Constantine: City of Demons (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode Two

I'm John.
Mind if I have a look at your aura? Tainted.
By what? Let's have a look inside.
Jeez! Bloody hell.
(SPEAKING DEMONIC LANGUAGE) Chas, Renee, I'm gonna need a little more than five minutes.
Why? What are you up to, John? I'm calling in a specialist.
I was right in the middle of a threesome with a dryad and a sylph.
Both of whom, I might add, are better in the sack than you ever were.
Hey, you were nothing to write home to my mum about either, love.
(SCOFFS) We both know that's not true.
Now, what do you want from the Nightmare Nurse? (SIGHS) Well, I did swear an oath to preserve life, do no harm, and all that other crap.
So what do you think? I think you should shut up and let me do my job.
It's possession, right? What part of "shut up" don't you understand? It's not possession, because there's nothing here to possess.
What? Her physical form is here, but her essence? Her soul? It's gone.
Well, someone was there a minute ago.
Let's find out who.
Trish? Trish, where are you? ASA AND TRICIA: In a In a cage.
I think.
It's hard to see, and it's so cold.
- Are you alone? - All alone, except when he comes.
Who, Trish, who comes? The nasty man.
Does he have a name? (TRICIA WHIMPERS) Trish, does he have a name? I have many names.
Be careful to choose the right one.
Well, then tell me what the name is.
- Guess.
- This isn't a bloody game.
(CHUCKLES) It is to me.
What do you want with the girl? Ooh, so many questions buzzing in your little gnat brain.
But if you want answers, John Constantine, you'll have to come by for a visit.
Come by? Come by where? (SCREAMING) CHAS: John! John, open the damn door! Asa, are you okay? (PANTING) Give me a second to put my dress on.
Son of a bitch! If I was human, I'd be toast now.
DOCTOR: I'll get the paperwork in as soon as I can.
What the hell, John? Who's she? A private nurse I've hired to watch over Trish while I'm away.
Away? But where are you going? Los Angeles, apparently.