Constantine: City of Demons (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode One

(INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN: You had an affair, and now she's pregnant? (INDISTINCT CHATTER CONTINUES) MAN: That's great news.
I'm so happy WOMAN: Queen of angels.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (GASPING) Last time I ever drink like that.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, right.
Tell us another one, John.
(ALL GROWLING) Jesus! I must be still dreaming.
(SCREAMS) No, definitely not dreaming.
(GRUNTS) What are you? We're you, Johnny.
Like hell you are.
"Materialized psychisms," Jung called us.
Projections from the unconscious.
Your own inner demons given physical form.
Oh, that's not good.
And the only way I'm going to stop you nasty little buggers is to take you back.
(CHANTING IN LATIN) (ALL SCREAMING) (GROANS) (SCREAMS) (GROANS) Something opened a door between my conscious and unconscious mind and let them out.
That's never happened before.
We don't want any! - Open the bloody door, John.
- Chas? Maybe this isn't a good time.
It's never a good time, mate.
- You look like shit.
- Oh, thanks, mate.
And how have you been this past, what is it, nine years? Ten? Since you spewed up all over Renee's auntie at the wedding.
Ah, she took it well, I thought.
The auntie, not Renee.
So, you two lived happily ever after, eh? Not exactly.
We've been separated for seven months.
Who did you shag then, knob-head? Nobody.
If it was as simple as that, maybe we could've Could've what? (SIGHS) Ah, I don't know.
We were happy, we really were.
In the past few years, I've been in a kind of dark place.
Pushing Renee away.
Drinking myself sick.
I, uh You what? I thought I was past it, John.
After all this time.
(SCREAMING) I thought I was past it.
Why are you here, Chas? It's not for marital advice, and it's not 'cause you've missed me all these years.
That's for sure.
Maybe I have.
You were my best mate, John.
Since we were 10 years old.
Why are you here? Since Renee kicked me out, it's like my whole world's gone dark.
Only decent thing I've been able to hold on to is my little girl.
- You have a kid? - She's eight years old.
I sent you a bloody announcement when she was born.
Hmm, must've missed that one.
Tricia is She's the only light in my world.
The only hope, and, uh What? She's in a coma.
Doctors haven't a clue what caused it or how to cure it.
But I've spent enough time around you to smell the stink of dark magic.
It's convenient to pin our troubles on some devil lurking in the shadows, Chas.
But sometimes shitty things happen because that's just the way the world is.
CHAS: Just come have a look at her.
That's all I'm asking.