Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Auditions start in Paris

Éric and Ramzy.
A 30-year-long career.
Three legendary shows.
-Nineteen vignette films.
No Oscars.
No Grammies.
-We'd turn it down anyway.
They don't even have a Palme d'Or.
-But they do have a Judor.
-Today, they are
The mentors.
Two legends of comedy
embarking on a new adventure,
Comedy Class.
So, Éric and Ramzy, what is Comedy Class?
Make some noise for Éric and Ramzy!
We'll travel across France and Belgium
Belgium? looking for new comedians.
Each comedian will take the stage
to present their routine.
Let's have some fun!
"I need the money,
I'll do it for 50 euros!"
I created a charity for children
born without nostrils.
That's feminism, yes!
That's not the topic.
"She's got my nudes on her phone!
I was originally a mentalist.
I don't care!
-Did you smoke up before coming?
-I'm sorry, it's a no.
-This is not good.
-I'm bald.
Put me in a Speedo on the beach,
I could leave with any family.
You really cracked us up.
You have your own style.
It's hilarious.
It's a yes!
The best ones will receive
a Navigold pass.
That's a pun.
Here, a golden ticket to
Comedy Class in Paris.
I think I'll make it
all the way to the end.
This is it. Right now.
It's gonna happen very fast.
They will have to rise to the challenge.
They'll write new routines
on suggested topics.
-Like surrealism.
-Dark humor.
And a roast!
No matter who's next, we won't take him.
We won't be the only ones to judge them.
Oh, right! We have a special guest.
Florence Foresti, everyone!
Mister V!
Good evening!
Jérôme Niel!
Marina Foïs!
Make some noise for Jean-Pascal Zadi!
To tell you the truth
I don't really like stand-up.
Where are you going?
That was very original, bravo.
I thought it was great.
-Are you going to keep interrupting?
-I just want to hit you both.
-You'd never!
Show some respect, we were on Drucker.
-What I said was bull.
She started with Thierry Le Luron
and she's still here.
What's he doing?
There'll be laughter, there'll be tears
There'll be chips.
Yes, but above all
The winner gets 50,000 bucks!
50,000 euros!
-I owe my sister 200 euros.
This is France's best.
Who will replace you, Ramzy?
Me? They could replace you.
Anyway, who will be
the winner of Comedy Class?
You've been watching TRL!
Ramzy, here we are in Paris.
-Ah, Paris!
-Ah, Paris!
Paris, where we were born, Ramzy!
Where our comedy was born.
In these streets,
where we wrote that sandwich routine.
-Or the Chinese guy routine.
-I remember!
The African routine.
When we started out,
we'd write our routines in pencil.
We had nothing.
We couldn't even pay for room service!
It's nice to get back to our roots.
-To our beginnings.
-I agree.
-The whiff of failure hung in the air.
-The struggle.
We would order room service
when we didn't even have 80 bucks.
We just wanted a little butter,
that's all.
Just a little butter, some bread,
and turkey,
some eggs, and a little grated truffle.
We had nothing. Nothing!
We had a superior suite!
Excuse me, we were in a junior suite.
That's half the lounging area.
So humble! So humble!
-I remember I'd go for a massage
-But I had no money.
-Me neither.
So I'd get up and leave early.
After 40 minutes
of a one-hour massage, I'd say.
"Excuse me, I just need to wash my hands."
You'd get a massage wearing sneakers?
What's funny to me
is, after you, she'd say to me,
"Don't you pull a runner too!"
Because I'd often get there
right after you.
"Some guy just did it to me
two minutes ago!"
So I'd get the massage, and, after,
I'd admit to having no money
and offer her a massage.
So I'd give her a massage.
And today, that woman's my wife!
Look, Bercy, Ramzy! Remember?
We performed for a crowd of 11 people.
It ruined us.
It was pretty insane
thinking we could fill Bercy
after putting up five posters
around Paris.
Thinking they'd come
because we looked funny.
The poster said "Éric et Ramzy,"
but just had your face.
