Condor (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

A Question of Compromise

[JOE] Previously on Condor Sam was threatening Elden? - Elden was in a car accident.
- He hadn't taken the car.
- What are you saying right now? - I have proof.
I don't want to say it.
I think they're watching my house.
Saeed Abu-Saeed ran a chemical weapons program for Saddam.
[BOB] Is that Ammar Nazari? - [MANFREDI] There's the hand-off.
- [BOB] This is not right.
None of it.
[NATHAN] The preliminary stages are complete.
Abu-Saeed had been infected.
The delivery man is en route.
[PAUL] Your friend from MI was on the news.
He said that Joe Turner was in the CIA.
The government would have you believe they were just civilians caught in a shooting.
They were American service members, and they were targeted.
- [SCREAMS] - [JOE] No, no, no, no, no.
[JOE GRUNTING] Sarah was my friend.
[SHARLA] What happened that day? They were killed by the same woman.
Her name is Joubert.
- [SNIFFS] - [SHARLA] Okay.
[SHARLA SOFTLY] Jesus Christ.
Your greed is putting this entire operation at risk Well, I am a business man.
When I see a business opportunity, I take it.
Gentlemen, I give you Volaris.
Men, at some time, are masters of their fates.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [TRUMPETS SOUNDING] [BRUTUS] countrymen, another journey for my cause.
And be silent that you may hear.
[GARETH] Brutus has four-times as many lines.
[GINNY] Yeah, but it's called Julius Caesar, so don't you think it's about him? - [GINNY SIGHING] - No, it's about Brutus, dealing with the conflicting demands, [SNORTING] you know? Between what he owes his country, and what he owes his friend.
You're so fucking hot.
[BRUTUS] We're all friends of Caesar.
- [MOANING] - To him I say that Brutus' love to Caesar was no less than his.
[SNORTING] [BRUTUS] As he was valiant, I honor him, but, as he was ambitious, I slew him.
Gareth had a private meeting at which he displayed Volaris for a small group from the DOD.
- [SOFTLY] How many people? - Oh, I can contain that, but, his greed has now almost twice cost us this operation.
And there mustn't be a third time.
Your allegiance to this mission has got to be greater than your loyalty to any one person.
You have a problem with that? No.
- No, I don't.
- It's an inhuman business, Nathan, and we must act accordingly, while holding onto our humanity.
We must always remind ourselves that every life sacrificed to this cause is a soul whose loss is a tragedy, no matter how noble our purpose may be.
Yes, sir.
Contact the asset.
This way.
The woman who pulled us over, I could hear her from the trunk.
That was her.
That was the woman who tried to kill me.
She leaned in the car.
Apparently she thought she could smell you.
- Who is she? - Her name is Gabrielle Joubert.
- [JOE] Who does she work for? - I don't know.
Sorry, haven't gone grocery shopping in a while.
Jesus Christ, you shouldn't have brought me to your house.
You're putting yourself in danger.
More than enough people have already died over this fucking thing.
Yeah, [SIGHS] well, I didn't put myself in this.
You have your Uncle Bob to thank for that.
Wait, you're working for Bob? He got shut out of the Task Force investigation and he got me assigned.
So, he, he knew that you and Sarah were having an undeclared relationship? - Yup.
- Did he blackmail you? He didn't have to.
He knew that I would want to know the truth.
- So what is the truth? - I know who killed Sarah.
That's just a piece of it.
Well, it's the only piece that matters to me.
Listen to me, I need to get in contact with Bob.
He might be able to help me figure out who's behind this thing.
Hit redial.
Ah, shit, it's going right to voicemail.
Keep it.
Are you going after Joubert? Jesus Christ, she's a professional killer.
Yeah, that's what all the guns are for.
Your Uncle Bob, - he can take care of the rest.
- No, no, no, no, no.
She's going to see you coming a mile away.
Fuck! No, no, no, no, no.
- Fuck! - Did you see that coming? Hey, hey! You're not going to stop me from going after Joubert.
Just keep calling your Uncle Bob, and he'll come and get you.
In case you need to pee.
