Control Z (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Birthday Girl

["Mind Your Own Business"
by Delta 5 playing]
- [clicking]
- [message alert]
[phones beeping simultaneously]
[song continues]
Can I have a taste of your ice cream? ♪
Can I lick the crumbs from your table? ♪
Can I interfere in your crisis? ♪
No! Mind your own business ♪
No! Mind your own business ♪
Can I have a taste of your ice cream?
No! ♪
Can I lick the crumbs from your table?
No! ♪
Can I interfere in your crisis? ♪
No! Mind your own business ♪
Why don't you mind your own business? ♪
[song continues]
[message alert]
Whoa! Hey, Luisito.
- Where are you going?
- [Luis] To class.
How come you don't say hi?
We're friends, right?
- Come on.
- But you aren't, are you?
Are you two friends, Luis?
I didn't think so.
- Right?
- No.
Listen, Sof, if you can't tell,
we're a bit occupied right now.
Yeah, I see that.
The problem is, that's my locker.
Ah, right. I'm sorry about that.
Just give us a few minutes
and we'll be out of here.
Did you get a haircut, Gerry?
It looks great on you.
You couldn't have done it yourself.
Was it your mom?
[boy cackling]
And Ernesto needs one,
once he deals with his dandruff.
There's shampoo for that.
You've had it since we were both freshmen.
But I guess you're
still not quite as bad as Dario.
That thing on your lip is herpes, right?
- Is that from Valeria from 1-B?
- [girl moaning]
She's the only one who has it.
- [Gerry] Isn't she your cousin?
- Shut up. That's not true.
- She's crazy.
- So will you move?
Your jokes are good. I'll give you that.
They really are.
But why don't you let us finish
while you fuck off,
and we'll go once you let me
You're the ones in my way right now.
Look here
you freak.
One of these days
you're gonna get yourself in trouble.
And I don't want that.
You should try to behave, all right?
But Gerry, based on
how many classes you're failing
and the number of days you don't show,
statistically I'm doing
way better than you.
[Luis snickers]
[Dario] Let's go. She's crazy.
- [Gerry] Yeah.
- Let's go.
- I'll see you in class, okay?
- Gerry, leave her.
You win. Congratulations.
Get her to all your fights. She's good.
Take care of your stuff.
Crazy people tend to lose it.
Yeah, sure.
I'll see you later, dude.
Thank you, Sofi.
Can I please get to my locker?
[bell ringing]
[rowdy rock music playing]
[male voice] You have problems with
your teachers, with your classmates
- Problems with grades
- Yeah, well at least I'm not failing.
No, but you take your exams
and don't finish.
[laughs] I get bored.
Sofia, you answered
just enough questions to get a C.
Well, in sports, I'm doing pretty well.
Yep. Ah, yes. You're right.
You have an A-plus.
Well, um, this means so much to your mom.
It's very important that you adapt
and be comfortable.
I swear, I'm trying to understand.
I know this has been hard for you.
Losing your father
must be especially painful.
Especially after what happened last year.
It wasn't easy, and I'm telling you,
I understand, and I want to help you out.
I don't want to talk about it.
It won't happen again.
[boy 1] What day's the exam?
Have you studied yet?
[boy 2] I mean, I spent all last studying.
- Hey, you guys need a condom?
- Aw, how nice!
[Gerry] You should be ashamed, man.
Come on, Pablo. Get a room.
[teacher] Good morning.
Dario, Ernesto, sit down.
Isabela, stop kissing Pablo.
[Ernesto] Reprimand them!
[teacher] Let's get class started.
Take a seat.
Let's all sit down. Let's go.
First of all, we have a new student
here at the National School.
Let's welcome our new classmate,
Javier Williams.
Javier, why don't you introduce yourself?
Hi, everyone.
No, no. Here.
Stand up so everyone can see.
Come on.
Hello. So My name's Javier.
I'm the new guy.
Let me guess.
You're the son of Damian Williams.
- [girl] The soccer player?
- Yeah.
No way! Your dad's a big deal!
- [teacher] Dario!
- [Ernesto] His dad is God.
[Dario] He was.
- May I sit down?
- Yeah, go ahead.
[Pablo] Sit back here.
[teacher] We need to find you
a partner for the project.
[Dario] Me! No problem at all, Teach.
- No problem.
- [teacher] No. Ssh!
[teacher] Sofia, you will be working
with Javier on this.
- [Gerry] Oh yeah, that will fix her!