You said, "I'm so ugly and funny
"that everyone will come
because of this picture."
But I screwed up. No one came.
Right after that, you got
a lot of label offers
to walk in fashion shows,
so you weren't so ugly after all.
The last two times we were at Bercy,
I did the runway.
I remember. I did the commentary.
"Here he is, in head-to-toe Sandros.
"Sandros. For all your jam
and trouser needs,
"shop at Sandros!"
I can just picture it.
At Bercy, with an audience of 11.
"I'll take two! Does it come in large?"
We decided to do a fashion show
instead of our usual routine
in the middle of a routine, remember?
We said, "Hey!
"Are there any Ivorians in the house?"
Then you whispered into the mic,
"What if I did a fashion show?"
-And you said, "Damn!"
-And luckily for us,
there was one Ivorian in the crowd.
He said, "Yeah, right here!
"How did you know I was Ivorian?"
And I invited him on stage.
I was already so good at improv.
I was as good at improv as you were ugly.
So the Ivorian came on stage,
and, wouldn't you believe it,
it was Denzel Washington.
I get shivers thinking about that time.
Good evening, everyone!
-Hello, Ramzy.
-Hello, Éric!
Hello, Paris! Good to be here.
Look at all these colors!
-Lots of black
-Clothes or skin?
It's like Fifty Shades of Black.
We've never had so many Black people!
-That's so nice.
And a little scary!
No, it's great.
Black people, you good?
More like, "French people, you good?"
How are you, Paris?
Sorry about our seats,
which aren't exactly humble.
They are Egyptian chairs.
Made in Ancient Egypt, apparently.
-Or by aliens.
-Or cult leaders.
So, we're going to see some comedians.
We hope they'll be funny.
We're looking for the next big thing.
The one who will bury us,
or at least bury Ramzy.
-You still have a career.
-I might continue on it with them.
If they're funny, we'll see.
I don't think so
because the winner we choose
will win 50,000 euros.
They're clapping for the money.
The 50,000 euros isn't for you!
-It's for one of the contestants!
-"50,000 euros!"
Shall we let the youngsters
make them laugh?
-The ones funnier than us?
-Ladies and gentlemen
-Here come the youngsters!
Okay, here we go.
Oh, an Arab. Let's go.
-Make some noise
-Oh, maybe not.
Is "Adel" is an Arabic name?
-Adel Fugazi!
Let's hear it!
My name is Adel Fugazi.
I'm 28, I live in La Courneuve,
and I do stand-up professionally.
I wanted to be a hospital director.
My dream was to be a government employee.
For the job security, the money,
the apartment,
and the company car.
But I didn't know it was
so hard to get in.
I didn't even try.
I started stand-up by taking classes.
It was six months in Paris,
then I took flight.
Like the Lenny Kravitz song, "Fly Away."
I want to fly
I might seem a little
I can talk about a wall for four minutes.
I'm proud of my comedy.
I think people will get it.
Make some noise!
Hello, hello, hello!
AGE 28
Doing good?
Hatik's put on some weight, huh?
A little bit.
Please, stop.
I love to eat.
I can't hide the fact that I love to eat.
I recently discovered those replica cakes.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
You see this perfect shoe,
then a lady comes up to it with a knife.
"No way!
"It was cake!"
Then she cuts the knife.
"The knife's cake too!"
Someone else comes in and cuts the lady.
"She's cake too!"
Now I see cake everywhere.
I'm happy to be here.
It's cool seeing so many different people.
You all have a different face.
So many faces.
You use them to unlock phones now.
That's how many there are.
It's true.
Just like you, Éric.
They're all beautiful.
All beautiful human beings.
Why am I saying this? Because chickens,
once you've seen three or four chickens
you've seen them all.
He's not bad.
A chicken will never surprise you.
Unless it's wearing Nikes, then maybe.
But if you see a chicken
that looks a bit like a pigeon,
know what that is? A pigeon!
That's not a chicken.
Chickens must struggle
to recognize each other every day.
It must be hell in the henhouse.
That's why they do this. They don't know.