I I can help you.
I'm sure he has it, but, the address is 2524 Arnold Lane.
And I've unlocked the back door so there's no need for anyone to break it down.
Okay, listen to me, your head is clouded with emotion.
Hers is clear.
Her strength, her advantage is her lack of conscience.
- Oh, so you're an expert now? - If you get the opportunity, do not hesitate, 'cause I guarantee she won't.
[SIGHS] Good to know.
[JOE BREATHING HEAVILY] What are you doing driving anyway? You're not supposed to be doing that anymore! Why? Because you said so? No, because your doctor said that.
Because you, you have a mental illness.
[GRUNTS] [ANGRILY] I don't do things because you say so, Nathan.
I'm a man.
You can't take away my manhood.
I worked hard to earn it.
I fought in a war.
I killed my enemy.
I watched my friends die, some of them boys.
Some of them soft as you.
No, you know what? I take that back.
[GRUNTS] None of them were as soft as you are.
Nathan, you're pathetic.
[GASPS] [LINE RINGING] - Gareth, it's me.
- [HAPPILY] Nathan.
What's going on, buddy? Are you around this afternoon? Sure.
What's up? I need to talk.
[WOMAN REPORTER ON TV] A new study indicates that the Earth's oceans are becoming more acidic and at a faster rate than previously believed.
The study's authors say rising acidity - is associated with an increase in - [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] - greenhouse gases - Bob? Joe.
- Are you okay? - Don't worry about me.
I think one of your people is planning an attack in the Middle East.
- I'm listening.
- I think someone in the agency is putting a bio-weapon in play but trying to make it look like it belonged to one of the terrorists.
To start a plague outbreak in the Middle East, to make it look like a boomerang.
If I'm right, it'll all have to point back to a patient zero.
Someone who could be connected to Nazari, but would be too dead by the time you find him to deny his involvement.
I've just been following a carefully placed trail of breadcrumbs.
Call me if you learn anything more.
Yeah, about that, I'm not sure how much I'm gonna learn being handcuffed to Sharla Shepard's fucking radiator.
All right.
Now that might be the safest place you could be.
- Are you serious? - I'll get you - as soon as I can.
- What are you gonna do? Follow the trail wherever it leads.
[LINE DISCONNECTS] [SIGHS] [CLEARS THROAT] What would it mean if ComQuest Field had been staged? Staged? By who? An element within the agency.
That's provocative.
[BOB] Nazari was the patsy.
But we were the ones who found Nazari.
He's clean, until noon today when he goes to a P.
box that no one knew he had, and picks up a package.
Maybe we were supposed to find him.
What if Harold Floros had been their inside man at IEP since the beginning.
Had co-authored the algorithm with Joe.
ComQuest Field? That was Well, thanks for telling me Our algorithm was used last night to stop a terrorist attack.
- [GASPS] - Mmm-hmm.
Nice to know.
Someone reverse engineered Nazari based on the program's criteria.
Yes, and when Nazari gets killed [FIRES SHOT] Before he has any kind of chance to explain himself and then, a short while later, a video magically appears of Nazari with the most notorious biological weapons engineer in the world.
The dots are connected.
Someone wanted us to connect them.
We're going to need a Special Forces Unit in the Middle East to go pick up Abu-Saeed.
- Pick him up? - I need to look at him and see if he was in on it, or if he's just another patsy.
I need to know if I'm imagining things or if something's happening.
- I'll make the call.
- And then I need you to go and pick up Joe Turner.
[MAN ON TV] You won't be able to resist our delicious pizza, brought right to your door.
Call 555-4125.
[DIALING] [JOE] It's unlocked.
Hey, how you doing? [DELIVERY BOY] Hey, where do you want it? Uh, just put it down somewhere on the floor.
[BOY] Okay.
- It's $18.
- All right.
Can you do me a favor, can you grab me that key you see on the table there? What's going on, dude? [CHUCKLES] It's a funny story.
I met this woman for this Internet date, and she told me to come over to her place.
She told me she was into some kinky shit, and she cuffed me to the radiator and took off.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
[UNLOCKING CUFFS] You look familiar.
