Control Z (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


Who is Pablo Garcia?
Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!
Hey, Honey Bunny. Check this out.
Your favorite carrot.
I miss you, Bunny.
I'm thinking about you.
I miss you, Bunny.
Who is Natalia Alexander?
She's a thief!
You didn't do anything, you little bitch?
You didn't do anything, huh?
You little bitch.
You're a fucking rat!
You'd better give back what you stole.
Who is Gerry Granda?
- Give me my phone.
- Stop watching that bullshit.
- Offended, huh?
- There's your fucking phone.
Who is Raúl Leon?
Sir, sir!
What's your take
on this country's current situation?
I've had enough.
This country is being taken over
by a bunch of corrupt politicians.
And it's embarrassing.
Honesty is not negotiable.
Honesty is not negotiable
Why is everyone so tense? The only one
who should be tense is Natalia.
The one with a tense situation is Pablo.
Good morning, class.
Let's get started.
Okay, so
Look, I know we're a little anxious
after what happened,
but let's try to focus
while in class, okay?
Let's start with some brainstorming
for the science project,
to see what you're all gonna do.
Let's see. Who wants to go first?
- Why would you do this?
- You guys messed up, huh?
You never seen one that big?
Ah, such a badass!
Why are you erasing it?
Let her do it. It's her dick, no?
Gerry, stop.
Gabriela, please can I change partners?
I don't want to work with Pablo.
Maybe you could pair up with Natalia,
and Maria with Pablo
- I don't want Natalia either.
- Oh!
- Isa! I told you I didn't steal anything.
- Can I make a suggestion?
What is it?
I was just thinking that maybe
Alex could pair up with Ismael.
They'll come up with something
really diverse and open-minded.
- Okay, that's it.
- Calm down!
My name's Isabela, you fucking asshole.
Ismael, that's your name.
- That's enough.
- Guys, enough! Stop it!
- Gerry, get over there.
- Calm down!
- Don't touch me.
- Isa, calm down.
- Gerry, Stop!
- Shit, calm your Honey Bunny down, bro!
Too far, bro.
Oh, my God. Wait a minute.
Ismael's not your bunny, right?
Oh, shit!
Okay, that's enough!
Ladies and gentlemen,
there we have Ismael!
Gerry, stop it. Get out, right now.
To the principal's office, all of you!
What are you doing here?
I told the teacher it was embarrassing
how poorly she handled things.
But why?
Well, because I wanted to come here
to do some investigating.
Come in.
Hey, right on!
Though I understand
it was in defense of your girlfriend,
you do know we don't tolerate
any form of violence in this school.
We We're not together anymore, so
Ah, well, I'm really sorry
to hear that, Pablo.
- Yeah, I mean, how could we, after
- Yeah. No, yes.
I'm sure it's really complicated.
What a day, huh?
Now everyone's either talking
about my trans ex
or about my dick.
That it's huge. That I'm really lucky
All kinds of girls have been texting me.
Lulu I don't know
how she got my number.
- Lulu, my secretary?
- Yeah, Lulu.
You didn't get any sleep last night.
I mean, neither did I, but when
something's on my mind, I never do.
Of course, in your case, it hardly shows.
Don't play your little games with me.
What do you want?
Just saying, I understand you.
You understand what?
Well, that you're angry at Pablo.
And Gerry, and Natalia,
and Raúl
I mean, not just anyone
could get over what they did.
How do you know what they did?
How do you know?
In my office, please.
- Javi, right? I'll throw it away.
- Thanks.
You can't even tell, right?
Isabela. Who could have been her surgeon?
Or, I guess,
who could have been his surgeon?
Well, I'm just loving everything
that's going on right now.
I'm a very inclusive person,
and the National School
is really inclusive as well.
And we've always, you know
We've always supported the L
The thing is
I want you to know
I understand how you feel.
You don't understand how I feel.
You have no fucking clue how I feel.
It wasn't just the surgery.
I had to move to another city.
I left my friends behind. My whole life
was flipped so I could start over.
Now, when I finally have something,
they take it away.
You can give me your little speech,
but don't say you understand how I feel
because you have no idea.