- [teacher] Quiet down!
Quiet down, please. Sit next to Sofia
so you can get to know each other.
Okay? And don't forget,
our next class will be in the lab.
So make sure
to bring your lab coats with you.
Careful with her, man.
That girl is psycho.
Got put in a psych ward and everything.
[teacher] We're learning
about cells today, okay?
Guys, quiet down.
Cells and their parts.
You should know this already.
Anyone remember?
Who can tell me the different parts?
[ambient music playing]
- Hey, Willy!
- What's up, bro?
How was it with that headcase?
Do you want to sit with us?
So, what's your dad up to?
- Is he really ripped, or only on TV?
- Hey, man, you can't ask that shit.
But seriously
is he banging Miss Mexico or what?
[Ernesto] Is she your stepmom?
- I need the bathroom. Where is it?
- I'll show you.
That's okay. I can find it myself.
- But it's that way.
- See you later.
[electro music playing]
[girl] Good afternoon.
My name is Natalia Alexander.
And back there, my sister Maria
is passing out leaflets.
National Night is more than a party.
It's an event where students are able
to learn all kinds of important skills.
It's an excuse for teens
to drink a bunch of beer and get high.
Last year, a sophomore girl was abused.
Ma'am, please!
Those were rumors.
Nothing happened last year.
Proceed, Natalia, please.
As with last year, I'm proud
to be the president of the committee
that will organize National Night.
So, rest assured,
my priority is your children's safety.
This year, the NONA will be incredible.
National Night: "NONA."
"Non-a" these students
will want to miss it!
So I was
I've been thinking that
that I should tell my friends.
You know I have to do this.
I've been keeping it a secret
because of you.
I don't want to keep lying. Understand?
Of course I understand, babe, but
think about it.
You know how your friends can be.
If one knows,
soon the whole school will find out.
Besides, they're all
a bunch of idiots here.
And your friends are the worst.
Exactly! That's what I was saying, baby.
[wind whistling softly]
[soft music playing]
[airplane engine roaring]
[soft music continues]
[Javier] Sofia!
What are What are you doing?
Wait. Stay there.
Don't move. I'll help you.
Come on, now.
What were you thinking? Okay
What you're doing is stupid.
You know that?
Nope, don't laugh!
Don't laugh. This isn't right.
Stay there. Don't move.
What do you think I'm going to do?
Listen, when I get to you
give me your hand.
[Sofi laughs] Okay!
[Javier] If you need someone to talk to,
I'm here. Don't worry.
- This isn't necessary.
- Hey, stop crawling.
I'm okay. Sit up.
Dude, you really think
I'd be up here if this was dangerous?
- I'm lying down, okay?
- Okay.
[Sofi laughs]
What are you doing up here?
- I'm observing.
- And what do you see?
Observing and seeing
are two different things.
You see them down there, right?
- Yeah.
- Good.
[Sofi] Right about now, Raúl will come out
and sit on the bench
in the middle of the courtyard.
[Sofi] As soon as he gets there,
he'll give Ernesto and Dario some money.
Those leeches.
- Then, he'll sit next to Gerry.
- Hey, man.
- Even though they don't get along.
- How's it going? Get me some chips?
- I don't have cash.
- It's okay. I've got some right here.
- Which ones?
- I don't care.
[Sofi] See?
Natalia will come into the picture
right about
Natalia hates everyone.
She just hangs out with them to fit in.
- Want to eat?
- I'll be with them.
[Sofi] Maria's her sister. And Maria
Maria and Natalia are nothing alike.
[Maria laughs]
The only two left are Pablo and Isabela,
the high school sweethearts.
They always spend 15 minutes
in the janitor's closet.
[Isabela] How's my hair? Let me fix yours.
[Sofi] And here comes
Alex, ignoring everyone.
She doesn't empathize with anyone.
Except sometimes Luis.
He just lives in his drawings.
They're his only escape.
- [Javier] How did you do that?
- I observe. I told you.
You're pretty tanned, which means
you must spend time in the sun.
Playing soccer, I imagine, like your dad.
But you were nervous
when it was brought up in class.
[Dario] What? Your dad's a big deal!
You don't get along, right?
That's why he bought you that watch,
your gold bracelet,
your nice cellphone
Has to be compensating, I guess.
And you must have younger siblings.
You have a kitten sticker
on your backpack.
[clears throat]
What number is in my head?
It doesn't work like that.
