Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

The absurd with Mister V

We're going to keep two more.
We're going to keep
Ayrton and Brahms.
I was so relieved to see my face
on the picture.
It'd have been frustrating
to be eliminated in round two.
I'm here, but that's not my only goal.
I want to keep going.
I'm starting to get into this,
so it'll be hard to stop me.
You're in or out. This time, you're out.
It was great to be here and to meet you.
Thank you so much for this experience.
That's life!
-It's okay.
-It's just a game.
Thanks, everyone, and drive safely!
Thanks again.
-Good job.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
So, we're at the stage
where we've selected 13 candidates.
The next step is going to be stressful,
but nothing like what we experienced.
Back then, you'd bomb on Drucker.
Like we did.
Luckily for us, it was pretaped,
so he added laughs.
He also blurred you out.
And he changed your name to a French one.
Éric and Jean-Marc!
-Éric the Blur.
-And Jean-Marc the Frenchman.
Jean-Marc the Frenchman.
It worked.
Éric the Blur and Jean-Marc the Frenchman.
That's how we started out.
Make some noise for Éric and Ramzy!
What's up, guys?
It's good to see you!
Here are 13 people.
Thirteen funny stand-up comedians.
-France's best.
-Selected from hundreds,
-200 comedians.
-200,000 comedians.
Today, three will go home.
Three will be eliminated. The worst three.
We'll watch all the routines,
and, at the end, we'll decide who stays.
But if one of you blows us away,
we'll keep you immediately.
They have a challenge today.
The challenge is surrealism,
inspired by an object.
We'll see how it goes, Ramzy.
What's an object?
That's precisely what surrealism is!
Big round of applause for that joke!
Ramzy, you're so surprising.
So surprising.
-To define surreal
-A flower that marries a sausage
becomes a flausage.
I can't do any better than that.
What if they divorce?
The flower and the sausage?
-They split up
-They separate.
Plenty of divorces go smoothly.
-This one can too.
-I hope
I keep trying to reassure the sausage,
but she says:
-"No." She doesn't feel right.
-She's gonna start drinking again.
I know her.
I hope she'll stay on the right path.
On the phone,
I tell her, "Keep your head underwater."
It's looks weird.
-A sausage.
-Like shit.
Well, yes, of course.
-That is surrealism.
-Where is the flower?
Chilling in the field,
with the little ones.
-She's keeping them.
-Watching them grow.
This is getting pretty weird.
A Hydrangea sausage.
-A sausage with petals.
And on a really sunny day,
when it's very hot
The sausage follows it.
They only had eight days to write
a routine.
These are new routines
written for the show.
Until now, they've used routines
they had already written,
but this time,
they've done it from scratch.
-From zero.
-I got it, thanks.
It's yet another constraint.
We never had to do that.
Be funny in two days?
-We did, but we always failed.
We're good at that!
We're going to give the stage
to these young talents,
-but before we do
We have a special guest.
If you don't like him, fake it.
-Make some noise
-For Mister V!
Mister V!
Good evening!
How's everyone doing?
That's too much!
No, it's too much.
Silence! Stop!
You're overdoing it.
-Two entrances?
-It's Mister V!
That was for the editor,
so they can take the best entrance.
As a future director, you love editing.
And you love humor,
which is why you are here.
We chose Yvick,
AKA Mister V.
Is he capable of judging people on stage?
-I don't know.
-I think he is.
Guys, you invited me here.
Because you have amazing comedic timing.
-And amazing routines.
-You're a good writer.
He's very in right now.
I think you're swell.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
Éric Judor.
-Ramzy Bedia.
-Mister V.
Let's welcome our first candidate.
Mr. Tom Bodet! Boudet!
This round, I'd like to demonstrate
my range, by going for absurdity.
The bar keeps rising,
and there are fewer and fewer left.
The competition has really begun.
Tom Boudet!
AGE 21
Thank you!
Good evening. How are you doing?
My name is Tom. I love fruit juice.
I know that I sound like
a five year old, and that's fine.
I think I look like a guy who likes juice.
Some people have beer bellies.
