Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Black humour with Marina Foïs

It took a long time,
and we didn't always agree.
But we had to make a choice.
We're going to keep eight
and call them up one by one.
-Let's go, Éric.
Well done, Sofiane.
Calling Tom Boudet!
Lou-Anne Protin!
Great job, Léandre.
Brahms, to be honest,
you barely made it
because we didn't all agree.
But we kept you.
We understood that
surrealism wasn't your thing.
But you're here,
you're charming and funny.
So for the next set,
you're going to kill it.
There's only one more spot left.
The bar is getting really high.
I can see myself making it to the end.
Plus, there are only three women.
I need to defend my gender.
My aim from the start
was to make it to the finale.
I can't stop now.
This is a horrible moment.
You've got the sword of Damocles hanging.
It's getting tighter.
I just want to make it through,
if they allow me to.
We have to eliminate a few of you,
so we'll only be keeping
A huge round of applause for Audrey,
-Ayrton, and Bénin.
-Thank you.
Great job, great job.
Now, let's hear it for
the ten left standing
for the next challenge!
This has been Hit Machine
with Charly and Luly.
See you next week with Ophélie Winter.
Make some noise for Éric and Ramzy!
Good evening!
Hello, hello!
So, how's everyone doing?
Things are good?
You started on
-Look at that booty.
-He's weird.
Ramzy, I mean
He has no idea how to be sexy!
Hey, joking aside
Look, I'll move the microphone.
-You do have a giant booty.
-That's true.
It sets you apart!
For the next round
-I saw that!
-We saw it fly out!
-All that DNA on my face.
Like a wave hitting me.
On stage
-I know I soaked you.
-You were drooling so much.
Spitting all over the scene.
I had no experience.
But apparently you did.
You had your "techniques."
So I'm sorry I didn't know
how to articulate or control my mouth.
This gentlemen does it so well.
How pretentious it is
to know how to swallow.
-For him, I can brag about it.
-He swallows!
This gentleman know how to
swallow like a big boy!
So I can't swallow,
does that make me a bad person?
No, but it's gross.
Today's topic is Black people's humor.
-Dark humor.
-My bad.
Dark comedy, not African comedy.
Okay. Wow.
Dark comedy.
Oh, right.
Yes, it's dark comedy.
Tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
we have ten candidates.
But we need to get rid of three
of them, and all 10 have had 48 hours
to write a set using dark comedy.
I hope it'll be funny,
but keep in mind
that writing a whole set in 48 hours
is something even we can't do.
Very few people can.
Our films are written in 48 hours,
but not our stand-up routines.
-We need
-We wrote The Daltons in two hours.
We could have written
10 or 15 Daltons already.
Now, they're going
to perform for 200 people.
-For Éric Judor.
-Which isn't easy.
-That's gotta be scary.
-I'm from The Daltons.
-I was Joe.
-Joe Dalton.
Hello, I've had a career, sorry!
What do we do now?
-Let's welcome them out.
-Welcome our ten talents!
When you write a set,
even if it's really good,
it won't get any good
until you perform it several times,
after knowing what to take out or add.
Not here. They've written it
and are performing it raw.
They have to make 200 people laugh
plus Ramzy and the genius.
So it's terrifying.
-It's not for me to say
-I'll say it.
I know, I know. It's all in your honor.
We went all over France
and saw every single comedian.
These are the 10 best.
We'll leave you on the stage
which you'll be taking soon.
And to really enjoy the experience,
-we have a guest.
-She's a comedy expert.
She's got a firm grasp on dark humor.
Marina Foïs!
Give it up for Marina!
Marina Foïs, what a queen.
Marie-Joëlle, Les Robins des Bois,
that was my childhood.
Marina, I mean.
What a treat!
-Hello, Marina.
-Welcome to Comedy Class.
-Thank you.
We're very happy to see you here.
-We've known each other for 30 years.
-We've been through a lot.
I've survived, but I'm bitter.
You're happy yet damaged.
That's good.
I'm over here!
Yes, you're great.
I can't choose between you two, stop!