"Marie, is that you?"
"No, I'm Inès!"
"No way!
You're the spitting image!
And you're not even cake!
You're the same."
-He's good.
-Yeah, I like him.
Good thing chickens don't have iPhones.
Imagine you're a chicken
and you lose your phone.
Any chicken can come along
and unlock it, just like that.
"This is my phone now.
"She's got my nudes on her phone!
"What a weird chicken."
But that's my opinion about chickens
as a human.
Maybe they're all unique.
Maybe, even as we speak,
there are chickens
in a comedy club for chickens,
with a chicken comedian saying,
"If you've seen three or four humans
"you've seen them all."
They're laughing their asses off.
They're shitting eggs.
Humans have developed languages,
French, German, English,
Spanish, Arabic, to be different. Great.
I'm telling you this because
chickens I'm not done.
Five more minutes.
If you take chicken from Denmark
and another one from Senegal
and you put them together
"Cluck, cluck!" "Cluck, cluck!"
I think they'll understand each other.
Italian chickens might stand out
because they'll go, "Cluck-a cluck-a."
Thanks for your time!
This was a lot of fun.
-Thank you.
-Bravo, Adel!
-Well done.
-Bravo, Adel.
Thank you.
That was really good.
You got me with the chickens.
Especially with the unlocking phones.
The way you laid an egg,
nice and easy, like a drive-by.
I really liked that a lot.
You have it all, the delivery
You have your own style.
But it's a little chaotic.
-That's what I liked.
-Me too.
It's like an old plane.
You know it'll land, but
-That's it exactly.
-That's just how it happens.
And we want to take another flight.
Yeah, it's a fun flight.
I don't know where we're going,
but flying with him is fun.
You have a unique style. It's great.
Adel, it was a pleasure
having you here with us.
-Thank you.
-You're moving on.
Thank you, Ramzy.
Good job, man.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Adel, hilarious routine.
His material was funny.
He clearly loves it.
-And I don't know if you felt it too
-Don't press there!
Up next,
Camille Lorente!
Yeah, Camille!
Let's go!
Go, Camille!
AGE 34
Good evening, thank you!
How are you, Paris?
Great! Me too. I'm so happy to be here.
Let me introduce myself. I'm Camille.
I'm 34 and I don't have children yet.
But I really want children. I can't wait.
Because, once I have a kid,
we're gonna go on vacation.
We're gonna get on a train
and piss you off.
It's my turn now.
Everyone gets a turn.
I've suffered enough on trains.
Mama has nothing to lose now.
Do you feel the same?
Isn't there always a family on the train?
Did they know we were coming or something?
Families on trains are weird.
You get there, you board the train,
but it's like
the family has already been there a week.
When did they get there?
"I'm sorry, do you live in coach eight?"
You're in their home. They live there.
For them, the ticket inspector
is the mailman.
There's no reason I should leave you
in peace with Timothy.
I will take the train
with my son every day.
I have nothing to lose.
My biological clock isn't ticking.
It's screaming for revenge.
I'll teach him to piss you off
on the train.
I'll teach him at home.
I'll get him after his nap,
so he's full of energy,
and say, "Timothy,
today, we're going to Toulouse.
Be sure to bring your xylophone."
It'll be fun.
We'll have a strict training program.
"Timothy, give me 50 squats.
Come on, Timmy!
You're gonna need strong legs
if you want to kick seats for five hours!"
How will you manage? Don't cry!
Save the crying for the train!"
It's my revenge. And I'll love it.
No, I'm kidding. Timmy will behave.
But I really do want to be a mom.
I especially can't wait to be pregnant.
We've only just met,
but let me share this with you.
Being pregnant is my last chance
to have breasts.
I'm rocking a 28-AA.
AA comes before A.
The bastards had to invent a new letter.
Even your cup size is screwing with you.
"Suck it!"
But we can laugh about it.
It doesn't bother me, I'm used to it.
Besides, breasts are inherited.
So, thanks, Dad.
That's it for me.
Thank you, Paris, you were great!
