Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Selections with Florence Foresti

Look! It's another Éric and Ramzy.
-Our doppelgängers.
-They look just like us.
-Are we ready for admissions?
-For sure!
I hope they have their ID
for the paperwork.
I hope no one lied to us
and that they all have papers.
Now it's Sink or Swim.
The film by Gilles Lellouche.
Make some noise for Éric and Ramzy!
Good evening!
Good evening, everyone!
This reminds me of our shows.
When we were successful.
Jeez! Back in day, when we were on stage.
Anyone here ever seen our shows?
-Liars! You're way too young!
-It was 20 years ago. You weren't born.
For those who are still standing,
we toured all of France. Four cities.
-That's all of France.
Including Brussels!
-So, the whole country.
-We saw many artists.
These are the best in France.
Hold on!
Hold your applause.
Because, of the 20, some are just so-so.
I'm joking! But you know who you are.
This is, after all, a game.
And the winner of this game
will go home with 50,000 euros.
Out of these 20 talented comedians,
we hope that one will be
the next big comedian.
Maybe not the biggest, but at least
-Like 5'7".
Of the 20,
ten are gonna have to clear off.
You knew this. You signed up for it!
We asked production for something.
We wanted what The Voice has,
those seats that turn.
So they made us these yellow seats.
-But we had something installed.
-This system,
since we can't spin around
because we need to see your funny faces,
-When we think someone is funny
We can do this.
We go up. Just like this.
It's a hilarious visual gimmick!
I hope it won't distract you.
When we go up and down, turn around.
So we need to retain ten,
and here to help choose them,
we have someone to help us.
A comedy legend.
She's getting a little old now,
but still very
-Very funny.
-She's still very funny.
The defendant?
-Is that how it goes?
I was following your lead. Bring in
It's Florence Foresti!
Florence Foresti!
Florence Foresti!
Ladies and gentlemen, the boss is here!
The boss!
Florence is the queen.
Her career is impressive.
She fills stadiums.
AGE 40
The pressure is on.
From now on, this is the only way
I want to be welcomed.
-It's nice, isn't it?
-Can they come to my place?
-I want the same honor guard welcome.
-You can order them on Amazon Prime.
They'll arrive in five,
ten minutes? Great.
Éric just picked up his phone
-and convinced me.
-She's right out of the '60s.
-"Pick up"?
-Hello? I can't hear you!
-He pressed
He dialed the number
Do you have a cloth?
-I just spat.
-She's disgusting.
-A little Florence Foresti DNA.
-We'll cut this part.
-A cloth, please.
We're going to need a mop.
-I need to change my pants.
-He's soaked
We've said everything, you can leave now.
Wait, there's one more sentence!
"We're expecting from you"
Someone wrote this for us.
"We're expecting more of a show
from you"
Wait, we have to say something else.
See how organized we are? Real pros.
You are ready! When do we start recording?
-You'll be ready.
This is our last rehearsal.
Everyone's done one routine,
which we liked. Their next routine
will need to be about themselves.
-They've had it easy so far.
They could do whatever they wanted.
Starting now,
they will be getting a theme.
Cut, cut. Éric, focus please.
-Before us
Take a deep breath.
Are you ready now?
The topic is themselves.
Our 20 contestants will have to speak
about themselves in a humorous way.
And cut. There you go.
I've got goosebumps.
We're going to let you get ready,
then we will welcome our first contestant.
-The first artist!
-Go get dressed!
I'm expecting surprises and laughs.
However, be careful,
we don't want to find my replacement.
-So, I will disqualify
-The women.
The most talented woman.
-It's hard telling them it's a no.
-It's awful.
But we'll do it anyway.
Before we start,
I'd like to ask you a question.
About time!
So I didn't come here for nothing.
-Among the 20 selected people
There are only five women.
-Four, I was told.
-Did one die?
-Stupid truck.
How do you explain that?
That there are fewer women?