I've got a fruit juice face.
I can't drink alcohol.
First, because my parents won't let me.
But also because I'm very skinny.
With one shandy,
I'm already at 1% blood alcohol.
Alcohol has its advantages though.
If you have a problem,
you can go to an AA meeting.
There are no Juice Anonymous meetings.
I'd love it if juice could
talk about its problems.
A meeting with various juices
sitting there,
and some guy hosting it.
"Welcome to Juice Anonymous.
Who'd like to go first?" "I'd like to.
Hi, I'm orange juice." "Very well."
"Hello, orange juice!"
"We're listening, orange juice."
"My problem is, everyone loves me.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm constantly bothered,
from morning on. I'm fed up.
In the street, people want selfies.
I just want to live a simple juice life."
"No problem, we're taking note.
Would anyone else like to speak?"
Hi, I'm prune juice.
I'm often forgotten, but I'm still here.
I can be tasty in a cocktail.
I'm not just here to give you the shits!"
"One last juice
before we end the meeting?"
"Hey, I'm banana juice.
I don't have any problems.
I'm really happy in my life,
I feel good in my own skin,
"I've got a massive" "Thank you.
You tell us that every single day,
that's enough!"
"Come on!
There's no free speech anymore. I'm out!"
That's what I imagine juice is like.
Thanks a lot!
Well done!
-How old are you?
-I'm 21.
His confidence is impressive,
especially with a topic that lame.
I can't believe you gave him that.
That's awful.
He chose the topic!
I loved it!
It's the best.
You're judging his creativity harshly.
I'd love to see a whole show about juice.
No, but the topic isn't particularly easy.
Will you stop interrupting me?
Well done, a lot of your jokes
made me laugh.
I continue to be
the biggest Tom Boudet fan.
Yeah, Tom, you rock.
Today, we've opted to wait until the end
to make our decisions.
Since you were up first,
we still need to watch the others,
but you were amazing.
Thank you so much!
Thank you, Tom!
I have no regrets.
I did what I wanted. I followed my heart.
Of course,
it wasn't perfect,
but for a first draft, I'm really happy.
We haven't gone up in a long time!
That's true, we didn't go up for him.
So that's what that does.
Well, it's a little late now.
Plus, it's long and annoying to watch,
Then let's introduce Adel while we go up.
Surrealism is my thing.
I'm the surrealist El Chapo.
I take absurdity and I
Thank you!
AGE 28
Good evening.
I haven't even opened my mouth yet.
That's insane. So,
I love to eat.
I love to eat.
I'll eat anything,
except seafood.
I'm not a big fan of seafood.
And why do people call
seafood "fruit of the sea"
in some countries?
I can't believe some people
consider them fruit.
Is it fruit? I don't think so.
When they tell us to eat
five portions a day,
does that include seafood too?
I'm wondering. I don't know. I guess
In the sea,
imagine shrimp doing shrimpy things,
like that
Boogie wonderland
Then a shark sees the shrimp,
and says, "What did the ad say again?
Five portions a day"
The shrimp goes,
"No, I'm like you. I'm an animal."
"No. They say you're a fruit."
"Humans are crazy.
I didn't grow on a tree. I'm from the sea.
"What's your name, shrimp?"
"What are you doing here alone?"
"I'm looking for my parents,
the prawns."
"Are you lost?
Hold my fin and let's go look for them.
Don't move. I'll call them, all right?
Hector's parents are requested
at the coral center. I repeat,
Hector's parents are requested
at the coral center."
"Yes, it's Daddy Prawn.
Are you talking to sharks?
You shouldn't speak to strangers."
"He said I was a fruit."
"How could you say that to a child?
That's discrimination. You're not a fruit.
Have you ever been in a pie? Exactly.
"Huh?" "You're not a fruit.
You're an Arab, my son.
"Huh?" "Yes, you are."
My story doesn't have an ending yet,
but that's my universe.
I'm a little fucked up. Fuckedo.
You fucked my wife.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you!
Thanks a lot!
Thank you.
That's really nice.
Ramzy is in tears.
Listen, Adel,
that was great.