- $18.
36, you said? - Yeah.
All right.
[CLERK] Pressure over time.
That's what makes them.
[NATHAN] I'll take them.
- Your wife will love them.
- They're for my daughter.
Very lucky girl.
Is she getting married? - One day.
- And how will you be paying? Cash.
[OPS GUY] These guys switch phones so much, it's impossible for us to be 100% certain.
But based on our analysis of his contact network and call patterns, we're pretty sure it is Abu-Saeed.
He arrived in Jeddah yesterday by car, and we triangulated his cell signal to here.
Now, the location is previously unknown to us, but, even assuming it's defended, we should still be able to do this guy.
[BOB] This is a capture mission.
Capture mission in Saudi? - Am I talking to the wrong person? - No, sir.
- Let's make this happen.
- Yes, sir.
[WOMAN ON PHONE] Today we will be discussing how to incrementally shift our focus when we are trying to recover from anything - that has - [DOOR OPENS] Hello? Is someone there? I heard you come in.
I have a gun.
[IRIS] I know you listen.
Elden told me you listen.
But I didn't tell her anything.
[PANTING] [RAGGED BREATHING] You heard what I said.
I didn't tell Mae anything.
[SIGHS IN RELIEF] [WOMAN ON PHONE] miraculous ability.
Creator given [SIGHING] should be able to be objective about one's own thought process.
It's totally fine, if in this moment you are freaking out a bit.
[IRIS MUFFLED SCREAMING] [ABBOTT CLEARS THROAT] Bob, are you running a capture op in Saudi? Ammar Nazari had a conversation with Saeed Abu-Saeed in the Charles De Gaulle airport two years ago.
Nazari's dead.
Saeed is our only lead.
I I need to talk to him.
You think this is going to teach us something about ComQuest Field? I don't think we're going to unlearn anything.
It is only because I have pulled every string in my loom that you are here in this building.
And do you have any idea why I did that? It is because I need you more than I don't need you.
But that could change.
I do not want to have to explain to State why the Saudis are calling.
[DOOR CLOSES] Mmm-hmm.
Bob Partridge is going after Abu-Saeed.
Now, I don't know Abu-Saeed's status, but it could be problematic if he and Bob speak.
No, I'm, I'm not worried about him shutting down the operation.
He could expose it.
And that could cause problems for us personally, and for the country.
Oh, no.
No, we can't get rid of him.
He's a National Intelligence Officer with a with a lot of friends.
It would be high risk.
No, I'm I'm suggesting we bring him on board.
Yes, I'm serious.
Well, no, he's not one of us, but he is a company man.
And he is pragmatic.
I'll watch over him closely, and we'll play it by ear.
Yeah, I gotta go, okay.
- [LINE RINGING] - [WATCHER] Yes, sir.
[ABBOTT] Let's start covering our tracks.
Erase everything.
[KEY CLICKS] [MUFFLED BREATHING] [STARTS ENGINE] [IRIS MOANING] [GRUNTS] You won't scream? [EXHALES] [JOUBERT] What do you think of the suit? [GASPS] Made it myself.
Doesn't leave any marks.
[IRIS GASPING] So many drugs.
You have a serious problem.
More than one.
I don't know anything, I swear.
- I swear! - Indoor voice.
- Drink.
- No.
There are two ways this can go.
You can have this drink.
You can go peacefully.
Or I can bash your skull in, break your neck, and make it look like you slipped in the shower.
Come on.
Slow down.
Tell me about this evidence.
[GRUNTS] [PANTING] There's There's nothing.
- [IRIS ON TAPE] I have proof.
- It's not true.
I have proof.
I was lying.
I was trying to hurt Mae Barber.
Her husband killed my husband.
No, he didn't.
[SPLASHING] [ELDEN] Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, come here.
What are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? [DOOR OPENS] [LULU BARKS] [ELDEN] So what can't wait until tomorrow? My wife thinks I wanted to meet a woman.
[NATHAN] Why did she say that? Did you have to bring him? [NATHAN] You've been telling tales out of school.
