Condor (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Trapped in History

[JOE] Previously on Condor [BOB] Joe's in the wind.
Everyone else is dead.
[BOB ON PHONE] I recruited Sarah Tan.
I also removed any reference to your relationship.
For everyone in that office, it's just another job, but you're personally interested in the truth.
Joe Turner is like a son to me, and there's no doubt in mind that he didn't do those things.
How long ago did you breakup with what's-her-face? - Who's "what's-her-face"? - Janice, - the girl you're still bent out of shape over.
- Six years ago.
Finding Joe a girl.
She's perfect for you.
- And you're matched.
- To Kathy H.
Mad is what I get when someone shows up 45 minutes late to a date.
- I have to feed my neighbor's cat.
- If you let me use your laptop, I promise I will feed the neighbor's cat.
I know it's asking a lot for you to step aside and let Marty Frost handle this investigation.
- Bob? - [BOB ON PHONE] Get out now.
We gotta [GRUNTS] God! Hey, don't move! Need a clearance check on a first name "Gabrielle" - [JOUBERT] Joubert.
- [AGENT ON RADIO] Confirmed.
Oh, God.
- [CAT MEOWS] - [GASPS] Oh! Jesus.
At least now we can feed you.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Yeah, everything, any and all red flags.
I don't care how minor, broken windows, stolen cars I've been holding for 10 minutes, okay? Listen, I need check points at Cleveland Yeah, yeah, for sure.
I know what I need to do I got my guy [MARTY ON PHONE] All right, Boyd, tell me what you have.
Well, there are signs of a struggle.
Can of pepper spray on the floor beside a carton of spilled milk.
There's also two breakfast settings in the kitchen.
So, maybe it started out friendly, you know.
- Hey, coffee? - Keurig.
Sorry about that.
You're still here, Boyd? Don't you have to check-in with Satan's wife? [AGENTS LAUGHING] Ah, fuck! Do you have confirmation that Turner was there? [BOYD] How are we doing on those prints? [AGENT 1] Did he park somewhere else? [AGENT 2] Just give me a call back at this number, okay? [AGENT 3] Uh, let's check.
[BOYD] We have confirmation.
That means we just missed him.
[BOYD ON PHONE] So, we're doing our door-to-doors.
A lot of people are at work this time of the day, but we got visuals on every single house.
We have a judge on call, in case we need to move fast.
Ma'am Why are we assuming that we just missed him? Because why would Turner go out in broad daylight? Is there food in the fridge? Yeah, tons.
It's pretty stocked.
So, every law enforcement agency in the city is looking for you, you are hiding in a house that is owned by a single woman with no roommate, and you have food, why would you leave? Well, he probably figured we'd find his Tinder profile sooner or later, right? No, then, why would you go there in the first place? Panic, didn't think it through? Had to go someplace.
If I were Joe Turner, this house would be one of the safer places that I could go, considering that my face is plastered across every single television in America.
The only reason that I would leave, is because I was sure that it was no longer safe.
You think someone tipped him off we were coming? Who? Does Hale have a car? [SIGHS] DMV doesn't have active registration in her name, no.
So he's close.
I want you to find him.
You got it.
Let's keep it between us that someone may have warned Turner.
That person may turn out closer than we think.
Yes, ma'am.
Was that the boss on the phone? - Yeah.
- What does she want? Just micro-managing.
Hey, make sure they check every door and window, look for little scratches on the locks.
- Why, do you think he's close? - Yeah.
[SHARLA] What makes you think that? Instinct.
He must have pretty good instincts.
He's a step ahead of everybody.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe he had help.
Really? Who from? Never mind.
- Just checking out the late entry.
- Uh-huh.
So, what do your instincts tell you about her? Maybe CIA, there's a lot of independent contractors.
All alone? Bye-bye, kitty.
[CAT MEOWS] [THUD] - [KATHY GROANING] - Shh! Shh! Shh! - [KATHY COUGHS] - Shh! Shh! Let me explain something to you.
The woman who rang the doorbell is not here to help you.
She tried to kill me.
And the fact that she's out there, means that she's with the government.
Which means she's probably in the fucking CIA, okay? Don't worry, I sound crazy to me, too.
Come on, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
This may sting a bit.
It's okay, it's okay.
- [KATHY WHIMPERS] - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm not crazy.
Okay? I'm not crazy.
And I'm not violent.
You got me good.
You know that? [CHUCKLES] All that shit about how you would have liked me I guess I look pretty stupid.
How can I not feel close to you? You're the only person I've ever told what I really do for a living.
[CHUCKLES] But I, I guess it doesn't mean much to be intimate with a captive audience.
