Control Z (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Night School

Don't you know I'm no good for you ♪
I've learned to lose you
Can't afford ♪
What did you do?
Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin' ♪
What did you do, asshole?
You're an idiot. What did you do?
But nothin' ever stops you leavin' ♪
Quiet when I'm comin' home
and I'm on my own ♪
I could lie, say I like it like that
Like it like that ♪
You know what could happen
if this gets out?
Yes, I know,
but I'm going to find this guy.
Do you think it will be
like it used to be?
I don't know.
Anyway, everything will be okay.
We just need some time.
If your mom finds out,
she'll never forgive you, Sofi.
And me
They'll send me to prison.
He said he wouldn't
be back for a while.
Some problem with his cousin.
He said you would understand.
And I'll call you
when the party's over ♪
Quiet when I'm comin' home
and I'm on my own ♪
And I could lie
Say I like it like that ♪
Like it like that ♪
Yeah, I could lie
Say I like it like that ♪
Sofi, hurry up! It's getting late!
You're getting blinder taking drugs ♪
We didn't even say goodbye ♪
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you ♪
Watch out.
There's a lot of wackos out here.
New bike?
Yeah. What do you think?
If I liked bikes, I'd like it.
You're invited to my party.
Wait. You've had a lot of parties
since we started school,
and you've never invited me before.
I'm inviting the entire school.
We deserve some relaxing, no?
You can bring your little pet if you want.
I don't have a pet.
Fine, your
Good morning.
Hey, watch it with that.
Bicycles use the other lane.
See you at my party.
Well, she's ugly.
Here she comes.
I swear I saw his penis.
He hides it really well, though.
- So gross, right?
- So gross.
Look, I'm as much of a woman as you,
maybe even more.
Fucking monster.
If you cry every time
anyone says something stupid here,
you're going to be crying a lot.
Are you going to Raúl's party?
I saw he invited you.
Because I never miss a party.
Gerry's going to start therapy,
so he'll learn to control himself.
Right, Gerry?
Although Gerry shouldn't have
to do anything.
- But we already talked about this.
- The other kid challenged him.
And my son is no coward.
Look, unfortunately,
this is a very difficult situation.
And unfortunately, there's a boy
who ended up in the hospital.
Yeah, but why
did he post things about Gerry?
we're not sure it was him.
Apparently Luis was lying about the hack.
We're still investigating.
- No, I mean, I didn't know.
- How could my son know that?
He just reacted the way
any man would have reacted.
I don't know about that, sir.
What I do know is that your son's
permanent record is very unfavorable.
And we've given him a lot of chances,
because at this school we believe
that kids can make mistakes
but they can also redeem themselves.
But this goes way beyond a mistake.
You're lucky Luis' mom
didn't press charges.
You could have ended up in prison, so
for now, you're expelled, Gerardo.
Are you okay?
Are you sure?
Trouble with my girlfriend,
but it's nothing.
Have you ever done something
that seemed good
but then it got out of control?
All the time.
Alex, can you help me with the projector?
It's not working,
and I need it for a class.
- Bye, Sofia.
- Bye.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Dude, to be honest,
I really thought he killed him.
- Could he go to jail?
- Can you imagine?
- Could he?
- Yeah, of course.
- It's attempted murder
- Rosita's in my spot.
Move it.
There's room over there.
Hold on. Right here. Sit on my lap.
- Come on. Stop fucking around.
- What's up?
What is it?
What's with the faces? You guys still mad?
Get over it already.
You're supposed to be our friends.
Right? But then the fight,
and you take Luis' side.
Come on. He put the guy in the hospital!
That punch wasn't until the end.
What if he killed him?
Okay, but no one knew it would get so bad.
Come on! It's Gerry, everyone knew
- This is fucked up!
- Gerry's crazy.
Everyone knows that.
Okay, cabron. Forget all that shit.
I'm throwing a party, man.
And I'll tell you guys a secret.
I wasn't going to tell you. Come here.
Fuck you, man!
- This guy's an idiot.
- No way. Not even two of you.
