Condor (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

No Such Thing

[JOE] Previously on Condor Don't move! Katherine Hale? I'm a federal officer.
I need a clearance check on a first name, "Gabrielle" Joubert.
It's Iris.
I'm going light on the food, heavy on the wine.
How's she doing? You know, Elden and I didn't have a great marriage.
The agency was his real mistress.
[JOE] There is a woman, long black hair.
She sounds Middle-Eastern.
If you come across her, you fucking run.
[MAN ON TV] Caleb Wolfe is making headlines today.
IEP Analytics wasn't really a tech company at all.
[CALEB] It was a CIA front.
Someone out there could still have weaponized plague.
[BOB] And we have to assume they're going to use it.
One guy out there still knows about the companies, Nathan, he's just an analyst.
Your greed is putting this entire operation at risk.
And who the fuck are you? I'm the guy who can take you to see Caleb.
[MUFFLED SHOUTING] [JOE YELLING] Caleb! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I had a dream, two nights ago.
All those people at the football game at ComQuest Field, got infected with the plague.
And they went and infected their families, and their friends and their neighbors, until everyone in the whole world was both murderer and victim.
I woke up in a cold sweat.
I went down into my office, and I learned everything I possibly could about the plague.
And what I discovered was an enemy who could change the fate of the world in only 24 hours.
However, this enemy is not invincible.
Modern medicine is equipped to protect us from this kind of an attack, but we lack the infrastructure to deliver the treatment to enough people in enough places in a short enough period of time.
But I'm about to change that.
Gentlemen and lady, I give you Volaris.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Using a fine particulate aerosol spray, Vorlaris can vaccinate one square mile of inhabitants in 20 minutes, protecting healthy populations against the spread of an epidemic with unparalleled speed and efficiency.
Volaris will allow us to provide effective protection to, quite frankly, as much, or as little of the world as we choose.
[GARETH] The threats we face today are so great that the world isn't big enough to hide in.
We must act quickly and decisively to deal with these new dangers.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Remember Julius Caeser, "Men, at some time" "are masters of their fates.
If you try to hit me again, I will knock you the fuck out.
- All right? - Fuck off.
[JOE PANTING AND COUGHING] I do not want to do that shit to you man, all right? Where the fuck is he? Follow me.
[CALEB] I'm good.
You gonna drug me again on the way out? We were friends six years ago, and then you disappeared.
And the next thing I hear, you're in the CIA.
So, I can't help but wonder if the CIA is using you to bait a trap for me.
Especially, if they know our history, which they obviously do, - because they're the fucking CIA - Well, I come in here and you immediately start wondering if the CIA faked the deaths of 12 of its own people to lay a trap for you? Yeah, well, just because you're paranoid Yeah.
I need to know who your source was on the IEP.
You first.
What the fuck happened over there, man? [SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] [SIGHS] Hey, babe, what's going on? Everything okay? [DOOR OPENS] No, I'm, I'm at work, and uh Looks like it might be a lonely night.
Hey, I love you, too.
- Bye, hon.
- [DISCONNECTS] [EXHALES] [INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING] [BOYD SIGHS] - [JOUBERT] Looking for me? - [GRUNTS] Fuck! [SIGHS] I didn't think anyone else was here.
[CHUCKLES] Guess we both had the same idea, huh? Come back here, check the place out again.
I just assumed you had scurvy.
[BOYD CHUCKLES] Why'd you follow me? - What? - You thought you were gonna get laid? Weren't you wearing a wedding band earlier? There it is.
Or maybe that's your cock-ring.
I saw you staring at me at the office, and I spotted you on N and when I turned onto Wisconsin I wasn't following you.
Marty said that, uh Someone called Turner, just before we got here.
Kathy Hale doesn't drive, so I figured he's gotta be close by, right? Came back to check it out.
Did you come up with that excuse on your drive over? I mean, it can't be that you're here 'cause you're a good cop.
A good cop would have seen the note on the fridge.
Instructions for feeding the cat? Do you see a cat? [CAT MEOWS] [SIGHS] [CREAKS] [JOUBERT COCKS GUN] Katherine Hale, we're with the police.
Open that door up for me, please.
Kick that door open.
Oh, thank God.
I thought you were him.
Who? Joe Turner? - I thought he came back.
- When did he leave? Huh? When did he leave? [VOICE TREMBLING] Hours ago.
I just got myself untied when I heard you downstairs.
- Okay, okay, okay, hey - I thought you were him.