[Raúl] Hey, man. Where's my change?
Wait, wait! What's up with Rosita?
- She's coming. Is she sitting with us?
- [Gerry] Hey, how are you?
- Hey!
- Oh!
Gerardo, stop it, please! Gerardo!
If you're gonna do that,
can you please find somewhere else?
- Don't be so jealous.
- Sorry, Rosita. It's not personal.
But if they see you, everybody will think
anybody can sit here, and that's not true.
Girl, whatever.
- [Raúl] Hey, Natalia, come on.
- [Natalia] Bye.
Hey, idiot! You know how much this costs?
[Dario] Are you jealous or what?
Come on. Leave her alone, please.
Poor Rosita!
- [Ernesto] Gerry's not fucking today!
- She should just learn her place.
Come on, people. Let's begin.
Backpacks over there, please.
Then back to the court.
Come on!
Hey, attitude.
We can't be wasting our time here.
Well done! Nice!
Ah. War and Peace.
- Mm-hmm. Just finishing.
- What's it about?
Um, well
A bunch of Russians end up in love.
Then, they go to war and get depressed.
Basically, that's it.
Your shirt's on backwards, you know?
Thank you.
[coach shouting at students]
[sneakers squeaking on floor]
- Is that better, now?
- Yep.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Javier Williams!
- Hello.
It's nice to meet you.
- How are you doing?
- Things are good.
I've got a starting spot
on the soccer team just for you.
[Dario] Hey, careful! Almost.
Hey, hey! Freak!
[coach] With Damian Williams' son,
I'm sure we'll win our fourth cup.
Thank you. I'm flattered.
But I don't play soccer.
Coach, can I go to the infirmary?
I'm not feeling well.
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
[coach] Listen up, guys!
Five laps around the court!
Keep a good pace. Let's warm up!
- Come on, let's go!
- Please, coach
- I can't find my cellphone.
- And?
Do you need your cellphone to run?
Come on, girl. Let's go.
Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Cheer up!
- [Ernesto] What's up?
- [Dario] Where you going? What's wrong?
[Gerry] Where are you going?
Hey, how come
you let some girl defend you?
Defend yourself, dude.
- [Gerry] She doesn't care.
- [Dario] Don't act so afraid.
[Ernesto] Cat got your tongue?
[Ernesto] You like being tickled? Huh?
Hey, exactly! Exactly. Come on.
Defend yourself. Defend yourself.
Look at me.
Defend yourself. Defend yourself!
- Come on. Hit me right here.
- [Dario] Come on. Hit him.
- Punch me right here.
- [Dario laughs]
One punch.
Hit me with everything you have.
- [Ernesto] We're friends.
- Look at me!
Really? You won't defend yourself?
- [Ernesto] He doesn't understand you.
- You won't?
[Dario laughs]
Fuck, man
Let's see
if you put up a fight after this.
These are some of your drawings?
- No, please!
- Whoa! Stay back, asshole.
Take it easy. Relax.
[Gerry] Wow, what a mama's boy.
- Give me back my drawings.
- [Ernesto] Wait.
- [Gerry] That snapped you out of it.
- Relax!
- These are some nice drawings here, man.
- [Ernesto] Nice dick!
- [Dario] Shut up, dude!
- [Gerry] You're talented.
Is this part of your extracurriculars?
Well, why don't we see
if you react to this?
- Give me my drawings!
- [commotion]
Give me my drawings!
No, Gerry! No!
That's it. That's right, dude.
This is exactly what I was saying.
You've got to defend yourself, man.
Don't let people defend you.
Don't do that.
But come on. Now it's too late.
I gave you a chance.
- [Dario] Let's go, man.
- [Ernesto laughing]
- Got to take a leak, man.
- [Dario] No, shut up!
No. Turn him. Turn him.
- [Dario] Look, he's talking to you.
- [Gerry] Watch this.
[Gerry] Look. Watch closely.
- Watch. Hey, pay attention here.
- [Ernesto] What the fuck, bro!
- [Raúl] That's enough, asshole.
- [Dario] We're just finishing.
[Raúl] Cover your balls. Hey, hey!
- [Dario] We're kidding, man.
- [Gerry] That was rude, bro.
[Raúl] You assholes.
[Gerry] He had options.
He could cry, or fight back.
- He chose to cry. That's his problem.
- Luis.
Luis, here.
Take this and get yourself
a new backpack, okay?
- Get out of here.
- [Ernesto] Let's go, man.