Nati, you know I always have your back,
but I don't want to spend my breaks
in the bathroom.
You don't have to.
Of course I do.
It would suck if your sister
wouldn't hang out.
I don't want to see
that idiot Rosita.
Baby, how are you?
I didn't know you ate in the bathroom.
Oh, and how did it go with Quintanilla?
He told me you'd have the money this week.
It went really well.
Really, really well.
Yeah? That's great,
because the NONA is coming up.
Girls, please stop fighting!
You won't fix anything like this.
Maria's got a point.
Let's pretend I don't know
you're a liar and a thief.
Just leave me alone, okay, Rosita!
Okay. Okay. You're absolutely right, Nati.
Picking on you isn't nice,
and I'm not a resentful person.
So let's do this.
I'll tell everyone
who's bothering you to stop.
Hey, by the way,
that sandwich looks amazing.
I didn't know it fit in that tiny body.
Bye. Bye, Maria!
- Nati, you know how Rosita is.
- I'm done with this.
- Hi, Nora.
- Hey, honey.
Give me a kiss.
I'm almost done with this thing.
Someone sent a gift.
I left it in your room.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Go up and check!
- Sof?
- Yep.
I forgot, this envelope came
with the present.
I promise I didn't read it.
- Hey, Javier!
- Good evening, ma'am.
- How's it going? Call me Nora.
- Well. Okay.
I didn't know you were coming for Sofi.
- Yeah. We're going to a party.
- A party? For real?
Wow! Sofi!
Someone's here for you.
- I didn't know you were going to a party.
- Yes.
How long has it been
since you've gone to one?
No, I'm just messing.
- She goes to parties all the time.
- Nora
I mean, she goes out.
People come to pick her up.
- Not just guys, people in general.
- Mom!
- Sorry.
- Okay.
That was really awkward. We're leaving.
And when will you be back?
Oh, I decide that, right?
- What time will you bring her back, Javi?
- How's 2 a.m.?
- Two a.m. Perfect.
- Okay.
- Good evening!
- You guys have fun!
Hi, Mr. Quintanilla.
Good evening.
- Hello, Sofia.
- Evening.
- Are you going out?
- To a party.
- And we're running late.
- And you?
- Us, too.
- But
- Yes.
- Let's go. Bye!
Have fun!
So your mom and Quintanilla are a couple?
- Yes?
- They're dating.
- No!
- But that's it.
- That's it.
- But
I mean, have they kissed in front of you?
- Anything like that? Gross!
- No, no.
- Yes?
- Don't tell anyone.
- But
- I'm begging you, do not tell.
You promise?
You look really pretty.
I always look like this.
You always look pretty.
I mean, you too
Your facial proportions
are really symmetrical.
Your chicken's pretty cool.
It's my sister's.
My mom let me borrow the car.
Sucks, man. I lost the number
of that guy who sold 2C-B.
- He had good prices.
- No way, dude.
Want a hit?
- Nah, man.
- You don't smoke anymore?
I never smoked, man.
- Don't fucking lie!
- What's up?
What's up, bro?
Put your fucking phone down already.
Who is it?
Isabela? Or your Honey Bunny?
Get out of here, bro! Now you, too?
No, I'm just messing around.
I just wanted to say
You should get back together with her.
You know, assuming that
she also wants to get back together.
- Right?
- Minor detail.
Have a sip.
Just a little sip.
Everything okay?
Um No, it's nothing.
It's just that parties make me
a little nervous.
Okay, but we're just here for the hacker.
So let's just focus.
I'm sure we're going to find him.
Hey, welcome! What's up?
I thought you weren't coming. Welcome.
- Thanks.
- A drink?
- No, but thanks so much.
- Oh.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
I'm glad you're here.
Hey. Can you pour me some mescal, please?
Hi. Pour me some mescal, would you?
Some mes
They just ignored me. Both of them.
Yeah. I know what's happening.
That bitch Rosita
What's up, girls? How are you? Salud!
- No one's talking to me.
- Yeah, that's the challenge.
Anyone who loses can't go to the NONA.
Nati, stop it.