-Yes, you can.
-You'll have to.
Early in our career, we did theater
after Les Robins des Bois,
-but there was no one
-Before that.
-That's not how it started.
-Go on.
we weren't yet in Les Robins des Bois.
We performed in a dinner theater
that was tiny, with three seats.
One night, we watched a sketch
with two people.
It was their first time on stage.
-Then, thanks to you,
You got more famous than us
in only three months.
But you were in La Tour Montparnasse
as Marie-Joëlle.
Marie-Joëlle from
La Tour Montparnasse Infernale!
Marie-Joëlle, sorry, Marina.
Here are the 10 candidates
for the 50,000 euro prize.
Oh, yeah!
The winner will get 50,000 bucks!
We're going to watch everyone,
then at the end,
we'll deliberate to decide
who we're going to keep.
But if we love one person,
we'll say yes immediately.
So, are you all ready?
We'll let you get your massages backstage.
Go and get ready!
Dark humor is when you say, "Oh!
You can't say that!"
It pushes things so far
that that the only way
to mitigate the tragedy is to laugh.
It's like blowing up a balloon
No need to draw a picture,
it was perfect up to now.
The explanation is getting lost
in the metaphor.
What you said up to now was perfect.
Whatever he says next,
let's cut it out in post.
I think my seat is haunted.
Dad? Because my dad is dead.
Mine too.
Great! We have something in common.
Our dead dads!
-Mine's still alive!
No, he's dead!
Right, time for some dark comedy.
Ms. Camille Lorente!
My recipe is to
give them all the dark stuff
I have to offer,
and I'll try to condense it down
and keep whatever lands the best.
Because at this point,
you need it to land.
AGE 34
Good evening!
-Hello. How's everyone doing?
Wow, incredible. Great energy.
I'm happy to be here, too.
Tonight, we're talking about
some pretty dark stuff.
But nothing dark has ever happened to me.
I'm a little disappointed.
My mother worries about me anyway,
as mothers do.
She gives me advice.
She lent me her car and said,
"No accidents, okay?"
"Come on, Mom!
Just one little fender-bender!"
She said that because
I was in an accident once.
It wasn't serious.
Well, it wasn't serious for me.
But for my mom's car, it was fatal.
That kid's head hit it
right in the headlights.
It was awful.
He bounced off the hood
and got stuck under a wiper.
"Help! Help!"
Plus, it wasn't even my fault.
Someone sent me a text message.
Don't send texts to people
when they're driving!
When you're at the wheel,
you have to put your sandwich down,
pause your TV show,
put the cap on the vodka,
it's hell!
Absolute hell.
Nothing dark has happened to me.
So I'm unlike any of my friends.
They've all been through a lot.
But I'm there, like,
"Shit, my cashmere is pilling."
So annoying.
I'm not like them.
We were having drinks once.
We were drinking,
I ordered some fries, all good.
Two friends started talking
about their dead dads.
They both lost their dads to cancer.
It was the same ambiance with our drinks.
So annoying.
I don't know anyone who's died of cancer
so I was left out of the conversation.
Thank you.
I listened respectfully.
At one point, one of them took me aside
and stared right at me.
She gave me the details
of her dad's final days,
which is when my fries arrived.
They need to be eaten hot.
But you're stuck there.
You can't dip your fries in mayonnaise
and be like, "Ah"
She's great.
"So, his organs shut down one by one?"
So, it was hard for me,
is what I'm saying.
Eating cold fries in a pilly sweater.
That's all for me.
Thank you, you've been great.
Oh, wow!
Wonderful. This theme was perfect for you,
I think.
I don't know if you've done this before.
I like saying horrible things, yes.
And the number of jokes
Yes, it was crazy.
It was a barrage. Just wonderful.
If I may,
the great thing is that, it was horrible,
but it came from you.
You're your own target.
I really like that.
Camille, I think you can go relax.
-Have a rest.
-Well done.
Camille Lorente!
I loved what she did.
Thank you!
I'm really happy with that.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give him a warm welcome.
He wrote his whole set yesterday.
