Conviction (2016) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [The Kills' "Siberian Nights" plays] I can whip you up like cream I can drink your seven seas Is that too close for comfort? Shake a little hup, two, three - I'm halfway to my knees - [Sighs] Am I too close for comfort? [Cell door opens] Come to gloat? Hoping to talk to your lawyer.
- Already here.
- Your lawyer's hot.
- Too bad she hates you.
- I've got an offer.
- Plea deal? - Wallace: Thank you for coming.
Today, our city begins a new era of justice, marked by the formation of my Citywide Conviction Integrity Unit.
This revolutionary group will reach across the five boroughs, serving as The fox guarding the henhouse.
The D.
's Office put those people away in the first place, but now These elite lawyers, investigators, and forensic specialists will examine claims of innocence made by incarcerated individuals.
In the wake of Couple of big, embarrassing settlements on busted guilty verdicts.
But, hey, why not turn it around, use My position as District Attorney, part of my job is to secure convictions.
But the true mission of my office is justice.
This isn't about justice.
This is about selling yourself as caring, passionate, electable.
There is no peace for the victim when the wrong person is incarcerated.
If a mistake has been made, we must correct it, no matter what embarrassment may arise.
By going back into old cases? That's guaranteed to piss off every cop, prosecutor, and judge, while you hide behind The leader of this unit needs a tenacious and brilliant legal mind I heard your university board has you on probation.
Something about sleeping with a student.
an unwavering commitment to the truth.
Ironically, it took a nationwide search to find someone I've known for a long time.
We all have.
Bye, Wallace.
I want to soak up the "Orange is the New Black" vibe maybe have a little ménage à moi.
This could crush your mom's poll numbers, cost her the Senate race, and put you at the center of another Morrison family crisis.
[Camera shutters clicking] Or I can make it all go away.
This individual graduated first in her law-school class at Harvard, won 95% of her cases as a defense attorney before going on to teach law at one of our nation's top universities.
She is also our country's former first daughter.
Ladies and gentlemen, the director the new Citywide Conviction Integrity Unit Hayes Morrison.
Man: Hey, over here! Ms.
Morrison! [Reporters shouting indistinctly] You get five days.
For each case? Budget's small, workload's huge.
That's as much time as we can afford.
- You've got a team.
- Of people I pick.
Sorry, they're already hired.
By whomever you originally promised this gig to? One of my top ADAs Sam Spencer.
Submit your recommendation by week's end advise the conviction be reversed, let it stand, or suggest a retrial.
I pick the cases.
But on this first one, give me a happy ending.
Your team is waiting.
[Elevator bell dings] Hayes Morrison? Sam Spencer.
Wallace's golden boy.
I took your job.
Yes, you did.
Sorry about that.
[Chuckles] I actually am sorry about it.
This is Tess Larson and Franklin Cruz.
Tess, our paralegal, comes to us from the Innocence Project.
Morrison, I'm a huge fan.
I worshiped you growing up.
When Senator McCale said those mean things about you When he called me the campus bike? He wasn't far off.
You look familiar.
Have we met? Oh, no.
I-I would remember.
Hey, call me Frankie.
I'm in charge of forensics.
Nice shirt, Frankie very first day of school.
Thanks? I did not vote for your father.
Me neither.
Hayes Morrison.
Maxine Bohen lead investigator.
Plans for the first case? I assumed you'd want to select it.
Think of me as a figurehead.
Seriously, take the helm.
Ah, been considering two options Jeremy Baln, convicted for the 1993 rape and murder of Sharon Lewis.
Eyewitness I.
'd Baln, but police records suggest he was actually in lockup in a local precinct for burglary at the time of the murder.
Eyewitness testimony is extremely unreliable.
It's involved in over 70% of overturned convictions.
Second case Judith Addison, sentenced to 35 years for the kidnapping and murder of 7-year-old Ricky Clark.
Addison, whose functional IQ is 78, confessed to the cops after she was held overnight without an attorney.
We're not touching either of them.
You want to exonerate a guy whose alibi was another crime or sell that someone confessed to a murder they didn't commit? What happened to "think of me as a figurehead"? That was before I realized you might be a moron.
Best way to pop our cherry is to get a good guy out of prison give Wallace his happy ending.
So, Odell Dwyer, eight years into a life sentence for offing his girlfriend, Anna Ramos, with a bullet to the back of the head.
Minimal physical evidence against him, but no DNA.
Odell just turned 25, has no other criminal record, and he looks like this.
That matters? Unless his release is broadcast only on radio.
Conveniently, Odell's jury was all white.
Seems like the prosecutor put his thumb on the scale.
