know the difference between intelligence and cunning? Of course not, because if you did, they never would have picked you.
You're about to pay the price for your arrogance.
And when do you pay the price for selling out your whole species? I can't even blame you.
This is what happens when you give large power to small minds.
Those small minds are going to bring you down.
Just like our Hosts wanted.
Why do you think they put the morally bankrupt administrator of a shitty community college in charge of a bloc? Or a failed studio exec in charge of a Colony? They saw our potential.
They saw weakness.
They knew you were the kind of crabs who would always drag the others back down into the bucket.
Harris was my friend.
- You talk to your guys? - I left word.
Phone crashed before he could call me back.
Let me see yours.
It's dead, too.
Mine too.
Is that because of the attack? It's a signal.
What signal? Harris said if the network ever went down, we should meet at a rally point and be ready for something big.
How would he know the network might go down? He had inside information.
Harris worked for Kynes.
- What? - It's how we got our intel.
How do you know Harris wasn't a double agent? I don't.
If the phone's a signal, you need to get to that rally point, and we're coming with you.
We have protocols.
Your protocols died with Harris.
You two come with me.
They stay here with the rest of my guys.
All right.
Well, this seems like a pretty stupid idea.
What do you think? Nobody asked me what I think.
I'm not authorized to access the system.
We're giving you the authorization.
That has to come from Mr.
Kynes works for the IGA, which means he works for us, which means you work for us.
I'm really not comfortable with this.
Access the system, or the next job you'll be working will be reception at the Arctic fabrication facility.
What do you need? This bloc runs on information.
We want it.
Start by locating Harris in the database.
I need to know how many trained killers like him are running around Seattle.
It's not working.
- Glen.
- I swear.
It's like the whole system is down.
The server has, like, four backups.
It's supposed to be foolproof.
Find Kynes now.
I can't track his cell phone without logging into the system.
Then call him.
Um, it looks like this is down, too.
What is happening? I think Mr.
Kynes has left the building.
Closed up tight.
Even if we did a walk-around, we probably wouldn't see anything.
The light that's the signal for all clear.
Then I guess we have nothing to worry about.
I'm going.
I'm with you.
I'm O'Neill.
New guys, but Harris vetted them.
All right, listen up.
My name is Adam Ford.
Some of you reported to my partner Harris.
When we recruited you, Harris and I told you that we worked for Everett Kynes, but what we didn't tell you is that you all work for him, too.
I'm not working for a collaborator.
Kynes saved your life.
The same is true for everyone in this room.
If you are here, that means you are an Outlier, which means the Morks selected you to be part of their slave army some sacrificial first wave to be thrown against their enemies.
We should all be in pods right now, waiting for our chance to die.
But Mr.
Kynes put himself at risk and concealed us all from the IGA.
Now, a war is coming, and our planet is gonna be the battlefield.
The loser will fall, the winner will go back home, and the collaborators in the Global Authority think that they will inherit the Earth.
Kynes has a different vision.
The past 18 months, he's been converting this Colony into a kind of ark.
He's carefully selected the population for the best and brightest scientists, engineers, doctors, educators, soldiers.
So, when this war is over, Seattle is gonna be ground zero for the reboot of human civilization.
This is the beginning of the real Resistance the human Resistance.
Gracie? I tried to get to school before they released everybody but they kept me late at work.
I kept trying to call.
Phones are dead.
It's weird.
I know.
What's going on? I'm not sure.
But we're safe here.
Do you have to go back to work? No.
Not tonight.
It's expired.
- It's okay.
I like it this way.
- No, it's not okay.
You shouldn't have to eat your cereal without your freakin' milk.
I know why Mom and Dad don't like being around anymore.
Because I make them think about Charlie.
I miss him.
Me too.
It's gonna get better.
Really? Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
- Where are we going? - Meadow's house.
Her dad invited us over for dinner again.
I like them.
So do I.
Go get your jacket.
Do you believe it? I do.
It fits with everything we've found so far.
What about Kynes? You ready to trust someone you've never met? I don't know.
But he's the enemy of our enemy.
And I'd rather be fighting with the Outliers than against them.
So you're signing on.
I am.
I want to be a part of it.
I was lost for a long time.
But then hiking up the coast with you I found purpose again.
Even when you made me swim in that freezing river.
That'll seem like bath water compared to what's coming.
I understand the risks.
I don't suppose they found Kynes hiding under some rock.
Not yet, no.
He's out there, plotting something.
Well, that seems unduly pessimistic.
Maybe he knew that we were coming for him and he decided to run.
Then why pull down your whole network? He wants us to be blind.
Or maybe it was spite.
Regaining control won't be easy.
But the IGA understands how important Seattle is.
They don't want this Colony to fail.
- You're leaving? - I'm needed back in Davos.
Kynes still has his allies, and it will need to be explained to our Hosts.
Who are they sending to run the Colony? No.
This is a critical situation, Alan.
You're the only one I can trust to handle it.
Is that a compliment or the kiss of death? Well, we can argue about it all you want, but you really don't have a choice.
They picked you.
You decided to come back, and you made the mistake of being good.
Good luck.