This is really hard.
Make some noise, love and laughs,
for Mr. Brahms!
AGE 35
Dark humor isn't really my thing,
but I like the challenge.
I've decided to talk
about gender equality.
I feel like there's a conflict
between feminism and chivalry.
Something happened to me
on the subway platform.
There was a lady next to me.
The train pulled up, packed.
There was only one seat left.
I'm a feminist.
I believe in gender equality.
So I sat down, which is completely normal.
No worries, see?
That's feminism! Stand united!
I could tell she was pissed.
She was fidgeting.
At one point, she looked at me and said,
"You men deserve a slap.
This isn't how I raised you."
Okay, it was my mom.
But there's a certain way
you talk to people.
You should give up your seat
to the elderly, right?
But they've become nastier.
On the subway platform,
they've got a pep in their step!
In great shape with their
20 years ahead of them.
But if they see a packed train
and there are no seats left,
"Oh, the Great War, Indochina"
"I don't give a shit, lady,
You're standing till the end of the line."
Thank you very much.
I felt like you had a bit of stage fright.
You didn't have your set down enough
to really crack us up
with your horrible jokes.
As for us Not Marina, apparently.
But the rest of us
and the audience loved it. Great job.
Éric, who will tell them no?
-Oh, yeah.
-You're not coming back.
-That's true.
It's okay if they hate you.
I have less standing in comedy,
so it would be better if it was me.
You're more of a fashion icon.
I've worked as a model,
actress, and mother.
-You've won Césars.
-I don't have any.
Literally zero.
Ha! Loser! No, I'm sorry.
Éric, let's welcome Adel Fugazi.
You should know that Adel Fugazi
With some, we said yes right away.
That's what happened with Adel.
Can you introduce him, Marina?
Now, to make us cry laughing,
please welcome Adel Fugazi!
Dark comedy isn't really what I do.
I'll do the challenge, but in my own way.
Dare I say, "Fugazi style"?
AGE 28
The problem with Black people
is that they're underrepresented
in French cinema.
Because they're always late
for the auditions.
Because on the way there,
they get stopped by the police.
Because they're bad drivers.
-He's insane.
-He's really good again!
They drive like that to escape
the cops trying to kill them.
Like George Floyd.
Who was guilty.
Guilty of being Black.
In a racist world,
controlled by the Jews.
The Jews, Arabs, Blacks,
and the Chinese.
The Chinese,
who are all alike.
In their work ethic,
their self-sacrifice.
Oh, shit.
Unlike the Arabs.
Because they're thieves.
For thieves, we used to
cut off their hands.
We'd cut off their hands
and their heads with a guillotine.
The guillotine!
Such a cute word for what it is.
"Guillotine" sounds like a pastry.
"Two chocolate croissants,
one plain croissant, and a guillotine."
"Sir, around here we say 'guillo-tain'."
"Sorry about that."
"I'll have a guillo-tain, you bitch."
The guillotine was invented
by a Frenchman.
From France. I'm proud!
But keep in mind that
when the head is cut off
it isn't completely dead.
For four seconds,
you're not completely dead.
You're still alive for four seconds.
Four seconds is just enough time
to have false hope.
How many people went,
"I'm immortal! Oh, no I'm not."
Thanks for coming out.
Thank you! Thank you, Éric.
Yes, me too.
Thank you very much, Marina.
Oh, wow. Damn, Adel.
You started off with,
"The problem with Black people"
and you kept me captivated to the end.
It was insane.
You only spoke the truth.
It was hilarious.
The start was amazing.
-It was crazy.
-Thank you very much.
I'm going down, but I like you.
-Are you afraid of heights?
-I'm better on the ground.
We're at a point now
where there's nothing left to say.
-We have the best here.
-Thank you, Ramzy.
-We'll keep you for sure.
-Thanks so much.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Ramzy.
As you always do.
-Thank you very much.
Very well done, Adel.
-Give it up for Adel Fugazi!
-Thank you very much.
Have a nice evening!
Have they kept anyone else directly?
So I'm the first one?
