Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Selections with Florence Foresti

Honestly, I'm leaning towards no.
-And I'm a fan.
-how often do
-You're under his spell.
-We're under his spell.
When we were starting out,
we were told no a lot.
We weren't the worst,
but some people saw something in us
and gave us a chance.
Today, we are grateful,
sitting in our yellow chairs.
Ramzy, I'm a yes.
-That means yes.
-It's a yes, Sofiane!
-Thank you.
-Thanks, Sofiane!
Sofiane, you better give us your best
during the next round.
Surprise us next time!
I'm convinced that that guy
is extremely talented,
and that, despite him flopping this time,
I'd like to keep him.
It would be a shame to miss out on him,
-I'm telling you.
-He's the brain.
-I was wondering
-It goes very fast.
-Éric? Florence?
As Florence just said
Her name is difficult to remember.
-A name that doesn't even suit me.
Come on!
Today, the topic is to talk about oneself.
We still have ten candidates to see.
We've selected five,
so there are five spots left.
And we still have the option
to choose one we put on standby.
-We have some talented comics coming up.
-It's gonna be tough.
Whatever happens,
if they're bad, we can laugh together.
-"Did you see his face?"
-I like that.
It's a signet ring.
Like his wife! She's a signet.
-Oh, yeah?
-No, she's a singer.
-I told you already.
-You were saying "Whatever happens"
-Doesn't matter.
Let's keep going.
Who's up next?
-Adel Fugazi!
-A contender!
A strong one.
My goal tonight
is to make the audience
and Éric and Ramzy laugh.
I also want to share
a little bit about myself.
The important thing is for people
to get to know me and my humor.
AGE 28
Hey, guys!
All good? Awkward.
It's hard to get things started.
I'm just bad at it.
But I'm happy to be here,
and I tried to dress up for the occasion.
But it's really not my thing.
I just don't get fashion.
I've never been into it.
For instance,
I had never heard about thrift stores.
Do you know what thrift stores are?
Cheap clothes that stink.
And are available.
In thrift stores.
I don't go to those places,
but I've noticed that people who do
like getting a good deal,
and really want everyone to know about it.
They come up to you and say, "See this?
Guess how much.
You'll never guess."
"Ten euros?" They always say, "Less."
"Five euros?" "Less."
"Two euros?"
"Of course not, it's leather."
"Three euros."
Then they're happy.
He got his deal. T-shirt for three,
pants for five, shoes for two.
He's walking around Paris
in ten euros worth of clothes.
Voted stingiest person of the year.
"Who's the stingiest? Me!"
I swear
Thrift stores are big in Paris,
but I'm from the outskirts.
It's not cool to wear
thrifted clothes there.
Wearing someone else's old clothes
isn't very
No, we like expensive clothes.
Especially shoes.
You'll run into a guy in the street
who's like, "I ain't got no teeth,
but look at these kicks."
"Kader, you have no teeth."
"Yeah, but they're really nice kicks."
He's crazy.
And usually you can't even tell
when it's an expensive brand.
Especially the Nordic brands.
Like Schleck.
-"How do you spell that?"
-"Easy. S-H-E-J-L-L-R-K"
"The R is silent." Oh, I see.
You look at him and he says,
"It's a Schleck."
"Dude, it looks like
a plain white T-shirt."
"I know, it's very subtle."
"Guess how much."
"Well, now I want one."
Thank you for listening!
Thank you.
Adel Fugazi!
Adel Fugazi, everyone!
Adel Fugazi!
As you can tell,
there was a physical reaction.
If we go up, we loved it.
If we don't move, we didn't.
So, Adel's second routine
confirmed his universe.
His first act was absurd, and we loved it.
Today, he did something different.
He didn't use absurdity in the same way,
but we were still in the same universe.
So, Adel Fugazi is someone
I'm starting to understand better,
I'm getting a better feel for his comedy.
This is as high I can go.
-I'm very happy.
-It leaves no doubt.
To stand out from the other comedians,
you need to have a big personality.
You are uniquely you.
That's why we love you.
You are different.
You are you own person,
and that, on its own, is a big plus.
You have your own style,
and your nonchalance is hilarious.
So, it seems obvious to me
that we'd want to see more.
I just wish you had spoken
more about yourself.
You said you have no sense of fashion,
then moved on to thrift stores.
We'd have loved to hear more,
but it's a good thing,
because we can't wait to see you again.
-So, he fooled us.
No, it doesn't matter!
