Colony (2016) s03e12 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Colony" I was meeting with one of the cells.
Claimed to have recently captured a high-level IGA official.
[GASPING] [EXPLOSION] Outliers were killed? Along with a lot of other people.
I'm gonna have to report this incident to Davos.
- We had a deal.
- Terms of the deal were that the IGA would stay out of Seattle provided that you maintain control.
It sure doesn't look like control to me.
You killed Outliers.
Seems to be having the desired effect.
We're supposed to believe that Harris attacked the convoy then blew himself up en route to commit another act of terror? They set him up.
Seems he was designated as an Outlier.
You're about to pay the price for your arrogance.
The entire IGA is gunning for me.
Shut it down.
It's been a pleasure, Ev.
Harris said if the network ever went down, we should meet at a rally point, and be ready for something big.
If you are here, that means you are an Outlier, which means the Morks selected you to be part of their slave army.
But Mr.
Kynes put himself at risk and concealed us all from the IGA.
Now a war is coming, and our planet is gonna be the battlefield.
He was from an elite Chinese unit, and she the Iranian Air Force, two very capable Outliers.
What's the latest Outlier inventory number? It's 400,000 and counting.
- That's not gonna be enough.
- Nope.
Well, we need to continue the study.
Do we need to send more Outliers to their death to prove the obvious? This is only the second field test, huh? We need a more robust data set.
We're almost there.
We have an analog army that always defeats the Demis' machine-targeted perimeter defenses.
Now we arm them for the final and most important step killing the enemy.
We need a weapons program.
The IGA is not looking to develop a weapons program.
Then we need to change their mind.
The Outliers are dangerous.
Of course they're dangerous, that's why we're recruiting them.
I'll share your opinions with the review board.
[DOOR OPENS] - Charming personality.
- [DOOR CLOSES] I wanna speak to her.
- I'll call her back in.
- Not her.
Well, that doesn't seem like a great idea, Ev.
Do you want humanity to survive this war? Of course.
Then we need to speak to the side that's going to win.
If the IGA were to find out about this That's why I have you, so they won't.
The IGA's crawling all over Seattle looking for us.
They planned the hell out of this.
Yeah, we're not gonna be able to leave the Colony.
I don't wanna leave.
All my work's here.
I've built the command bunker for rainy days just like this.
[SIGHS] - We're going to Bellevue bloc.
- [ENGINE TURNS OVER] Moving on to Bellevue Bloc now.
Get Kynes out.
Move, move, move! - [GUNSHOTS] - We're leaving.
Stay right behind me.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Form up! - [GUNFIRE] - Keep your head down! - Break right.
- Keep 'em coming! Go! Get him out of here! Get him out of here! [GRUNTS] Damn it, go after him! - Catch 'em now! - On your right! Covering fire! [DISTANT GUNFIRE, INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Gunfire, multiple shots Off your radio.
- We need your vehicle.
- Move, move, move! Mr.
Kynes? I'm asking for your help.
No problem.
You never saw us.
The command bunker's a no-go until we get reinforcements.
We can't risk crossing the bridge to Bellevue.
Let's get to Bonzo.
No dogs on us yet.
Emergency network is up.
The IGA is gonna shut down anything they can.
If we want a chance, we've got to get to the command bunker in Bellevue bloc.
All right, how do we do that? Signal the Outliers.
Tell them to come get us.
Kynes slipped the ambush.
Of course he did.
His team is good.
One of the many things I like about you, Lieutenant, is how you never try to put glitter on a turd.
[SCOFFS] The gateways are sealed.
There are platoons at each of them, in case Kynes tries to get out that way.
Including Bellevue? God knows what he has stashed away out there.
Inter-bloc traffic is locked down and all private road traffic.
We're clearing the streets.
Any luck restoring the data network? It's a black hole.
Kynes designed those protocols for just this contingency.
If we want answers, we need him.
We'll find him.
I wish I had your confidence.
This Colony is a labyrinth of his design.
There's also the small issue of the secret army of unknown size running loose on our streets.
The network is crippled.
Kynes is on the run.
Any communication he can have with the Outliers is gonna be limited, at best.
I've stopped underestimating the man.
So should you.
You know, if we could scramble those drones, we'd have Kynes zeroed in a couple hours.
IGA doesn't want to involve the Hosts.
They may not have a choice.
We should both pray that it doesn't come to that.
Until then, we're on our own.
Someone must know something.
[DISHES CLANKING] Did your phone come back up? [WATER SHUTS OFF] Nothing.
- The gym.
- Yeah.
Maybe Kynes brought the network back up, signaled the Outliers? Maybe.
Or maybe it's a death trap.
I gotta let Broussard know.
The kids are in bed.
I'll come with you.
[SOFT TENSE MUSIC] Unit Whiskey-82, come in.
Wake up, Whiskey-82.
This is Whiskey-82.
You're being forced.
We need you to come in.
When? Now.
It's all hands on deck.
[TRASH CAN CLANGS] - [DOGS BARKING] - Keep it moving, all right.
He's done.
