Comedy Class by Eric and Ramzy (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

The Final with Jean-Pascal Zadi

The first person we have chosen
to participate in the finale is
Sofiane Soch!
The second person,
the second artist
-we have chosen is
-Oh, wow, Ramzy.
Tom Boudet.
I don't like doing this!
So there are two spots left.
Camille Lorente!
The last person was torture for us.
And we'll let
-Jérôme tell you about it.
-Let's do it.
That's fine, I'm pretty detached
from all this.
I'm not too bothered by it.
And that'll be Eliott Doyle.
But we do
We want to keep one more person.
He deserves to be in the finale.
That's why we're keeping
You were clearly not on point today.
It wasn't your day.
But with each set,
we never waited to deliberate
and every time,
we were on the floor laughing.
-We can't forget that.
-So we're keeping you.
-Well done.
You do have extra pressure though, Adel.
Because I feel it's unfair to Lou-Anne,
-Brahms and Yassir, who were better.
-It's unfair.
I want to acknowledge you.
You've been great from the start.
We can't wait to see you on stage
with your own audiences.
You're going to sell out your shows,
you'll be huge. You'll be huge stars.
-No pity in the finale.
In the finale, the past is in the past.
It's their performance.
-Make a pact.
-We'll judge the performance.
Do you know how to make a real pact?
There has to be a dick.
-That's a pact.
-It's official.
-The best set will be the one that wins.
-Is the winner.
There! We did it with a dick.
So now
It's etched in sperm.
Period. New line.
For those who don't recognize him,
Ramzy has a mustache today!
He's like he always is,
but you still don't recognize him: Éric!
Today is the finale of Comedy Class.
We saw 80 comedians from all over France,
in Brussels, Nantes,
Marseille, and New York.
One of those cities was fake.
And there are five left today.
France's top five.
Everything rides on today's set
which they've written in 48 hours.
The theme is very simple.
-"Why not me?"
-"Why me?"
No, it's, "Why not me?"
What a great theme.
-Didn't you rehearse with us?
-It's new to me!
Let's welcome our five finalists!
Send in the comedians!
Eliott Doyle!
We're in the finale! We're in the finale!
Was that funny?
In the finale, by some miracle.
Being here at the end is amazing.
Tom Boudet!
This is the home stretch.
Time to go all in.
I've dedicate my life to Comedy Class.
Give it to me along with the 50,000!
It's great, we really do have every style.
From white to Arab
to whatever you are.
A woman, which is great.
Everyone's here.
And that's awesome!
Having this representation of France.
This is France.
At the beginning of our tour of France,
there were just two of us, Éric and me.
From the preliminary rounds on,
we've had guests.
For the finale,
he's tall, he's Black and he's funny,
he's won a César
His name is J.P. Zadi!
Jean-Pascal Zadi, make some noise!
-Two hours to come up here.
Two hours!
So here's J.P.
I don't know who he is or what he does,
but he's my friend.
We invite our friends on,
not necessarily actors.
Not always qualified ones.
So, who are you to judge anyone?
-Who are you to give your opinion?
You think a four-year career is enough?
-Fine, I'm leaving!
Wait, where are we?
What's happening? I showed up
with my guys and people are judging me.
I'm very happy to be here
because first of all,
I'm a favorite in France.
They love me in France, I know that.
Since I'm so nice,
I'm going to be very nice with you.
Ladies and gentlemen, go away!
Go get prepared and clean up!
Let's go!
Go! Let's go!
And Action!
-I think we got it.
You're really a couple of kids.
I'd rather miss my flight
than not be the last one to clap.
Okay, let's go.
I went to see a show with you.
You're not an easy audience.
I don't really like stand-up.
Welcome to Comedy Class!
No, I don't really like it.
But I can tell if people are funny
because I'm a very good director.
I have an eye for comedy
so I can help you.
-Are we ready?
-We're ready.
J.P., will you do the introduction?
So, let's welcome
-That sucked.
No, that sucked. Éric, do it!
Adel Fugazi!
The problem with Black people
My humor is a bit surreal.
It's a bit fucked up.
Fucked up. You fucked my wife?
I find comedy in unexpected places.
You never see shrimp out on the town.
I've never seen a shrimp walking,
just vibing.