-Well done, Adel.
-It's a big yes!
Thank you, Adel!
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
-Are you going to stay up there?
I like it up here.
But you're sending mixed signals.
-Right. It means I loved it.
-Be careful. We'll see later.
We loved the next contestant
when we saw him in Nantes.
-I think.
That's what I said.
-Please welcome Mr. Bénin!
-Let's go!
AGE 28
Hey, Paris, how is it going?
I'm very happy to be here
and to represent my city, Brussels.
Before Belgium,
I lived in South Africa, in the '90s.
At the time,
my president was Nelson Mandela.
Can you believe that? And now,
I live in Paris Emmanuel Macron.
What an upgrade. That's insane.
Life hasn't been easy.
I grew up in shantytowns.
My parents came to Europe
to give me a better life.
They invested in me. They thought
I'd become a doctor,
but I ended up making jokes on stage.
Every morning, my dad looks at me
like I'm a Bitcoin that never took off.
I like Belgium, but people
have issues there too, like in Africa.
There are natural disasters in Belgium,
which is weird to me.
Usually, you see that in Indonesia,
Haiti or Fukushima.
So it's weird for me to watch Belgian TV
and see white people having problems.
It's so odd!
But I can help them.
I can send them some rice.
I don't know if they'll eat it
or soak up water with it,
but what matters is that I'm Black
and I helped white people.
My life is a success!
Actually, I liked doing it so much
that I now want to adopt
a seven-year-old Belgian kid.
A little seven year old, with red hair,
who I'll love, respect, and call Kevin.
But I want Kevin to have
African traditions.
I want Kevin to have an accent.
I don't have one,
but he's gonna have one.
So when Kevin turns 25,
and he calls the bank for a loan,
they will tell him no.
It's tough. I don't have
a white child yet, but soon.
I started my project.
I used to date a Belgian woman.
And, I'm telling you,
as a Black guy from Africa,
dating a Belgian girl makes you feel
like you're climbing the social ladder.
But Belgians like doing
activities too much.
I was invited to go camping.
I left Africa to avoid camping!
I don't wanna go back.
I came here for comfort. I want heating.
Thanks, guys! You were amazing.
Thank you, Paris!
-Make some noise for Bénin!
-Thanks, guys.
Thank you, Paris. Yes!
Well done, Bénin, well done.
It was nice. I love your phrasing.
You have your own rhythm
and a lot of potential.
I really like Bénin.
-I like you a lot.
-Thank you.
I agree with Éric.
You have an elegance.
You make us want to laugh with you.
I want to see more of Bénin.
What about you, Florence?
That was charming.
I love your personality,
and I loved your bit
about adopting a white child.
Racism is a common topic in comedy,
but you found an original angle.
Do you really want to adopt a white child?
Are there any here?
Because I have five kids, so
All right, see you soon, Bénin! Thanks!
-Thank you, Paris!
-Well done, Bénin!
-He's so cute!
-So cute.
-So cute.
He's our seventh selected comedian.
And let's not forget
they're all new in this.
Of course. When I was their age,
I was working as a cashier
at a sports store,
What was the best-selling product?
Well, that was 60 years ago
-What was Édith Piaf buying?
-She loved to roller skate.
Is it true that Vercingetorix
shopped there?
Yes, he was so nice!
let's welcome France's
most handsome comedian,
Vincent Seroussi!
AGE 27
When I ask my friends about work,
it feels a little like an AA meeting.
They are at the end of their ropes.
I ask, "How's work?"
"Are you okay?"
"No, I hate my job!
I hate my boss! I hate my life!
I can't take it it anymore!"
"Man, are you going to work
or to Ukraine?"
It's not the end of the world.
But I have to confess,
I didn't like my job either. I was bored.
I enjoyed going to the interviews though.
The guy would ask me to introduce myself.
"Vincent Seroussi, 25 years old.
The technical skills gained
during my studies will be an asset here
until the end of my probation period.
I speak four languages,
including talking shit.
I'm computer-literate,
I can use PowerPoint, Excel and Pornhub,
and will use it wisely to entertain
and make people understand
that if they don't step up
they'll get fired with no warning at all."
That was crazy!
You're still a little green.
I think we need to see him grow.
-Should we put him on standby?
It's not a no, it's a maybe.
Make some noise for Thomas GT!
AGE 28
I know I don't look like it,
with my macaroni body
and my know-it-all face,
but I'm very outdoorsy.