[ELDEN] What does that mean? You don't know the phrase "You've been telling tales" [ELDEN] Why don't you just tell me what you mean? - [LULU BARKS] - [GASPING] - Caleb Wolfe.
- I don't understand.
[LULU BARKING] What, you think I said something to Caleb Wolfe about the operation? - Yeah.
- I don't fucking know Caleb Wolfe.
The guy's a fugitive from the law.
How would I even find him? [WHISPERING] Back.
Lulu, get the fuck back.
Why the fuck would I say something to Caleb Wolfe? Lulu! Come here! Come here.
[PANTING] [ELDEN] I honestly don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Sam, you want to say something here? You're a very good liar, you know that? You even got me convinced I'm wrong.
You are wrong.
Consider what would happen of it got out about what we were doing.
Think about it.
The threat alone, inside our own border.
Instead of neutralizing our enemy, we would become their biggest recruiting tool.
So why would I say anything? Maybe because you don't believe in what we're doing.
Maybe because you think we've gone too far.
You know, Nathan, I'm getting fucking tired of hearing your voice.
Sam, you wanna chime in here? Are you telling me you believe this fucking bullshit? Listen, you recruited me, Elden, which means that my life, the lives of my family, they're in your hands, so, if you did tell anyone then, brother, I think you owe it to me to come clean.
I would never do anything to hurt you, Sam.
This isn't personal.
You know what? Fuck you, Nathan! You should hear what we say about you.
Pathetic, oversized boy playing soldier.
Trying to win Daddy's love.
But you know what, you're not a fucking soldier.
You're not allowed to talk to me like - [GRUNTS] - [SAM] Hey, let him up, Elden.
- Elden! - [NATHAN] No, no, no, no.
[SAM] Elden! If he weren't here, I'd fucking kill you.
All right, come on.
- Sam.
- It's all right.
Just walk away.
[SAM] All right.
How did we hook up with these fucking crazy people? You hooked me up with these crazy people.
Did you say something, Elden? - To anyone? - No.
- Elden? - No, I didn't, Sam, but maybe Maybe we've gone a bit far.
I mean, the assassination program was one thing, but this You know how many people are going to die? Nobody said this was going to be easy, Elden.
And it's up to us, people in our positions, to make that tough call.
[SIGHING] Otherwise, there's no future.
You fucking get that, right? These people, these extremists, they're spreading like a fucking virus.
- Yeah, you're right.
- All right.
So is there anything that you want to tell me? Am I safe? Is my family safe? Of course they are, Sam.
Why don't you go home to Iris, and we'll talk tomorrow, okay? You're like a brother to me, Sam.
You too.
Come here.
Come here.
[ELDEN] Lulu, come on.
[PANTING] Let's try again.
Where is the evidence? I recorded them.
There's a camera.
It was Elden's.
That's what, not where.
There's a safe in the bedroom.
In the closet.
I took it from Elden.
I thought I'd catch him cheating.
I was gonna show him.
He probably wouldn't have given a fuck.
[NATHAN] Have you been telling tales out of school? [ELDEN] What does that mean? You know the phrase "You've been telling tales" Why don't you just tell me what you mean? [LULU BARKS] - I dropped the camera.
- You thought this was evidence? It shows Elden with Sam and Nathan.
The night he was killed.
[PANTING] The dog surprised me Fucking hell.
[SPLASHING] [EXHALES] [RUMMAGING] Where the fuck is my - That guy is an asshole.
- No.
He's a traitor.
You're an asshole.
What did I do? Nothing, Nathan.
You just You're not a very likable person.
It's not your fault.
Well, maybe I wouldn't have to be such an asshole if you had opened your mouth.
We all don't get the same enjoyment out of threatening people as you do.
That was not a threat.
You know what? He's right.
He's right about you.
You're just playing soldier, but a real soldier has to get some on him.
See, I remember there was a time when you would not have been able to do that to one of our own people.
He's not one of my people anymore.
He looked you in the eyes, and he lied to you after you told him that it put your family at risk.
That's not a friend.
