Constantine: City of Demons (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode Five

This is it.
1247 Enstrom.
You one for anagrams, Chas? No.
Why? Enstrom Move the letters around, and what have you got? Monster.
It's funny, eh? Yeah.
I'm in hysterics.
Clearly the right place.
I think we're expected.
Enter freely and of your own free will.
I've always wanted to say that.
Master Beroul will be down presently.
Please wait right here.
Bullocks! Oye! He said to wait here.
And that's just what I want you to do.
I rather like the smell.
Master Beroul, I presume.
Beroul will suffice.
Oh, the pool's not ready yet.
I've got to wait for the bodies to liquefy, dredge out the bones And then? Use it for my daily swim, of course.
Oh Lovely.
Isn't it, though? A man needs to stay in shape.
Ah, you're no bloody man.
Something you'd do well to remember, Mr.
You know me.
Your reputation precedes you.
Why else would I go to all this trouble to bring you here? Ah, you used Trish as a lure.
Chandler is one of the few people on this Earth you care about.
I knew you wouldn't refuse your old friend's plea for help.
You could've just texted me.
And would you have come? A man of your nature, John, requires something more theatrical.
More dangerous.
What's this all about? I'll explain everything.
I had what you Brits would call a brainwave.
A branch office of Hell, right here.
A franchise operation, like fast food, but with the added benefit of eternal damnation.
So many souls just begging to be corrupted and consumed.
So much power for a demon to absorb.
The sky is the limit for the entrepreneur who gets in first.
But I have got competition.
Five other demons with similar aspirations, and I want that competition eliminated.
And that's where I come in.
I don't do anything till I see the girl.
Which one? Chas' Trish.
Ah! Nothing my kind savors more than the sweet, subtle flavors of an innocent soul.
Where is she? Safe.
Right here.
You could say she's a prisoner of love, held, quite literally, within my heart.
Let her go, you bastard.
Let her go! No, Chas, if what Beroul is saying is true, then any attack on him is an attack on your daughter.
But we don't know if it's true, do we? - Chas? - Not to worry.
He isn't dead.
Just displaced.
Bloody hell! Not that the idiot could've hurt me.
Now, will you take the job? If I'm working for you, I want a fat salary, and a swanky hotel.
Now, get out.
It's time for The Young and the Restless, and I never miss it.