- Okay, hey.
- I was so scared.
I'm going to come in there, and help you out, okay? You're okay, now.
We're the good guys, okay? Okay, can you stand up? I'm gonna help you up.
One, two, three.
There you go.
- It's okay.
- [JOUBERT] Where did Turner go? [INTENSE MUSIC] I don't know.
He didn't talk to me.
You didn't speak the whole time he was here? No.
Not really.
What did he do? He kept me tied up, and in the closet.
Did you scream? - He gagged me.
- [BOYD] Okay, it's okay.
All right, let's get you sitting down, okay? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you injured? - No, I'm okay.
- Okay.
Nice and easy.
There you go.
Sit down.
[BOYD] Hey, look at me.
You're safe now, okay? All right.
You okay? Okay.
Here's what we're going to do.
We're going to stay here with you for a little while, and see if Turner comes back, all right? I don't think he will.
When we found you in the closet, you said, you thought he came back.
I was scared.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Now you're sure he won't come back.
Why? I just didn't get that sense from him.
How can you get any sense from him when you were tied up in the closet? [BOYD] Okay, hey, listen, we're going to figure it out together, all right? [ANSWERING MACHINE BEEPS] You have 37 unheard messages.
- First message - Mae, it's mom - [BEEPS] - [MACHINE] Message skipped.
Mae, it's Lily Partridge.
I'm just so sorry.
I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing.
Myself, Cindy, and Alice, and some of the other wives, we're thinking about coming by to see you tomorrow.
- Is that - [MACHINE] Message skipped.
[MAN] Dr.
Barber, I'm calling from St.
There was a train accident.
We're a little understaffed, so I'm just going down the list, - looking for anyone who can - [BEEPS] [INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING] [SIGHS DEEPLY] [DISTORTED CHUCKLING] Hi.
I'm his wife.
- Enjoy the party.
- Thank you.
[MAE] Lord Byron had his own private army.
[EXHALES] Gareth does not have a private army.
[MAE] Oh, my God! It's the actual military industrial complex.
Is all this from government contracts? [SAM] All right, you're being antagonistic.
Our taxes paid for this house.
Meanwhile, this Gareth guy probably thinks that people on welfare are lazy.
I'm not being antagonistic.
Yeah, you are.
You're already doing Dr.
I can't help it.
It just comes out the closer I get to fascists.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, could you give us just a sec? Thanks.
You don't know these people.
Give them a chance.
I will go down on you for an hour, when we get home.
You say that like it's work.
You should think of it as a reward.
Can I take your picture, please? - Um, you want a picture? - Sure.
Over here.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] How many Republicans does it take to not screw in a light bulb? All right - [MAE CHUCKLES] - Come on.
- [SAM] Hi.
- I'm glad you could make it.
- Good to see you.
Elden, this is my - You must be Mae.
I's nice to finally meet you.
I'm Elden Loramer.
Mmm, mmm [CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
It's a very bad joke.
- It's lovely to meet you.
- [ELDEN CHUCKLES] I often have a chat with my wife before these parties, and it usually - illicits the same reaction.
- Oh.
Good to know.
Actually, she really wants to meet you.
- Really? - I'll be right back.
- Um - He got that just from my mumbling? Yeah, he taught psy-ops at The Farm.
- What's that mean? - That means he's fucking smart.
Okay, sorry.
- [SAM] Behave.
- No.
- [IRIS] Are you going to say - [ELDEN] Whoa, we will.
Sam, Mae, this is my wife, Iris.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Mae.
It's so nice to meet you.
Hi, Iris.
Sam, a pleasure.
Um I begged Elden to buy your house.
We're around the corner.
109 Millstone.
Ah! We'll have to get together and covet each other's houses.
[ALL CHUCKLING] Mae, can I steal your husband? - As long as I get him back.
- Cross my heart.
Be like half an hour.
- Okay? - Two secs.
Can I trust him, Iris? Elden's a boyscout.
And that's Gareth? [IRIS SIGHS] Keep your guard up.
He tries to fuck anything that moves.
I feel bad for his wife.
I think they're getting a divorce.
I'm going to get a drink.
Do you want something? Too much of a lightweight.
It's going to be a long night.
[CHUCKLES] Just wait till they get oiled up.
You'd think that this crowd would be too buttoned up to get down, but - [SCOFFS] - [CHUCKLES] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES] [MUSIC STOPS] Spying on the spies? I got lost.
There it is.
Would you like some pot? Seriously? I'm Melanie, by the way.
