Control Z (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


[vocal harmony music playing]
Well, I'm done.
Look what I got you.
So you don't get bored.
Let's see if it lasts you a week.
Another Russian?
It's the last time, I promise.
It's important.
It's fine. I like them so far.
I know you do. I know you.
Hey, look at me.
Is everything okay?
My mom's getting married.
I see.
To Quintanilla?
Your mom's always had
pretty bad taste in men.
[both laugh]
Hey, don't say that!
- You hate it?
- I hate it.
You hate him?
I mean,
I hate his whole mushroom haircut,
his red glasses
And besides, he's the principal.
No one ever likes their principal.
- Never?
- No. Never.
The Idiot.
- You think
- No. Read it.
- Hmm?
- Hmm
["San Diego" by Hinds playing]
[car horns blare]
[Sofi] Thank you.
[Nora] Do you want me
to pick you up later? No?
[Sofi] No, I'll get there.
- [Nora] Dinner?
- [Sofi] Yes.
[Nora] Okay, honey. Good luck.
Bye, Nora.
[Nora] I don't know how you can carry
that huge book around.
[Javier] Hey, Sofi.
- How are you?
- Hey.
- Good?
- Good.
- [Sofi] Okay. Bye, Nora.
- Sofi, hey!
Aren't you going to introduce us?
Sure. Javier Williams, Nora. Nora
- How are you?
- Hello. I'm her mom.
- Really? It's nice to meet you.
- You too.
Javier is new. We're partners
for our project in science class.
Ah, that's cool. But I mean
Just you two? Is it just you two, or
Or a bunch of people?
[Javier] Yeah, just us. We're partners.
- [Nora] Oh!
- [Sofi] Uh
Well, you can come any time
and work at our house.
Sofi can invite you over.
I'm almost never there.
- That would be great.
- [Sofi] We've got to get started.
- [Nora] Really, it's no problem.
- Good night! No Good morning.
Good bye, my beautiful princess!
You look gorgeous today! Gorgeous!
[Javier] That's great, right?
Sofia, I need to talk to you.
What happened? Who punched you?
I fell. Banged my head
when I fell in the shower.
But thank you for making sure.
Now could you go?
Please, dude.
I won't be long, okay?
Only because you asked me.
See you in class.
So it's like that? You won't speak to me?
I don't mind speaking to you, Pablo.
The problem is, I have nothing to say.
Isa, I'm sorry.
You have no idea how much I regret it.
Which thing?
You mean the cheating?
Or for saying I'm a liar?
- Or dumping me in public?
- Look, I just want to make things right.
Isa. Isa
Come to dinner with me tonight
after school.
Please just let me try to explain to you.
I need you.
I just needed time, Pablo.
But I dodged a bullet, huh?
[Raúl] I want to talk about Luis.
Who should I thank? Quintanilla or you?
[Sofi] It wasn't Luis.
- What do you mean?
- He wouldn't do something like this.
- You know he confessed, right?
- I do, but I'm sure he lied.
Just like I'm sure he'll deny it.
Why do you have to be
so sure of everything?
I'm not, but I'm sure of this.
Hey, are you all right?
- Me?
- No, the wall, dude!
- Yeah. But why?
- I mean, your eye.
You should come up with a better story.
Slipping in the shower is a little weird.
- I was playing tennis.
- Ah! There you go.
A racket to the face could work, right?
Right. A racket, yeah.
[ambient music playing]
[Sofi] You really waited?
I said I would.
[Gerry] Now everyone knows
he's the hacker, they won't do anything.
Hey, what more do you want?
He got expelled already.
What more do I want? To beat his ass.
Maybe if you guys
weren't always messing with him
[Gerry] Ooh!
- [Gerry] She's so nosy, dude!
- [Dario laughs]
So it's my fault that that guy's a psycho?
A little bit, yeah.
[Ernesto] Oh
[Gerry] Really?
You think so much of yourself, huh?
At least I'm not ashamed
of my orientation.
- Oh!
- [Ernesto laughing]
I'm really happy for you.
I'm happy for you.
Tell me, do you have a girlfriend?
- Or are you a lesbian newbie?
- Why does that matter?
You know, I mean, that's hot.
Yeah, but I never see you with anybody.
