Constantine: City of Demons (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode Three

(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (GRUNTING) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) That's the same dream I had before all the psychisms came crawling out.
Someone's messing with my head.
Maybe it's early-onset dementia.
Ah, I should be so lucky.
(RUMBLING) ATTENDANT ON PA: Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for landing, please be certain your seat belts are securely fastened.
No problem.
Beautiful, isn't it? We're not on a sightseeing tour, knob-head.
I don't know how I let you talk me into taking you along.
It's my natural charm.
You can't resist it.
She's my kid, John.
I have to be part of this.
Besides, you need a driver.
I can drive myself.
Ha! Come off it.
Five minutes behind the wheel, and you'll be wrapped around a palm tree.
- (RUMBLING) - (GROANS) Good thing I can depend on your nerves of steel.
Listen, we're messing with deep, dark magic here, Chas.
Deeper than Newcastle? (SCREAMING) Can't change the past, Chas.
But you can change this.
Even if we can save Trish We will.
You will.
If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that there are no happy endings.
There never are.
There's always a price to pay.
No price is too high when it comes to my little girl.
Tell me that after you've paid it, mate.
You're gonna be a huge help.
(RINGING) (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA) Come on, knob-head, let's go pay a visit to the bastard who's got your girl.
CHAS: You think it's a trap? - John.
- What? You think it's a trap? Chas, it's always a bloody trap.
Are you sure we're the only ones who can see that whatever it is? The Shield of Ermed will protect Trish's body, anchor it here while John searches out her soul.
Lost souls, mystic shields, demons.
This is Oh, this is crazy.
You people go about your lives like sleepwalkers.
You have no idea what's out there.
The darkness that's hovering on the periphery of your vision.
(GROWLING) I know more than you think.
The darkness you talk about.
It nearly destroyed my husband.
He was with John in Newcastle.
- So you know the story? - Just scraps of it.
Johnny boy likes to brag about his exploits.
But not that one.
(SCOFFS) It was years before Chas finally told me.
- Tell me.
- About Newcastle? No.
(SIGHS) I can't.
I just It wasn't a request.
RENEE: They were inseparable, John and Chas, from the time they were kids growing up in Liverpool.
Looked after each other.
God knows their families couldn't.
Opposites, you know? Chas was attracted to John's unpredictability.
And John, he was drawn to Chas's soft heart.
I think it was the music more than anything that bonded them.
They were obsessed.
Had to learn to play.
Had to form a band.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) They spent years performing in shitholes for a percentage of the door.
They always thought they were a day away from fame and fortune.
Maybe it would've worked out if they hadn't ended up in Newcastle.
The Casanova Club was run by a twisted bastard named Alex Logue.
Fancied himself a sorcerer.
Had what he called "magical convocations" in the rooms under the club.
Don't ask me what that means.
I don't wanna know.