For now, you're the only one.
Wow, unbelievable! I didn't know that.
I should have thanked them some more.
I didn't know I was
the first one. Incredible.
-We have seven candidates left.
-Another client, Éric.
-He's damn good, too.
-Tom Boudet!
Tom Boudet!
I've always looked innocent.
AGE 21
Even if I was surrounded
by 17 dead bodies,
people would still say,
"Tom, what are you doing here?"
"I felt an urge to kill all these people."
"Oh, Tom, you're so silly.
We know it wasn't you.
You're just kidding, damn it!
And wash your hands.
There's blood all over them. So silly."
I've thought it over, and there is
an upside to being a criminal.
First, you're your own boss.
There's no accounting to do,
you can set your own schedule.
You do spend a lot
on gas and garbage bags,
but it's a labor of love.
Another good thing is that sometimes,
criminals kill their entire family,
flee to another country
and start their life over.
I think that's nice.
They can't brag about it, though.
I've never heard anyone say,
"I was working in communications,
but it didn't pan out,
I wasn't feeling it.
So I killed my whole family,
and now I've found my calling
in building decks."
No, that never happens.
That you very much.
-Your writing was harmonious.
-That's the word.
-You told us
-Is that harmonious dark humor?
That's right.
"Dark-monious," you could say.
He plays the dark-monica dark-moniously.
Mr. Boudet
Great, great job.
Trying out a fresh routine with so much
at stake is the hardest thing to do.
They're great across the board,
so we feel stupid saying,
"This is good, this isn't good."
That's how we've been feeling.
Saying, "No, you should do this or that."
We're playing the game
and we'll regret it.
We love this guy.
Sofiane Soch!
I'm going to talk about
some borderline stuff
and act naive about it.
I'm in "try hard" mode.
"Fuck shit up" mode.
Here's a brand-new set.
AGE 21
How are you all doing?
My aunt has Down's syndrome.
Every day.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, even Thursday.
Even on holidays.
She doesn't even know.
I swear.
Even though we have lots of mirrors
around the house.
I love my aunt. If I had to give her
a score, it would be 21 out of 20.
My aunt is the best.
I swear.
My aunt works
in factories.
She puts caps on bottles.
She does it at home.
We can't drink anything!
My aunt works, which means she has a CV.
Sure, her CV just says "CV."
She even spelled it wrong. "See vee."
In her cover letter,
she just wrote "Cover."
My aunt is the best.
Imagine if my aunt gets married
and has children.
Who would clean whom?
Who would shout, "I'm done!"
With my aunt, at theme parks,
we never wait in line.
Plus, she has a wheelchair.
In a wheelchair with Down's syndrome.
And she believes in God!
That's my aunt. I love her so much.
Let's send her a message.
Let's all clap for Down's syndrome.
Thanks to it, I could write this set.
-Thank you very much.
-Great job, Sofiane! Shit.
Your topic was bold and personal.
Do you really have an aunt with Down's?
That's what I like
to see in comedy: authenticity.
There was something new with Sofiane.
He had a new rhythm.
We wondered at the start
you were a high-speed Japanese train.
It threw us off a bit. We were wondering
if we could stand watching
an hour of Sofiane's stand-up.
Ramzy said "Japanese train"
rather than a French TGV because
Japanese trains go 300 miles an hour,
the TGV only goes 200.
-Thank you.
There are still lots of good things
in France, I'd just like to say.
It's true that I haven't seen you before,
but you have your own music.
It'll all so lively. You're really good.
Well, thank you, Japanese Sofiane.
Thank you very much.
-See you later!
The jokes killed
I was really pleased because
I didn't really have my script down
up to 15 minutes beforehand.
We still have five comedians left.
I'd go see them all performing.
-That's what we're doing.
-But not the same night.
Like today.
No, I'd go see them all separately.
At their own shows.
Hey, we're filming, Amazon Prime.
Comedy Class.
You woke me up with "Ramzy"
so I could see Léandre.
Make some noise for Léandre!
I was watching a report on World War II
where they interviewed former Nazis.
