Condor (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

A Diamond With a Flaw

Previously on Condor The weapon is made of carbon fiber reinforced thermal plastic to evade metal detectors.
It reduces a liquid slurry of the plague virus.
I'm asking you questions so that I can feel a little less terrified.
I found 12 shell companies that together bought a billion dollars in pharmaceutical stocks.
My entire office has been killed because of it.
If I were Joe Turner, this house would be one of the safer places that I could go.
You think someone tipped him off we were coming? Did you warn Joe Marty's team was on its way to Katherine Hale's house? - You really knew Caleb Wolfe at MIT? - He was my best friend.
Caleb Wolfe is making headlines today.
IEP Analytics wasn't really a tech company at all.
It was a CIA front.
Fowler? This is Miss Merch from Mission Hill Retirement Home.
There's been an incident with your father.
and intelligence services around the globe is making headlines today.
The new revelations in an online video.
There is a very good reason that such an impressive collection of geniuses have such a dearth of publicly-available work.
IEP Analytics wasn't really a tech company at all.
It was a CIA front.
IEP, just so happens, was also the outfit within the CIA whose algorithm first identified Ammar Nazari.
This obviously isn't what we imagine when we think of the CIA, computer scientists in an office in Georgetown writing algorithms.
These were not field-operatives, these were analysts, hand-picked to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to the country's toughest problems.
Imagine the CIA's version of Google X.
What might Turner's motives have been, to target such a place? Do we have to assume that this is related to the attack on ComQuest Field? If Caleb Wolfe or the authorities have answers to those questions, they're not letting on.
And how did Caleb Wolfe come upon this information? What were his motives for releasing it? Caleb Wolfe is an activist.
He's a resource for whistleblowers.
In this case, we just don't know who blew the whistle.
Turner and Wolfe knew each other while they were both grad students at MIT.
The two smartest students at MIT knowing each other is hardly surprising.
This guy goes online, and he starts spreading a bunch of provocative allegations and it spreads through the media like wildfire.
But I would just remind our prudent American consumers of information I'm seeing it.
I've been speaking to the director.
Now he's convinced that it can't be a coincidence that Joe Turner's old friend Caleb Wolfe has come up with information relevant to our case.
Working theory around here is that Turner joined the agency as a Trojan horse.
And if so, might call Wolfe for safe harbor.
And Wolfe's network could hide him indefinitely.
The FBI has been hunting Caleb Wolfe for three years.
How do we use him to find Turner? Janice Haron.
Now she hasn't had any known contact with Wolfe or Turner since they left MIT, but, uh As far as we know, she's clean.
The Bureau thinks that she's still connected to Wolfe and, uh If that's the case, then, uh, she's the logical intermediary between Wolfe and Turner.
Do you have someone you can trust to look into this? I'll take care of it.
How did Caleb Wolfe come to be in possession of such sensitive information on a top-secret CIA project? I think the unexplored possibility here, is that this whole thing is a left-wing conspiracy aimed to discrediting the CIA.
Who doesn't keep an old cell phone or laptop lying around the house? Rick doesn't live here full time, and Richard, his dad, was 97 when he died.
He used to say, "I was born after the Great War," "before we knew enough to number them.
" He was a total Luddite.
Only had a TV because he liked CSI.
What if they didn't stay in touch? I mean, you're assuming that if you got in touch with Janice, she could put you in touch with Caleb, but maybe they're out of contact.
And, you know, even if they weren't, why assume that Caleb knows anything? Well, Caleb obviously knows something.
No one outside the CIA was supposed to know about IEP.
Maybe if we get together we can learn something.
Okay, well, we're wasting our time.
We're not gonna find a cell phone or computer in this house.
The police are gone.
I mean, you couldn't risk being seen outside, - but - No.
You don't even know what I was gonna say.
I'm not seeing anyone else get hurt because of me.
Well, I'm not asking your permission.
I'm no longer your hostage.
Didn't the CIA train you? - Yeah, of course.
- Well, did they ever teach you what to do if you're caught behind enemy lines, and you needed to trust someone else who could help you? Trust them, no, manipulate them, yeah.
Well, in this case, you don't have to do that.
Listen, have you considered that you might have some form of Stockholm syndrome? - Of course.
- And? I liked you before you took me hostage.
Yeah, Kathy, I like you too, which is why I cannot let you do this.
Look, I don't know a lot about this kind of stuff, but it would seem to me that you're fighting an enemy who's got you pretty out-matched.
And the only way you're gonna survive is if you use every weapon at your disposal.
You can turn around now.