We started much later.
-That's a lame excuse!
-It's true.
We were too busy cooking
in your goddamn kitchens.
No, I'm sorry
-That's not a valid point.
-Shut up!
You can't write between making fajitas
and taking care of a baby?
-That's material right there.
-Do you think she's Mexican?
So, considering we started
much later than men,
we're way ahead of you.
I think it's time to call
-Audrey is going first, isn't she?
-Audrey Baldassare!
Come on, Audrey!
AGE 36
Hello, everyone! Thank you!
Hello, Ramzy, Éric, Florence!
I'm so glad you're here.
I'm gonna tell you
a little bit about my life.
I'm trying to be a good grown-up.
But it's a struggle.
And that's down to one thing.
I'm scared of spiders.
I can get pretty dramatic.
It's a little ridiculous.
The last time I took on a spider, it won.
I swear. I was lying in bed,
and that's when they always come.
I reach up to turn off the light,
but the light doesn't turn off.
It wasn't the switch.
I swear, this huge spider
was that close to my face.
I got so scared,
all I could do was jump out of bed.
Except it's a loft bed.
The spider must have wondered,
"Did she just jump?"
Nobody takes it seriously,
but it is a phobia.
People often say, "The spider is
more scared of you than you of it."
That's useless to say, I'm aware.
Anyway, are you saying I'm scary?
Fuck off.
I just got back from Québec. Are you
different depending on your location too?
Yes, the change of subject
was a little sudden.
Let's be honest. But, really
I don't know if it was the jet lag,
but I just got back from Montreal,
and as soon as I got to Québec,
I kissed two guys the same night.
The thing is, I'm a lesbian.
Yeah. Well, when I'm in France, at least.
I don't know what happened, but,
apparently, when I cross the Atlantic,
like smoked salmon,
I become straight.
I don't want to be straight.
I think it's easier in France.
There's still a lot of homophobia here,
mostly thanks to my mom,
who ups the statistics.
It's crazy.
One time, during a family dinner,
she told me,
"Yes, but you're a lezzie, my girl."
I don't know if I should be offended
or think it's cute.
Doesn't it sound like a pastry?
I don't know.
But, anyway, my mom is very cute.
She's tiny,
she has platinum blond spiky hair
and wears Quechua winter jackets.
I'm sorry,
but if anyone here is a lezzie
I don't think she's homophobic.
But I try to understand it.
Is it really a phobia?
Maybe people are really scared.
Nobody believes I'm scared of spiders,
but thank God homophobes
don't react like I do.
Imagine. "Shit!
There's one in the corner, smash it!"
Imagine how horrible Pride would be.
But I have an idea.
Let's make all the homophobes
cross the Atlantic
to see if they change their minds.
With a bit of luck,
they might go fuck themselves.
Thank you for listening!
-We press it like this?
-I didn't make you laugh?
-Audrey Baldassare!
Thank you. You were a great audience!
Thank you!
-Thank you, Audrey.
-That was so stressful!
It was really brave of you to go first.
-As you can see, we all went up a bit.
Ramzy is cheating. He waited till the end.
I was scared.
What you're seeing is incorrect,
I was the one who went up first.
True. I remember.
Hold on, I didn't understand the concept.
This is hard.
It's horrible going up and down
while someone is on stage.
No, it's encourages them.
Did it encourage you
when you saw the chair go up?
Mostly I noticed the ones that didn't.
-There you go!
-We need a sign
-so we go up at the same time.
-Let's just drop it
-Or we do it at the end.
-That's better.
-So they don't stress about it.
-So let's talk about your performance.
I thought it was bold.
I thought the beginning
with the spiders was dull,
but you got back on track later,
so it was pretty clever.
It's clear you put some thought into it.
I thought the bit about the spider
was a little old-fashioned.
Like something we'd have written.
-During the 2000s.
Comedy from the early 2000s.
I disagree. It's timeless.