That's why I ask. You're always alone.
No girlfriend.
- Why does that matter?
- There's no shame in having one.
Because you're always talking
to someone on your phone, right?
- What the hell?
- Let me see.
- Give me that!
- What are you doing, dude?
- What?
- Give me the phone.
All right. Chill, bro.
- We were playing, man.
- [Alex] You asshole.
- We're all good.
- We're cool, now.
Wow, Gerry. When it comes to making
new friends, you're the best, aren't you?
I'm really not. What can I say?
[bell ringing]
[Susana] This lesson is very important
because it will be in your next exam,
so pay attention.
[Gerry] An exclusive lesson, huh?
[Susana] It's a lesson you'll learn
without talking.
[Gerry] No questions?
[Susana] Exactly.
It's what you have to learn.
[Gerry] So what can we ask?
[Susana] Enough with the antics.
Sofia, you know you can't
use your cell phone in class.
I'm listening.
Romanticism began in the 19th century,
following Neoclassicism
Come on. Listen to me.
I know. I'm turning it off.
- You know it's a one-day punishment.
- Right now.
- It's off.
- Doesn't matter.
Give it to me,
or I have to bring you out to Quintanilla.
You decide.
You all know
phones are not allowed in class.
I've told you many times.
Turn them off, please.
[Natalia] Two thousand. It's Gucci.
No, thanks. It's too much.
- It's Gucci.
- No, thank you.
[Natalia] Sofi! Hey there.
Two thousand? It's Gucci.
Natalia, come on.
It's not worth 300 pesos.
It's broken.
Price it at 700. She won't notice.
This deal's just for you, okay? 750.
- For real?
- Yeah.
- Thank you!
- Of course.
Oh, wait
You're selling this to get back the money
you owe the school for the NONA.
I didn't take anyone's money.
It's going towards a trip to Japan.
I'm saving up because
Because I want experiences,
not just material things.
Have fun in Japan.
- Thanks a lot. Have fun with your case.
- Thank you.
I just made 750, and it was broken.
That bitch
I'm glad you sold it. Done with mine, too.
I think I might be good at selling things.
Maria, what's this?
This is barely anything.
I had to sell them two-for-one,
or else no one would buy it.
Maria, please
Look, with everything we have going on,
the principal has to be
extremely strict
See you later, Mariana
And he's right to do so.
If he finds out See you later, Lily!
If he finds out
that I just gave you your phone back,
he'll fire me.
And you know the Principal is right.
You really are all addicted
to your cellphones.
I can't believe it.
So, no.
Okay, you can still do something for me.
I need an address.
- Raúlito!
- Oh, come on
- Raúlito, wait for me!
- What is it?
- Hey, babe! What happened to you?
- I got hit with a racket.
We're both in a funk.
You're right. We all are.
That's why we both have to stick together.
Natalia, what do you want?
I hate to ask, but I'm desperate.
Can you loan me some cash?
I don't have a fucking peso.
I'm serious, Raúl.
You're always throwing your money away.
I need one favor.
I won't throw it away anymore, believe me.
Really? Come on. Please, Raúl.
Look at it as an investment.
[Gerry] He's going to get
a real ass-kicking.
[Dario] Come on!
[Ernesto] I can't wait to see his face
when he realizes it's us.
[Pablo] Are we really doing this?
[Gerry] Oh, come on. Are you an idiot?
- [Ernesto] You're defending Luis?
- [Pablo] No.
- [Gerry] What are you afraid of?
- [Dario] I'll drive.
- [Gerry] Getting cold feet?
- [Pablo] Okay, fine. Let's go.
I just don't want to do anything stupid.
[Gerry] What's stupid?
The shit he did is stupid, man.
[all talking at once]
- Just scare him a bit. That's all.
- Yeah, man. Let's see.
Can you put some music on?
- [Luis' mom] Who is it?
- [Sofi] Good afternoon.
[Luis' mom] Good afternoon.
Hi, is Luis home?
No. He went out.
Oh, where did he go?
Who are you?
Sofia Herrera.
And how do you know my son, Luis?
We're friends.
No, my son has no friends.
No, you're right.
We were in class together at school.
Sometimes we sat next to each other.