Make some noise for Camille!
Well done, Camille!
-I had a great time.
-I love this person.
Back at you!
-Hey, I love you too!
-I love you, too!
As a big fan of tits, it spoke to me.
True, you are a tit fan.
I'm a tit fan.
I have photos of them everywhere.
As your phone background.
Camille, it must be great
to watch your show for an hour.
-Your pacing is nice.
-Thank you very much.
-I want to keep her in Paris.
-I'm charmed.
-Here's your chance!
-Come on.
-Thanks. Well done, Camille.
-Camille Lorente!
-Great job, Camille!
-Camille, Camille
-Oh, stop!
Wow, that was stressful!
It was great. They were so nice.
I did my best with what I know how to do.
I'm still shaking!
Then the debriefing
with Éric and Ramzy! Amazing.
I got some great compliments.
I was at a party in Montpellier,
talking to a girl.
AGE 27
I said, "How are you, sweetie?"
But she didn't say, "Fine."
She answered honestly.
She said, "The truth is, not great.
I'm not gonna lie.
My dad's got cancer."
Well, I studied literature, not medicine.
What else could I do?
I said, "Sweetie,
it's, 'My dad has cancer.'"
You have some excellent jokes,
but it's too slow.
Although being slow might be his style,
-so I don't know.
-Being slow might work
or being slow might be slow.
-And that was slow?
-That was slow-slow.
-Nine Azoulai!
-Nina Azoulai, give it up!
All my girlfriends are so beautiful.
AGE 26
I only have sexy friends.
Girls who radiate feminine energy.
I radiate bread energy.
I make an effort every day.
I put on makeup, do my nails, my hair,
so when I leave the house,
I can say, "I look beautiful."
But then my friends say,
"Nina, big party tonight. Go get ready."
I feel that sometimes,
you get people on board
and get them laughing,
and you could draw that out a bit.
but, instead, you move
onto something else.
The result is, I don't have time
to settle into your world.
Excuse me, are you a model?
I have a modeling agency.
You think I could be a model?
What are you doing?
It's a camera from Gabon.
Apparently, I'm taking your soul.
Next up, we have Sofiane Soch!
He's here to make us laugh.
How is everybody doing?
I'm Sofiane, I'm 21.
I'm from just outside of Paris.
I've been doing comedy for two years
in Parisian clubs
and I study journalism at the Sorbonne.
My first stage was my living room.
On the sofa.
I put on a comedy act
for my family and friends.
It went really well.
My sister told me I had talent,
so I went for it.
Comedy became my platform. It was my way
of getting invited to birthdays,
talking to girls.
By being funny. I wasn't good-looking,
I was scrawny, bad at soccer
Now I'm confident in myself.
I've forgotten life without stand-up.
How did I live without
going onstage every night?
AGE 21
I'll admit, I was bullied
all throughout school
because I was ugly
and a little effeminate,
but now everything is fine.
I was bullied by a classmate.
I won't say his name
because he might find me.
Youssef was just relentless.
But even worse, I stayed with my bullies.
That's it.
I went to the school psychiatrist
and she said I had Stockholm Syndrome.
I said, "I don't understand."
She said, "It's like domestic abuse,
but mom stays with dad
because of the kids."
I said, "I don't understand."
I'm not going to tell my bully, "Stop!
"Our kid is coming!"
She asked if I'd been bullied online.
I said, "No, he prefers
to do it in person."
I found a solution for the bullying.
Quit school.
I deserved to be bullied
because I talk too much.
He's going so fast!
I'm pissing myself off with my life story.
When I text my friends,
they reply with "STOP."
I talk too much.
Actually, I slow the group down,
I'm so annoying.
I'm like a speed bump!
My friends and I never finish
"Truth or Dare."
If I say, "Dare," they tell me to go home.
And the game ends quickly.
Am I pissing you off?
There used to be an anti-bullying hotline.
And I used to bully it. That's not good.
There are too many Victor Hugo Streets.
-Too many streets named after Victor Hugo.
-He's insane!
Let him die!