I'll tell you what.
It's your call.
If you want Elden to live and to walk away from everything that we've done, fine.
That's what I thought.
Pick him up.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you before when you said you saw Uncle Joe.
I honestly just thought you had a bad dream.
I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Jude.
We should leave this house.
Why? Then Uncle Joe won't know where we are.
Uncle Joe isn't trying to get us.
Then why is he here? I don't know.
Something else happened, Mommy.
What? - Dad and I were watching TV and - Mmm-mmm.
What's that? I don't know.
It's a storage card.
How did it get in that box? Iris must have put it in there.
[CLICKS KEY] [NATHAN] I'll tell you what.
It's your call.
If you want Elden to live and walk away from everything that we've done, fine.
That's what I thought.
Pick him up.
[GARETH] Bienvenidos, amigo.
You did not sound good on the phone.
- I feel anxious.
- Ha! Things aren't working out they way that they - You know, I-I'm nervous.
- Come on in.
[GARETH] Let's have a beverage.
- You want another? - [GAGS] No.
Nathan, you look stressed.
I think I know why though.
We've put a lot on your shoulders.
But, you have handled it beautifully.
[POURING] That's not the real reason I came here.
No? Why did you come here? - [GINNY] Hey, babe.
- Who's that? That is Ginny.
She's my new girl.
Yeah, babe! You hungry? Uh You hungry, Nathan? - No, no.
- You sure? No, we're good.
Who's "we"? Nathan, from work is here.
You should come in and say hey.
- Hey.
- [NATHAN] Hey.
[GARETH] Hey! You guys don't want to eat? - You wanna eat? - Um, no.
No? No, we're good, babe.
- Thank you.
- [GINNY] Mmm-hmm.
I think I know why you're really here.
- You do? - Yeah.
- The stock trades? - What? [GINNY] Where're the leftovers from Mastro's? Uh, I don't know, babe.
You want your cut.
- I want No, no, no, no.
- [GINNY] Where are they? [GARETH] I think you and Sheila - ate them all last night.
- I don't want - I don't want any money.
- [GINNY] Oh, no.
It's okay.
I don't care.
It doesn't matter.
Okay? 'Cause I already set up an account for you in the Caymans.
You know, I take care of my own, pal.
Oh, you know what you should do? You should take my plane and you should go down to the Caymans and you should sit there, count your money, eat all the pussy you possibly can, and empty your balls for a few weeks.
Did you say that you put money in a bank account for me? Yeah, I did.
You deserve it.
Come on, none of this would have happened without you.
[GINNY] Yeah, you're totally right, we ate that shit last night.
[GARETH CHUCKLES] I told you! [GINNY] I'm gonna go pick something up.
[GARETH] All right.
- [NATHAN EXHALES] - [GARETH GRUNTS] - [DOOR OPENS] - What do you think? [DOOR CLOSES] She is smoking hot, huh? I think that greed is an addiction, - just like booze, drugs, anything else.
- [COCKS GUN] What the fuck is that? You showed a promotional video - of our weapon at the Pentagon? - Relax, Nathan.
Okay? That was the plan all along.
Volaris was developed with a legitimate application in mind from the very beginning As an ostensible application in case someone came snooping around.
Okay, you have to calm down.
'Cause I can't think when you have that thing pointed in my face, all right? And you, obviously, are not thinking at all.
Did you seriously come here to kill me? And how did you think you were going to get away with that? - Make it look like a suicide.
- A suicide? [LAUGHS HEARTILY] - Why are you laughing at me? - I'm sorry.
It's just Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I mean, last night, I smoked a joint and Ginny ate my asshole, while her best friend sucked my cock for two hours.
Do you know how that feels, Nathan? I mean, who in their right mind would think that I would want to kill myself, okay? And, I mean, not to state the obvious, but you've been on camera since you got here.
I realized that when I got here, and that's also when I realized that this wasn't a suicide after all.
So put the gun down, okay? Hey! - [DOOR CLOSES] - Wait a minute.
Hey, babe, my car isn't charged.