It all works!
For me, that was perfect.
Adel's been good from the beginning.
He's an artist.
-Ma'am, hello!
What do you think about Éric and Ramzy?
Damn it!
We didn't think he could
screw up so badly.
We are such big fans of his.
I wasn't supposed to be in the finale.
I can't mess this up.
They're expecting a lot.
I need to be good.
Bang-bang, Comedy Class!
Hello. You good?
Still nothing.
We need to reveal more of ourselves.
"Why not me?"
I have something unique, physically,
that I've been hiding from you.
I can't raise my left arm
as high as my right arm.
That's a flaw I have.
I can't do it.
I'm not kidding, it's just weird.
I can't do it.
That's funny.
I swear, I found out about it quite late.
I remember,
I was swimming in a pool. In circles.
I couldn't reach the other end.
If I wanted to do gymnastics,
I could do some crazy stuff in the air
and then land like this.
With the police.
"Hands up!"
"You're going to love this, Officer."
"Hands up!"
"Is he doing a pirouette?"
He kills me then draws
my chalk outline like
"An amputee?"
I told you that I'm an Arab.
I've said so since the beginning.
But I can't speak Arabic,
which is a bit embarrassing.
All the Arabs come up to me
and speak Arabic.
They don't know that I can't understand.
I don't want to let them down.
So, I answer, but only mumbling.
Sometimes I touch my chest.
If I'm completely lost,
I point at the sky.
Then I always end with "zebi"
and then leave.
I have so many flaws.
I wet the bed for a long time.
Okay. Thank you.
Quite a long time,
which is why I'm talking about it.
I was quite old.
I don't know how old I was.
At an age when I would watch
BPM Business and understand it.
See what I mean?
"Stocks in the CAC40 have fallen."
It was horrible.
So I tried to understand why I did it.
I said it over and over in my head,
"Bed-wetter, bed-wetter."
Over and over, like,
"Bed-wetter" To the point where
it almost sounds Italian, doesn't it?
Neapolitan pasta. Wedda-bed!
Thank you for coming.
Make some noise for Adel Fugazi!
Weddabed Fugazi.
Adel is back.
The Adel we love.
We missed you, Adel.
Thank you, Ramzy. I did too.
You're back because last time
You were completely off,
but this was all you.
That was Weddabed Fugazi,
the Italian-Algerian.
Once again, Adel,
I wouldn't want to be in your head.
You have a crazy mind.
Adel, I'll give you
a professional debrief,
since I'm the only professional here.
-Go on.
-I think
it was really well written.
-Yes, it was well written.
In terms of acting, you played characters.
Everyone got that except for Éric Judor.
That was really great. It was awesome.
-Adel, thank you.
-Thank you.
-See you later.
-Thank you again.
-Well done.
It's over. Go get 'em.
It wasn't incredible,
but I did what I could.
I think he was scared.
There's a lot at stake here.
For you, maybe 50,000 isn't much.
But 50,000 euros
to the average Frenchman is a lot.
Maybe you're just
disconnected from reality
with your status as a "star." But today,
get your priorities straight
and know that everyone is under pressure.
-He's right.
-Respect that
and appreciate what they're giving us.
-Thank you very much.
-Well done.
Camille Lorente must be nervous
since we're making her wait.
Let me say it.
I'm pleased
to introduce Ca-Ca-Ca-Camille
When I have a kid, we'll go on vacation
and take a train
and piss you off.
Camille Lorente, for me
She's an incredible, hilarious artist.
I can see who she is.
You're at the wheel, you get a text,
put your show on pause,
put the cap on your vodka, it's hell!
I'm absolutely blown away
by how good her writing is.
I'm charmed.
I'm very happy that I made it
through all these rounds
validated by comedy legends.
Am I good enough
to do this professionally?
I think we can say yes.
Hey, artists.
Rest assured that wherever you are,
you will be forgotten.
She's a unique character.
With her own venue,
it would be completely insane.
This finale is a little stressful.
Now, there's 50,000 on the line.
If they want, I'll just take it.
That's my motivation.
So, let's go the finale!
I'm very proud I'm the only woman left.
I'm so happy to be here with you
for this final round of Comedy Class.
I know what you're saying.