Put "Victor Hugo Street" into Waze,
it freaks out!
Imagine if Victor Hugo came back.
"That's mine, that's mine too"
Imagine if St. Denis came back.
He sees his street.
"This is my street?
But it's full of hookers!"
"And my town is only Arabs."
Arabs and Black people always have gyms.
Like "Nelson Mandela Gymnasium."
Or swimming pools
But we can't even swim!
Thank you for coming out.
Sofiane Soch!
Right, get out of here.
There's nothing left to say.
We loved him!
It's amazing how much we loved him,
even though we only got
a third of his jokes.
-He was going 200 on the highway
-At a constant speed.
He needs to find a rest area.
-Get a sandwich.
-Fill up.
But he's pure talent. A rare gem.
-He's the next Éric Judor.
-I was about to say that.
-About me?
-No, me.
Sofiane Soch!
I threw out lots of quick jokes.
They must have liked it.
-I'm so happy.
-Well done!
The next guy even has a funny name
Tom Boudet.
Tom Boudet, everybody!
Come on, Tommy!
AGE 21
-Thank you very much. Good evening.
-Good evening!
-Everyone good?
-Everyone ready?
I'm young.
When I came up here,
some of you were thinking,
"Who let their kid on stage?"
The way I look means
I can't do certain things.
I don't look like I could
do a film with The Rock.
Unless it was called
"Skinny and the Bandit."
And since I'm so skinny,
people at parties, without even asking,
like to pick me up. Let's talk about this.
They have something to prove.
But of course, they can lift me up.
One night,
I had 30 of them passing me around.
Just leave me alone!
I was born in 2002.
You're all pissed off now.
I can sense the shock
when I say my birth year.
One time, when I went to the doctor's,
and she saw when I was born,
it bothered her.
She said her son was the same age
and asked if she could call me Tommy.
I said no.
"I deserve respect.
"I want you to call me Mr. Boudet.
"And for you to say, 'Sincerely.'"
I was in the zone.
It's nice being born in 2002.
But there is a drawback.
I'm addicted to technology
because I grew up with it.
People tell me that
I'm always on my phone.
So I wanted to do a detox
by going on walks, alone,
without my phone.
Like adults do on Sunday mornings,
hands behind their back.
And saying shit like, "The rain is nice.
The lawn needs it."
I'm trying to get on top of things.
I went to vote for the first time.
I got my ballot,
put it in the slot,
the mayor looked at me.
She said, "Voted!"
And I got scared.
I was worried she'd do commentary
for the rest of my life.
I imagined my first time,
she'd say, "Fucked!" I don't want that.
Thank you very much.
That was neat, huh?
Very neat. It was too perfect for me.
Which is weird to say, but
You'll think, "So pick me then, idiot!"
But it was too tight.
It's missing some whimsy,
something I can relate to.
-It's not for us.
-Hold on, Tom!
For me
This guy could be a big star.
He deserves support.
We'd be stupid to said no.
I know, but
I want to take him.
Hold on! We're just thinking out loud.
We'll call him your protégé.
-This is an ordeal for him.
-He'll be your protégé.
And I'll remind you at the Roast-Off
that we said no.
So, it's a yes!
Thank you very much!
I went through every emotion.
But it's fine.
I got my very own Éric and Ramzy routine.
I'm so happy.
The next one has an interesting photo.
I'm Noam Sinseau, I'm 25
and I live near Paris.
I'm from Martinique originally.
I'm a queer artist.
I'm a superstar,
and I'm going to prove it.
I couldn't be openly gay in Martinique,
so I was still in the closet.
Then I came to Paris in 2016.
I had to get out, so I could feel free
and live a life closer
to my authentic self.
You're gonna see something beautiful,
dynamic, sparkling
and flamboyant, just like me.
I'm gonna make a bad-bitch entrance.
Noam Sinseau!
AGE 25
Thank you!
Yes, I'm a fag. Good evening.
Look, I'm gonna leave and come back
because the applause felt lacking.
Make lots of noise,
give me a standing ovation.