- Please, let's just dance.
- No!
- I want that bitch
- Nati, stop. I'm sick of this!
You're not the one
going through all this stuff.
I'm not? Mom and Dad are super pissed.
I spend breaks in the bathroom.
I can't go to NONA because I'm with you.
I'm going through the same stuff you are.
I'm done.
You're so dramatic.
I stopped talking to Isabela.
No one asked you to.
You're so selfish. I do everything for you
and you don't give a shit.
Because you're nothing without me.
I like you. I just don't understand
why you're always with your sister.
People care about you, like Isabela.
You're right.
She's not here, is she?
I haven't seen her.
But what I do see is that
you're too sober, so you need a sip.
Just a little sip. Open up!
Did you get my gift?
The eye of Horus, right?
The all seeing eye?
Tell him I don't want it.
Look, he says you should be patient.
have some fun.
Check your phone.
Goddamn it.
What did he say?
A princess, a rose and a drink.
So many damn people here. Jeez!
Rosita, do you know something
about the hacker?
I said I don't know anything.
Well, okay,
but why did he send me to you, then?
Sofia, look.
It's not cool that this is
the first time we're talking about this.
You know, the two of us
could be good friends.
And we're both really smart girls.
Wait a minute. I know.
Listen up!
Shot and kiss. Let's go!
Shot! Shot! Shot!
- Now a shot for both of you.
- What? No!
What did he say?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me
How about a shot and kiss?
Shot and kiss.
- Dude!
- What? No.
- Shot and kiss.
- No, it's just that
Here. Hey! Shot!
Shot! Shot! Shot!
Kiss him!
Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!
Okay, now where's the ball?
All right. Now I'm back!
You go for the ball.
Throw it now. You can't be worse than me.
So how do you think Sofi's doing?
You know, this is the first time
she's gone out. I'm not used to this.
She hasn't texted me. She
Look, relax, honey.
I'm sure she's having a good time.
It's a party, and she's with her friends.
You think?
You think they're including her more?
That her friends are
Can we possibly stop talking
about Sofia for a bit?
Yes, sorry. You're right.
What should we talk about?
Well, um
I've been waiting for this night
for a long time.
Yeah, me too.
I really wanted to go out for dinner.
Thank you.
Sure. And uh
Listen, give me a second.
Let me just send a quick text
to see how Sofi's doing.
So I can stop feeling so nervous,
you know?
It was really cool.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I mean, you're really good at it.
From a technical point of view, and
- I mean, I can tell you've prac
- You too.
You were really good, too.
Considering my non-existent experience,
- What's up? You wanted to talk?
- Yeah. Don't message me anymore.
Okay, then don't answer me, Bunny.
Don't call me that anymore, please, Pablo.
Why not?
You used to like it.
But I didn't know about Isabela.
You knew she was my girlfriend.
Don't you feel bad, knowing things
have been so hard for Isabela?
- We'll stop, then.
- Yeah.
You wore the same dress last time,
Remind me.
- Nora?
- Hm?
Can you put the phone down?
I'm sorry. But look how many messages
I've sent and she hasn't replied.
Because she's at a party
with her friends from school,
- And she's having fun. Okay?
- You're right.
- Yes.
- Listen, I have a quick question.
What's Javier like?
Because he seems like a really good guy,
but you know him better.
Can I trust him?
- He's a good kid.
- Does he drink?
- He's a good guy.
- He's responsible?
I have something important to tell you.
I can't wait anymore, okay?
Okay. What is it?
I've seen him three times,
and every single time he's on his phone.
- Sorry.
- Watch it, dude.
Where did you get this?
I found it lying around.
Anyway, Gerry's cousins
or something like that.
What he needs is someone
Excuse me.
who will make him understand,
"Gerry, what you're doing is wrong."
I don't know.
You know what I mean?
It's really beautiful.
Really beautiful.
I don't know what to say.
Well, I mean, there are, basically,
just two choices.
Yes or no.
What do you think?
It's late, and I told your mom 2 a.m.
But I think maybe
Javi, he's showing us the way.
I think it's this way.