[SIGHS] You know what, Kathy? I'm gonna tell you some stuff that I have never told anyone.
And I'm not gonna do that to persuade you or anything like that.
I'm gonna do it because that way if I die, someone will know the truth.
Someone will know what really happened.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [JOE] I was recruited into the CIA during my last year at graduate school.
[EXHALES] [JANICE] Good morning.
- We have to get on the road.
- Mmm-hmm.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, okay, how much time do we have? We have lots and lots and lots of time.
Are you saying that because we actually have lots and lots and lots of time? - [JOE CHUCKLES] - Or 'cause you wanna get laid? Mmm.
We'll be fine.
- Yeah? - Mmm.
You're not answering my question.
I do not remember the question.
I'm serious.
I don't wanna make a bad first impression, okay? Hey.
It's impossible.
- [JANICE GASPS] - They're gonna love you.
- [JOE GROANS] - Everybody loves you.
We're kind of in the middle of something, Caleb.
Eh, it wasn't working anyway.
I have to get ready.
Ready for what? We've spoken about eavesdropping, Caleb.
- Eavesdropping is the great American pastime.
- [JOE CHUCKLES] - What do you think? - Not that kind of gay.
Listening to people when they don't know you're listening is the only way you can really know who anyone is in the Facebook-fucked frenzy we call existence.
You know, just 'cause the sentence has a certain alliterative quality, doesn't make it true, you know that, right? - Yes, it does.
- [JANICE] How about this one? I will not be reduced to a stereotype.
The floral print.
People today are like little baby birds, being fed tiny predigested bits of information.
And the stuff that goes down easiest is whatever sounds best, like the terrorists wanting us dead because they hate our freedoms.
I gotta have a shower.
- You want some company? - Are you going somewhere? [JANICE] What gave you that idea? No, no, I need you two here today.
We're hacking the school's server and releasing the faculty payroll.
I got all of Bannon's passwords.
[JANICE] It's Thanksgiving, Caleb.
So, we can't hack the university server and expose gender and race-based pay gaps, 'cause you guys are celebrating the time a bunch of sadistic Europeans came to America, took advantage of and murdered the gentle indigenous peoples that had been living here for centuries, and then were like, "Look what we discovered"? - Wait, isn't that more Columbus Day? - [JANICE LAUGHS] [MAN ON RADIO] Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
" Why is it whenever you drive long distance, God is the only thing you can ever find on the radio? [MAN ON RADIO] That's just another way of talking about finding God's plan for you.
[WHISPERS SOFTLY] God has a plan for me.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
I hope it doesn't interfere with my plan for you.
You have a plan for me? - Do you want me to have a plan for you? - I asked you first.
It's just a fantasy, that's all.
- So, tell me your fantasy.
- [CHUCKLES] We'd move into the house in Berkeley, take teaching jobs, if we wanted to.
You could use my dad's old office to work on whatever brilliant idea you're gonna change the world with.
- Yeah? - And my old room will be for the baby.
I like your plan.
- Yes.
- You know, my, uh, my dad thought he could change the world and raise a family.
And he didn't live to be much older than I am right now, and he didn't change anything.
- You're not your father, Joe.
- No, I, I know.
Just You never talk about him.
His name is Edmond, right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
People called him "Ned.
" How did he and your mom meet? Oh, he, he was a mathematics professor and my mom was one of the students.
- What? - Uh, yeah.
So, I was unplanned.
They got married.
And then, just before I was born, he was offered a job to be the president of the American University in Beirut.
- [JANICE] You lived in Beirut? - [JOE] I was born there.
My dad believed that America had fractured the Middle East.
And that Americans had a duty to be there, to, you know, to, to fix it.
- Wow.
- Mmm-hmm.
He was shot in his classroom.
- They never caught anyone.
- Why was he killed? He was, uh, he was the most prominent American target that they could get ahold of at the time.
You know, I Me and my mom were living in the States when he died.
I didn't really get to know him, he's just an idea that I have from photos and various things my mom and Bob told me about him.
Was Bob also a professor? Bob? No, no, no, no, no.
He's crazy.
He He was a diplomat who spent his career in various embassies throughout the Middle East, uh And I guess, he and my dad traveled in similar circles, they became close, and then Bob married my dad's sister, Aunt Lily.
So [JANICE] You never told me your uncle was rich.
[CAR STOPS] [UNBUCKLING SEAT BELTS] [BOB SIGHS] There's something I've been meaning to give you.
[EXHALES] Why do you have an old handgun.
Uncle Bob? I've worked for the CIA since 1973.
[CHUCKLES] You're serious.