This is a bad idea.
Yeah? Where are you? Katherine Hale's house.
You have a new assignment.
He's close.
I can feel it.
Don't argue, dear.
Police are now also searching for a Georgetown resident Katherine Hale, who they figure may be Turner's latest victim.
That's $33.
95, and I'll need to see some ID.
- ID? - That's the law.
- Why? - Terrorists.
Well, look, I don't have a license.
A passport or a library card would do.
Uh, I don't have my wallet with me.
- Then, I can't help you.
- Wait, no.
I need it to call my sister.
It doesn't matter who you have to call.
She's coming to get me.
The reason I don't have my license, or my credit cards is because my husband took them from me.
Or maybe we should call the police.
He's a cop.
Please help me.
New laptop case, Nathan? Yeah, I mentioned to my daughter that I needed a new one.
She broke open her piggy bank and bought it for me.
What did you tell her when she gave it to you? The truth.
I told her it's the most beautiful laptop case I'd ever seen, and that I would cherish it always.
Better man than I am.
Uh, you're not coming up? No.
I've got eyes on the asset in Saudi.
I got it.
Your friend from MIT was on the news.
He's been on the news all day.
No, your other friend.
The one you didn't sleep with.
Caleb? - Yeah.
- What's he gotta say? Uh, he said that Joe Turner was in the CIA.
- Really? - Yeah, I DVR'd it for you.
The government would have you believe they were just civilians caught in a shooting, but that's not the real story.
They were American service members, and they were targeted.
Can you believe that? I guess you can never really tell who someone is.
- Hello? - This a bad time? It's work.
Why are you calling me? I need to see Caleb.
Yeah, but why are you calling me? Because you're the only person who can get in touch with him, Janice.
I don't talk to Caleb anymore, and you're a fugitive from the law.
Just talking to you on the phone I can get disbarred.
Janice, you know I didn't kill anyone, okay? No, I don't know shit about you! We used to know each other a long time ago, but that was a long time ago.
And then you joined the CIA.
How is she? Who? The woman you're holding hostage.
Is she all right? Kathy? Yeah, she's fine.
Turn yourself in.
If I do, they will kill me.
Do it in a very public place.
They, they shot Lee Harvey Oswald on TV, Janice.
Well, then, I guess you're out of options.
Janice, I I know some stuff.
Stuff that Caleb will wanna hear.
- Wish I could help.
- You can.
Janice, if we don't do anything, something awful is gonna happen.
Please, Janice.
I'll wait for your call.
Red light.
Hallway is clear.
Shepard! Bob Partridge has someone working inside this office, sabotaging my investigation.
Who's Bob Partridge? Bob Partridge is a senior CIA officer and Joe Turner's mentor.
And you think Partridge is Well, I've been looking into your files, and it doesn't seem like you've ever done anything like this before.
And Wait, do you think that I'm I wanna know how it is that you got assigned to my team.
I do not know Bob Partridge.
I asked my superior for reassignment.
Why? Because I am capable of doing more than what I was doing.
I need to know who I can trust in this office.
You can trust me.
My father didn't believe in hunting.
No, he didn't like hunting personally, but he believed in it.
In its necessity.
You mean culling? If you don't cull, the quantity of the population and the food supplies dwindle, then a lot more deer die.
And they die a lot more painfully.
It's not entirely clear to me.
Do you mean to tell me that you wouldn't push one person under the tracks if you knew that it would save five people at the station? No.
What about if it was 10 people? - No.
- What about if it was a bad person? You're talking about human lives like they are trading cards.
How many lives would it take to make you willing to trade a single human life? There is no number.
How can you say that? If you don't pick a number, you can't lower it.
Do you see it? Yeah.
Well, I guess we're not gonna be hunting buddies.
How did you get to be so self-assured, huh? You're a special kid.
You could be a great service to the world one day.
How? That's not for me to decide.
Bob Partridge.
What do I call you just for conversation? Why are you in my car? We're both watching Janice Haron, hoping she leads us to Joe Turner.
Marty thinks you have an inside man on our team.
Are you supposed to be telling me that? If I'm telling you something you already know, what does it matter? Marty, huh? You two close? Not as close as you used to be.
Did she tell you that? I heard it almost ended your marriage.
A spy's wife catches him cheating.
Come in.
Ma'am, I've been trying to gain access to the IEP computers, but I can't get a straight answer about what happened to them.
The IEP computers were classified.
Why? What did you think you'd find on them? I'm not sure I understand why Joe Turner would've done what we think he did.