Your stupidity is fucking staggering.
You guys are all fucking imbeciles. Jesus!
- Natalia
- Sir
Look, Mrs. Marta Navarro is here.
She's Luis' mom.
She has an appointment,
and she's downstairs.
Lulu, I told you to cancel
all my appointments with parents.
Don't you realize I'm busy?
Yes, well, I forgot
with all that's going on.
Listen, she's here to talk
about that whole thing
with the boys who peed
on her son's backpack.
- What?
- Well
- No, Lulu. No.
- I'll take care of it right away.
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
- Natalia, my office.
- Yes.
- He has a small one. It's awful!
- No!
Sucks, doesn't it?
I never would have thought.
- Me neither.
- Anything but that.
Hey, Isa
I'm really open-minded,
but I do think you should start using
the other bathroom.
- What did you say?
- This isn't for you. It's for girls
Hey, I have a question.
Are you a moron, or are you a super moron?
Stay out of this, Alex.
Isabela always acts
like she's better than us.
I just want her to have
a taste of her own medicine, that's all.
Let me know when it's my turn
to screw with you.
Because I could make fun of your hair,
or how short you are,
or your extra pounds
There's always something, you know?
I'm leaving. Come on. What a bitch!
You know how it is, right?
They love making fun
of what's "different."
Please. Spare me the LGBT speech.
We're not the same.
And I don't need you to stand up for me.
I thought you were gonna find the hacker.
I mean, before he posted my secrets
and ruined my family.
Well, you weren't that specific.
Think you can find him?
I never leave anything unresolved.
My mom says it's both a flaw and a virtue.
Well, let me know
if you need help finding this bastard.
Or bitch.
Okay, so I want him or her to pay.
Then I guess we want the same thing.
Can you explain to me why many
of your fellow committee members
are saying
or rather, ensuring, that money is missing
from the National Night account?
Where is it? What happened?
The thing is, I moved it to another
account that paid a higher interest rate
so I could raise more money
for the poor Mazahuas.
For whom?
The poor Mazahuas.
- Right, the Mazahuas.
- Mm-hmm.
Good. So you can put the money back
at any time.
- Yeah.
- Perfect.
Yeah, of course. I promised
an amazing NONA, and it'll happen.
It's just that all the transfers
take a while.
All right. Well, the thing is,
your classmates are very upset right now.
And as the principal,
I need to make a decision.
And my decision is that I don't want you
to be the President of the Committee
And I've suggested Rosa take your place.
Rosita, your friend.
- She's not my friend.
- Well, her.
And, Natalia,
I need you to bring the money back
as soon as possible
if you don't want me to take this further.
It's not fair.
But you want to know
what hurts me even more?
Of all people, you don't trust me.
Hey, Rosita. How are you?
So listen,
I was just talking to Quintanilla,
and since I ran into you, I wanted
to give you everything I'd prepared.
Thanks, Nati. That's so nice of you,
but all we need right now is the money.
Of course Move, you asshole!
Yeah, I'll return it.
I already started the transfer.
- I just wanted to give you a few ideas.
- Yeah, Nati.
Sorry, but I don't want people to think
that just anyone can organize the NONA.
You should be grateful
I'm being nice, bitch.
You know that in some countries
they cut your arms off for stealing?
They cut the hands, dumbass.
Bye, baby!
Where are you going?
- You coming?
- Yeah.
Where are we going?
Just follow me.
I didn't watch that stuff.
You think I'm a puto?
Okay, hold on.
That term is a little aggressive.
You think I'm gay? A homosexual?
You've known me since I was a kid.
I know you. I'm just asking
so we can try to get some answers
No, I'm not.
I've never been with any guys. No.
Watching gay stuff doesn't necessarily
make you gay. Anyone can watch it.
I mean, not that I have,
but anyone can do it.
It's no reason to judge people.
Well, okay then.
If you watch that stuff
and you're fine with that
Wait. I don't watch that stuff,
and I'm not fine with it.
I meant in general.
Okay, well, I haven't been with any guys.
- Okay, now what?
- Now we hide.
- From whom?
- That woman.