Like you're seeing a superstar, like
Noam Sinseau. Okay?
And anyone who doesn't stand up
is a homophobe.
Nothing more, nothing less.
-Shall we?
Okay, let's go!
Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries,
give it up for the ravishing
Who could it be?
Noam Sinseau!
Oh, stop! Thank you, sit down.
Take a seat!
That was so unexpected! Thank you.
I live in Paris, I'm happy.
I feel like the universe
is jealous of my shine.
You know? Like it's saying
Yes, the universe speaks English,
like a bad bitch.
"How can we stop him from shining?
"What can we do to stop him from shining?"
I'm bald.
You all said, "Oh!"
Take it easy, okay?
I'm Black, gay, and bald.
That's the definition of "struggle."
The problem with being bald
is that you're never completely bald.
Your hair still grows around the sides
to remind you that you have a bald spot.
I'm bald at 25, which is very young.
And I found out that it's hereditary,
so I blocked my dad on WhatsApp
because I deserve respect.
When I came out, he wasn't mad
and he didn't believe me.
I said, "Dad, I'm gay." He said, "No.
"What did I do to deserve this?"
And I said, "You made me bald."
Thank you, Comedy Class.
Thank you, Noam!
Make some noise for the gorgeous Noam!
My God, you're beautiful.
I know.
You're a star already, honestly.
You have this aura, like a light.
Your entrance was very courageous.
You immediately invited us
to take in your world
and your look.
As for your routine,
we're looking for comedy.
-Not a fashion show.
-What did you think of Noam?
I could only look at him.
When you took off your wig,
I was fascinated by your beauty.
I swear! I was looking at your outfit
instead of listening to your jokes.
I can't tell if he's funny or not.
If this was Star Class,
we'd have a winner.
-But I didn't get "comedy."
-I didn't get "comedy."
Thank you, Éric and Ramzy.
So sorry. Thank you, Noam.
-Félix Junier.
-Here we go!
I'm really insecure about my appearance.
AGE 24
I'm mostly insecure about my nose.
Funny, those of you in front of me
never seem to get it,
but you assholes get it just fine.
I look like I have
a calcium deficiency, I know!
Covid helped me to accept myself.
Masks are great,
but you could tell I was hiding something.
It was like getting a boner in sweatpants.
I feel like you needed to be sharper
with your joke-telling.
It gets too wordy, so it gets diluted
into a story you might tell your friends.
I want to see a comedian
who makes me laugh.
Make some noise for Aude Alisque!
I recently learned that
I'm a good audience.
I thought that was a good thing
because there's "good" in there.
AGE 38
But the definition is,
"person lacking critical thinking skills."
So that made me laugh.
I think good audiences laugh
because we're nice.
It's a way to make people like you,
which I like.
I'd do anything to be liked.
I even became a goth for a guy.
I copied his makeup.
I listened to the same music.
Do you guys know that kind of music?
Fascination with death!
I think the work shows,
but it's still being incubated.
It's still under construction.
It's not finished yet. It lacks precision.
-What do you think?
-It's a no for us, sorry.
She's got something.
I really do think she could do something.
She might need to work on it
with other comedians.
She needs to draw from
other people and new worlds.
Because she does have real potential.
-But we're not taking her.
I'm Vincent Seroussi, I'm 27.
I'm a comedian.
My mother introduced me to
Charlie Chaplin and Louis de Funès.
-So, Charlie, how are you?
-Doing okay?
I lost my mom when I was 13.
Losing her made me realize
that it can all come to a stop.
So enjoy your life
and live your dreams. Just do it.
As I grew up,
I discovered comedy and stand-up.
I like seeing people react
and causing emotions.
I decided to make a career out of it.
-Next up
-Vincent Seroussi!
Time to make us laugh, Vincent!
Comedy Class, give it up!
AGE 27
I'm thrilled to be here with you tonight.
Even though I can tell I make you
uncomfortable when I get on stage.
When people see me,
they don't know if this is stand-up
or a Républicains rally.
You guys are real bastards.