The only issue is that
my mom worries a lot.
She's a literal air traffic controller.
When I have a flight,
she knows more about it than I do.
Now, with the onboard Wi-Fi,
in the middle of flights,
she'll send me texts.
"Hi, honey, how are you doing?
Is seat 20A comfortable?
Nice view, huh?"
How does she know?
Fortunately, she's not computer savvy,
so she can't hack
into the plane's PA system.
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome aboard.
I hope we will all have a pleasant flight.
I'd also like to ask you
to take special care
of the handsome young man in seat 21A.
He's my son. Hi, honey!
Remember to eat the sandwich I made you,
and text me when you land.
Love you, have a safe flight!"
It wasn't very lively.
Some parts at the start
were a little slow.
I'm sorry, I wasn't fully there.
It felt like something was missing.
Same, but because of the topic, not you.
Good luck, Thomas. Thank you!
Thomas GT!
I have no problem
being straightforward with my kids.
-"Get lost!"
-Same here.
"You want me to show you love? No!"
But it's hard for me to do that here.
With my family, no problem,
but here it's tough.
-Do you remember Lou-Anne Protin?
-Of course.
-She's very funny.
-She seems young.
If we picked her,
it's because she's funny.
She's young and old.
She's funny and serious.
Let's see what she has to offer.
I've been doing stand-up
for about two years.
Until a few weeks ago, I was a banker,
working from 9:00 to 6:00.
Customers gave me their money
having no clue it was a bad idea.
It's better for everyone it's over.
And whether I win or not,
there's no going back for me.
Speaking about oneself is inspiring.
I like to make fun of everyone,
but I'm the first to laugh at myself.
I want them to think of me as bold.
Like, "She's going for it!"
AGE 24
Hi, how are you doing?
Let's talk about the single life.
I'm single because I have high standards.
I expect too much.
I want a guy like my father.
That's my ideal.
I want someone just like him,
with one exception.
I'd like him to live past the age of 50.
My dad was cremated when he was 50.
As Joan of Arc would say,
his flame was snuffed out early.
So, just to explain,
my dad had complications
because of his addictions.
I'll give you a clue.
If my dad had been a dessert,
he would've been a rum ball.
It goes without saying,
the fire took fast.
What disappointed me the most at the time
was the urn.
I was 15 and I expected it to be
a nice pot with a picture next to it.
But we ended up bringing him home
in something like a take-out container.
We scattered his ashes by the sea.
So picture the three of us,
holding the urn,
all facing the same direction.
With the wind blowing towards us.
No, ashes don't taste like anything.
I finally figured out that
to meet someone like my dad,
I needed to be more like my mom.
People have always compared me to her.
They would say, "Your mom is so beautiful.
You look nothing like her."
But, anyway, I'm single,
and I blame my mom.
She would always tell me, "Lou-Anne,
you need two things to keep a man,
food and sex."
My mom is a good cook
and she's twice-divorced. You do the math.
All right, that's it for me.
Thank you for listening.
Lou-Anne Protin!
-Well done, Lou-Anne!
-Thank you.
Damn! Those topics were very personal
and rough!
And it was all true, I'm guessing?
Unfortunately, yes.
In the end, it's a style.
-Therapeutic laughter.
-It's a lovely style, very engaged.
We can see that you use humor
to overcome the pain
of those experiences, correct?
I like her a lot,
Ramzy, even if she makes me
feel uncomfortable.
But that's great.
Comedy should shake things up!
Comedians are not just for entertainment.
They also need real content.
It's good that we don't all laugh
about the same thing
at the same time.
-I absolutely loved it.
-Let's keep her.
-Absolutely, I'm in.
I agree with Florence.
-Me too. You stay!
Thanks a lot. Thank you.
-That girl has talent.
-She does.
We have five more to see,
and there are only two spots left.
If worst comes to worst,
and we find one we really like,
who we think is hilarious,
we can just dump her.
We have the power to do that.
-You're so mean!
-We can do what we want.
Sitting in your yellow seat.
I feel like slapping you.
Ramzy, go for it.
Who's up next?
AGE 40
-He's good too!
-He looks like it.
-Hello, everyone!
All good? You're very lucky,
because I'm going to sing a song
about re-birth,
about re-discovering yourself.
Let's do it.
At the beginning
You all thought I was crazy
But as it turned out
I'm just like you
Human, I am
Human, I remain
No matter the circumstances
Human, I am
Human, I remain
No matter what the evidence says
Thanks to you!