Former Nazis should be in hiding,
but this one wasn't.
His buddies are all in Argentina,
named Juanito.
But he's on TV, like, "Hey, guys!
Come back! They're cool with us now!"
This former Nazi said this sentence:
"We thought we were the good guys."
Well, there were a few clues
that you were the baddies.
If you show up and everyone hides,
but you didn't say, "Ready or not,"
you're the bad guy.
Former Nazi.
How do you stop being a Nazi?
Are there support groups?
"Hi, I'm Gunther. I haven't exterminated
anyone in five months."
Are you sure?
There must have been shy Nazis.
You know, like, "Heil."
"What did you say?"
Nazis with one arm
There's also their kids who
carry the guilt that isn't theirs.
One kid followed his dad's example
and is still a Nazi.
Nobody else watches
Schindler's List with popcorn.
"This the best part!
Turn it up!"
Thank you, everyone.
I thought you were very relaxed,
it came very easily to you.
I loved when you said,
"We thought we were the good guys."
I loved that.
You do a very good Nazi accent, too.
Very well done.
You could have talked about
modern-day Nazis.
Since it's topical today,
there's so much modern material
you could have drawn from.
Thank you, Léandre.
I love your shoes.
Very elegant, Marie-Joëlle.
-Your skin is very nice.
-I just got back from Guadeloupe.
That's a Basse-Terre tan, I can tell.
-Are you still out there?
-You can see them!
-And now
-Lou-Anne Protin!
Dark humor is totally up my alley.
I love it. It's why I'm a comedian.
I need to do this right.
Let's go!
Hello, you doing good?
AGE 24
I want to thank the men here tonight.
Thank you for raising the bar
across so many fields
compared to women.
Wait for the next part.
Thank you for being better than us
at lying, at being bald, at driving
Ladies, when we drive,
we're horrible, zero out of ten.
I'm the worst driver.
I have two phobias when I drive.
Shitty cars and old people.
I'm right to be scared.
My cousin got run over a few years ago.
He was on a motorcycle.
Thank God he's fine,
he's still got his wheels.
But someone has to push him.
Now he's a tetraplegic.
He's got it all, a wheelchair
that cost 8,000 bucks,
a tilted head, drool, staring into space.
Since The Intouchables,
it's become trendy to be disabled.
Even trendier than being Black.
It's more appealing to never run again
than running really fast.
That's a racist stereotype,
but I'm not racist, no.
I live with an Algerian.
Yes, they're everywhere.
That was brave.
Always the same ones
Anyway, everything's great with him.
I think we'll get married,
but in my tradition,
so it won't be a forced marriage.
You know, forced marriages
aren't all that bad.
But don't confuse a forced marriage
with an arranged marriage.
Arranged marriages involve
an uncle from back home.
Forced marriages involve
your uncle from back home.
Knowing your husband beforehand
is the advantage of incest.
That's all, thank you for coming.
Make some noise for Lou-Anne Protin!
I feel like Lou-Anne is the only one
out of all the people we've seen
-who did pure dark humor.
Just for that, great job.
You came out strong
and it suits you.
You're right at home, a dark home.
I feel like
in your register,
you have to be even worse than the worst.
If you do something that bothers people
or that they don't get,
that's a very good sign.
We'll see you later on, Lou-Anne.
-Great job.
-Thank you, Lou-Anne.
I didn't get a lot of laughs,
so I wonder if I went too far
for this crowd.
I don't know.
-Are you talking to me?
-We are.
Are we rolling? Are they filming?
-There haven't been any cameras all night?
We've been doing this
for the collective memory.
That's great! I was worried
I was being filmed
so I was watching what I said,
my attitude.
-I'm not wearing any makeup.
-You just got out of bed.
-Wow, holy shit.
-Shall we move on? There are three left.
-Let's move on.
I like when you introduce them, Marina.
So, let's bring out Yassir!
I'm focused, I just want to enjoy this.
We'll see if it's funny.
I hope it will be.
AGE 30
Good evening.
Hello. Very happy to be here.
I try to be a good person.