- Why is that a good thing? - Best way to establish we're not the fox guarding the henhouse beat the crap out of another fox.
Makes Wallace look committed.
Are you gonna go through this political nonsense - over every case? - No.
A win now while everyone's watching means freedom later.
Most importantly, freedom for me to consult from a beach in Hawaii while you guys tackle hard cases.
That's a good strategy.
Which ADA prosecuted Odell? Victor Bonotto.
He's a good guy, decent lawyer.
I'll talk to him about the jury.
The only thing that matters to me is, did he do it? Go talk to Odell and take Frankie with you.
- Why? - Is there a forensics issue? Something with the evidence? Odell's in prison.
You've been in prison.
Could be useful.
Your new shirt doesn't cover all of your old prison tattoo.
Great meeting you guys.
Odell: My mom and I have written over 150 letters, trying to get someone to take another look at my case.
You two joining the team, it it means a lot.
- Sure thing.
- We're not on your team.
The CIU isn't the Innocence Project.
We're not committed to exonerating you.
Then why are you here? To look at both sides of the case, see if your conviction has merit.
Then I apologize for contradicting you, ma'am, but you are on my team.
I didn't kill Anna.
I loved her.
That's the truth.
Walk me through what you did on the day she died.
I went to school, got home at 3:10, and went back for warm-ups at 5:30.
Did you see anybody or even talk to anybody on the phone in between? Uh, usually Anna and I would hang out before, but the recruiter from Boston College was coming that day, and Anna didn't want to distract me.
We were supposed to meet up after.
Played the game of my life that night.
When she wasn't there at the end, I knew that something was wrong.
You should be eligible for parole.
No, I don't go before the board anymore.
What's the first question they ask you? "Do you regret your crime?" And I won't say that I regret something that I didn't do.
I can't walk out of here with people thinking that I killed the girl I loved still love.
Good for you, man.
I feel like life is slipping through my fingers in here.
You got to get me out.
Did your attorney canvass your neighborhood or I mean, maybe somebody saw you through the window.
No, but this is something that he didn't take seriously.
The park where Anna got killed it's 100 miles round trip.
There's no way that I could have been there, and then made it back for the game in 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Odell, where'd you get those scars on your chest? Oh, I had some acne.
We should go.
The Odell Dwyer jury selection was totally by the book.
Only three African-Americans in the pool, judge removed one who'd witnessed a co-worker being shot, another for anti-police bias.
- The third? - Had a kid Odell's age.
Didn't want to risk her identifying with him.
- Used a preempt.
- Mm.
You didn't preempt Keith Johnson.
He had a 17-year-old child, as well, but he was white.
Are you reading my notes? White jurors are more likely to incarcerate black defendants.
Sam: Tess.
ADA Bonotto knows the stats on jury diversity.
We all do.
Any doubts about this one? The kid had no alibi.
The girl wrote in her journal that she was scared of him.
An eyewitness and physical evidence tie Odell to the crime scene.
We all had cases that keep us up at night, but this wasn't one of them.
- [Elevator bell dings] - You need to get me out of this job.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Someone just broke into my apartment.
[Grunts] Talk to Wallace, talk to Mom, I don't care.
Talk to anyone.
I cannot do it.
Why is this even a crime? Anytime you want to say something, that'd be great.
I'm sorry, but you're stuck.
I can't help you.
Wallace has you for the next three years.
- Oh, God.
- [Sighing] But I love you.
- You're a lousy brother.
- The worst.
- [Sighs] - But you're gonna be great at this job.
It requires cage-rattling, disregard for authority, and legal brilliance.
What about Mom? How mad is she? Just wear whatever dress she wants you to to her fundraiser.
Sam: I'd appreciate an explanation.
Sam, Hayes Morrison is lighting in a bottle.
A brilliant lawyer who also brings in valuable publicity to the unit.
Don't make it personal.
I left Gangs to run CIU.
Now you need to make that up to me, or I'll go private sector triple my salary.
Pushy and ambitious.
Look, I'm gonna need people like you on my team when I run for mayor next cycle.
Right now, I want you to keep an eye on Hayes.
Your loyalty will be rewarded.
[Sirens wailing in distance] No signs of misconduct by the prosecution in jury selection.
Doesn't mean Odell's guilty.
Just 'cause you bonded with the guy.
Let's focus.
We've got four more boxes of materials to review.
We just spent the last two hours going in circles.
Somebody needs to lead this team.
Knock yourself out.
I spent 20 years with NYPD 15 of those as a detective.
So I know that this is an NYPD arrest number.
I called a friend.
They said the arrest, which took place last night at the Downtown Precinct, has mysteriously vanished.
But this hasn't.