What's your theory? The people who worked here were given the freedom and resources to do whatever they wanted, to look at any dark corner, and Maybe one of them found something they weren't supposed to, and that's why they were targeted? So, Joe Turner was the sole innocent to make it out of here alive? I know it's a stretch.
It's smart.
I mean, frankly, we don't know what happened here, right? So, yes, it is best not to get overly-attached to any one narrative.
Tell you what.
I'll put in a request to Langley, and try and get access to those computers.
Thank you.
Now, you should call it a night and get some rest.
Yes, ma'am.
Take the alley.
You don't wanna run into that crowd.
What crowd? It's touching that people have come out to mourn.
Human life has no value, but the human dead, they celebrate.
This world is fucked.
and Mrs.
Tan? I'm Sharla.
I knew your daughter.
We had no idea.
She wasn't allowed to tell us.
Had I known, I would have told her how proud I was of her.
She was a very good friend.
One of the finest people that I have ever known.
And I truly loved her.
If they were willing to kill everyone in your office, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
What wasn't such a good idea? Getting you the phone.
Oh, it was a terrible idea.
And all I had was bad options, so What if she does call back? Well, I'll answer.
Find out what Caleb knows, tell him what I know.
Try to figure out what the fuck is going on.
Then? Well, fight.
- Fight? - Yeah.
The CIA? Well, it's, it's probably not the whole CIA, Kathy, but, you know Yeah Yeah, just a few should't have too much trouble giving you a problem.
You know what? A couple of them have been trying to kill me for the last two days and yet, here I am.
Even you have to be surprised you're alive.
You know, when I joined the CIA, I thought I could change things from the inside.
But I was wrong.
You chose what you thought was the harder path.
Nobility is in the intention.
There's nothing noble about turning my back on a problem I may have helped create.
What happened wasn't your fault.
I mean, one of the other people in your office could have found those 12 companies, then what? You have survivor's guilt, Joe.
Your sin is you're alive.
Come on, Kathy.
Is that your Psych 101 pitch? Why do something that's gonna get you killed? Because if I don't, a whole lot of people are going to die.
Look who's here.
Target's in position.
Green light.
Hallway is clear.
Hallway is clear.
Can I ask you a question? Why are you pursuing Joe Turner? You don't really believe he just up and killed everyone in his office, do you? At the very least, he was working with the people who did.
Why would a person like that just snap? I don't know.
But it happens.
Maybe it's all of this.
For two million years, we spent most of our time just keeping ourselves alive Killing the food we needed to keep us from starving, building shelter so we wouldn't freeze, fighting our enemies to protect what was ours.
Now we spend our days doing jobs we don't care about, so we can spend our nights in front of a television that tells us to go online and buy things, things we don't need, using money we never see or touch, yet it enslaves us.
We've left the real world for an imaginary one, and it's made us crazy.
Didn't it also make us into a civilized society? No.
It's made us America.
Oh, shit! Hello? "D", "X", "Y", "515".
Thank you.
Wait, what's that mean? It's a cipher.
We used to use it in school.
It's an address.
Janice is setting up a meeting for me and Caleb.
You don't have to do this, Joe.
I work for one of the top law firms in the country.
We have a lot of political clout.
We represent congressmen, three of the five living ex-presidents.
I could bring you in.
We'd be with you every step of the way.
I guarantee it.
Why do you give a shit? I mean, you hardly know me, and for half the time you have known me, you thought I was crazy.
Why do you care? Going to that store today was the first time that I didn't choose the safest option.
Because that's what I have always done, made my decisions based on fear.
You were the first unplanned thing that's happened in my adult life.
And I have no idea what's gonna happen next.
But if you walk out that door, I know you're gonna die.
There is nothing noble about being killed.
You know, I'm fucking sick of seeing the truth twisted.
If I can do something about it, I'm gonna do something about it.
You don't even know what the truth is.
No, but what I do know is that those people didn't blink an eye at killing my friends to protect whatever the truth is.
You know, she may not even go anywhere.
What if she does go somewhere and leads us to your boy? Then we'll bring him in.
Enough of my kids have died already this week.
Now, when I leave, you give it two hours.
- Then what? - Then you run out the front door, you scream your fucking head off, you go to a neighbor's and you call the cops.
- Okay.
- Okay? Now, the feds are gonna interview you.
You were bound and gagged.
We never spoke.
I never said a word to you.
That way they can't trip you up on your story.
- Why? - Because, Kathy, you're not gonna know who you can trust.
The only person you can trust is Bob Partridge.
- How will I find him? - He'll find you.
Maybe right away.