The challenge for me is that,
for one moment,
forgetting your own problems
and taking on the pain of others.
We all have pain.
I have pain in my anus, okay?
Day-to-day, it's really hard.
Because the tiniest things
become complicated.
Sitting down is hard.
I run an international worksite.
Young people come in
from all over the world,
so they can work on site.
One of these young people, Mozrab,
told me that he fled a war.
He said, "Yassir, I'm going to
tell you my story. Let's sit down."
I said, "Bro, we'll walk.
Let's walk."
He told me he fled Sudan,
and went through Egypt and got to Libya.
He doesn't know what happened in Libya.
He was jailed for four years.
We'd been walking for five minutes.
The story was a heavy one.
I had tears in my eyes.
Because I was chafing.
He said, "Yassir, they sold me."
All I could think was,
"For how much?"
But I couldn't say that.
How did the sale go?
Was there a salesperson?
"Can I help you find anything?
Okay, you're just browsing, that's fine.
Is it for you or for a gift?"
Can I gift-wrap it for you?"
I couldn't say that.
I try to be a good person.
So I didn't ask him how much.
Luckily, he told me without asking.
He told me to sit down because it's tough.
I said, "Bro, I can handle it.
I'll stay standing."
Four hundred euros.
Four hundred euros.
This was a handsome guy.
He was good-looking.
I looked him up and down and thought,
"I'm definitely worth less."
I'm sure I'm worth less."
Your mind is evil.
You start doing the math in your head.
In my bank account, I have four Mozrabs.
With 50,000 euros, I could buy 125.
I'm joking, but slavery is horrible.
The worst thing, the most horrible thing
is that at moment, I was unbothered.
I could only think about my asshole.
Thanks, I'm Yassir.
-Thank you.
-Make some noise for Yassir!
Thank you very much.
-Nice job, Yassir. Well done.
-Thank you very much.
So that was black hole humor.
-If I might say so.
-Good pun.
-That was wonderful, so subtle.
It was so cinematographic.
I could see the scene play out.
I thought it was great.
It was very personal, which was good.
I loved it.
Such good jokes.
I have nothing else to add.
-Well done, Yassir.
-Great job, Yassir.
Thank you so much.
-Bravo, Yassir!
It was a risk. That was tough.
At least I stayed true to myself.
Ramzy, who's up next?
Ramzy, why do you always introduce them?
There are two of you.
Because we show the headshot to the camera
which is on my side.
I hope they pay you more for that
because you're doing more work.
-My arm hurts.
-He's got tendonitis.
He does get paid more.
-That's what I was told.
Do you want to introduce Nadim,
since I'm not allowed to anymore?
Here's Nadim!
Where do I start? I have too many jokes.
AGE 40
I love kids so much.
From a parent's point of view.
I love my kids. Just them, actually.
Well, I love other kids, but, period.
What can I tell you?
I have too many jokes.
I'm going to do a bit of acting.
I love acting.
This one's a clean-freak serial killer.
Here we go.
Nadim, show them your skills.
I met Cédrine at the hospital.
When we got out, five years later,
we moved in together.
But we couldn't agree
on how to clean the apartment.
And she died.
We were on the 15th-floor balcony
talking about chores.
We started to fight,
so to de-escalate the situation,
I touched her.
And she fell over.
She left the conversation.
She fell into the void,
and got the ground
She hit the ground.
She died definitively.
Know what I'm saying?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's been great.
I can tell you only had 48 hours.
You got lost a bit at times
and that took me out of it.
I'm seeing you for the first time, and
I can tell that awkwardness is your thing.
Thank you, Nadim!
Éric, it's going to be hard to eliminate
three of them if we carry on like this.
Oh, shit.
If everyone is excellent,
they should just draw straws.
-Life is cruel.
-Wow, that's dark humor!
-That's great dark humor! Wonderful.
-Well done, Marina!
That's why we hired you, Marina!
For your dark soul.
It's great of you to show it.
I wanted to show it on TV.
I usually keep it at home.
It's a shame only my kids can enjoy it.