I wonder what else I can find out.
Go be the boss, Boss.
[Hayes clears throat] Excited to hear what you've got.
First, [Chuckles] funny story last night, I was busted for cocaine possession.
Wallace dropped the charges in exchange for me taking this job.
Working these pointless cases with you people that's my prison minus the freedom to go braless and finally read "Infinite Jest.
" So, if this isn't slam-dunk jury tampering, then let's pass on Odell's case.
Prison is full of good-looking black poster boys.
Can I help you? My name is June Dwyer.
That good-looking black poster boy, Odell Dwyer, he's my son.
If you drop Odell's case,.
I'll go to the press about everything, including your coke bust.
If you prefer, I can take over the investigation.
Thank you, but she's got the juice around here.
Over eight years, that place has been sucking the life out of Odell.
I would hate for your mother to learn You want me to promise your son will be exonerated.
I can't.
But we will stay on the case.
That will have to do.
[Sighs] Nice move, trying to take control of the investigation.
You might not be a moron after all.
Unless you decide to spy on me like Wallace asked you to, probably in exchange for a key role in his political future.
He did n Every good politician plays that card.
My father used it constantly.
He wasn't loyal to anyone, not even my mother.
Stabbing me in the back makes sense, but do it for yourself, not Wallace.
McNally: According to her journal, she said she was pretty scared of you.
[Scoffs] Nah, no way.
What does she got to be scared of? What about the day she died? Huh? You fight that day? I told you, I didn't see Anna.
I find that very hard to believe because according to her mother, she said I told you a bunch of times, I didn't see Anna! He's angry, maybe because he's being accused of a murder he didn't commit.
Maybe he went ballistic on Anna like he did with the cops.
Odell had no history of violence.
Yes, but he has acne scars on his chest, which is a very common side effect of anabolic steroids.
Odell didn't tear through the opposing team fueled by his love of Anna.
He was pumped up on rage-inducing drugs.
Anna did write that she was scared of Odell several times.
Put "steroids" up for the prosecution.
I'll add a question mark.
Put them in my office.
I'll pick one for the fundraiser later.
Anyone inform the victim's mother that we're on this case? Let's avoid another drop-in disaster.
I've left messages for Lupe Ramos at home and the salon where she works.
Your mother insisted that I stay while you try these on.
This fundraiser tomorrow is very important for her campaign.
What have we got? Uh eyewitness was Burt Chambers who lived on the outskirts of Pelham Bay Park.
That's where Anna was shot.
Uh Like you didn't see the paparazzi shots of me on that nude beach in Belize.
Chambers reported seeing a black man driving a tan car quickly out of the park at around 4:00 p.
Was Chambers white? Cross-racial I.
s are especially problematic.
I look like Joe Pesci in this.
You need to speak to Chambers.
Well, Chambers is dead.
But his statement isn't the only thing that puts Odell at the crime scene.
Anna's body was found near several Maritime beech trees.
Leaf fragments from those trees were found in Odell's car.
But Odell insisted he hadn't been to the park in months.
This color makes me look like I have HPV.
As far as an alibi, Odell might not need one.
Round-trip from his house in Staten Island to the park in the Bronx and then back to his school is over 90 miles.
He wouldn't have made it back in time for warm-ups.
Tess, take Frankie, try the route.
Speak to Odell's defense attorney, make sure he did his job.
Well, their case consisted mostly of what the prosecution didn't have.
I mean, motive was hazy.
There's no history of violence, no murder weapon.
The .
45-caliber gun that shot Anna was never found.
Yes, but if Odell was on steroids at the time of the murder, that explains motive.
It makes his history irrelevant.
The gun is the only missing piece.
[Dress zips] That's beautiful.
This one was your mother's favorite.
Well, I guess this is the one, then.
Okay, people, show's over.
Let's get to work while I attend to some important business.
[Chime jingles] Donde queda tanto amor La ternura y la pasión Tantos sueños compartidos Dentro de un adios - Como voy a estar sin ti - [Spanish accent] Hello, miss.
Your color? Como voy a conseguir Reconfigurar mi vida y dejarte ir You're Lupe Ramos? Yes, miss.
- Sin consideración sin una explicación - The photo is of your daughter, Anna.
She was murdered.
Me dices que lo nuestro simplemente termino Who are you? I'm Hayes Morrison.
I'm here now with the District Attorney's Office.
Oh, you left message.
I [Sighs] My English not good.
I I'm so sorry for your loss.
I For your time.
[Shouts in Spanish] [Shouting continues] Hello.
I understand you're interested in this minivan.
Anabolic steroids, actually.
According to my friends in Vice, you used to sell to the jocks at Thayer High, specifically I'm not in that line of work anymore.