[COUGHS] - Mae.
[CHUCKLES] - Careful.
It's good shit.
STRANGELOVE'S VOICE] "Have the women here been selected" "for sexual characteristics" "of a highly stimulating nature?" Pardon? I'm sorry.
- Movie reference.
- [CHUCKLES] I was not expecting weed at this party.
Yeah, they tend to be more of an alcohol and pills set.
I haven't smoked pot since before my son was born.
I've only been smoking it for a few months.
Never even tried it in college.
I was always a good girl.
Is that a wig? Oh, my God, I'm sorry.
- [CHUCKLES] It's okay.
- I'm very stoned.
I'm no longer in the closet about dying.
What's your diagnosis? Grade IV Astrocytoma.
Are you a doctor? I can tell by the look on your face.
I'm sorry.
No, I think I'm good.
[MELANIE BUTTS OUT JOINT] So what goes on down there? [MELANIE SIGHS] I Have no idea.
They don't let girls in their tree house.
[MAE SCOFFS] They seem so enthralled.
They look like a pack of sled dogs.
That's my husband.
He has that effect on people.
Especially men.
[CRUNCHING] [SIGHS] Now that the CIA's promoted you, I suppose you're going to start praying? You were a very good wife tonight.
Were you a good husband? [EXHALES] What's that supposed to mean? Uh-oh.
Something happened.
That's why you were so quiet in the car.
I got high with Melanie.
- That's why I was quiet in the car.
- With who? Gareth's wife.
Gareth Miner's wife's name is not Melanie.
It's Laura.
Wait, you got high, as in, you smoked pot? What did those men want with you? What men? I saw you all in the Billiard room.
We were just bating around a few ideas.
- [KISSING] - Ideas? Yeah.
Yeah, you know I can't talk to you about this stuff.
But you can talk about it with Gareth Miner? - Look, baby - Is he in the CIA? I'm sorry there are things that I can't share with you.
I had a really bad feeling about it.
It's because you were fucking stoned, baby.
No, I had a bad feeling before I got stoned.
[GRUNTS] Listen to me.
I want you to listen to me.
Everything I do, every decision that I make, I ask myself first, "Is it good for this family?" You and our two boys, you'll always come first.
You always will.
Can you come over here and stay with the boys? No, I have to go into work.
No, I know.
I know, but I can't fucking sleep, and I'm just losing my shit sitting here.
[CRYING] And you think your office was hit because you found these companies? Uh, my friend, Sam, he said it before he died.
He said that He said that I found them.
Funny that you still call him your friend.
Yeah, well, he save my life, so Yeah, well, there's a word for people who fix - the problems they create.
- Hey, man, can you focus? He said that he was going to put me somewhere safe, until 'it' was all over.
Which means, - it's not over yet.
- Yeah.
All right, it's your turn.
Who was your source? Okay, I'm going to trust you, Joe.
A month ago, I was in Detroit.
Who is this? I work for an American Intelligence Agency.
Which one? For now, let's just keep it general with the specifics.
I have information for you.
What kind? On September 11, a man name Ammar Nazari, will attempt to release a plague at ComQuest Field.
He will be killed by federal agents before the plague is released.
Nazari will have been found by a high-profile target algorithm, written by a secret program within the CIA, known as IEP.
It's a staged attack.
It's the prologue to a larger plot.
What kind of plot? If I told you that, you wouldn't believe me.
Doesn't hurt to try.
This is the only way I'll do this, Mr.
I'll be in touch on September 11th.
[CALEB] Never heard from him again.
So he disappeared? That would be the best case scenario I'd imagine for him.
[JOE SIGHS] Oh, shit.
You know, I knew that Sam was hooked up with that element in the agency, I just - [BOTTLES CLINKING] - [FRIDGE DOOR CLOSES] you know, I didn't, I didn't think he was You know, I didn't think - he was all in.
- [BOTTLE CAPS OPENING] - [CAPS FALLING] - What element? You know, the joke, the CIA stands for Christians In Action.
That's the group that Sam was hooked up with, and you know, these guys, they believe that we're already engaged in a Holy War with Islam for control over the next Millennium, and, and There is no limit to the amount of aggression that these guys can justify in pursuit of winning that war.
[CHUCKLES] Drugging you once was enough.
So an element within the CIA with a hard on for radical Islam staged the attack of ComQuest Field as a prologue to what? Some act of aggression against the terrorists, - or some Middle Eastern country? - [STAMMERS] Maybe.