You were surreal to the end.
I thought it was perfect.
It was right on topic
and you were using different techniques,
including noises for the animals moving
around in the water. It was great.
You're right, too.
We never thought about that.
"Have you ever been in a pie?"
"No, I don't think so."
We're even repeating your jokes!
-He's funny, let's keep him.
-He's funny.
-I mean Don't you agree?
We're taking you right away!
That's so nice of you, thank you!
Thank you!
Thanks, bro.
Thanks. Thank you, bro.
-Well done, Adel.
-Thank you! This is great.
I was chosen.
Obviously, I'm joking!
It was so cool.
Now, let's welcome our first woman.
As a girl, she was afraid of going bald.
Her parents almost called her Balthazar,
Audrey Baldassare!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to talk to you about my weight.
AGE 36
I'll try not to be too heavy.
Why my weight?
Well, I've lost a lot of it.
One summer, I lost 65 pounds.
My little cousin Gustave.
We were at the fair
and we never saw him again.
I know, it's terrible.
Who calls their kid Gustave?
That's just irresponsible.
Anyway, we should stop.
Trying to lose weight is useless
because the pounds are never lost.
They know where they come from.
It's like in
Hansel and Gretel. The pounds say,
"How can we find our way back?"
"Don't worry, guys.
I've dropped some bacon pieces."
We'll find our way home."
That's how they find their way to my ass.
Whenever I binge eat,
the pounds get an invitation
to move back to my ass.
"Guys! Party at Baldassare's tonight!
And so they come.
You wanna come to the party too?
I can just feel the excitement!
Your routine didn't seem
that absurd to me.
But we can tell
you worked really hard on it.
Let's welcome Nadim!
Ladies and gentlemen!
AGE 40
Welcome on board this flight
number ROFL 434
to LOL City.
This flight will be funnier than planned,
because we're lucky enough
to have with us
France's most popular comedy duo,
Éric et Ramzy!
Come on up!
Make some noise for Éric and Ramzy!
It's business class.
Come on, let's get going!
All right, let's go
Thank you, Christophe.
Éric and Ramzy,
your routine on flying
wasn't believable.
No pun intended,
but I wasn't carried away.
It's a no for me.
But you are very talented.
The jerk.
You have a great future.
You have your own way of doing things.
That's what I like.
There's no one like you.
-It was really absurd.
Even the topic was surreal.
You put us on the spot.
It was very unexpected.
Did you know this?
Yvick means little Yves.
In Brittany.
Like all name ending with "ick."
Yannick means little Yan.
-Éric is No.
-How about Patrick?
-Little Ér.
Patrick is little Pat.
Warrick is little War.
If little Yvick was here,
he'd say, "What's going on?"
If you could see yourself as a kid
I'd say, "Don't worry.
Look how far you've come.
And now, get out,
this is my dressing room.
-Should we bring on Lou-Anne Protin?
-Should I?
Let's welcome Lou-Anne Protin!
Surrealism isn't my thing.
They had to explain what it was
to me 12 times.
I had to get out of my comfort zone.
It was hard, very hard.
I'm not gonna lie,
I added a little dark humor.
I hope they're ready
'cause I'm going for it.
AGE 24
Good evening! Are you all good?
I've always been an atheist.
Given my body, there was no chance
of me ever believing in God.
But I did have questions.
If so many people have faith,
then there must be some kind of reward.
And I like rewards.
So I decided to be like everyone else
and find a religion.
I studied history,
from the very beginning, Adam and Eve.
That's an apple, but I'll get to it later.
In the beginning, Adam is alone
and in his garden, naked.
That's an important detail.
Everything was fine until he got bored.
So he sent a fax to God,
"Nice landscaping, great ceiling height,
but it's a little boring here.
Can send you me some company?"
God said, "Sure, no problem.
I'll send you Eve."
She was naked too. This is important.
"Eve is made like you."
So, historically, we learn
that women were made in men's image.
Except for two things,
dishonesty and baldness.
God sends him Eve and tells him, "Do
what you want, but don't eat the apple.
That's all I ask." Very relaxed.