Apparently, everyone agrees.
You saw me and thought,
"Look, it's Sarkozy 30 years ago."
Well, it's a pleasure to be here.
I'm happy to stand before the legendary
Éric and Ramzy.
A tall one and a short one,
just like me and Carla.
But that didn't stop me
from being a comedian.
Taking the stage was a childhood dream.
So I studied drama.
I went to a great school, I'm very proud.
I went to the Paris Institute
of Political Studies
Don't laugh, it's a great
performing arts school, I swear.
They've taught the best comedians.
"I'd like to speak to all of you.
To you, ladies and gentlemen."
He's good!
"To you, ladles and jellyspoons."
No, but I do like politics.
So in case you missed it,
the mayor of Pantin,
to fight for gender equality,
he renamed the town "Pantine."
They must be bored
at the Pantin city council.
What are they doing?
But then I thought about women
who deal with misogyny
and harassment every day.
They must have seen
"Pantin" become "Pantine"
and thought, "Finally,
things are changing!
"We've been waiting
for the Pantin-Pantine switch for ages!"
We should go even further.
Mâcon would become "Mâ-cunt."
That's feminism, yes!
Change "Passy" into "Pussy."
That's progress!
I've had a great time.
You've all been awesome!
It's a bit old-fashioned, I feel.
You did a Sarkozy impression.
-I thought, "Wow!"
-I liked his Macron.
-That's the problem.
-I'm not criticizing Sarkozy.
-That's how he talks.
It's a little nerdy,
but cool at the same time.
-It's very nice.
You seem nice to me.
-You seem nice to me, too.
-You both, as well.
That's nice to hear.
Listen, we're on our way out
and we're looking for rising talent.
I like the fact that
he didn't get personal,
like comedians typically do.
"Oh, I'm so fat"
-I really like that.
-I do like that.
-Me too.
-We all laughed.
We really did laugh a lot.
-Come here, bro.
Make some noise!
That guy was really nice.
Extremely nice.
Incredibly nice, Vincent Seroussi.
This validation feels good.
Being validated by Éric and Ramzy
is really something special.
It's nice being validated by the pros.
-So, is Yassir ready?
-Of course, he's ready!
-Yassir was born ready!
-Make some noise for Yassir!
AGE 30
We're going to spend some time together.
My name is Yassir and I'm not famous.
But people often mistake me
for someone famous.
You might have heard of him,
Of Nazareth.
People are like, "Excuse me,
"have you returned?"
I didn't know what to say!
"Shh, the world is not yet ready."
And I left.
I consider myself to be
a Child of the Sun.
I feel like that sounds better
than "Arab."
No? I don't know.
Doesn't that sound better?
Imagine the news saying, "Know what
the problem is in this country?
There are too many Children of the Sun.
Those tanned people seem nice."
I try to find what unites us
in spite of our differences.
That's what France needs.
I'm culturally and religiously Muslim.
In Fance, the Muslim and LGBT communities
have a lot in common.
Wow, silence!
You guys are like sharks!
"And with that
"Let's wait for him to drown."
Anyone from the LGBT community
here tonight? By applause.
That's great. Amazing.
If you weren't here, I'd have said,
"Let's really let loose!"
What the LGBT and Muslim
communities have in common
is that that we have people
in our communities
we don't want.
They weaken the fight,
slow down the group,
make you think, "Why are they talking?"
But also, in our respective communities,
we have bearded, muscular guys on tanks,
just not the same kind of beards or tanks.
Are you picturing it?
Don't switch them. It gets too weird.
Imagine a Pride parade in Baghdad.
Some people are laughing,
some are thinking, "Starfoullah!"
Let's stop here.
I only swim where I can touch ground.
I've taken enough risks.
Remember, they're only jokes.
I mean no offense.
If I've offended anyone
here tonight, honestly,
I forgive myself.
My name is Yassir, thank you!
Make some noise for Yassir!
Thank you very much.
You walk around, you dance.
You play on your appearance
That all works, it's solid.
I have no issue with it,
I just didn't laugh.
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