One time, I let him cheat
off my exam in math
- because he seemed nervous
- He's not home. He's out.
[Luis' mom] What is it?
So his dog's also gone?
Excuse me?
Well, thanks a lot. Have a good afternoon.
Hey, what's up, Sofia?
Hey, there. It's Javier.
They're about to beat up Luis.
I'm 100 percent sure.
And I heard Gerry say
that they were all going to his house.
So call him now, please. See you.
[eerie music playing]
[Sofi] Luis!
[Luis] I don't know
what else I can say, Sofia.
I did it.
[Sofi] No, that's not true, Luis.
[Luis] Why are you so sure?
Because I did.
- Come on! Please, Sofia
- Yep.
It's true. Controlling the school
was my master plan.
[dog yaps]
I knew that it wasn't you.
Why did you do it?
Because Gerry and his friends
were always messing with me.
Each day, they would find
some excuse to come and bully me.
And then, my mom wanted
to speak to the school,
get them in trouble.
Imagine what they would have done to me.
That's why I said I did it.
They would leave me alone,
I'd get expelled, and that's it.
I mean, you
You could have maybe failed some classes
or picked a fight with Quintanilla.
Luis, you could get sued,
or something even worse.
And you're covering
for whoever actually did it.
What should I What should I do?
- [Dario] Where are you, little bitch?
- [Pablo] You'll get too carried away.
- [Gerry] I just want to beat him up.
- What?
- [Gerry] What do you want me to do?
- No, I just mean don't do anything stupid.
Is it my imagination,
or are you backing down?
- [Pablo] Dude, I'm not backing down.
- [Gerry] I'm going to kick his ass.
You broke up with your girl
because of this asshole.
[Pablo] But you went too far.
But you didn't, and look what happened.
Isabela didn't, and look what happened.
Whatever, can you change
this shitty music, please?
[Sofi] You can't leave
because of a few idiots.
And besides, they'll all back down
once they see you're not afraid.
I wish I was like you.
- It's pretty easy, really.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, just get everyone
to think you're crazy.
[Gerry] Are we almost there, dude?
- Shit. It says this is it.
- [Gerry] Which house? What number is it?
There they are, dude!
- [Ernesto] Shit! He's with Sofia.
- [Dario] It's like Christmas.
[Gerry] Slow down. Slow down.
- Hey, gorgeous.
- [Dario] Good afternoon!
[Gerry] Don't run, fucker!
You're running, asshole?
- Now you're gonna run?
- [Sofi] Gerry! Stop!
["Blue Danube Waltz" by Strauss playing]
[Gerry] Now you're gonna run away.
Right, bastard?
- [Sofi] Gerry!
- [Gerry] You like running, asshole?
Now you're running, aren't you?
Keep running, asshole. Keep running!
["Blue Danube" continues]
[Gerry yelling]
[music intensifies]
[screeching tires]
[Luis] Don Chente!
Don Chente!
Don Chente!
[car alarm wailing]
Hey, what are you doing?
Oh, my God.
You almost ran me over!
What are you doing? Don't touch me.
- [Don Chente] Hey!
- [Sofi] Stop!
- Stop!
- [Gerry] Jesus Christ!
[Don Chente] I called backup.
They're on the way.
[Gerry] What's your problem?
- You fine?
Thank you, yeah. I'm fine.
- [Javier] You okay?
- Luis!
- [Gerry] See what that asshole did?
- [Pablo] Forget it.
- [Ernesto] Come on, dude!
- [Dario] Let's go.
[screeching tires]
- [Sofi] Uh
- [Javier sighs]
[Sofi] Do you want to call
your insurance company?
- No, no. Let's go.
- Okay.
[door creaks]
- Can you open it?
- Yeah.
[Sofi giggling]
[both laughing]
I don't know what you were trying to do!
- I just wanted to help, I swear!
- Yeah, sure!
How embarrassing. How embarrassing
How embarrassing
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
If you hadn't been there,
I think we'd be in trouble.
Well, I don't know.
I'm not sure if this is any better.
- Oh, it's my dad.
- Okay.
What's up, Dad?
- What's up, Javi? How are you?
- Good.
- And you? How are you, Dad?
- Sorry I didn't call earlier.
I've been busy. I'm in talks
for a reality show for the next year.