- That's fucking crazy, - Yeah, it's fucking crazy.
Circumstances aside, it's It's fucking good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
[CHUCKLES] What the fuck were you thinking joining the CIA? We needed you.
I needed you.
- [SIGHS] - She was never the same again, man.
- Janice? - [DOOR OPENS] Who else? - [DOOR CLOSES] - [DEREK] We gotta get you outta here.
- I just - Now.
Hey! Hey! - See you soon.
- What's going on? It's been three hours.
I'd like to call my mother.
I'd like to call my mother and let her know that I'm okay.
It's the middle of the night.
You can call her in the morning.
Her daughter's been kidnapped by a mass murderer.
I doubt she's sleeping.
[JOUBERT] Her daughter's safe.
She'll find that out soon enough.
Are you worried my mother's going to warn Joe that it's not safe to come back here? "Joe.
" That sounds friendly.
I want to cooperate.
But I haven't slept in days.
So, sleep.
I think I might need medical attention.
You're fine.
[JOUBERT SIGHS] Let me call my mother, tell her that I'm safe, and that I'm with two federal agents.
I mean, that's what you are, right? Even though you said you were police.
You work for the government, right? Yeah.
Well, we say police 'cause people know what that means.
Sounds better than uh "Freeze, joint task force officer.
" [SIGHS AND CHUCKLES] What are your names? I'm Boyd Ferris.
And you? That's Joubert.
Where is Joubert from? Israel? I'm a lawyer.
You have no legal grounds for holding me here against my will.
Let's just stop pretending you're some innocent bystander in all this.
I'm sorry.
What does that even mean? - You dated the suspect.
- We went on one date.
It was a bad date.
It lasted 20 minutes.
And then he walked you home.
And that somehow means I'm not a victim? The marks on your wrist were faded when we found you.
The gag was dry.
You'd been untied for over an hour.
Which means you weren't hiding from Joe Turner, you were hiding from us.
As far as I'm concerned, you're a suspect.
I want to call my lawyer.
Sit the fuck down, Miss Hale.
[EXHALES] [DOOR SHUTS] Your phone, gun, binoculars and bullet-proof vest.
It's like you're some kind of perverted boyscout.
Gun's unloaded.
Bullets are in the zip compartment on the side, in case you need them.
You're just gonna Put me out on my ass? I'm not the one who put you in this spot.
So you were never gonna let me stay here, were you? I didn't want to bring you here in the first place.
Caleb wanted to hear what you had to say.
We heard you.
Now we want you gone.
No, no, no.
You want me gone.
Not Caleb.
Caleb's too trusting.
That's why he has me.
You know, if you heard what I just said, you would know that the CIA might be planning an attack against the Muslim world.
You are the CIA, Joe.
No, Janice, I'm not.
Not anymore.
[SIGHS AND CHUCKLES] Oh, my People could die.
Now, Caleb has the power to expose this thing.
People will believe him.
Show me your proof.
I, I I don't have proof, Janice, but if we work together That will never happen.
[EXASPERATED] You know what? Fine [JANICE CHUCKLES] You're just going to strand me here, too, huh? [SIGHS] It's parked out front.
I won't report it stolen for 24 hours.
You're welcome.
[DOOR CLOSES] You wanted to call this in at first, didn't you? - Huh? - You were gonna call this in.
Then she pulled you into the hallway, and convinced you to stay here.
To do this alone, right? What's your point? She's right.
I wasn't tied up when you got here.
Then why didn't you call the police? In fact, Joe and I spoke at length.
He told me about the 12 companies that he found that invested in Big Pharma before the attack at ComQuest Field.
He said, a woman was one of the people who killed everyone in his office.
He said she shot him.
And then he described her.
You know the guy killed 11 of his coworkers, right? I don't think you should give much credibility to anything he tells you, sweetheart.
I mean, he described her.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] If you really believe that, isn't it dangerous to tell me? The way I figure it, if Joe comes back, you're gonna have to kill me anyway.
And him.
Because you have to kill Joe.
So my life kind of depends on convincing Agent Ferris here that you're not what you seem to be.
It shouldn't be too hard.
When you pretty much have good reasons for everything you're doing, except not letting me call my mother.
I just didn't want to have to kill her, too.
Okay, let's just think this through for a minute.
And let's say she is the killer.
And she was hired to do the IEP job, but Joe got away.
And now, she has to clean up her own mess.
Okay, then why send the same killer, when she missed him once? She missed him twice.