Paul Mirabel with a flatter chest.
Now that I'm here, guys, I have to win.
I can't do much except tell jokes
and pass out from drinking.
I need to make it because I can't
go back to my old job.
Before doing stand-up,
I used to be a sex journalist.
That's right, my job was to test sex toys.
It was weird.
At the office, your colleagues are like,
"I have to go report on Ukraine."
I was like, "I have to go home
and masturbate."
It's embarrassing, don't you think?
It sucks.
Being a sex journalist made
guys feel awkward.
Whenever I was in bed with a guy,
they'd interrupt me,
"I'm afraid you're judging me.
Please, stop taking notes."
It was embarrassing.
I need to win because
I only know how to tell jokes.
Well, I can also do voices from
made-for-TV Christmas movies.
Can I show you?
I love women in Christmas movies.
They're so optimistic, aren't they?
They're like, "Well,
let's not let my double arm amputation
ruin such a nice Christmas."
So stupid.
"Hand me that ornament, Nancy.
I'll hang it up."
They're too optimistic,
and they're right to be.
They always find love in the end.
"Ah, Josh, is that you?
I've created a charity
for children born without nostrils.
If you have a little time,
I could suck I'll tell you about it."
See? It works.
But I do promise you that
if I become a star,
I won't get a big head overnight.
I'd be a nice star.
I'll pre-leak my sex tape.
Actually, I wouldn't.
My parents wouldn't want me to release it.
I keep telling them you can
hardly see their faces.
If they can't tell it's you
I'd like to tell you, Comedy Class
audience, that you've been great.
Keep being a great audience.
You've got a knack.
No matter what happens,
I've had an amazing experience.
I'll never forget you, Éric and Quentin.
It could have gone on
for one or two minutes.
In 48 hours, it was exceptional
what you managed to get out.
-I loved it. You're so funny.
-Thank you.
That's coming from Quentin.
-It touched me.
-She's not just anybody.
Stop with your sex toys
and start doing comedy full-time.
That's what I think.
You love sex toys, what do you think?
It was well written.
You say interesting things. I can tell.
I'm like you.
My humor is invested and classy.
It was really great.
Well done.
-Great job.
-Thank you very much.
Yes! Thank you! It's over!
Give me my life back!
It was so much fun. I loved it.
I understand why they're in the finale.
-They're all funny.
I've seen how they've been really funny.
They have names: Sofiane, Camille, Adel
Yes, you know what I mean.
They're not famous.
We keep seeing his true colors.
It's unbelievable.
He keeps making it look
as if he's really nice.
-But we can see it now.
-He's a piece of shit.
-Now let's welcome
-Can I say it?
Go on, say it this time.
I don't know this one.
But he has a nice face.
If he was ugly, would he be boring?
Do you have a problem with appearance?
Sorry they're not all as handsome as you.
-You're gorgeous!
-I know, thank you.
Another Arab? It's okay.
That's going a little far.
Ladies and gentlemen,
make some noise
For Sofiane Soch!
Make some noise!
Comedy Class has allowed me to show them
the real Sofiane Soch.
I talk too much. I'm annoying myself.
When I text my friends,
they all reply with "STOP."
He's going fast!
We loved him.
It's amazing that we like him
when I only got one joke out of three.
My parents are cheap.
My birthday presents were for them too.
You have good jokes
but you spit them out too fast.
His ultra-quick pacing
won't last for an hour.
He needs to let up, breathe.
I don't give a shit about the roast.
I can't finish it. Like their movies.
-You have your own thing.
He learns so quickly. Exponentially.
But he's slowed down
and it's not the same music for me.
We're expecting a lot from Sofiane.
You doing good, Comedy Class?
Make some noise! How are you doing?
I'm happy to be here. You good?
I'll just tell a few jokes
and leave. Okay?
First, why not me?
Wallahi. I don't know.
If I win, it's my destiny.
Like the Arabs say, it's mektoub.
I think I deserve the 50,000 euros.
I'm very handsome. I think I deserve it.
I'm starting to do handsome people things.
I don't know if you do this too,
I doubt it.
I look at myself
in the mirror. And I can't stop looking
and trying to see how other people see me.
You don't get it.
I look at myself and try to
forget what I look like.