[CHUCKLES] So, why are you telling me now? You're trying to recruit me? No.
Why? I am against everything the CIA has ever stood for.
That's because you're young.
And you still believe that the world can be changed by ideas alone.
But people like your girlfriend, with her little acts of disruption, what they don't understand is that without real power, you cannot make a dent in this world.
Have you been spying on Janice? I didn't need to.
FBI was already doing that.
What the fuck, Bob? You know, the biggest single threat we face as a country today Uh, an intelligence apparatus that, uh, spies on some citizens that has no surveillian oversight, that wages secret wars all around the world? No, it's that the best minds of the last few generations have sold out to Wall Street and Silicon Valley.
And a lot of other people left to fight the secret wars which, believe me, needs to be fought, are mediocrities, psychopaths, or some combination of the two.
It's time for bright, decent people to take over.
[JOE] I don't want your gun.
I didn't say it was my gun, Joe.
My father? That's right.
All those years? - Beirut? - That was a cover, Joe.
[JANICE] Dinner! - [JANICE] You okay? - Huh? - I asked "Are you okay?" - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Fine.
So, these students convince the dean to pull the Thanksgiving meal from the cafeteria for the kids that weren't going home for the break, because they said Thanksgiving was a celebration of genocide.
I wonder where they got that idea.
- Like, probably history books or something, huh? - [CHUCKLES] [MAN] It was 400 years ago, I mean, do you realize how comfortable a society has to have become to have the disposable energy to complain about a national holiday? And this is why all our friends stopped coming to our holiday dinners.
Can we please talk about something other than politics? Have you given any thought, Joe, as to what you might do after school? [CHUCKLES] Well, on the car ride over here, Joe was talking about becoming a professor.
- Like his dad.
- I haven't really decided anything.
[LILY] Oh, that would be wonderful, dear.
[MAN] Don't sell yourself short, Joe.
Teaching is selling himself short? [MAN] Of course it is.
Free market determines the value of work, and we all know around this table that Joe can do better.
[JANICE] I don't think Joe should sell himself at all.
Our society puts too much emphasis on money and individual achievement, and not enough on character, and the ramifications of the choices that we make on the world around us.
I like her.
I was just extolling the virtues of public service to Joe.
[MAN] Society can't benefit from people like Joe pushing government papers.
All right? The economy thrives when its best people go out into the private sector and create jobs.
I totally disagree with you.
Please pass the salt.
The system isn't perfect, but It's better than no system at all.
It's easy to say for someone who doesn't suffer under the current system.
Suffering has been a constant throughout history.
The modern world didn't invent poverty, racism or warfare, - but it could end them.
- [JANICE] Really? Which modern world would that be? I'd like to visit it.
You don't visit it, you make it, you fix it from inside.
Even if it's only in small incremental ways.
[JANICE] People don't change systems.
Systems slowly eat away at them until the person inside disappears, and they just do what the chair they sit in tells them to do.
And then they find themselves doing things that the human they used to be would've found despicable.
You can't trust yourself to sit in a chair because you're worried about what the chair might make you do.
Maybe you're the problem.
[MAN] Hello? Anybody here? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Ah, there you are.
I'm here.
Yeah, he's here.
I found him in your bedroom.
Guess he misses you.
Yeah, where do you keep your cat food? Look, I just wanna feed the cat and get out of here as soon as possible, okay? 'Cause there is a serial killer on the loose in your neighborhood? No, no, this guy has already killed 12 people, he probably killed Kathy and I don't want to be his next victim.
I'll play with the little fucker for a few minutes.
So, what were you thinking? You want some num-nums? I'll get your num-nums.
Let's find some num-nums.
[JOE] I'm gonna trust you not to scream.
[BOB] I'm sorry, Marty.
Bob? I'm sorry.
[CRYING] You hurt me so much, Bob.
Let me make it up to you.
Can you tell me that you love me? [SIGHS] I'm not sleeping, I'm just thinking.
You were right, ma'am.
Of course I was.
About what? Someone called Kathryn Hale's cell phone just before our team arrived.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [REUEL] You look like hell.
[BOB] Wouldn't wanna give anyone the wrong impression.
[REUEL] How's Lily holding up? She's just scared to death about what will happen to her nephew.
- You hungry? - I'm okay, thanks.
He'll have a malted.
The weapon is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic to evade metal detectors.
Small enough to be hidden under clothes, light-weight enough to be mounted on a drone.
It reduces a liquid slurry of a plague virus into a fine particulate spray.
It's invisible, odorless, silent.
Victims breathe it in and [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] Oh, sorry.
- It's my wife.
- You want some privacy? It's all right.