Like a phoenix, I rise from my ashes
I spread my wings
And I feel understood
With my looks and my beauty
I'll brighten up your day
Now you go!
Nadim, ladies and gentlemen!
Humor is very subjective.
I could see you were
a little puzzled by the song,
but I thought it was hilarious.
This song
In your head,
you picture everyone participating,
but actually you're all alone.
The lyrics are not that bad,
but it was still so bad.
-There were half-bad.
-Yeah, half-bad.
You really made me laugh.
You were born for this.
-Thank you.
I'm going to be quick.
We're here to find funny people.
You got on stage,
I died of laughter. That's it.
So, for me, it's a big fat yes.
But Florence
I get the character,
and his insanity. We were all witnesses,
but also hostages.
Do you have a full show?
-Yes, it's eight hours.
-Eight hours?
I'll help you shorten it.
Well, we'll see you next time!
-Thank you, Nadim!
-Well done!
He made us laugh.
-Really laugh.
It's hard to make people laugh.
Plus, we film in the afternoon,
so it's even harder.
I don't know who said,
-"Don't do comedy in the daytime"
It was definitely him.
"Never during the day,
never with children"
-That was definitely Hitler.
-No, I mean it!
Comedy is for adults
and should be done at night.
I agree with you.
I'm being too serious, aren't I?
-I stopped listening.
-It kills me.
I'm only funny on stage.
And not always then!
-Who's next?
-Camille Lorente!
I have several jobs.
I have a podcast,
I make online videos
and I organize dance parties.
So comedy
is one of four jobs.
It's the one I do at night.
When it's dark.
I use stand-up as a way
of expressing my feelings.
I talk about my love life, my sex life.
Anything, really.
I have a lot of material!
Good evening! Thank you!
AGE 34
Are you still good, Paris?
Fantastic! I'm so happy
to be here with you.
Clap if you are in a relationship.
-I'm in a relationship.
-A lot of you, I see.
I'm not in a relationship.
I'm just a horndog.
But I'm a horndog by choice.
I've proclaimed myself a horndog.
I gave up men.
And I tried giving up men
at the same time as cigarettes.
It was harder to quit smoking
because smoking gives me pleasure.
Oh, come on! Stop it,
poor straight men, it's not their fault.
It's porn's fault.
They watch porn and get confused.
"Is it the clitoris or the glottis?
Ah! It was the glottis!"
Stop it, that's disgusting.
I give freediving classes on the weekends.
We can talk about that later.
Before quitting men,
I did question myself.
"Maybe I've been choosing the wrong ones?"
But it's hard to keep your standards up
when you're starving.
We've all gone shopping
on an empty stomach.
Well, there's no list.
You find out your taste
in the morning. Imitation crab!
At around the age of 25,
all my friends started getting married.
Now, at 30, it's great,
because they're all getting divorced.
It's sad for them,
but great for you
For them, it's awful
when people divorce at 30.
You release them back into the wild,
and they're completely lost.
They're like those performing dolphins
that get released back in the sea.
They just don't know!
They worked hard
at their ten-year relationship.
Now they're back into the wild.
I'm the dolphin's pal.
I've been in the sea the whole ten years.
My friend comes back.
"So, you learned to jump through a hoop?
No, that's useless here.
How do you feel about freediving?"
That's it for me, thank you.
You've been great.
Cam-Cam! Camille Lorente!
Camille Lorente clearly has something.
She is an artist, it's undeniable.
Well done on your writing,
your nonchalant and funny character.
-Well done.
-Thank you.
She's got her style.
We can't say no to Camille.
You're very good.
-Thank you.
-Well done, really.
We'll see you at the next challenge!
-Thank you.
Well done.
You okay?
-I was just looking at you.
-He's so handsome.
-You're not bad either.
-Thank you.
-Is that your real hair?
-No, it's added on.
-It's a fake braid?
-It looks great.
-You think?
-You should see it on me. Amazing.
-I'll lend it to you.
I'll lend you my braid.
Let's welcome Popi!
AGE 31
There was no step last time.
So, how are you?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Popi.
Spelled just as it sounds.
All those of you who don't know me,
say "wacapichou"!
All right.
I'll be brief because
I want to talk about three things,
but there won't be any transitions.
I hate cyclists,
but Johnny makes real music.
It's not about the cyclists,
because I love cycling.
Don't put words into my mouth.
I do cycle. "Who's cycling?"