No one's clamoring for an apple.
Well, Eve is clearly an attention seeker.
She loves good drama,
and so she takes a bite of the apple.
Adam does too, but he's a wuss,
so he snitches to God, who just loses it.
He decides to punish them.
As a punishment, God makes
Adam and Eve aware of their own nudity.
Everyone gets disillusioned.
It's like Ray Charles seeing again.
Eve is going full-frontal.
Adam goes, "Wow!"
It's all very awkward and disappointing.
"No belly button, but you do have
a slot to put coins in. Weird."
Thank you for listening!
Thank you.
Well done!
This is your third routine,
and we're starting to get to know you.
It's always very dark.
Full of references.
You've done your research.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm a big fan.
Me too, I could listen to you for hours.
Again, I'm not sure that routine
can be considered absurd.
It was more dark humor.
That's how I feel.
So I think you were a little off-topic.
Then again,
I didn't know many of those people,
so I didn't get all the references,
except the bald joke. Didn't love it.
But you're not bald!
No, but I could have been.
Live on Prime Video?
All right, see you later, Lou-Anne!
-Thanks a lot.
-Thank you, Lou-Anne!
I think surrealism is
No, that's burlesque.
I'm expecting weird routines
like that, with
A reindeer?
A trumpet? Boobs?
Things like that would make me laugh
for five minutes straight.
Why are you looking at us
like that, Ramzy?
I'm just letting you joke
among yourselves.
I'm just an observer, sitting next to you.
It's hard to be as funny as you are.
Go on, you make a great team.
You're a great duo.
Make your jokes, I'll just wait.
Come on, give us a break!
I'll just wait here.
That's why we invited him,
so there'd be some drama.
Create some buzz.
Ladies and gentlemen,
big round of applause for
I'm not a surrealist.
I wasn't able to try out my jokes,
and we only get only one take.
So, tonight, I can't mess up.
AGE 30
Good evening!
Good evening!
I'm a little confused
because that's not my object.
I asked for a disco ball.
I wanted us to have some fun.
The lights were gonna turn off.
I was going to do this
But we have this instead.
Well, let's improvise.
I'll keep going anyway.
We're here, in Paris.
If I do this,
it's tomorrow.
If I do this,
it's the weekend!
Happy New Year!
there are a lot of Chinese people.
Because it's China.
And here,
that's Thomas Pesquet.
He's the only one who can say,
"I'm Earth-sick."
If this is the Earth, then I'm the moon.
The moon has a southern accent,
but that's not important.
High tide, low tide.
It's an eclipse.
I just kissed everyone.
Thank you. My name is Yassir.
-Thank you.
-Make some noise for Yassir!
Well done, Yassir.
I loved the beginning
when you told us it's the wrong object
but you still went with it.
What you did was fascinating.
You spent four minutes
focusing on this ball.
I thought it was really brave of you.
That was my plan.
Not all the jokes landed,
but it's a great routine.
It's something you might have done.
-It's very Éric and Ramzy.
-Kind of.
But we would have broken the Earth.
Yes. Anyway, I loved it.
Should I leave now?
-Yeah, get out!
Good job, Yassir! Well done!
-It's hard to eliminate people.
-It really is.
I think Yvick should do it.
-You'll tell them who has to go.
-That's your job.
Florence Foresti was very mean.
She sent people home.
You want me to be meaner?
That's too bad for Ayrton Gomes!
AGE 25
I had coffee with a friend,
and he called me stingy
for not wanting to pay.
I'm not stingy, I'm frugal.
It's different.
I'm very resourceful.
First of all,
I only shop in thrift stores.
One time, I saw an item that was 70% off.
I bought it and wore it immediately.
It's not the most comfortable thong,
but I like it.
It's got writing on the front
I like it. I really do.
Now, as a frugal person,
it's hard for me to take a taxi.
I keep checking the meter.
I don't go to my place.
I stop at 10 euros.
When I hit 10 euros,
I stop no matter where I am.
"Stop!" "On the highway?"
I don't care!
But being a comedian
as a frugal guy is fantastic.
At the end of each show,
people put money in a hat.