- How are things at school?
- Good.
Your coach just gave me a call.
Why aren't you on the team?
Because. Come on, Dad.
You know why I'm not.
Come on, Javi. Just cut the crap.
You're a soccer player, just like me.
It's in your blood.
Look, Dad, you're on speaker right now,
just so you know.
If you want, we can talk about this later.
Oh. You're with someone.
Hi, how are you?
This is Sofia. She's my
My new friend from school.
- Hello.
- How are you, Sofi?
How's my son behaving? My champion!
Oh, good. You like soccer, Sofi?
Want me to get some front row tickets
for you and your dad?
Uh, my dad is dead, sir.
Right. Well, sorry to hear that.
Oh, they're calling me now, Javier.
Got to go.
Yeah, okay. See you later. Bye.
- Bye, Dad.
- [Sofi] Bye.
I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
You spooked him.
[eerie music playing]
[customers talking and laughing]
I had a feeling something was up.
This isn't good.
What have I been thinking?
Do you know what could happen
if this gets out, Sofi?
Yes, I know. I know.
But I'm going to find this guy, okay?
We just need some time, right?
- Uh-uh.
- This is serious.
If your mom finds out,
she'll never forgive you.
And me
They'll send me to prison.
What do I do?
Okay It will all be okay.
How could I be so goddamn stupid?
What the hell were you thinking?
You imbecile!
I will find this guy. Seriously.
There you are.
I've been calling your phone all day.
That's because
my phone was confiscated in class.
Is that why you're nervous?
Because you're expecting
a call from that Javier?
- No, Nora.
- You're busted!
Mom, no. And besides,
he's just a classmate and that's all.
[Nora] He's just a classmate Hm-mm.
But you'll invite him over, right?
You guys can go do some of your homework.
I don't know.
- You can still have him over for dinner.
- Mom!
[Nora] Okay.
- Hey, tomorrow I'm going out to dinner.
- Why?
Because Miguel invited me to go
to a really fancy restaurant with him.
I don't know what to wear.
Ah! I know what to wear.
Let me try it,
then you'll tell me if it looks good
or help me find something else.
[Natalia] Look, the white one matches.
- No
- Two thousand for this purse.
[Valeria] One thousand.
- A thousand?
- Yeah.
- 1,500?
- A thousand.
- Natalia Natalia?
- [girls continue talking]
- For both, 2,000.
- What are you Here.
Here. This is inappropriate.
What are you doing, Natalia?
I'm selling stuff that I don't need.
This isn't a flea market.
Selling things at school is prohibited,
and you both know this.
Can you leave us, Valeria?
Right now. For a moment.
Hey, baby, one small question.
Do you have the funds for the NONA yet?
Not to pressure you,
but I need to organize
Are you saying she hasn't given it to you?
- Didn't you say
- It's in another account.
- Exactly.
- They had a delay.
Don't tell me you're selling your things
to pay for the NONA,
because that would be terrible.
Come on, girls.
Hold on a second. I'll be right with you.
Come to my office, please.
- [Natalia] Seriously?
- Yes.
I'm sorry, but wait.
I don't mean to gossip,
but is making money selling purses
worse than starting a fight?
- Sorry? Who's fighting?
- You don't know?
[message alert]
[series of alerts]
[tense music playing]
[Javier] No, Luis must be an idiot.
Really, that's it. He's an idiot.
We helped him, and for what?
- [Sofi] No, Luis didn't do this.
- Then who was it?
The hacker is the one doing all this.
I'm pretty sure.
Listen, Gerry, this is a school,
not some boxing ring.
I won't allow any fights at school.
Do you understand?
Okay, the fight would be too much,
but the hack's not?
Why didn't you do anything?
I mean, Luis, he hacks me,
hacks all of my friends,
then he posts these lies
and creates the group on Facebook
Calm down, please.
- What should I do?
- Don't play the victim. Calm down, okay?
Here's my recommendation.
After all your classes,
you will go home directly. Okay?
You're gonna make me, huh?
- [Quintanilla] Don't open until I say so.
- [Susana] Sure, whatever you say.
Seriously? What if there's an earthquake?
- [Susana] That won't happen.
- It might happen.
If so, no running,
no pushing and no yelling.