Marrying me means
you'll be living with Sofia.
Of course.
That's part of this, right?
I mean, sharing? That's what I want.
I don't think Sofi's ready for that.
Or that I'm ready.
Do you like the place?
I know you're both fans of roofs.
What's happening?
He says he wants to help all of us,
but especially you, Sofi.
He wants tonight to be special.
So he has one last request.
- That you jump into the pool.
- No way!
- Definitely not.
- He'll tell my secret if you don't.
Who your girlfriend is?
You know? You already know?
I mean, if anyone finds out, it's over.
- I can't afford
- Okay, but look.
Sofia won't jump. End of story.
- Please, Sofia.
- It's It's
just a matter of planning
where I'll fall, right?
Sofia, don't even think about it.
- I'll do it.
- Hey! Sofia!
- Sofia, listen! Don't do this.
- What's up with you?
- Don't do it!
- Listen, calm down!
Calm down.
Please don't do it.
I need something new ♪
Mm, something you could say perhaps ♪
Or the words coming out of your mouth ♪
Wouldn't be something
I've heard before ♪
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Why did you do that?
You're crazy, you know that?
Hey. Are you okay?
Where's Javier?
I don't know. He left.
How much do you owe?
That's none of your business.
Plus, I know your secret too.
I saw you upstairs.
So? It's a business, like any other.
Is it good money?
Depends on how much you sell.
Want to try it?
Who can pick up more chicks?
Whoever gets with the most, wins.
- You want to start a massacre?
- No way. Come on!
- What's up, ladies? What massacre?
- You can play too.
Dudes don't count!
Fuck you.
- Get out of here.
- You're a pussy.
What's up?
What's up, man?
What are you betting on? I'm in.
What's up?
All good?
Is this yours? Huh?
Aren't you grounded?
Yeah. When did that ever stop me?
- Yo, Gerry
- Son of a bitch. What?
Why don't you go home, man? Seriously.
What's wrong?
This guy's always pissed. Always mad.
- Cabron
- Huh?
No one wants you here.
Yeah? For real?
Pablito. I'm talking to you, man.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, man.
What do you mean, "why"?
Come on! You guys agree with him
or what? You guys too?
Ever since Luis, people look at us weird.
We're not fucking assholes, dude.
Are you kidding me?
You have to be joking, man.
You're not joking, bro?
- Hey, man!
- Hey, stop!
- Stop, man!
- Fucking faggot!
- Hit me, asshole!
- I'll stomp your ass.
- That's enough, man!
- Hey, chill.
You know what? It doesn't surprise me.
Fucking ass-kissers, as usual, right?
Only worrying about yourselves.
Fuck you.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Everything okay?
It looks better on you than me.
This isn't how I pictured your room.
Well, at least you pictured it.
My best friend.
His name was Conan.
He was my favorite dog.
What happened to him?
Well, according to my dad,
he escaped one day
and got hit by a car.
Where are your parents?
You don't watch the news, right?
They took off.
They left. I don't know where they are.
My lawyer says it's better I don't ask.
They're looking for them.
The political parties, the cops
They said they would fix things soon,
but I don't care anymore.
At least they left me money.
Hence the party?
I spent it all.
At least we had fun, right?
And you? Why did you come?
To find the hacker.
Is he here?
That sucks.
For a moment,
I thought you came because of me.
I would have liked that a lot.
I can't read you, Raúl.
All set.
What now?
Nothing. We just wait.
Why did that asshole leave you?
Looks like he doesn't care about you.
Not to be nosy or anything, but
You're with him all the time, right?
And you never have time.
Time for what?
Time for me.
- No way.
- What happened?
The power went out.
For fuck's sake!
- Okay, come with me. Come.
- All right.
I think the fuse box is over here.
Watch out.
What did I tell you? Here it is.
Let me hold it for you.
- Nothing, right?
- No.
- I don't think so.
- Okay, that didn't work. Let's see.
This sucks.
Oh, there's another one!
- Should I go? I won't be long.
- Uh
- Okay, sure.
- All right. I'll be right back.
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