Constantine: City of Demons (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode Four

(CRYING) RENEE: But I do know that Logue used his daughter, Astra, as a focal point for spells.
A human channel to draw the dark magic down into the physical world.
(CONTINUES SOBBING) - (SCREAMING) - His own child! (SCOFFS) Can you imagine? Oh, it was bad.
And then, John Constantine went and made it worse.
You see, John was another one who fancied himself a magician.
Been studying the occult since he was a boy, claimed he had a natural gift.
Logue had been a mentor to him, but when John found out what was happening with the girl, he decided he was gonna save Astra.
He could've just called the cops, (SCOFFS) but that would've been too easy.
And of course, Chas, the loyal idiot, was right there with him.
And what better way to stop a devil like Alex Logue than by summoning a bigger one.
RENEE: A real one.
(ROARING) That was John's logic.
And it worked up to a point.
(SCREAMS) (DEMON GROWLS) RENEE: John thought he could use Nergal to put the fear into Logue and his friends, and get Astra away from them.
But he was arrogant even then.
Our John didn't know half of what he thought he did.
So, he never wove a binding spell around the demon, which means he couldn't control it.
Couldn't stop Nergal (SCREAMS) from unleashing hell on Earth.
(GROWLS) - (ALL SCREAMING) - (NERGAL GROWLING) (ALL SCREAMING) RENEE: Some got out, some didn't, and John (SIGHS) Well, he learned that night that his natural gift wasn't gift enough.
(SCREAMING) No! (SCREAMING) RENEE: And that's how John ended up in Ravenscote.
(WAILING) RENEE: And my Chas just - soldiered on all those years - No! No! No! No! - pretending everything was all right.
- No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! RENEE: I believed him, too.
But once you've been through something like that, it never can be.
(SOBBING) Can it? About Newcastle? No, I can't, I I just Mmm, it's all right.
If you don't wanna tell me, you don't have to.