It's something everyone can
-A lot of people could relate.
Some "insights" in humor
are timeless, you see?
You're a strong writer.
Like in the Pride bit
We can't hear you, Ramzy.
In the Pride bit,
when people were falling.
-We still can't hear you.
-In the Pride bit!
Well done for kicking things off
so professionally!
Well done.
-Are we all on the same page?
-Let's use our chairs.
-Let's use the chairs.
Wrong button. Sorry.
Audrey, you're moving on.
-It's a yes?
-Well done, and see you soon.
-See you soon, thank you.
Unbelievable. This is crazy!
Completely crazy.
I'm so happy! So happy!
I'm so proud.
My mother is going to be so happy.
I really like our next contestant.
-I hope we won't be disappointed.
-He's your favorite.
-Yes, he's my favorite.
-I like him too, but he's your favorite.
-Ayrton, for me
-It's a no.
He's my fave.
Fave, favorite, which is it?
-My favorite.
-I see.
I really liked Ayrton.
Ah, Ayrton's calling me.
-It's really him.
Let me call you back.
We were just talking about you.
We'll tell him what we said later.
Take care.
Good evening, Paris, how are you doing?
AGE 25
Make some noise!
Good evening! Éric, Ramzy
Ms. Foresti. Good evening, everyone.
I'm very happy to be here with you.
Take a good look,
so you see what I'm like.
I've realized that, in life,
we don't see ourselves as we really are.
I see myself as handsome, manly
But when I asked a friend
what I looked like,
he answered, "You look like
a lesbian truckdriver."
Then he showed me pictures
of lesbian truckdrivers.
He found one of me, driving a truck.
There are codes of masculinity.
If you don't respect them, you know.
The first one is a beard.
I always dreamed of having a beard,
but I'm getting over that.
At first, I wanted a beard,
but then I thought
peach fuzz isn't so bad.
It's fine,
I'm still handsome without a beard.
But I only attract a certain kind
of woman, and I don't like them.
The kind of woman who says,
"Well done, you finished your plate.
"Grandma is proud of you."
Only older women like me.
It's so disappointing.
I'd get gangbanged in a retirement home.
And without a beard,
people think I'm somewhere
between 12 and 38 years old.
I'd cause huge confusion
in a pedophilia case.
The police would be like,
"Let's start from the beginning.
"Are you the child or the pedophile?
I don't understand."
Now, the second code.
This one is a little lame.
To be manly, you need a big dick.
My friends and I like to compare.
Damn, I'm disappointed.
Nobody says, "I have a small dick."
Third code, in a relationship,
never cry in front of your girl.
Women don't care. You're fine with it.
"A man who cries is sexy.
It shows he can be vulnerable."
Sure. One time.
But after three,
"There he goes again, the crybaby.
Where are your balls, honey?
Let me help you find them."
Masculinity norms are toxic.
Between men,
we're scared of saying "I love you."
One time, I told a friend, "Bro,
we've known each other for ten years,
I love you." He replied, "So
you're gay now?"
Far from it! But that's toxic masculinity.
We think saying it will start something.
So we find a different way to say it.
Personally, I like add an insult.
Not at the start. Too dramatic.
"Idiot! Can't you see I love you?"
No, you add it at the end.
That's how real men say, "I love you."
"I love you, you son of a bitch."
That's a manly "I love you."
Thank you, guys! You were incredible.
-Thanks, everyone.
-Ayrton Gomes!
Thank you!
-Thank you!
-Thanks, Ayrton!
I preferred what you did in Marseille,
-since you're from the South.
-Yes, Marseille.
It was surreal,
and that's what really gets me.
-I couldn't relate to this topic.
-I see.
I was expecting more surprises
from your writing,
but it was fine.
-I want to congratulate you
for taking on something rarely
spoken about, the codes of masculinity.
-Thank you.
-It's interesting
and modern. We talk a lot about feminism
and women who question
the standards imposed on them.