She tried to kill him again in Sam Barber's car, but he got away because he was wearing a bullet proof vest that he bought at an Army-Navy store.
Well, that is an oddly specific detail.
How's this for specific.
She met him the night before the job, at a bar in Georgetown.
I mean, what the fuck was that about? I guess, other than being a professional killer, I'm a profoundly disturbed person who gets off on fucking men before I kill them.
I didn't say you fucked him.
I said you met him.
In a bar.
But it's true, the same woman who shot Joe, killed everyone in his office, who he said was Arab or Israeli.
Who also picked Joe up at a bar the night before, went back to his place, and fucked him.
You fucked him.
How are you going to do it? How are you going to kill us? - [JOUBERT] Sit down.
- Of course, you're going to make it look like Joe did it.
Hey, you know what, you've been at this long enough.
I'm gonna call it in.
You're not really falling for this bullshit, are you? I'm gonna call Marty and let her know what's going on Why the fuck did you draw on me? - I didn't draw on you, you drew on me.
- Bullshit.
Don't you fucking move! You weren't gonna let me make that call, were you? Don't you fucking move! Put your gun on the ground.
Get taken in by every new pussy, don't you? Don't fucking move.
You put your gun on the ground, right now.
All right.
[GASPING] She's upstairs.
She's upstairs.
[PANTING] [BOTH PANTING] - You came back for me.
- Of course.
Oh, shit.
- [KATHY GRUNTS] - [JOE] Oh - [KATHY GROANS] - Put your hand on the wound.
Press down hard.
Okay? Yeah, I know.
Oh, shit.
Uh We're going to the hospital.
They'll get you.
- I don't care.
Hey, hey, hey.
You all right? You still with me? - Kathy! - I'm, I'm up.
[MUFFLED] I don't think I'm gonna make Don't talk.
Kathy, don't say that.
Talk to me, tell me something.
Come on! Kathy! - Her name is Joubert.
- Uh-huh.
Can't believe you slept with that bitch.
Yeah? Don't feel bad, okay? Kathy, oh, shit! [GASPING] Oh! Wake up! Hey, wake up! Wake up.
Oh, shit.
Wake up, Kathy.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Kathy, hey, hey, hey, wake up.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
Kathy, wake up.
God damn it! Wake up! [CRYING] Please, wake up.
Please, wake up.
[SOBS] Please, wake up.
[SOMBRE MUSIC PLAYING] [DOCTOR] Abdominal contusions.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] Right, clear, you're clear? All clear? - [NURSE] Clear.
- [DOCTOR] Clear.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was hoping you'd come see me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not going to ask you how you're doing, because that's a stupid question.
Thank you.
Would you like some pot? [SNIFFLES AND SIGHS] No.
I No, I just came down here to ask you a question.
I know that we don't I know we're not supposed to talk about You know, what makes us a community.
You want to know if I know anything about what happened to your husband? My theory, lately, is that I built this rather large tumor, out of all the questions I was afraid to ask my husband.
Isn't that silly? I was afraid to ask him what he was doing all these years.
And it's not because I was afraid that he would lie to me.
I was I knew he would tell me the truth.
I'm sorry, Mae, I don't know anything more than you do.
[MAE] Reuel.
Let me get out of your way.
No need.
I'm just here to read to Melanie.
No, I have to get going, anyway.
[REUEL] I'm sorry.
I, I feel I feel really badly about our last visit.
[MAE] I'll see you soon.
What did Mae want? She was just here for a visit.
And that's it? Yeah.
Shall I read to you, my love? Please.
[REUEL] "Whenever an event occurs," "a man appears or men appear" "by whose will the event seems to have taken place.
" "Napoleon issues a decree and the army enters Russia.
" "Alexander gives a command, and the French submit to the Bourbons" "The historians want to see the cause of events.
" - [GUNSHOT] - "The expressions" "of the will of someone endowed with power.
" "But that supposition is not confirmed, either by reason," "or by experience.
" "Without assuming" "an incomprehensible, supernatural force" "A miracle" "One cannot admit that words can be the immediate cause" "of the movements of millions of men" "without admitting Divine intervention in the" "affairs of humanity.
" Salam Alaikum [INDISTINCTLY SPEAKING ARABIC] [REUEL] " we cannot regard power" "as the cause of events.
" [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [REUEL] with such a collection of deep institutional power assembled in one small room, we find ourselves with a Unique opportunity to shape the future of all generations to the benefit of all mankind.
I'm sorry.