Mr. Miguel, I'm glad I ran into you.
Did they tell you
about the schedule change?
- Shouldn't we go back?
- No.
She always goes in there
to heat up her food,
then she gossips with the guard.
Let's go.
- Hi, Bruno.
- What are you doing here?
Sofia, you can't just come in here
whenever you want.
- This is Javier, he's a new student.
- Nice to meet you.
And, well, I'm just giving him a tour.
Javier, this is
the Information Technology Department.
And Bruno is, well,
used to be the head of the department.
What do you mean, "used to be"?
Uh They didn't tell you?
I guess they didn't tell him.
Nothing? You haven't heard?
Didn't tell me what?
Look, can you just explain
what's going on? This isn't funny.
It's just that we overheard Quintanilla
telling Lulu to get the paperwork ready
to fire the IT guy.
They didn't tell you?
I warned them this would happen.
- And now it's my fault?
- What do you mean?
I told him that anyone using
the school Wi-Fi could be exposed.
But, of course, that cheap bastard
wouldn't invest in security software,
and now he'll say it was me.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
So then
this could have happened to anyone?
This time it was only five kids.
But it could have easily been all of you.
No, no
What exactly did Quintanilla say?
Well, you know Quintanilla.
He says a bunch of stuff.
- Oh, we're running late.
- Yeah, you're right.
- All right, Bruno. Good luck.
- Nice to meet you.
So you told Mom and Dad that the purses
and everything were borrowed?
And you told Quintanilla that
the rest of the money is still with you?
But it's not with you?
Because you spent it on purses and stuff.
Come on, Maria.
What's so hard to understand?
Okay, Nati
How are you going to pay for the party
with half the money?
Well, Maria, with sponsors and discounts,
the same way anyone would do it.
- So, stealing?
- I didn't steal it, Maria. Understand?
I used the money for something else,
but that won't affect the party.
Because if I want people to think
I'm a winner, I need to look like one.
Do you think Mom and Dad
would help me out?
No, Nati,
because Mom and Dad always told us
that we need to earn the things we get.
Well, that's exactly what I did.
Can you explain
why you're treating me like this? You too?
You don't know?
You stole my phone.
That's how they got the video.
Is that true?
They were blackmailing me.
They were going to tell everyone
I'm a thief.
They said that anyway.
Isabela, what would you have done
if it was your secret?
I would never do that to my best friend.
I can't believe you.
How have you been behaving, kids?
- Very well, Lulu.
- Raúl?
- Bad.
- Raúl
Javier, step into my office.
Was there a video of you?
No, right?
Well, the P.E. teacher, Mr Güero,
told me you don't want to be
on the soccer team.
Well, I told him I don't play soccer.
Oh. What do you mean, you don't?
You played in the junior leagues,
and you were on the national team.
Yeah, but I don't play anymore, so
And you're getting along really well
with Sofia, right?
- Sofia Herrera.
- Yeah. Yeah.
She's right out there, and Raúl, too.
Want me to call them in?
Want me to send one of them in?
Yes, but give me a minute, please.
- Man, did you see that girl?
- Bro, tell me about it.
Ah! Watch out, moron.
What the fuck, man?
- Sorry.
- Oh, you're sorry?
- Where are you going?
- I didn't do anything to you.
- Oh, you didn't?
- Why so aggressive?
- Are you a mute?
- He's talking to you.
- Why don't you talk?
- What are you looking at?
Talk, bro.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I forgive you.
I don't understand
why you're always looking at me.
You're always following me.
- I'm not looking at you, Gerry.
- Really, you're not?
I bet you he saw the video.
Ah! He likes you, big guy!
Really, dude?
Are you a little faggot?
Yeah? You like me?
Come on, man. Listen to me. Tell me.
Tell me. Huh?
Answer me. Are you a faggot?
Answer me, cabron!
Say something, for fuck's sake!
You never do anything, man.
Listen, I'm trying to be nice
with you, Luis, I really am.
I swear, I'm trying, buddy,
but it's impossible.
You're not doing your part.
Dude, you're being a fucking asshole.
Always with the long face.
You've got to help me out.
You've got to help me out, cabron. Okay?