So I was happy to hear
your choice of topic.
Well done. I really liked it.
-We can't tell him no right away.
-We need to wait.
It's not a no,
-it's not a yes. We'll see you again.
-All right.
-Thank you, guys.
-Well done, Ayrton.
He's so cute!
This isn't easy.
I would not have been able to do it
at their age. Maybe not even now.
Well, that would have been impossible.
It was during the war.
-People were
-I was a nurse on the front lines.
-It was World War I!
-You're so mean.
-Are you guys joking or
Moving on!
We're ready for our next contestant.
Yassir, ladies and gentlemen!
My accent is from the South of France.
I grew up near Toulouse,
in a small village
of about 3,000 to 5,000 people.
It's true that there's a lack of culture
in the countryside.
There are no organizations,
no comedy clubs,
so I'm happy I live in Paris now.
There are more opportunities here,
and I'm surrounded by excellence,
so it's exciting.
During my first routine,
Éric laughed, but Ramzy didn't,
so I'm feeling stressed.
Good evening!
AGE 30
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Feel free to laugh unapologetically.
That's our goal in life,
to be who we are unapologetically,
to accept who we are.
One day, someone told me,
"I never apologize for who I am."
"Well, maybe you should, bro."
I sometimes feel bad
about being a country boy.
I grew up in the countryside,
near Toulouse.
Whenever I say that,
people look at me funny.
Like they were thinking,
"Wait, Arabs live in the country?"
Some live in town,
some in the country. I'm a country Arab.
Who do you think picks the fruit? Arabs!
This isn't Farmer Wants a Wife.
This is Hamid's Tough Life.
That would be a weird TV show.
Arab Wants a Wife.
Hosted by Karine Le Marchand.
"Today, we're going to meet Hamid."
"Salam aleykoum, Karine."
That's a little odd.
In France, we think
color and religion divide us.
But I disagree.
Something else separates people.
First, there is all of us,
and then there are the people
who don't look at prices.
Some people don't look at prices.
You don't seem shocked.
You must be loaded. Good for you!
Sometimes, I don't check either.
At the beginning of the month,
if I take you out, I don't check prices.
That's because I know the place.
The menu is all up here!
Our age group is doomed.
We meet on dating apps.
I feel embarrassed by that, so my apps are
in a folder, which is in a folder,
and so on.
Some girls drive me crazy.
Those with a picture, but no bio.
Which means they must think
that it's enough.
But play by the rules, come on!
One writes, "Don't just ask me
how I am, be creative!"
Well, excuse me, madam.
No problem,
I'll send an "Hola, qué tal?" instead.
Thank you, my name is Yassir.
-Thank you.
Thank you, ladies and gents.
Yassir, I'm sure that in a normal theater,
you have the whole audience doubled over.
-I'm sure of it.
I can't say that or I'll
-In a real theater
-But I'm happy to hear it.
I have fun.
-Congratulations on your performance.
-It's not easy.
I feel the same way. I loved it.
You're very skilled. I loved your bit
about the country Arabs.
I hope you use it in your show
and elaborate on it.
-I'll dig deeper.
-She loves Arabs.
It's just very original.
Thank you, you were great.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
Do you perform a lot?
-For a while now?
-It shows you have experience.
Thanks a lot.
He's humble, he won't say.
How long has it been?
My first show was seven years ago.
Full-time, it's been four years.
That's great. It shows,
and it's good for people to know
that you've been at it for seven years.
Experience matters.
You can't just show up and do it.
It doesn't work like that.
People who become famous
have been working at it for years.
So thank you for telling us that.
You can tell.
Your hard work is paying off.
-That's so nice of you.
So nice. Thank you.
Obviously, we'll see you soon.
-Do we go up or down?
-All the way up.
All the way up. Well done, Yassir!
-Well done!
-See you next week.
-Bye, Yassir!
-Thank you.
-Well done, Yassir!
If I get too excited, it's over for me.