So here's what I'd like to do.
You can grade my routine
and we'll convert that number into euros.
I like to grade out of 4,000.
I'm not sure it landed.
But what we are asking from you is tough.
You have eight days
to write an amazing routine
that you can't test out.
It's a difficult task.
Let's welcome Brahms!
It's absurd to ask me to do surrealism.
AGE 35
That's not my style. I chose my socks.
I'm good with socks.
Look, when I speak,
it doesn't, right?
When I speak, he doesn't, right?
But now, when I don't speak
he still doesn't!
And I think that's great.
Socks are used to hide
the ugliest part of the body,
the feet.
Guys rarely show their feet.
Only at the mosque.
There, your feet touch
your neighbor's feet,
so when you leave the mosque,
you know who to avoid the next time.
Well, I'm really starting
to find my feet on stage,
and without socks. Thanks a lot!
I feel like you've barely touched
the absurd theme today.
You could have made the sock speak.
You could have taken
the ventriloquist bit a bit further.
I'd have enjoyed seeing
a bad impersonation with that sock.
Thank you, Brahms!
I took my role as a judge to the maximum.
-To the maximum!
I'm American.
-Where from? He's from Wisconsin.
-I'm from Honolulu.
No, I'm not from Wisconsin anymore.
I'm from Natasha Arkansas.
-I don't even know any Natashas.
-There's no State of Natasha.
Nothing even close.
You were thinking of Nashville.
And Arkansas become Natasha.
That's in Tennessee, so nowhere near.
Let's welcome Camille Lorente!
It's my time to shine
and show I belong here.
So I'm going to dive into the absurd
and defend it as if it were my own child.
Hey! What a warm welcome!
Everyone doing okay?
AGE 34
I'd love to get abducted by aliens.
People go to Bali,
"Look at the palm trees!" I don't care!
I want something new. I want aliens.
I know all about living on Earth.
I've done it all. Wake up, eat, sleep.
Start over again, wake up, eat,
break a glass, sleep.
Wake up, eat, go see
a mediocre stand-up show
You don't know where the comedian
is going and it's dragging on.
Sure, she has a cute skirt,
but the jokes are just not there.
Then it's time to sleep again.
No, I've seen enough,
I'm ready to be abducted.
I don't know if I'd have the courage
to get on a spaceship to space,
but let's say I did.
They'd introduce me to their friends.
Do I kiss their cheeks?
They probably have a lot of cheeks.
"Here, it's 327 kisses."
Damn it.
"I need to stop. I hurt myself."
And I could introduce them
to my culture too.
I'd like to make crêpes for them.
They have to try it.
I think they'd eat them like this.
Then they'd go
That means, "Yum, yum."
I'm sure they chat
around the coffee machine too.
"I forgot to tell you,
I went to Venus for the weekend.
What did you do?"
"I watched that E.T. biopic."
"I never asked,
but where's your accent from?"
"South Plutonian, guilty as charged."
"No way! You're from South Pluto?
"Do you know a guy called Zbra?"
"What's his last name?"
"No, it doesn't ring a bell."
Damn, this is it, guys.
They're about to abduct me
and I'm off into space.
Anyone got a toothbrush? Never mind!
Please water my plants! Thanks!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
The way you talk, your gestures,
these things make you stand out.
That's a real advantage.
-We know we're going to see Camille.
-You're crazy.
-You could tell?
I really enjoyed the end
where you were being abducted.
We get right away
that this a unique character.
And it makes us want to see
an entire show.
You need to put that bit
for your stand-up routine
-Thank you.
-Thanks a lot,
and nice skirt!
It was my first time doing surrealism,
so I'm learning about myself here.
-Look who it is, Éric.
-I know.
Eliott's comedy is risky.
-Extremely absurd.
Perfect, given it's today's topic.
How lucky!
My second routine was shit,
but they went easy on me.
They told me to keep working on it,
so I want to prove to them
that I gave it everything I had.
AGE 30
-Good evening, Eliott.
-Good evening.
I'm your voiceover for this routine.
I was told you do impersonations.
Can you show us?