And I glance at myself
to see how others see me.
If you don't get it,
that means you're ugly.
I'm too confident.
I don't understand how people
don't like me, as one girl said.
"What? All the girls like me,
but you don't?"
"Stop, I'm your sister."
It doesn't really work.
Are you all good?
My little brother is crazy.
I told him I was in the semi-final round.
He said, "I don't give a shit."
-His transitions!
-"I want a Playstation 5."
When he was little,
in order to get the stuff he wanted,
he'd get naked.
Really. "Can I have that?"
My dad would say no, so he'd get naked!
You have to say yes
to a naked kid in the chip aisle.
On road trips, if he wanted to sit in the
front seat, he'd get naked in the back.
My dad would go nuts.
Every trip, he starts naked.
That way he wouldn't
My brother is young.
But imagine when he grows up, at 25.
In a job interview.
"Sir, I'm sorry, we can't take you on."
"What do you mean?"
Someone has supported me from the start
and I want to thank her.
We're gonna call them up
to ask, "Why not me?"
She might not answer
because she's an Arab.
But let's see.
-How are you, Mom?
-I'm fine, and you?
-I'm on stage.
They're all watching.
There's Éric, Ramzy, and another guy.
But hold on!
Hold on!
He won't be winning.
Mom, actually,
I'd like to ask you, "Why not me?"
Why not you? You work hard.
-Do you love me?
-Go clean your room.
Thanks for listening. Thanks, everyone.
It means a lot.
Thank you, everyone.
Sofiane Soch!
Well, Éric,
I don't know about you,
but I see a star in front of me.
You're a star.
Calm down.
He didn't like it.
He's fine.
He's amazing!
-He's good.
-He's just jealous.
-You're pissed, aren't you?
He's a bit jealous.
Jealous of a handsome, funny guy.
-Can I tell one last true story?
-Go ahead.
I was in the car with my dad.
We'd been to see your movie.
I was in the car, I saw you in the window
and I said, "Hey!"
And you shut the window.
That's Jean-Pascal Zadi!
His true character!
Thank you, Sofiane!
That hurt.
I'm gonna fuck you up.
Ladies and gentlemen, Sofiane Soch!
Thank you very much.
I'm happy I did something
that was the real me,
rather than a lie. It was all me.
Sofiane, who's only 21,
has surprisingly crazy confidence.
He's daring and brave.
-I wasn't listening. What?
He does that when he's not interested.
-I want to hit you both.
-You can't.
We've got security guards.
I've seen your body guard. He looks weak!
Who's up next?
J.P., will you do the honors?
Hey, family!
Make some noise for Tom Boudet!
I'm young.
When I came up, some of you thought,
"Who let their kid up on stage?"
He's got a traditional style.
But it carries the whole thing.
A sort of Camille Combal but funny.
He's perfect.
He's made excellent progress.
His humor isn't quite on par
with the others.
He's less scathing.
He's got more charm than jokes.
I'm no longer Tom Boudet.
I'm Dark Boudet.
I wanted to break away from my image.
They were won over by that.
I really had fun doing unusual things.
Clearly, they couldn't get enough of me.
A bit like your fat moms.
I feel more experienced.
I need to keep it tidy
and work just as hard.
But on stage,
I need to let go and have fun.
-You doing okay?
The topic is "Why not me?"
My advantage is that I'm young.
I'm going to get old.
Gradually, I can feel myself
getting older.
I still live with my parents,
which is a great restaurant.
And our heat broke down at home.
For the first time in my life,
I felt concerned.
When they told me,
I said, "Oh! I don't believe it!"
I was gobsmacked.
And I even said a grown-up word,
"Heavens!" I was all in.
As I said, I still live with my parents.
But if I win the 50,000 euros,
I hope I can become independent
and get a small apartment.
Or a big apartment for 50,000 euros
per month, but only for one month.
How do you tell your parents
that you've won so much money?
I'll be like, "Mom, Dad,
the tooth fairy has come by."
To be transparent, after the show,
I'm going to my parents' house in Lille.
But I've thought about it.
If I win the 50,000 euros,
my first purchase will be
a train ticket from Paris to Lille.
So all this was so I could
finally ride first class.
I'm going to fuck the dining car up!