All right, move aside.
Stay alert.
My fare needs to get to work.
Where? SRMA.
Operator's license.
My phone is dead.
Let me see the hard copy.
[COMPARTMENT THUDS] Mind if I ask what's going on? Yeah.
Go on.
Let 'em through.
[ENGINE TURNS OVER] Letting one through.
[DOOR OPENS] It's martial law out there.
Huge IGA military mobilization.
They're setting up checkpoints, taking private traffic off the street.
Sounds familiar.
And there's this.
Did your phone come back up yet? - No.
- What do you think it is? An emergency protocol sent just to the Outliers.
- Sent by who? - Kynes.
I think he's declared war on IGA.
Could also be an easy way for the IGA to round up all the Outliers and clean them out.
Only way to find out is go scout that meet.
All right.
I'll contact you as soon as I can.
I'm coming with you.
Bram's there.
He can handle it.
I'm not gonna sit at home and watch this place turn into Los Angeles.
Somebody has to stay behind.
I will.
I've gotta wait somewhere.
May as well do it at your place.
If we're more than two hours, would you wake the kids up and bring them here? - Sure.
- Thank you.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hey, your attention, everyone.
Can I have your attention please? There's been a change of leadership in Seattle.
Everett Kynes has stepped down as governor.
Now, the IGA has stepped in to handle the transition to make sure that it goes smoothly.
As officers of the Seattle Community Patrol, our job is to do anything we can to help.
Now, we will be liaising with the IGA teams to secure the Colony, which means you will all be issued new sergeants.
Carry on.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Everybody hang tight.
We're gonna try and make this as painless as possible.
Thank you all for your continued service.
I hoped to not be in this position.
I'm sure you never expected to see my face on your phone.
This is a confusing moment for all of us.
Things are changing.
Humanity is at a crossroads.
You are the men and women who get to decide where it goes from here.
Seattle was designed to be the paradigm for all Colonies.
The way to control a democratic society isn't through fear it's through distraction.
A happy Colony that still gives the Host the resources they needed.
My model was a success, and the IGA loved me for it.
But that love blinded them to my true goal preparing for the day the war ends, when the Host and the enemies are dead or gone.
Hidden in the walls of this Colony are the means to fight a real war against the Global Authority, and I hold the keys.
Our enemy wants to erase me and my work from existence, and without your help, they will succeed.
I'm sending my location to your phones.
I believe in a future that isn't governed by the IGA.
I'm asking you to believe with me.
- So do we believe? - Yes.
- You wanna believe? - You don't? 'Course I do, but men who trust power tend to have short life expectancies.
If this was a trap, they'd have rounded us up already or nuked the building.
Look around, man.
This is a movement.
We have to throw in with somebody eventually or else what are we doing? You guys in? Yeah.
What do we know? Ford's got Kynes inside one of Seattle Initiative's black sites they're alone, but the building's secure.
- How secure? - It's an armory.
How's our team look here? Like a whole bunch of badass.
But we're short on medics.
My partner's a doctor.
- She combat-ready? - She's ready.
Kit up and meet back here at 00:00.
Ford wants us in and out before daybreak.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] We need to talk to Bram before we do anything.
[BREATHS SHAKILY] - [GRUNTS] - Move! Have you enjoyed your work with the Community Patrol, - Sergeant - Barnes.
Yes, sir, I have.
That should make this easy.
Everett Kynes has committed treason against the IGA and our Hosts.
He was using this Colony for his own gain, flouting authority with his every breath.
And that makes you the agent of a rogue state.
I'm just a public safety officer, sir.
Even if that were true, do you think we care? What do you want from me? Is that an indication that I should cut to the chase, Sergeant? Earlier this evening, Everett Kynes evaded arrest.
His co-conspirators killed a number of our IGA soldiers in the process.
Witnesses indicate that a Community Patrol unit aided in the escape.
We've begun by speaking with every Sergeant.
Next, it'll be every officer.
The person who speaks up will keep their income, their property, and their freedom.
But anyone found to be hiding something He knows.
Knows what? He may look like a Doberman, but Mr.
Garland is very smart.
My allegiance is to the IGA, sir, not Kynes.
Tell me what you want.
I'll do my best to provide it.
I wanna know where Kynes went.
Uh There are two officers in my division that you should talk to.
But they're just kids, right? They're Names.
- And the kids? - Not a creature stirring.
Thank you.
Any good news? Kynes is on the run.
Put out a call to the Outliers to come pick him up before the IGA does.
Sounds dangerous.
Let's talk.
[SOFT MUSIC] We're going in to get him tonight.
Does the IGA know where he is too? Unknown.
You have a team of professionals, just like you always wanted.
Shouldn't that put you in a better mood? We're short on medics.
I don't have that kind of training.
You can do it.
What does "it" look like? Kynes is hiding out at one of his black sites.
We have to go in and get him before the bad guys do.
And if the bad guys do get to him? I'll handle the shooting, you handle the repairs.
You believe that Kynes is worth the risk? Only so much damage one man with a gun can do.