- [Pablo] When are you gonna stop?
- [Gerry] When he starts fighting back.
- Why don't you mess with this guy?
- I've messed with him a million times.
- [Gerry] I'll mess with you, too!
- [Raúl] You guys need to stop that.
[Luis panting]
[students talking]
[Javier] What's up?
There's plenty of other seats.
Yeah, but I want to sit with you.
Hey, the freak's no idiot!
Come on.
You think he'd be interested in her?
Of course not.
It would still be nice,
since she's always by herself.
- Come on, Maria.
- Are you serious?
What's the name of the coach in P.E.?
- It's Güero.
- Excuse me?
- It's Güero.
- Güero?
Tell me why he lets you read in class,
instead of running.
Because I found his dog a while back.
Well, I actually found his ex,
who had stolen his dog.
[Pablo chuckles]
Goddamn it. There's nowhere to sit.
Hey, move.
[teacher] Gerardo? Gerardo, are you done?
Gerry, you done?
- Looking for a seat.
- [teacher] Sit down, please.
Okay. Very well.
Welcome to all you seniors,
and thank you for coming today.
There was a time,
maybe not too long ago
Luis? Luis!
Luis! Hurry up, please. Come on.
Look, there's an empty seat over here.
Right up front.
[students wolf whistling]
[teacher] Quiet down! Quiet down.
Take a seat, Luis, please.
Very well. As I was saying
You may not believe it, but, well,
for a time, up until recently,
all of us humans
were able to live without this.
Maybe life was better.
Maybe life was worse. I don't know.
But here's the truth:
at least we weren't slaves
to these things.
It's not real.
Yes, but my point is,
is it necessary?
Yes. But it is not essential.
- [phone chimes]
- We need to use it in moderation.
And that's why our friends
from the A.V. Club
have created this video, which is called
The Responsible Use of Cellphones.
So please pay close attention,
because helping you grow
is in the spirit of the National School.
So, as I said, pay attention. Bruno?
Could you hit play, please? Thank you.
[male voice] Who is Isabela de la Fuente?
[teacher] Bruno,
I don't think this is it. This is
[boy] Wow, what an ass!
[wolf whistling]
Hey, come on, guys. Come on, you animals!
[teacher] No!
Bruno! Get that off the screen.
- [Bruno] It's not coming from my computer.
- Disconnect it right now.
[sinister music playing]
Man, she's a fucking guy!
[sing-song voice over speaker]
Boys have penises. Girls have vaginas.
[boy] Show us your balls!
[sing-song voice] Boys have penises.
Girls have vaginas.
[sing-song voice continues]
[teacher] Hey! Turn on the lights!
- Isabela! Isabela!
- [phones chiming]
Talk to her, Susana. Please talk to her.
[Susana] Come back!
[Ernesto] Dude, what the hell?
Did you know?
[teacher] Put away your phones!
Put away your phones!
[tense music playing]
Why didn't you tell us?
I was going to tell you guys.
Because I don't feel ashamed. I don't.
But I didn't want it to happen like this.
Now everyone will see me as a monster.
[Javier] If you go to that account,
that video's the only thing.
[boy] Hey. What's up, Will?
- Williams.
- Uh-huh.
Can I talk to you?
[Natalia] Isa, you didn't have
to go through this alone.
We'll always be your friends.
[sad music playing]
"What happens if your parents
find out what you did?"
What is this?
That's not what's important.
Read the rest, please.
"Pick one of your friends,
and your secret will be safe."
And you chose Isabela?
[Gerry] Yo, this is crazy!
- [Dario] I can't believe you're gay.
- [Gerry] Pablo, wait up!
- Hey, where's Isa?
- She's in the bathroom.
[Raúl] I know I fucked up.
But, Sofia, you need to understand.
I thought it was a joke.
Now I know it isn't.
This asshole stopped replying
to my messages.
[Gerry] You've got to break up now.
- [Ernesto] That's the wrong bathroom!
- [Dario] That's disgusting.
- [Gerry] Sword fight! Sword fight!
- [Natalia] Oh, shut up.
- [Dario] Did you cut your penis off?
- [Natalia] Shut up.
How could you do this to me?
What do you mean?
Yeah, nobody told us you had a penis.
- Shut up, asshole!
- [laughter]
I mean, you lied.
No, I didn't.
I trusted you.
- [Ernesto] Fucking fag
- [Natalia] Shut up!
- You're an idiot.