If you like. This is my impression
of someone missing their taxi.
Sure, go on. We're watching.
Excuse me! Taxi? Shit!
All right.
Do you have anything else?
The cream puffs are not included?
Just put them in a different bag.
And a sourdough. Sliced. No.
Actually, sure, why not?
What was that?
A guy who wants to buy cream puffs
from a bakery.
Okay. So, you didn't bring an object?
I did. A chair.
But you're not using it?
"I'm Éric Judor,
and I liked your previous routine more."
I think you're going too far.
I'm gonna ask you to leave the room.
You'll find me on social media
at eliott.doyle,
that's "E" as in
"L" as in La La Land,
"I" as in "It's so freaking cold!"
"O" as in "Oh my God,
it's Michel!
We never hear from you.
You're so unreliable."
"T" as in "Thibault,"
and "T" as in
"Tsk, tsk, tsk, what is he doing?"
"D" as in Daniel,
"O" as in "Oh, my God"
-All right now.
-"It's Michel!
We never hear from you.
You're so unreliable."
Okay, we got it.
Y-L-E, thank you!
Make some noise for Eliott Doyle!
Well done!
Damn, Eliott.
-This is the Eliott we know.
It doesn't look like a routine,
it's doesn't sound planned,
there aren't any jokes,
-yet I remember all of them.
-Everyone was laughing.
-It's like it wasn't rehearsed.
-And that's great.
That was absolutely absurd.
-Are you gonna keep on interrupting me?
I couldn't go up
because it stopped working,
-but I wanted to.
-We got them from Amazon Prime.
If you want the same chair,
they can be delivered within 24 hours.
Thanks a lot, Eliott Doyle. See you soon!
Couldn't we take him right away?
-Come back, please!
-We thought about it.
-We made a decision.
You're staying.
Well done, Eliott!
Thank you so much.
Thanks, girls.
We have three left.
Let's just get rid of them.
-Make some noise!
AGE 20
I'd like to use my time on stage
to show my acting talent.
As you know,
actors need to convey emotions,
but I don't have any eyebrows.
Now, I'm angry.
Now, I'm happy.
Now, I'm sad.
Thank God I have teeth.
Without them, I look like a turtle.
So today,
I'm going to show you my acting talent.
So, to set the scene,
I'm going home
and I see my wife in our bed
with my best friend.
In our bed?
With my best friend?
Yes, I'm angry!
Yes, I'm angry! Surprised?
No, angry!
This is your third routine.
For those who forgot, you're 21.
What you did was
very courageous and smart,
but I didn't find it that absurd.
It was more about eyebrows.
They were not always
well placed to give the right effect.
But, overall, it worked.
Let's welcome Bénin!
AGE 28
I've been in Paris
for a week, and I keep seeing
dogs wearing jackets.
Do you realize how good dogs
have it in our society?
I met a woman last summer
who had a little dog
named Billy, a very well-behaved
six-year-old Labrador.
So Billy comes to me to give me his paw.
He says, "Hello, Bénin."
I said, "You're going away soon.
Do you want me to watch Billy?"
She says, "Don't worry,
Billy has a passport." "What?"
Billy has a jacket and a passport?
Her dog has a passport,
but some of my cousins don't?
I told my cousin,
"Come to France and bark!"
That's the secret!
Was it absurd?
It was a little absurd
in the personification of the dog.
I liked your story.
But I just wished there had been
-high points.
-I can't wait to see what comes next.
Good job, guys.
Well done. As usual, high five!
We never get it right.
See how talented they all are?
-There's one left.
-Stay focused.
It's gonna go really fast!
If you get three jokes
in the next routine, it'll be a feat.
But the three jokes will be hilarious.
Let's welcome
Sofiane Soch!
After tonight, I want to make sure
Éric et Ramzy trust me.
They were disappointed
during the second round,
but tonight, I'm in a good shape.
Make some noise, Comedy Class!
AGE 21
All good, guys?
How are you doing?
I'm so happy to be here.
I have my object.
I wanted to bring someone dear to me,
but the person couldn't make it.
Wanna see?
Guys, this is my dad.