So I'll keep my head down.
Mom, I'm on Comedy Class.
We've selected two people
for the next round.
One is on standby.
Éric, we'll have to be careful,
because there are too many that we like.
No, there were a few
you were unsure about.
Two of them.
But, Ramzy, let's be honest,
if one of them is amazing
and we all agree
Yes, the ones we put on standby
But even the ones we said yes to
You're so mean!
It can happen! One time, I got a job,
but later they called me back
to tell me they'd made a mistake.
"Sorry, it's a no."
"We called the wrong person."
But, look, I'm still alive.
I was a shy kid.
AGE 34
Not the kind of shy kid who sniffed glue
and had rocks for friends,
but I was shy around the girls I liked.
Don't worry, though,
I fixed my problem with girls
the day I learned to speak Latin.
I don't know if you know this,
but Caesar got Cleopatra
with sentences like
"Love your profile pic."
Carpe diem, a sentence we all know,
even if you've never studied Latin.
You might You have read
This is a tough sentence.
Cut, I'll try that again,
then you all laugh.
Carpe diem, a sentence you may all know,
not from studying Latin,
but because you read it
on a hairdresser's shoulder tattoo.
You're not an artist yet.
Your voice is a little monotonous.
So you didn't really capture my attention.
I can only encourage you
to keep on performing,
and to keep on evolving. Well done.
I'm from an Italian family,
and my dad is in the Sicilian Mafia.
AGE 26
So you better laugh at all my jokes,
or he'll fuck you up.
When I was young, I was a little dumb.
I believed anything my brother would say.
When we were at
a pedestrian crossing, he would say,
"If you touch the white lines,
you'll have a shitty life."
And I believed him. For ten years,
I thought Kanye was president.
Even today, I'm not the most
I've always been missing a few neurons.
Anyway, I'm 26 years old,
I was born in 1997.
I stopped growing in 2002,
so that's short.
If you've never seen me on stage,
it's normal,
I'm five feet by two feet.
About the same size as a coffee table.
It seemed to me
like you were reciting your jokes.
I was going a little too fast.
You have a great energy
and you're very poised.
-Don't ever lose that.
Éric, will we see Manola again?
Let's see what we have coming up
and we'll get back to you, okay?
-Sure. I'm gonna tell my dad.
-Of course, he's here.
Talking about yourself
is perfect for standup comedy.
It's classic stand-up.
And even Sorry for interrupting you.
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
No problem.
Now we see her for who she really is.
She's power hungry.
That's the stand-up attitude.
It is time to welcome
AGE 20
I don't know who I was in middle school,
but I didn't have many friends.
Only one. Marc,
five feet tall, 250 pounds.
And people used to tease the both of us.
People would try to reassure me,
so I've often been told,
especially by my mom, that
"Hair doesn't define who you are."
I beg to differ.
A broom without bristles
is just a stick.
Marc and I are still best friends.
We grew up together,
we supported each other,
so the first time
one of us had sex, it was
I was 19. It's recent.
For me, it's important to be in love.
So, one night, I join the girl I like
in a bar. She kisses me.
She suggests we go to her place.
At her place,
we were very quickly in her bed.
Then, all of a sudden,
she goes to the bathroom
and comes back dressed as a nurse.
I was pretty offended.
If you're having sex with a blind person,
don't dress up as a Labrador.
So I left and I told Marc about it.
He said, "Are you gay?"
I said, "I think I'm straight."
I say that because some people only
discover who they are at 45 years old.
After three kids and two marriages,
they understand that
They just don't like it.
Imagine I don't like pancakes,
but I convince myself I do.
I make a career out of pancakes.
I train others on how to make them.
Then, after 20 years into the business,
I say "No.
"I like waffles."
Pancake batter
is the same as waffle batter.
So, if you like pancakes,
you like waffles too.
That's it for me. Thanks a lot!
Well done, Léandre.
-That was great.