Can I borrow your [GASPS] - What're you doing here? - What's he doing? - Just stay still.
Stay still! - Nathan, - why don't you tell her - Stay still.
- I'm sorry.
- Tell her what you're doing.
[NATHAN CONFUSED] I Yeah, I don't think you were part of his plan.
Gareth, what the fuck? It's okay.
It's just, this is just a little misunderstanding we have here.
She can leave.
She can leave.
Yeah, I can.
I can just leave.
Give her the car keys.
So, Ginny Nathan and I, have been helping the CIA to release a plague virus on the Muslim world, and trying to make it look like the terrorists accidentally did it to themselves.
- What are you going to do now? - Why the hell did you just do that? - Why the fuck would you tell me that? - Shut the fuck up.
It's your move, Nathan.
[SHOT FIRED] Do you want to sit down, or uh Anything on your mind you want to talk about? You wanna I'm not very, um I just never done this before so - All right.
Nathan - [PRESSES BUTTON] See that? I hit the panic button.
Okay? That means the cops are going to be here any fucking minute.
And you are fucked, and you have no play here, but you haven't passed the point of no return yet, Nathan, okay? I can fix that.
You don't know what my next play is.
Because a man like you could not conceive of putting a cause before his own life.
You are a fucking fanatic just like the ones we're fighting against.
You wanna be a soldier, you gotta get some on you.
- You really are a fucking zero - [GUN FIRES] [EXHALES] [WOMAN OVER RADIO] Shadow One, this is Jaguar.
Sitrep? [MAN] Approaching perch now.
No unusual activity.
Iron Crow was observed entering perch one day ago and has not left.
Recommend proceeding as planned.
[WOMAN] Confirmed.
Mercury Rose.
[OPS] This is a capture mission.
We need Abu-Saeed and we need him alive.
[WOMAN] Acknowledged.
This is Shadow One, contact wait out.
[HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] [WOMAN] You are clear to enter.
Two armed security guards at the north end of main building moving quickly towards your position.
- [SHOT FIRED] - [GRUNTS] [WOMAN ON RADIO] Move toward main building.
Shadow One Alpha, you are clear to enter.
What is she saying? She is saying he is very sick.
[WOMAN TALKING IN ARABIC] For God to have mercy on his soul.
[CHUCKLES] Perfect.
Are you cool with Indian? All right.
No, okay.
I'll see you later, babe.
Yeah, I love you.
[DOOR CLOSES] [JOE] Hey, don't get mad.
What the fuck are you doing in my house? Your name is Paul, right? - What the fuck are you doing here? - Listen to me, Paul, I didn't kill anyone, okay? I'm just trying to stay alive.
But, I, I need some help.
I need to talk to Janice, okay? And I need her to talk to Caleb.
You're wasting your time, man.
Janice isn't with Caleb anymore.
If I can just sty here until Janice gets home, and I can work this thing out with her, okay? You need to get the fuck out of my house, right now.
I'm not armed, and I'm not looking for a fucking fight.
But I can't leave, because there are bigger things at play here [GRUNTING] [PANTING] - When's your wife coming home? - Fuck you, man.
I said, when's your fucking wife coming home? In an hour.
[COUGHS] You think we can just sit here for an hour, without me having to hurt you again? You think you can do that? [PAUL COUGHING] [PANTING] [WOMEN CRYING] [BOB] Clear the room.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [SPEAKING ARABIC] [SPEAKING ARABIC] [ABU-SAEED RAISING HIS VOICE] [JOE] If I'm right, it would all have to point back to a patient zero.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
[NATHAN] You're welcome.
Chloe, I'm going to have to go away for work for a while.
I'm likely gonna have to change my name and, I would be, like, undercover and I might not see you.
But, it's for the greater good.
Do you know what that is? It's when you do something good that's for everyone else, but not necessarily for yourself, or the people who you love most.
Listen, they're gonna probably make some kind of public explanation about where I went, and when I'm gone, people might say things about me that just aren't true.
What kind of things? Well, like things, just It's it's just not true.
I have to go now, and I want you to know that I love you.
I love you too, Daddy.