Sweetheart? Kathryn Hale got a phone call three minutes before my team arrived.
It lasted 8 seconds and originated from a prepaid cell phone.
What did the doctors say? I think Bob Partridge has someone working friend inside my office.
Is this the only explanation? Yes.
I need a housekeeping team sent over immediately.
Of course.
Uh, can I bring you anything? His head.
Will do.
See you soon.
Well, sorry.
How's Melanie? Well, new problems are piling on every day.
Illness begets illness.
Now, just excuse me here for a moment? I have to send myself a reminder to pick up ice cream for Melanie.
Shepard, hold up a sec.
- Let me talk to you for a minute.
- What's up? - You tell me.
- I - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Just that you seem distracted.
- Something going on? - No.
Yeah, maybe a little.
- You're good at reading people.
- [BOYD CHUCKLES] You wanna talk about it? No.
I just need you to know that you got my six out there.
And that if you're dealing with something, you're actually dealing with it.
Yeah, I'm cool.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You wanna grab a drink or something after work? - Are you serious? What do you mean? Not like that.
I'm married.
There's I need to get something from my car.
[CLEARS THROAT] Considering the resources that must've gone into designing this weapon, are we contemplating a potential nation state design? We're contemplating everything.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] You wanna get that? Lily is the only person who ever uses this number during the day.
I don't mind.
- I'll call her on my way home.
- Okay.
I've known you a very long time and I know that you're loyal to the agency, and I know that you're loyal to your family.
What happens when those loyalties are brought into a conflict, such as the one we're having now? I don't believe we are.
I'm telling you we are.
My nephew didn't turn.
Did you warn Joe Marty's team was on it's way to Kathryn Hale's house? That's ridiculous.
Well, someone called Hale's cell phone minutes before the task force arrived.
I never heard of Kathy Hale till this morning.
How was I supposed to know she was with Joe? Would you take a polygraph? Of course.
And you'd pass it too, wouldn't you? [SIGHS] Well, you haven't even touched your milkshake.
Is this Marty's theory? Because I thought you said that she was over the past, - that she could be objective.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] Are you sure you don't need to get that? I told you, it's just my wife.
Twice in a row, I mean, maybe Maybe she needs something.
Hello, sweetheart, is everything okay? [CELL PHONE RINGING] See that you called twice.
I'm in a meeting, though.
Let me talk to Lily.
I wanna say hello.
Sweetheart, please say hello to Reuel.
[LILY ON PHONE] Hi, Reuel.
- Lily, how are you? - I'm fine.
- How's Melanie? - I'll tell her that you asked after her and I'm sure she'll be pleased.
I'm sorry for the interruption.
- No, don't be silly.
- May I speak with my husband? Please.
- Are we done here? - For now.
[BOB SIGHS] It's good.
Hi, sweetheart.
Did I save your ass? [BOB] Absolutely.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] I heard what you did.
What did I do? Aren't you the one who found Turner? Uh, not really.
Got another slice? Hmm.
Sorry, my last piece.
Are you gonna get that? Mmm.
It's just my mum.
[CLEARS THROAT] [SPEAKING IN ARABIC] What does that mean? It's an Arabic saying about mothers.
Doesn't really translate.
- I should - You better see what your mom wants.
- Ditch the phone.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] All right, everyone, empty your bags on your desks.
Take out your phones and stand by your areas, someone will come around.
- Is this your personal phone? - Hmm.
Turn around.
[MALE NEWSCASTER] Federal authorities have confirmed that Turner was in Kathryn Hale's house where there were apparently signs of a struggle [MAN] This might be okay.
Ever think of that? [MAN] Okay, I gotta go.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'll come back and feed you tomorrow.
[KATHY] Why did you do that? Why didn't you scream? I don't know.
Maybe I was afraid you'd hurt someone else.
I think you know.
You don't trust people, you have good instinct for them.
I think you see the truth when you look in someone else's eyes, and I think a part of you already knows you can trust me.
I did not kill those people.
But if they find me before I figure out who did, I will be dead and so will the truth.
And I'm sorry that I came here.
I don't know why I did.
But this is not me, this is not who I am.
Wait, if they find you, just don't give them any reason to think you know anything.
Because then I would be in danger? Yeah.
Would you believe you? I don't know.
I don't know.
[DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS] Reuel sent a housekeeping team to IEP.
You have any idea why? No.
Leaving? [JOE] You're still here? Just as surprised as you are.
You really knew Caleb Wolfe at MIT? Yeah, he, he was my He was my best friend.
As long as we're both stuck here, I might as well hear the rest.
[JANICE] What's wrong? Nothing.