-You could have pushed the nurse joke.
It had a cool set-up.
-He should have fucked her.
-For sure!
-Might as well.
That was lovely, smart and funny.
You ticked all boxes.
-It was very cool.
-You're very confident.
I can tell you've been on stage before.
-A little.
You seem calm, and I love your voice.
It's like you're singing.
And you're very handsome.
You've got a nice voice and I mean it.
-A strong personality.
-It's because he's bald.
That's another example of
-Yeah, maybe.
You've got it all to keep going.
It looks like we all want you to stay.
-I do, anyway.
-Yes, yes.
-And yes.
-It's a yes.
Léandre, ladies and gentlemen!
-Florence Foresti's opinion
-Is the final word.
-She's been on stage for 45 years.
She started with Le Luron,
and she's still here.
That's something.
We've taken three.
-So we still need seven.
-We're okay.
-We're doing great.
Ana Godefroy, ladies and gentlemen!
I've been making videos since I was a kid.
I've always wanted to make people laugh.
I love it.
A friend forced me on stage one day,
I had no choice, and I loved it.
My humor is self-deprecating.
I make fun of myself, so people can relate
to something that they've been through.
In high school,
I was sure that, to be a star
AGE 25
you needed to be a starchaser,
so I've done some pretty bad things,
like skipping my mock science exam
to wait three hours in a radio station
because I wanted a selfie with Bénabar.
That's how you become a starchaser,
not a star.
The 7 o'clock news loves talking about it.
"Wind, rain or shine,
"David, 37 years old,
never misses a chance
"to meet his favorite stars.
"Like every Tuesday, he's heading
to the Plaine Saint-Denis studios,
"hoping to get a selfie with his idols.
"Today, his target is Renan Luce,
a singer famous in the mid-2000s.
"After waiting seven hours
in a parking garage, his feet soaked,
"David goes home disappointed.
"The busy star didn't even look at him."
I can't judge. I'm the worst.
I'm a huge Emma Watson fan.
When I was young, I only had one goal,
to interview her.
One day, she came to Paris
for a preview of one of her movies,
and I had bought her a book
with my address in it.
And it worked! One month later,
Emma Watson contacted me.
She sent me a letter.
The craziest thing is imagining
her writing "49300, Cholet, France."
I was so happy about it
that I posted it on my socials,
and a journalist saw it.
He contacted me to know more about it.
I thought I'd get a few sentences
next to the crossword.
I got two pages
in the Courrier de l'Ouest,
"Exclusive! Star Emma Waston
is corresponding with a young Choletaise.
The beginning of a friendship
that proves that, sometimes,
a starchaser can become one too."
Thank you for listening.
-And I have the article.
-Ana Godefroy!
Oh, so that was a true story.
That's crazy.
To be completely honest, I didn't go
Which is the core of what we do.
-That's all it was missing.
-But it's important.
-But I think she's amazing.
Your story is a little too long.
It would be different in a show.
But here, it took up
half of your time on stage.
But you could have Yeah.
You have everything you need
for a solid base
to elaborate further,
but this was a story.
-We're not looking for a storyteller.
We're looking for the best stand-up.
-That's what we're missing.
And you didn't make us laugh.
You're so mean.
-That's horrible.
-It is.
-We got a lot of rejection too.
Unfortunately, it's going to be
a no this time.
-I understand.
-Thanks a lot, Ana.
We wish you the best!
-Thank you!
Just awful.
Like they said,
I'm really into storytelling.
For this competition,
I should have included more jokes.
This feedback will be helpful
for next time.
AGE 35
I have to talk about myself,
so let's do it.
I have a chronic illness.
It's called ulcerative colitis.
I went to see a doctor
because I had stomach pains,
and he told me, "We'll do a coloscopy."
I had never heard that word before.
I was still an innocent child.
So when he explained the procedure to me,
I didn't react very well.
So, when I got out of jail
I checked with another doctor,
hoping to get some pills.