No, we're not doing this
just for the money.
It's a pleasure, but it hasn't been easy.
It's been stressful.
I even thought one thing
we've all thought at school.
I thought, "Just pretend to be sick."
I saw myself fainting on stage,
Ramzy coming up, crying,
"What's happening to you?"
"I love you!" Éric says. "We can't
eliminate Tom! You're qualified!"
Jean-Pascal goes,
"I love this guy!"
I was reassured seeing you tonight,
Éric, Ramzy, Jean-Pascal.
Éric and Ramzy, what an honor.
It's been crazy performing for you.
We don't know each other.
We've never shared a raclette together.
If you're free tomorrow for lunch,
I'm in.
It's been an honor and a joy
performing for you
and showing you who I am.
by doing what I love the most,
being on stage. Any other questions?
Thank you so much.
-Tom Boudet, ladies and gentlemen!
-Thank you!
That was so much fun.
That's the Tom Boudet
we've come to know and love.
You're absolutely charming
and you crack me up.
Your writing is clean,
it doesn't jump around.
It goes up in a crescendo.
I have no notes.
I'm smitten.
I want you to be my son.
Yes, Dad.
The script was good.
It was funny and had good pacing.
Well done, Tom Boudet. Well done!
-Thank you.
-See you later.
Thank you. See you later.
Thank you, Tom.
Great job, bro.
That went well for my last round.
I'm happy, I want to savor it.
It was controlled for something written
in only two days. But it lacked jokes.
-I thought it was really funny.
-I was watching you.
You only laughed once.
I was laughing internally.
I've got a question for you.
When we do our critiques, can they hear?
Yes, but at least they can't see us.
They can see that sneaky face.
There's one comedian left.
One talent left, then,
then we'll bring them back on stage
and name the big winner
-of the first season of Comedy Class.
-they're doing this to me.
-That's a Nazi sign.
Get him out of the room, then.
Should we wait some more? Can we continue?
-Can do you do it well this time?
-No problem.
Hey, bros, fam,
let's welcome out
our realest guy, Eliott Doyle!
He's somewhere between genius
and awkwardness.
And that's something
we really like.
What other jokes do I have?
Everything about him is bizarre.
But bizarre in a good way.
I'm a bitch.
We might get tired of Eliott,
or be completely unfazed by his humor.
But we're like sponges.
Really, we soak it all up.
And your card is none other than this one!
He needs to be in control to do that.
It's all a character.
He needs to control it better
if he wants to blow us away.
The theme we chose for the finale
will allow them
to have more freedom. So Eliott Doyle,
is already crazy. But a funny-crazy.
It might really be crazy.
Hello, everyone.
Eliott Doyle speaking.
Since the start of the show,
I've subverted stand-up.
I've done parodies.
What's better than this final set
to do some pure stand-up?
For one night only, to end on a high note,
this is my stand-up show.
You're taking me for a ride
with this "stand-up" thing.
Good evening, how are you?
Well, I just got out of the subway.
I just hate line 13.
The good thing with guys like us
who work in consulting, it's simple.
We get up at 6:00 a.m.
Which is a problem because
I go to bed at 8:00 a.m.
Right, what do I want to
try out with you all tonight?
Ah, right, okay.
I'm fed up with dating apps.
I've scrolled so much,
my thumb has abs now.
Funny, huh?
Who gives a shit?
I don't know if you can tell,
but I've been to the gym.
Yes, listen,
I go to the gym in a different way.
If I don't go, I'm still paying 30 bucks.
For me, it's like a charity.
"What's your cause, Eliott?" "Pecs."
They actually send me letters.
"We haven't seen you in a while!"
Mind your own fucking business!
What next?
They'll be waiting for me at home.
"Have you seen the time?" Unbelievable!
Excuse me.
This guy is crazy!
He really is!
It's good to try out stuff here.
It's a good atmosphere.
Tell if you don't understand
what I'm saying!
I'm having a slight speech impediment.
I say that because
I re-watched my last set.
The only thing I understood was
How much time do I have?
Daniel, backstage? Okay.
The theme tonight is, "Why not me?"
I'll tell you and answer the question.
Because if I win, everyone wins.
So let's look back at the journey
so far together.
Hey, friends, this is insane, bro!