- Isa, let's go.
[Gerry] Hey, wait. I really want to ask
Did you have the surgery?
[Sofi] What do I have to do with all this?
[Raúl] You notice things
everyone else misses.
You can find them. I know it.
So did you have surgery?
[Natalia] Stop!
[Gerry] Relax. I just want to know.
[Susana] Stop, stop, stop.
All right. You need to stop
what you're doing right now.
- [Gerry] I didn't do shit.
- [Susana] Come with me.
What the fuck are you filming?
[tense music playing]
That's it? Just okay?
Yeah. I also want to know who did this.
- [Sofi] What's going on?
- Nothing.
- You don't have to follow me around.
- I know, but I want to hang out with you.
[Sofi] Natalia?
Natalia, I can see your purse.
What is it?
I want to talk about
what happened to Isabela.
You're being blackmailed too, right?
What would make you think that?
I know that during P.E.
you took Isabela's phone.
You said you weren't feeling well,
but you didn't go see the nurse.
[Natalia sobs]
[sobbing continues]
[Sofi] What should I say?
She's crying in there.
[sobbing continues]
Hey there, Natalia.
Why don't you come out?
Sofia's just trying to help you.
I'm Javier, the new guy.
My first day's been weird Kind of!
But still, I had a good time.
Come on out.
We aren't here to judge.
- If Isabela finds out, I'm dead.
- [Sofi] It wasn't your fault.
Whoever it was, he just wanted to see
if you would betray your friend.
I didn't want to, Sofia!
[Natalia sobbing]
But then who created the video?
[Sofi] The person not paying attention
when the shit hit the fan.
You leaving, Gerry?
Why are you stalking me, Sofi?
I don't know, dude.
You're always just kind of there.
I know what you're hiding.
[tense music playing]
It was you. You sent the message.
Okay, listen to me. If anyone finds out,
Sofia, it won't end well for you.
- Listen to me
- It wasn't me, dude.
- Oh, no?
- No, Gerry. But I know it was you.
You played that video of Isabela
so you could keep your secret.
- I don't have any secrets.
- No?
Good luck.
And you You need
to choose better friends. I told you.
That girl's bad news.
[Sofi] You're the one
who should be worried, Gerry.
Looks like someone's paying
close attention to your friends.
And stop bothering Luis!
[Gerry laughs]
Luis, stop, please! What happened?
- It was an accident.
- An accident? How?
Where? What kind of accident?
- Mom, I just fell.
- But how? Where is your backpack?
Where is it? Oh, no.
I have to talk to Quintanilla this time.
- Mom!
- No! No.
Please don't. Come on.
Luis, please.
You tell me, or I'll speak to him.
Fine. Let me tell you at home. Let's go.
[Javier] What if you tell Quintanilla?
No, he'll say to stay out of it.
I want to know who did it.
We could try to find out.
It could be fun.
- Give me your phone.
- What?
Just for science class.
If it's only for that, don't worry.
I can handle the homework.
And you'll probably still get a B.
[Sofi chuckling]
I thought you didn't laugh.
You have people skills.
There could be a use for that, you know?
First friend I made at my new school, huh?
I already have too many.
["Nothing Less, Nothing More"
by Tom Hodge and Eivor playing]
This is where I want to be ♪
This is all I need ♪
Nothing less and nothing more ♪
This is what I've been looking for ♪
[Sofi] I'm almost done.
And? Your thoughts?
I think I'm enjoying it,
but I still have about 200 pages to go.
- This edition is beautiful.
- You know why I recommended it?
- [Sofi] Why?
- It was your dad's favorite book.
[Sofi] Really?
[man] He liked it because,
in spite of everything,
there's always hope in the end.
[man 2] Hey, can we stop
with the book club?
[man 3] Come on. Let's play.
[all talking]
[song continues]
This is all I need ♪
[woman] Sofi.
I'm home!
- Sofi?
- Hmm?
I'm home. How was school?
Wasn't as boring as it usually is.
Oh, no. He's here,
and I haven't changed yet.
[Sofi] Is he having dinner here again?
Yes, my love.
He wants to spend more time with you.
Give him a chance. He's bringing food
from that Chinese place you love.
I'm going to change. You mind opening
the door? Yes? Thank you, my love.
Sure, Nora.
[song resumes]
Hello, Sofia.
Hmm. Thanks.
- Can I
- Yep.
Thank you.
[haunting music playing]
[indie rock playing]
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