If the balance is ever going to shift in the Resistance's favor, it's gonna be because of a man like Kynes.
I wouldn't ask if I didn't need you.
We need to wake up Bram together, tell him what's going on.
No, we don't.
He needs to know what we're doing.
You're not coming.
Excuse me? The Outliers are trained soldiers.
- You're not.
- I'm trained.
Not like them, and even if I backed you, the others would balk.
Even if you backed me? You're a liability.
[SOFT TENSE MUSIC] This is not your choice.
Tell her.
[SCOFFS] I am a part of this.
You'll get your chance another time.
- She's going? - She's a doctor.
"She" will now excuse herself.
You are unbelievable.
I have been fighting this Occupation for a lot longer than you have.
What are you doing? Why do you want this? Because they turned me into a collaborator.
I went to work in that refugee camp because I needed to help people.
And they exploited that and I have gotta make that right.
Give all that to the kids.
Make it right by being there for them.
- They need you.
- They need you.
[SIGHS] They're better off without me.
We have to go.
Where? Another war is starting and it's not safe here.
Where's mom and dad? I have someplace we can go.
Hey, trust me, okay? I trust you.
Come on, let's pack up your stuff quietly.
I don't look much like Everett Kynes, do I? Alan Snyder, Interim Global Authority.
Turns out that the beloved Governor Kynes is one of the worst traitors in the short history of our new world order.
"What does that have to do with us," you ask yourselves.
"We're just Community Patrol.
We're working for beer money.
" That's what I thought too.
But then, I had a very illuminating conversation with Sergeant Barnes.
How quickly he sold you out.
- [GRUNTS] - [GASPS] You're gasping when you should be speaking.
I don't know where they went.
That's not gonna help you or your friend.
Get up.
[GROANS] They they said they were going somewhere.
Where? Some place called Bonzo.
[GUNS CLICKING] [SOFT INDISTINCT CHATTER] Have what you need? I think so.
That's it.
You good? It's like a clearance bin at some backwater gun show.
- Could be worse.
- Could always be worse.
Before we go out there, I need to know that you're straight.
I'm fine.
If you wanna hurt yourself, that's your deal, but I can't let you do it here.
I said I'm fine.
I know what I'm looking at, Will.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'm at peace with things.
That's it.
We found Bonzo.
So that's actually a thing? It's a code name for one of Kynes' black sites.
We've earned a little luck.
Well, don't get too excited.
Why, where is it? It's in an old federal reserve building.
We think it's an armory.
We have to go in hard.
This is our last shot at him.
Either bring him in alive, or kill him there.
Falling back.
Move, move.
We're outside.
Looks clear.
We're on the lowest sub-level on the east side of the building.
We're on our way.
Keep on the move.
[TENSE MUSIC] Hurry up.
We're at the front door entrance.
[DOOR BUZZES] Going in.
There's a stairwell at the end of your corridor.
Take it all the way down.
East stairwell's clear.
- A door.
- Got it.
- Breach.
- [GUNSHOT] Enemy units have surrounded the building.
How long do we have? - Two minutes.
- [CRASH] - You hear that? - Pick up the pace.
Two minutes.
Move it.
Southwest stairwell.
Get Kynes.
We'll slow them down.
Let's go.
[DISTANT GUNFIRE] Keep moving.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING, DISTANT GUNFIRE] Keep your eyes on the road.
We're at the door.
- [DOOR BLIPS, CLICKS] - Be ready.
All right, on me.
- [GUNFIRE] - [BOTH GRUNT] Get down.
Move up.
Move up.
- [GUNFIRE] - Move it.
Hold your fire.
Leave him.
He's gone.
- Let me work.
- I said leave him! Hold your position.
[DISTANT GUNFIRE] You wanna stay alive? Get behind me.
They're all over the place.
The best way out is through the parking structure.
I'll keep them busy.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Meet you at the rally point.
Let's go.
You watch the doorways.
You guys come with us.
Hurry up.
- There they are.
- [GUNFIRE] - Take 'em out! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Enemy contact in the parking garage.
Kynes is hit.
We need cover.
We're bringing him out.
[GROANING] Just stay with me, okay? All clear.
We're moving out.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] [KEYS JINGLING] I didn't know where else to take her.
You did the right thing.
[DISTANT] This room's clear [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Where's Garland? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] You okay? Body armor got the worst of it.
I didn't notice Kynes amongst the dead.
I hit him myself.
Unless he's got a fairy godmother and a level-one trauma unit we don't know about, he's toast.
This is a real mess.
No shit.
You hand me 20 Outliers and you see how different the results are.
I might be able to arrange that now.
The good news is that you were right.
This appears to have been Kynes' private armory.
I don't care how good his Outliers are.
Without weapons, he doesn't have an army.
Shall we call it a victory, then? I need you back on the field right away.
I'll be there.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [TENSE MUSIC] He gonna make it? I need to open the rib cage to find the bleed.
[GROANING] I need two O Negative donors.
Three is better.
Anyone hear from Bowman? - Negative.
- Negative.