Come on.
No way!
A cake! The knife is a cake!
Hey, it's Camille.
Okay, next.
-That's Tom Boudet, you're mean!
-That bastard.
He talks like this, he stands like this.
Now I'm Dark Boudet!
That's all.
Fine, so listen,
here's my final word, to sum it all up.
You've made one of
my wildest dreams come true.
So let's seal this union,
and let's bring it back home.
And let me thank you for everything.
Eliott Doyle, ladies and gentlemen!
Eliott Doyle!
I laughed so hard!
Even just your entrance.
Without any reason at all.
He never mentioned the costume.
And still,
he did all the animal stuff.
He even had to keep drinking.
-I could watch him drinking for an hour.
-Yes, incredible.
He's very good. He's got a real
director's eye for staging.
When he makes movies,
they'll be good movies.
-Monty Python.
-You see?
Eliott Doyle, we've got some hay
for you backstage.
-Thank you, Eliott Doyle. Well done!
-Eliott Doyle!
That was my most freestyle set
from the start.
Today was the day for it.
Shall we go deliberate?
This is going to be hard, Ramzy.
It'll be very hard to choose one.
Honestly, this is going to be tough.
I'm so nervous!
Of course, we want to see who wins.
I'm in it, so why not me?
We've come all this way, then bye!
This is an impossible decision.
They've all won. They're all legit.
We've seen some real personality
shine through.
-They're all so good.
Three of the comics stand out.
Three of them are on the same level.
Today, especially,
two of them were really good.
Eliott Doyle, Tom Boudet,
Adel Fugazi,
Camille Lorente,
Sofiane Soch.
Ladies and gentlemen, our comics!
Your performances were amazing.
We cried from laughing with each of you.
You're the top of the top
of what we've seen.
This was really hard for us.
But out of the five of you,
we've already spotted our top three.
We'll call you out right now.
Camille Lorente.
-Next, we're calling up
-Eliott Doyle.
And finally, the third person
is Sofiane Soch.
This is breaking our hearts.
You all are insanely talented.
In today's performance,
we found these three above you,
which doesn't mean their art
is above yours.
For us, we have five winners here.
-No, actually,
-not really five.
-Just one.
There aren't five.
Look how nervous they are, poor things!
-A round of applause!
-Well done, everyone!
the person
who has won
the first season of Comedy Class,
and the winner of 50,000 euros is
Sofiane Soch!
Great job, bro! You deserve it.
For many years, no one has believed in me.
Now I can see the possibilities.
I discovered myself doing this show.
I felt I had an aura of a comedian.
There's Sofiane before and after.
Thank you so much. What an honor.
I'm so happy. I can't believe it.
This show is only the beginning.
Thank you.
Make some noise for
Sofiane Soch!
-You don't hold it against me, I hope.
-Of course not!
I swear.
I've been running on empty for two days.
I knew I could trust myself.
I'm pretty proud of myself, honestly.
This is the sign I needed
to change careers.
Eliott, bring it in!
-It's all good.
-I can tell.
You have your own amazing world.
What you do is amazing.
-I love it!
-Thank you.
Thanks for appreciating me as a centaur.
That was unbelievable.
-Well done.
-Thank you.
Getting validation from Éric and Ramzy
and all the guest judges
All these role models
who have inspired me.
I'm so grateful.
At one point in my life, they confirmed
that this is what I want to do.
-What am I supposed to do? Yell?
Come on, do a quick set.
-Make us laugh!
-Make us laugh now!
Wallahi. We're going out to eat later.
I hope that at my wedding,
my wife will make it.
He's good.
He's good, guys.
Are girls named Chantal
allowed to have long hair?
He's crazy.
I can't sleep knowing that in 30 years,
there will be old ladies named Kenza.
When do taxi drivers fart?
He throws his rose.
As if he's reading.
It's always the ugly friend who drives.
At your girlfriend's birthday, your
girlfriend is the ugliest girl there.
It's insane.
My girlfriend is expensive.
When I call her, it's a 08 number.
She's so short that when I kiss her,
it's like drinking from a fountain.
Girls tell me,
"Sofiane, you're not that great,
In 10 or 20 years, you'll finally be hot."
I may be a bitcoin.
I love this guy.
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