Come on. We'll leave you alone.
Look at me.
- Look up. Look me in the eye.
- Don't be like that.
I won't do anything. One, two, three
See, asshole?
You need to learn
to stand up for yourself, dude.
He finally reacted, huh?
You have to push him to the limit
before he'll look alive.
- If he doesn't kill himself.
- I'm sure he'd kill himself!
Williams is taking a long time, huh?
Do you Do you mind?
Yeah, but now it's too late.
I need peace.
I'm tired of thinking.
Of what?
My dad.
Why did you take that picture?
I thought it was funny.
But I guess it wasn't.
Not at all.
And you?
I mean, do you get along with your dad?
My dad passed away.
- Listen, I'm really sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
People die, right?
We're all going to die someday.
Has anyone ever told you
you're good at cheering people up?
- Yeah.
- You're up.
Uh See you later.
- How did it go?
- Super.
Good to know.
You have no idea how much
I wanted to see you.
Hey, Gerry.
- What? What is it?
- What are you doing?
You really want to keep doing this,
even after that video?
Of course I want to keep doing this.
And you know better than anyone
that I'm not gay.
Look, we have fun and all,
but I wouldn't say
that I know it better than anyone.
Oh, really?
You don't know?
I'll make it clear for you.
Wait. We need a condom.
You came prepared, huh?
I have three favors to ask you. First
cut it with the bad attitude, please.
- Second, take your foot off the chair.
- Third?
Tell me why you don't seem to care
about what's going on.
I do care about what's going on.
But that's not my problem, right?
I don't think a high school principal
can help me.
And third,
you do know my dad was a governor, right?
Yeah, you say it all the time.
He has a lot of friends, a lot of lawyers
and very important people with him.
I think that's enough.
I just want to state that National School
is behind you one hundred percent.
Not me, okay? The school.
And it isn't because of you.
It's because of your father.
The former governor.
- Anything else?
- No, you can go.
Thanks. Enjoy your coffee.
Hey, you
You okay?
Yeah, but this was the last time, Gerry.
It's just that Look.
I don't care about what you watch
on the internet, but
I just don't want everyone to say
my boyfriend is gay.
Wait. Wait
Come on! You really think I'm gay?
- Even after this, you think I'm gay?
- Gerry, Gerry.
- You can be whatever you want.
- For fuck's sake, I'm not gay!
- Okay!
- Come on!
Okay, you're not gay, but it's over.
- It's over.
- So just like that, it's over?
Come on.
I'll let you know when I want some.
Rosita, come on
Fucking bitch.
I've been thinking a lot about it.
I've learned my lesson.
I'm never gonna question
a teacher's authority again.
I never know when you're being serious
and when you're stalling.
No? I'm usually being serious.
Like when I say that what happened
to Pablo, Gerry,
Raúl, Isabela, Natalia
will happen to others.
Why do you say that?
Let's suppose
someone has hacked the school's Wi-Fi.
And let's suppose that person
now has information
on everyone who's connected to that Wi-Fi.
Hypothetically, because
this person realized it's really easy
to hack the school's network, then
But can we agree
you're making a lot of assumptions?
if someone were to do that,
they would have all our information.
Even yours. Don't you agree?
Uh, yeah, but, well, that's a problem
that I need to take care of.
Your mission is to avoid
getting into any more trouble, okay?
I just wanted to help.
Because that's "the spirit
of the students at National School."
You don't like me, do you, Sofia?
Is it because of your mom?
No, my mom's had a lot of boyfriends,
and I've never had issues with anyone.
I know, Sofi,
but I'm not just another boyfriend.
We're serious.
My relationship with your mom
won't change her affection, her love
- or anything
- You're going to propose to my mom?
That's none of your business.
Sofia, put that back, please.
Of course it's my business. She's my mom.
Everything okay?
This is all really difficult. Seriously.
Anyway, I just wanted to say
that I really admire what you're doing.
I do.
Thank you, Susana.
Okay. If you'd excuse me
It's not here either.
Are you sure you left it here?
Yes, Maria. I'm sure I left it here.