Only one left to go.
With his dark humor
Eliott Doyle!
AGE 30
Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen
Dark humor presented by ARTE.
How do you know if a letter
was sent by a leper?
The tongue stays stuck to the stamp.
Oh, yeah. So you're like that, then?
-His tights
The other day, I made some vegetable soup.
The hardest part to fit in the blender
was the wheelchair.
-Oh no.
-Yes, sorry.
How dare you!
-Yes, I'm a bitch.
-What's wrong with him?
Can you take a bath if you have diarrhea?
Sure, if you have enough of it.
Oh, no!
No, stop it!
It's not me, it's the challenge!
Hold on.
I'm getting a phone call. Hello?
No, go on.
Hummus and tzatziki, fine.
Okay, cool, see you later.
Yeah! What was I saying?
You have no limits.
Let me do dark comedy for the audience!
You, come here.
What do a necrophile and a Breton
have in common?
They say it's cold at first,
but it's nice once you're in.
Leave her alone, you can do this!
What do a whore and a pizza
have in common?
You can ask for a pizza without fungus.
Oh, no!
Even the crew.
This guy is crazy!
He's completely off the rails.
Dark comedy is so great!
We love it, we masturbate.
Thank you, everyone!
Dark comedy, and that's all!
Oh, wow!
Eliott Doyle, ladies and gentlemen!
Éric, let's stop talking.
Mr. Doyle
Ramzy, it's fine,
let's take him right away.
-We'll keep him.
-Thank you so much!
-Of course.
-We're keeping him.
We're keeping him immediately
because that performance
was nothing like anything we've seen.
Like nothing else, ever.
Nothing like that has ever existed.
It was unhinged, and we watched it,
and we laughed.
We were on board. And it was insane!
No, it wasn't insane,
it was philosophical, but very funny.
It was ridiculous,
with those disgusting tights
There was a kind of, well
-We are lucky to have you here.
-Thank you. I love you. Thanks.
Eliott Doyle, ladies and gentlemen!
Eliott Doyle and his dancers!
Right, see you later! Bye.
You can tell they're emotional.
Listen to the applause.
Out of the 10 we've seen,
we chose two directly.
We kept Eliott and Adel immediately.
So we have five left
to chose from the rest.
Three plus two, seven
Yes, two plus five makes seven,
plus three, that's ten.
Ten minus three is seven.
-That seems right.
-A kid could do it.
Ramzy needs to write it down, though.
I wrote everything down, Éric.
We'll talk it over and be back soon.
Thank you very much.
-Personally, he was my favorite.
I'm putting him here, I don't care.
We've never had such a forceful godmother.
-Or as wicked.
-It's not your decision. Calm down!
If you don't keep him, you're missing out.
So he's a yes, end of story.
Some of them found very personal angles
and hit without targeting certain people
who are used to being targeted.
And some were more inventive than others.
He has music, a flow, he's got a knack.
Plus, people love him.
I find that disrespectful.
It came from this pipe.
There's a prisoner inside!
Sir, we're coming to get you out!
Don't worry!
-Did you burp while I was talking to you?
That would be disrespectful.
Unfortunately for the guy in the pipe.
Luckily it was quiet so we could hear him.
If he burps again, we're leaving.
So watch out.
Are you okay, sir?
Sir, are you okay?
He's stuck in the middle of digesting.
As they say, never eat before going
down the pipes.
It was so professional
to leave the guy in the pipe
so we could finish deliberating.
He's still in there. While we're
talking here, you could go get him out.
You just need a big broom
to push him through the pipe.
-You know, those things
No! From the other end!
A plunger!
That was the deliberation.
Let's go.
Well done, Eliott. Well done, Adel.
You killed it.
We've loved you from the start.
What you're doing is unstoppable.
We're in awe.
We're just spectators in your new world.
But watch out,
they're following close behind.
-You haven't won it yet.
-They're in the game too.
So now, we need to keep five more of you.
Up to now, this has been
the hardest decision.
The first one we've chosen
to step onto the stage
and to stay with us
The suspense is horrible.
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