- Your phone.
- Thank you.
Did he text you?
Last time a teacher took your phone,
you took your sweet time
coming to pick it up, Sofia.
But today, I give it back
and the first thing you do
is check your messages.
One of your shoes is untied.
And your hair, Sofi? You didn't brush it.
You've had bags
under your eyes for days now.
And that can only mean one thing
Girl, you're in love with him.
[Lulu giggles]
You see?
You're not the only one
who can figure things out.
Yeah, I can see that.
[Gerry] Open up!
Anyone there?
Ma'am, there could be an earthquake!
For real.
- What's up?
- [Sofi] How's it going?
Do you think he's coming?
I hope not.
Hey, why say it like that?
Come on. There's another guy?
Raúl, as soon as I like someone,
I promise you'll be the first to know,
because you're obviously
so very interested.
Not a lot, but a little. Yeah.
What happened to your eye?
For real, though.
You know what. Don't keep asking.
But see? You can worry about someone
without having a crush on them.
- Would you like a peanut?
- No, thanks.
- Are you sure?
- Pretty sure.
- Hey, there.
- What's up?
Want to see how to train an asshole?
- What do you mean?
- Here. Just watch.
[Maria] Nati, please,
I don't want to see this.
I want to see this bastard get beat up
for saying I stole.
Oh, come on! You're a thief and a liar?
How trashy.
[Gerry] Open up, please!
The door is locked. Can you open it?
[rattling handle]
Open up!
[tense music playing]
Come on, kids. Hey, you can leave now.
- That's enough for today, okay?
- Nothing to see. Come on, now.
- There's no Gerry. Nothing's happening.
- Listen to your principal.
No show. There won't be a fight.
Nothing's happening.
- That's enough. Enough!
- [students booing]
Hey, come on. Let's go.
Hey, let's go. Move it.
No loitering. Everybody, go home.
Let's go. Yes, now.
[clock ticking]
[tense music playing]
Fuck, man
[door creaks]
[Quintanilla] There's nothing happening.
No, come on
Why do you want to see
two human beings fight? They're friends.
- [girl] They're not friends.
- [Quintanilla] They are.
They're just angry.
Everyone go home right now. Please.
Hey, if you stay, you're expelled.
Everyone, let's go.
What happened, Susana?
What's up, assholes?
[students gasping]
[Quintanilla] Hey, calm down!
Luis, just relax. Calm down.
- Come on, you fuckers.
- No, no.
[students talking]
[Luis] Did you miss me?
- [Quintanilla] Relax. Calm down. Hey!
- [Susana] Stop recording this!
[Quintanilla] What's the matter?
What's up, Pablo? Does your girl know
who you're sending dick pics to?
[crowd gasping]
Pablo, Pablo.
Calm down. Don't make this harder.
How do you feel.. Ismael?
- Stop it.
- [crowd gasping]
And you, thief?
How have your sales been, huh?
- [Quintanilla] Stop.
- [Luis] Good?
[crowd gets louder]
- [Luis] Where's fucking Richie Rich?
- [Quintanilla] Calm down.
He's reading what he has to say.
They're writing everything for him to say.
[Luis] What happened to your eye?
[Quintanilla] Relax. What's the matter?
You get hit by your daddy?
[crowd jeering]
- [Luis] Your corrupt dad?
- [Quintanilla] Luis!
- [Susana] Hey, Luis! Calm down.
- [crowd laughing]
[Luis] Come on!
[Quintanilla] Go home, everyone. Go home.
Luis, that's enough.
How did you get out, Gerry?
- [Gerry] Did you grow some balls?
- [Susana] Stop!
- Finally! Finally!
- Hey, relax.
[Susana] Gerry
- You have to stop.
- You really grew some balls!
- [Quintanilla] Gerry!
- [Susana] Stop!
[Gerry] What's wrong? What's wrong?
You wanted this. Well, I'm here.
[Luis] Gerry
- [Quintanilla] Calm down.
- Do you feel ashamed that you're a faggot?
Gerry, please don't listen to him.
- Don't do that.
- [girl screams]
Hey! Come on, Gerry.
Let me at this asshole.
[Susana] Guys, don't do this!
[yelling and screaming]
[Susana] Gerry, stop!