You do everything he says.
- Got it? - Got it.
That's it.
Kathy, there's one more thing you need to know.
There is a woman, and she picked me up the night after we met at a bar.
She told me that some fucking guy was harassing her.
We went back to my place, and the next day, she tried to kill me.
And I'm pretty sure she killed everyone in my office.
You slept with the woman that shot you? Kathy, please listen.
She has long black hair, okay? Dark brown eyes, she sounds Middle-Eastern, uh, Arabic, maybe Israeli.
If you come across her, you fucking run.
Okay? - Okay.
- All right.
Why do you have to be the one to fight people like that? Listen, you rub this against something sharp.
You make it look legit.
Are you really that smart? Obviously not.
In the Middle East, two million Muslims from all over the world are converging on Saudi Arabia this week for the Hajj.
Babe, I gotta go.
I have some work I need to deal with.
Well, it's 9:00 at night.
Yeah, it's, uh I may not come home at all.
That's fucking ominous.
Is everything okay? You're stoned.
I just mean I might crash on the office couch.
You need to take care of yourself, honey, so you can take care of everyone else.
Thank you, babe.
- Love you.
- Love you.
courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.
Welcome, everyone, my name's Frank, and I'm an alcoholic.
- Hi, Frank.
- Before I introduce tonight's speaker, I wanna thank Marissa for setting up the chairs, Aiden for bringing the cookies, and John for the refreshments.
- Thanks, John.
- Welcome.
If he does show up, how do you wanna play this? I'll walk over and I'll ask him to get in the car.
What if he runs? He won't run.
Not from me.
I can get myself home from here.
Nice meeting you, Bob.
It was nice meeting you too, Gabrielle.
I know who you are.
Israeli Special Forces.
Kinetic scores off the charts, especially for a person with your small stature.
Only problem was you were psychologically unstable Borderline personality disorder, a morbid fascination with death, a possible nymphomaniac.
I had never seen that on a file before today.
And really, you cannot make that shit up.
So Special Forces discharged you.
Mossad wouldn't have anything to do with you, but we We took you on.
An Arab Israeli who joins an occupying forces army, what does that say about her? You have an excellent record.
But four years ago Your relationship with the agency appears to just end, and I can't find a trace of you anywhere since.
So my question is, what the hell have you been doing for the last four years that is so fucking sensitive I can't know about it? If you're not working for us, who are you working for? Who sent you here? That's three questions.
If someone kills my kids, I'm gonna come after them.
The preliminary stages are complete.
Abu-Saeed has been infected.
The delivery man is en route to meet with his friends from the mosque for their trip.
We're working on that.
The other asset is embedded with a special task force unit hunting Turner.
Yes, sir.
Okay, thanks for sharing, Billy.
Okay, that's all the time we have.
Before we close, does anyone have a burning desire? I mean, anyone feel like they're gonna use? Anyone? Hey.
Sharla, right? Figured you'd found some other bar.
I've been sober for two years.
Well, you're in luck, we just got ourselves a new coffee machine.
Shot of 1942.
It's good coffee.
On me.
Caleb sent me.
And where is Caleb? Not here.
- Is he coming? - No.
Then who the fuck are you? I'm the guy who can take you to see Caleb.
You look familiar to me.
Where do I know you from? I'm Bradley Cooper.
I'm Allen.
- Allen? - Yeah.
Can I get one of your cigarettes? First, I gotta search you.
You know what? I think I can save you the time.
Can I get another? Please? Thank you.
Do you like Tequila? Can I buy you that shot? A romantic.
I still gotta search you, man.
I gotta get you to strip down first.
- Are you fucking serious? - It's just business, man.
I'm not looking for a relationship or anything here.
Oh, baby, you smell so fine.
How do I know you even know Caleb? He said he used to call you Rico.
Oh, baby! What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? What, seriously? Here.
The fuck are those? You'll be up in an hour, no headache.
- No.
- This isn't a negotiation, man.
No, come on, baby, come on.
I said no.
I made a mistake.
Caleb has as much of a reason to wanna see me as I do to see him.
- These are my orders, man.
- Yeah? Fuck your orders.
Fucking cock-tease.
Yeah, and you're a limp-dick piece of shit who can only get pussy off a drunk woman.
Fuck you.
Touch me again and I will put you in the fucking hospital.
Okay, okay.
You don't have to take this shit if you don't want to.
But you're gonna wear a hood once you're inside the van, okay? - Sure, whatever.
- All right.
Right this way.
Hello! Caleb! Let me the fuck out! Caleb!