For those of you who can't see.
Go ahead. Laugh, if you want.
God sees all.
"God sees all."
My dad wanted to be frame-ous.
Let this be his moment.
He looks puzzled.
He's handsome.
Yeah, that's my dad.
One day, he went to buy cigarettes,
but unfortunately he came back.
My dad thinks he's generous.
Sometimes when the cashier asks,
"Do you want the receipt?"
"No. This one's on me."
My dad is crazy, I swear.
Why can't we say anything
when a dad farts?
We have to pretend it didn't happen.
My dad is crazy.
I was asked to push absurdity
to the next level. That was my task.
I know absurdity, that old chick.
What if I push too hard?
And she presses charges.
Now, I've got two questions.
Who is Charges?
And what's his weight?
women pressing charges are ignored.
So she'll report an incident.
Now, I've got two questions.
Who is Incident exactly?
And who was it reported to?
All of this could cause harm.
But don't worry, it's for a good cause.
Not a lost one.
It can get awkward.
Now, I've got two questions.
Where is Oak Ward? Is it in Hogwarts?
And why can't we say anything
when dads fart?
Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
-You have class.
You're unique.
I like that thing you do with your mic.
It's silly,
but it's cute.
Again, we were all under your spell,
and I see your potential.
Even if you were off-topic,
-I loved it very much.
-Me too.
But he's right, you look comfortable,
you're charming and funny.
You're made for this.
It comes naturally to you.
You're meant to be on stage.
See you later.
Big up to Mister V.
-I'm a big fan of your work.
-I can totally relate.
-Oh, stop it.
I mean it.
Same for me.
Truly. Well done.
You rock on stage,
but I'm not the one calling the shots.
Thank you, Sofiane!
All right, we've seen everyone.
This is the hard part.
I'd keep them all. Good luck.
We need to get rid of three.
The ones who, according to you, suck
and will never succeed in comedy.
So who won't get the 50,000 euros
despite needing it
because they're all young,
and sometimes live in poor conditions?
You're not getting rid of them. We are.
But we want your opinion.
-So you can blame me?
-No, we won't.
-We can do that.
"Sorry, Yvick didn't want you here."
Unfortunately, I didn't love
Brahm's performance.
It was a bit
Keep the picture up. We'll make the call.
You gave me a responsibility,
-I assumed I could.
-It was to be polite.
He didn't mean it.
Then Bénin, he's got
Well, he was nice, I liked him.
You don't like Black people.
You picked two Black guys
-Are you anti-Black?
You said Amazon Prime
only wanted white people.
We never said that.
What are you talking about?
We see all colors on Prime.
That's what I don't get.
All right, moving on.
We can cut whatever we want, right?
Racist show, two mixed-race men
eliminating the only Black guys.
We're not like them.
But I don't want to get rid of Brahms.
Me neither.
Then keep them! This is your show, guys.
Don't get mad. Exactly, this is our show.
For me, Ayrton
Went off-track?
-So, we say no to Ayrton?
-For me, it's a yes.
To that joke.
I'm talking about the joke.
-Good job, we made our decision.
-Nicely done!
Comedy Class!
I'm sorry about this ending, guys.
All right! Let's do it!
Make some noise
for the two we are keeping!
Our sons!
Eliott and Adel!
It took us longer than planned,
because we sometimes disagreed.
But we had to make a choice.
We need keep eight other people,
aside from Adel and Eliott.
We're going to call them
one by one on stage.
Go on, Éric.
Come on up
Today's topic is Black people's humor.
-Dark humor.
The topic is roasting.
Which means everyone will come up
and make jokes about us.
For the final,
the topic is
very simple,
"Why not me?"
"Why me?"
-We have a guest.
-Please welcome Jérôme Niel!
Marina Foïs!
Jean-Pascal Zadi, make some noise!
-Want me to be honest?
I'm not a big fan of stand-up.
I love your shoes.
You're so elegant, Marie-Joëlle!
You said you've been watching
Comedy Class for years?
And that, this year,
the talent is particularly good?
I'm so happy to be joining you
for your 16th season.
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