But he suggested the coloscopy, too,
saying it was more thorough.
I said, "You're joking, right?
Am I on hidden camera?"
He said, "In a way, yes
I wasn't exactly sure how to tell you,
but bingo."
I think you've got everything we need
to move on.
It's not up to you.
I think we should decide later.
-All right.
-Sounds good.
Ready to laugh?
AGE 30
I was originally a mentalist.
Is this interesting to you?
Then say so!
This will be a little unusual.
I got it from another mentalist.
It worked in a different theater,
so we'll see if it works on you.
Let's go.
Good evening, I'm Sylvain Tesson.
Let me get you started.
You there, what's your name?
Okay, Daniel, I'm going to look at you.
In one glance I can tell
that you're a Sagittarius.
No. Well
-Yeah, I'm a mentalist!
You re-did the beginning
of your first routine.
Yeah, I really like it.
Doing this kind of thing
requires a lot of skill.
You created a character,
but in order to wow us,
you need to improve it.
-Let's take him anyway.
We can't not take him.
We've selected four people,
so that's almost half.
We have six spots left.
-We have people who
-They're like seeds.
So we're hoping they'll grow.
But we can't predict
-Yes, we can!
No, we can't know!
-The seeds are growing!
-I love it.
-You're watching them?
-Of course!
-I hear they like classical music.
-Plants can feel it.
-Let's do our own gardening show.
-Music, It Grows.
-Disco Grows.
Disco, disco, disco grows!
-Grows, grows, disco!
-Grows, grows, disco!
Sofiane Soch!
-Sofiane, Sofiane
-So, Sofiane.
Well said,
and that concludes our interview.
We have high expectations
following his first performance.
-A tornado.
-We got a third of what he said.
It was incredible.
I love his universe and his look.
-I can't wait to see him.
-Where did you find him?
Hey, Comedy Class, make some noise!
How are you doing?
AGE 21
Make some noise!
Second step, the admissions!
I have to talk about myself, yes!
Are you for or against racism?
I don't give a shit about racism.
We create it.
Just like how you ignore a kid
when he bothers you,
ignore racism.
Call me a filthy Arab if you want.
I don't care. I know I wash a lot.
Éric Zemmour recently said
he prefers new technology to Arabs.
Isn't that crazy?
He prefers robots to Rachids.
Soon, he'll change "Hi, Siri"
to "Hi, France."
I'm talking to a girl right now.
Wanna hear about it?
You have no choice, it's my routine.
She tried to kiss me.
Girls think that makes it official.
So she said, "Where does that put us?"
"We're in March. Leave me alone."
I'm really tall. I'm 6'6".
My kind of girl is weird.
I often date the same type of girls.
I'm joking, don't worry.
I'm only 6'5".
She told me I was stingy
because I didn't pay for our meal.
But that comes from my parents.
They're stingy too.
When they got me birthday presents,
they had to like it too.
When I was 12 years old,
they got me a washing machine.
All right, thanks for listening.
I had a great time. Thank you.
Sofiane got us today.
-He avoided talking about himself.
You used a routine you had already done.
No, I really don't care about racism.
I really think we create it ourselves.
Stop bullshitting.
I couldn't focus because of your delivery
and how fast you speak.
You have a great energy, so don't change,
but make sure it serves the jokes.
You've got some great jokes,
but your delivery is too fast.
Add some variety.
Right now, it's all the same.
You have your music, and you stick to it.
Do a little improvisation on the piano.
Don't you agree? I feel like
-I don't agree.
-Tell me.
Because I saw his first routine,
we didn't understand all of it,
but I was laughing
with one sentence out of three.
Because the writing is good!
But the sentences I understood today
didn't make me laugh as hard.
For me, this one was not a success.
-It's a shame!
-Yeah, it was a little messy.
It's frustrating. I do love you.
So, what do we do?
Honestly, I'm leaning towards no.
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