[yelling continues]
Stop it!
[Gerry] Let's go, man!
[students yelling]
- [Javier] He dropped his phone!
- [Gerry] Where are your balls now?
Finally you're doing something.
[Javier] Hey, calm down, please!
- [Gerry] Stay out of this!
- [boy] Let them fight! What the hell?
- [Javier] Enough, jerk!
- [Dario] Punch him! Don't let him go!
Let him go!
[Raúl] Let me go, idiot! Let me go!
[all yelling]
[Susana] No, Gerry!
Look me in the eyes!
[Rosita] Hey! Hey, are you crazy? Stop it!
- Stop it, please!
- Wait, wait!
Stop it, dude. Hey!
[Raúl] Stop, asshole. Move it!
[Raúl] Stop, asshole. Move it!
[Raúl] Move! Come on. Run!
[Javier] Let's go, Luis.
[Raúl] Get him away.
- [Sofi] Move, move, move!
- [Javier] Get him in the car.
[Pablo] Dude, stop. That's enough!
[Gerry] Get off me!
[Raúl] Javi! Get him in the car, now!
Gerry, no!
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, hey, that's enough. Stop it, now!
[Rosita] Let him go, Gerry!
- [Raúl] Get him in the car!
- [Gerry] No way, dude!
[boy] Gerry!
Sofi, hold onto this.
[all yelling]
[Pablo] Leave him alone, asshole!
- Open the door!
- [Javier] It's not working.
[girls screaming]
No, Gerry!
[Luis] No, he has a rock!
[all screaming]
[Raúl] Stop, Gerry! No, man! Stop!
[Javier] Gerry! No!
- [Javier] Don't do this!
- [Gerry] You can't hide anymore. Get out.
[Javier] Luis! No!
[Gerry] You asshole. Let's go!
Now get up! Get up, you bastard!
There's no one to help you anymore.
[Javier] That's enough!
[Gerry] Man, move it! Move it, Javier!
Come on. Let me through!
- [Javier] Hey, Gerry!
- [Pablo] Gerry, no! Stop it!
[Sofi] What did you do, you idiot?
[Susana] Call an ambulance!
[wind whistling softly]
[mournful music playing]
[ambulance siren]
[muffled voicemail message over phone]
I found this on the ground back there.
I know it's yours, so I
wanted to return it.
I didn't notice.
Thank you.
I'll help.
My dad used to say
that these things were magical.
he used to say
the elephant was for happiness
the clover would give me good luck,
and that the lock is for protection.
He gave me a new one every year,
but now
[Luis' mom] See what happened?
My son's in a coma right now.
And the doctors don't know
how he will react.
And this is all your fault.
Yes, ma'am. And I promise you
No, don't make promises.
They mean nothing to me.
I'll be right back.
[Luis' mom] You know how many times
I went to the school to talk to you,
to avoid this?
[Quintanilla] Many times. I'm sorry.
[heart monitor beeping]
[Luis over speaker] Mom
if you're watching this, it's because
something happened to me during the fight.
And all I want to say is
I didn't do it.
I didn't hack anything or anyone.
But I didn't know what I could do.
I wanted to leave school.
And I didn't know how.
All I knew was that I couldn't stay there.
and everyone
always harassed me without end, you know?
What will you do with the video?
[Sofi] Upload it
where everyone can see it.
So they know it wasn't him.
[melancholy music playing]
[phone line ringing]
[line disconnects]
[Raúl over phone] What's up, Dad?
Hey, where are you?
I don't understand what's happening.
Call me back, okay?
[melancholy music continues]
[music continues]
[customers talking]
[man 1] I'm here to win!
[Sofi] Hello. Good evening.
[man 2] You're lucky it ended, huh?
- [man 1] You're lucky.
- [Sofi] Hi.
- Mariana. How are you?
- Fine.
- Like a soda?
- Yes, please.
- Marco, soda for her.
- Sure.
[man 1] You really are one lucky bastard.
- Where's Fernando?
- He left.
Said he wouldn't be back for a while.
Some problem with his cousin Rogelio.
He said you would understand.
Are you gonna play?
[message alert]
Hey, what are you doing?
Just let me set up, okay?
[rowdy rock music playing]
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