What I like about Popi is that he does
something else than standup comedy.
But this time, it was too much.
For me, it was hard to take in.
You're more like a clown than a comedian.
It worked the first time,
but, unfortunately, not this time.
Here we go, Simon!
AGE 28
I wanted to talk about something
I love to do,
talking to myself.
I do it everywhere, all the time.
"Washing the dishes, done. Laundry, done.
I need to water the plants!"'
I even speak to my plants.
"Sorry, ladies, I forgot about you."
I bought cycling sunglasses
which I really love,
and I brought them here
to show them to you.
Are you ready?
Good evening.
These are for speed!
When I wear them,
I feel like a metalworker.
The clear ones were not enough,
so I got more.
And now, the summer version.
Thank you.
It's always sunny with these glasses,
no matter the season.
All right, that's enough.
Just joking!
You're still very charming,
but I didn't laugh as much
as the first time. It was too calm.
You were somewhere between silly
and daily life, so it was unclear.
It's the same for me.
I don't know what to say.
-We'll see later?
-Because we do like him.
We're being harsh.
I don't think I am. I'm a good audience.
I watch comedy as often as possible
and I love it.
She's closer to theater people
than her own daughter.
I neglect my family.
Just goes to show you
how passionate she is.
-I even forgot her name.
-Good for you.
Tom Bodet!
Boudet! Tom Boudet!
Tom Boudet!
-Good evening!
-Good evening!
AGE 21
On the phone,
people will mistake me for a woman.
They'll say, "Hello, ma'am."
And I love it.
I have another identity.
On the phone, I'm not Tom,
I'm Catherine.
I've even invented a life for her.
"Hi, I'm Catherine,
I have two children with Didier."
What's crazy is that, as you just saw,
I use another voice,
but I sound like a woman
with my normal voice anyway.
The last time it happened,
it kind of annoyed me.
So I used a deep voice.
They said,
"Do you have a cold, Catherine?"
Like many of you,
I met my best friends in high school.
We had parties, but just among us.
And they always ended
with confessions in the dark.
We would all be in bed,
and, suddenly, someone would say,
"Are you asleep?"
"Is it true that
you're in love with Pauline?"
"Why, you too?"
"Yes, but she's yours."
You see?
We were very flexible.
It was crazy, we had no filter.
We were honest. Maybe because it was dark?
So I thought, if that technique works,
why not use it on criminals?
Put them in a dark room,
give them a pillow,
bring in a teen to say, "Hey!
"Are you asleep?
"Did you kill all those people?"
-He's cute, isn't he?
He's an actor.
"Yes, I did it, but only because
they were all in love with Pauline!"
Thank you so much!
Tom Boudet! Make some noise!
We stopped using our seats
because it was annoying,
not because we didn't like your set.
On the contrary.
You have a classic style,
your topics are classic,
but it serves the material.
Your second routine was very neat.
You're only 20 or 21 years old, right?
-That's awesome.
You're very mature.
The another thing that I admire
is that you're already performing.
That's exactly it.
You're going to be a great actor.
-That's what I wrote.
-Did you copy me?
You look like a film star.
We want to see you onscreen.
And that will help you
with stand-up comedy, for sure.
You want to bring it to life.
-So, it's a no?
-It's a no.
-That's too bad.
-Of course it's a yes!
Tom Boudet, congrats!
Congrats, thank you!
He has a nice face.
It's important. If you're too handsome,
you can't be comedian.
Also if you're too ugly.
-Who is the best-looking comedian?
-Yes, it's Fary!
-He's nice.
-Good-looking guy.
-Panayotis is good-looking too.
-Fine, whatever.
So, we've seen everyone.
It was a nice selection, guys.
We picked people who really cracked us up.
Audrey Baldassare,
Eliott Doyle,
Adel Fugazi,
Lou-Anne Protin,
Camille Lorente,
Tom Boudet
and Sofiane Soch!
Isn't that too many?
We were meant to choose ten people,
and we have 11.
-And we have some on standby.
Yes, them too.
-Indeed, Ramzy.
Isn't that right, Florence?
We can bring them back.
-Since we said we would.
-Since there's room.
We need to take at least one.
We'll select more than we planned.
Let's go deliberate.
This part is so hard, Florence.
We need to make a choice.
Between Brahms,
and Manola.
I can't do it. I'm out.
We won't drag you into this.
I hope they have as much fun
with your next guests.
We hate saying goodbye
So we're going to keep two more.
We're going to keep
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