Nati, I'm sure it'll show up,
but we have to go fix the NONA thing.
Maria, just focus, please.
Do you know how much that purse cost?
Everything okay?
No! I can't find my purse!
Want me to help?
We already looked for it.
Why is there a condom here?
Ugh, gross. Who fucks at school?
Well, sorry someone stole your purse.
I'm sure you had to save a lot to buy it.
You know where it is, Rosita?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Not all of us are like you.
- You're a fucking thief!
- Nati!
Some people are just fucked up.
Listen, let's just find your purse, okay?
- Here's your coffee.
- Thank you.
So how did you know?
Uh, know what?
How did you know
that the hacker told me what they did?
It was weird you came to school.
I thought you would stay home
after what happened yesterday.
You came to watch them suffer, no?
I thought they were my friends, you know?
And they just did
whatever the hacker told them.
But you did the same, right?
He gave me the choice
to get revenge or not.
I just had to press "enter."
You're not going to tell Quintanilla,
are you?
What you did is your problem.
a little chaos every now and then
isn't so bad, right?
I thought I'd feel better.
But I don't.
I even found out that
not only he's an asshole,
but my boyfriend was also cheating on me.
But you can always find
someone better, right?
With or without him,
you're still the prettiest girl in school.
But everyone looks at me like an alien.
Like you spent a month in the psych ward
and everyone knows about it?
Something like that.
Welcome to the club.
Everything. Everything.
Don't even think about it.
Are you happy?
Your little joke is gonna cost us a lot.
Huh? Everyone wants to know
where the hell I got that money from.
I'm sorry. I didn't think it would get
You never think!
- That's your problem.
- Roberto!
I work my ass off
to give you a good life, a good future,
and you always fuck up.
- Honey, stop.
- What?
It was really dirty.
If your dad saw it like this,
he'd die again.
Time goes by and it still hurts.
How was school, Sofia?
Bye, guys.
See you tomorrow, girls.
Professor, goodbye.
Hey. Did you see the bruise on Luis' face?
Good afternoon, ma'am.
You do know
that bullying is a crime, right?
- Yes, ma'am.
- I'm glad you know that.
I'm going to sue you and the school.
Maybe you'll start paying attention.
- That won't be necessary, ma'am.
- Oh, yes, it is.
- Because you don't have it under control.
- Excuse me.
- Listen to me. Sir!
- Yes.
Principal, listen to me!
- Listen to me!
- Please, Mom, stop it!
What do you what?
Students are hurting my son,
and you're not doing your job.
If you can't do your job, then quit.
If you can't discipline
this bunch of animals
I don't know if it was him,
or it was him, or him
It was me!
It was me! I posted all of it!
About Gerry, about Isabela, everyone.
It was me!
I did it! It was me!
I'm the hacker! It was me!
Is everything okay?
Are you sure?
Everyone's been so wonderful.
Okay, my love.
What's wrong, Natalia? What did you do?
I took some money.
But I had it all planned out.
No one was gonna notice.
Give the money back.
Dad, I swear it's not true.
But better safe than sorry, right?
- Your phone.
- No.
Give me your phone.
I'm not asking you, Gerry.
Dad, it's important.
- I'll bring it back in an hour. I swear.
- Don't be stupid.
- Roberto, apologize to him.
- Apologize?
I think
that you don't have any idea
of the kind of trouble we're in, do you?
Listen they're gonna freeze
the accounts and confiscate everything.
This government goes
after the corrupt with everything.
What are you going to do?
What am I gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
I feel like I'm drowning ♪
Oh, drowning ♪
You're holding me down ♪
Holding me down ♪
You're killing me slow ♪
So slow, oh, no ♪
I feel like I'm drowning ♪
Oh, drowning ♪
My life's okay ♪
Yeah, just when you're not around me ♪
My life's okay ♪
Just when you're not around me ♪
My life's okay ♪
Just when you're not around me ♪
My life's okay ♪
I feel like I'm drowning ♪
Oh, drowning ♪
You're holding me down ♪
Holding me down ♪
You're killing me slow ♪
So slow, oh, no ♪
I feel like I'm drowning ♪
Oh, drowning ♪
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