You were fine until you went off with your uncle before dinner.
I'm just tired.
What did he wanna talk about? - What? - What did you guys talk about? He wanted to give me a gun.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry, what? A gun, you know One of those? What? Why? Wait, is there a gun in this car right now? No, Jesus Christ, you think I took it? Come on.
Why would he offer you a gun? It was my dad's.
The professor who took his family to Beirut - to right the wrongs of American imperialism had a gun? - Apparently.
That doesn't really square away with what your aunt was saying So, so, go ask my aunt.
What do you want me to tell you, Janice? [JOE] God.
You know, your aunt is lovely, but your uncle is a fuck.
Oh, my God.
You don't even know the guy.
How well do you know him? He's having an affair with someone at work.
- What? - Yeah, she told me when you guys were up in the office - It just slipped it out.
- Keep your eyes on the road please.
Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for her to keep her composure during that whole meal needing to perform like that? My God! Would you just fuck off and mind your own business? - What? Did you just tell me to - Hey! - Janice! - [TIRES SCREECH] [KEYBOARD CLACKING] [CALEB] Nice timing.
I'm just about to DDoS the payroll, way worse than you could imagine.
Tomorrow, we'll get some subs, and we'll sit on campus and watch their faces as they walk by.
We can even make a game out of What happened to you? What the fuck do you think you're gonna accomplish? With what? You're just gonna make a bunch of people feel worse about themselves than they already do.
How is that a force for good in the world? Disruption is prerequisite for any kind of meaningful social change.
And what about the enjoyment that you get from watching them suffer? Is that a prerequisite? It's not their suffering I enjoy seeing, it's the moment they wake up.
[SIGHS] If you can see what is wrong with the system so clearly, why don't you try to change it? - What do you think I'm doing? - No, no, no.
Not like this.
This is not constructive.
[JANICE] Oh, God! You sound like your Uncle Bob.
I wanna know what really happened today.
Okay, you went crazy and you ran over a fucking deer.
No, I mean, between you and your uncle.
- Nothing.
- Don't push me away like this.
- It's in your head.
- Really? I can't be with someone who can look me in the eye and lie like that.
- Fine, I'll get out of your hair.
- That's it? - You're just gonna admit that you're lying? - What do you want me to tell you, Janice? - You want me to make something up? - What is with you Hands off the computer and get on the fucking ground! - [OFFICER] Caleb Wolfe! - [JOE] What the fuck is going on? - [OFFICER] Get your hands where I can see them.
- [JANICE] What is this about? You can't just come in here! [BUZZES AND UNLOCKS] [BUZZES] [JANICE] Hey.
Just came back to get my stuff.
You okay? Don't do it, Joe.
I don't know, I just, uh I just think you and I want different things.
That's not That's not what I mean.
You can leave if you want.
I Wow.
For a second there I though you were gonna be vulnerable.
Don't act like I'm the one who has trouble being vulnerable.
- I just mean - Yeah? What did you mean? When they let me out of that room, I thought of your Uncle Bob.
I didn't know why at first, but then I realized I could still smell his cologne in the hallway.
I know he was there.
You can leave me if you want to, but whatever it is your uncle wants you to do, don't do it.
You're a smart guy, Joe.
You just You just got a shit sense of smell.
[KATHY] Did you ever consider it? [JOE] What? That my uncle got me arrested just so he could come to my rescue? That he used the people I cared about most as a tool to recruit me into the CIA? Yeah.
I I guess it's pretty obvious he did.
Maybe Janice was right, maybe I am a bad judge of character.
Thanks for staying.
The whole thing's too insane for you to have made it up.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] - [CALEB] Can you bring a level down? - [TECHNICIAN] Yeah.
Malcolm, Martin, Medgar.
Malcolm, Martin, Medgar.
That's good.
Let's clench some assholes.
[CHUCKLES] [CAMERAMAN] And we're rolling.
I wanna talk about the 11 men and women that were murdered in the offices of a Georgetown tech firm yesterday.
The government would have you believe they were just civilians caught in the shooting, but that's not the real story.
They were American service members and they were targeted.
[NEWSCASTER] Caleb Wolfe, an information activist who's currently wanted for questioning by law-enforcement agencies and intelligence services, all around the globe is making headlines today with new revelations in an online video.
Joe? Joe! - [JOE] What? - Look.
[CALEB ON TV] There is a very good reason that such an impressive collection of geniuses have such a dearth of publicly available work.
IEP Analytics wasn't really a tech company at all.
It was a CIA front.
IEP, it just so happens, was also the outfit within the CIA whose algorithm first identified Ammar Nazari.