Will you tell me about the nav system? Well, it is a fully-integrated GPS His name's Odell Dwyer.
He would have bought from you in the fall of 2008.
- What about the horsepower? - Well [Sighs] Look, the sooner we talk, the sooner you get back to selling cars.
Odell bought a few rounds off me that fall.
Last time I saw him was a couple weeks before he got arrested.
But he wasn't looking for drugs.
Maxine: Odell was on steroids and he tried to buy a gun from his dealer.
It's not looking so good for poster boy.
Or Wallace's happy ending.
Frankie: Anna's body was found back here.
Come on.
The timer's running.
Anna ran that way.
Then she went right, and then left right there.
[Breathing heavily] [Sobbing] Keep going.
Right there.
She tripped, fell and lost her shoe.
She made it past that tree.
Bam! You're dead.
Odell was wrong.
He had over an hour to get back for warm-ups.
I guess we know why his defense attorney never talked about this.
[Sighs] I really wanted this to work.
[Glass clinking] I hate this job.
Fire me.
Let me guess.
Rough day, someone had feelings, which you hate I will screw it up.
Fire me.
If I can dare to be so bold That can't be here.
Remember, up close, fun, wild, and transgressive is actually messy, destructive, and dangerous.
- I think deep down - This unit could do good.
- You know it will - I won't.
I can't.
- Fire me.
- No.
It's not my fault [Snorts] You didn't get what you wanted What about now? It wasn't my job to make you happy Oh, what a stupid thing to do That's not cocaine.
- Rejecting everything - Antihistamine.
So what? The cops still have my blow.
You got your feelings hurt Big deal - So did all of us - Go do your damn job.
Guess what You don't get to be king Just 'cause You think you should be king No, sir Nobody stole your crown But why did you need one? Hayes: You know what's also a happy ending? The system worked bad guy gets his due.
Wallace looks fair but firm because we prove Odell Dwyer is a murderer who belongs behind bars.
So, that's it? Pull a total 180, bury the guy? As deep as we can, which means kicking the tires hard on every element of the prosecution's case, for you guys, at least.
I have to get ready for this fundraiser.
We should at least ask why Odell wanted the gun.
First thing to check, Tess' favorite tune The eyewitness A challenge since he passed away.
Maxine: Detective Jim McNally took the statement.
He trained under my dad.
I'll talk to him.
- Take Tess with you.
- Why? How many friends do you have that aren't cops? Several.
Take Tess.
See if the eyewitness was solid.
Since we're kicking tires, only two leaf fragments were found in Odell's car.
After Tess and I drove back from the scene, leaves were all over the inside of her ride.
So Odell brushed them off.
Or maybe the cops planted them.
You have zero justification Boss said verify the prosecution's case.
Is that what you were doing? 'Cause it seems like to me What? Like I care about leaving a possibly innocent man to rot in prison? That place Guys don't come out the same as they went in.
Stop taking this personally.
How about you start taking it that way?! You haven't even laid eyes on the guy! Too busy acting like an entitled brat, more worried about Mommy's party Take a walk, Frankie! Mistakes are way more likely than conspiracies.
Check out the lab that processed the leaf evidence.
Tinker Bell, a moment.
I know who you are.
You seen him since he got out? Seek absolution on your own time.
McNally: Yeah, well, my life is in a shoe box right now.
Most of my stuff is still in the house.
Leah's been real understanding about that.
Divorce brings out the jerk in everybody.
We have a few questions for you about Burt Chambers, the eyewitness in the Odell Dwyer case.
Oh, yeah.
The guy was rock-solid.
Then why didn't you take a full statement from him until September 7th? Chambers came forward at the scene four days earlier.
We took an official statement after the forensics results came in.
Anna's time of death was right around when Chambers spotted a black male matching Odell's description driving away from the scene.
Well, it would be a real big help if we could see your case notes.
The witness's description of the suspect didn't change.
- I'm on your side.
- Doesn't feel that way.
Feels like I'm being grilled by the enemy.
The enemy? I took this gig because now more than ever, good cops need someone looking out for them.
[Sighs] Any notes I took would be in the prosecution's file.
There's nothing there.
I wish I could be more helpful.
[Camera shutters clicking, indistinct shouting] ["Bright Shiny Day" playing] Nice tux.
Rental? Wanted to support your mother's Senate campaign.
Join me.
I'd forgotten what a good dancer you are.
I haven't forgotten kicking your ass in court.
We had an even record.
[Chuckles] Only if you count a mistrial as a victory.
- You didn't win.
- Neither did you.
That's us.
Couple of losers.
Ever wonder what might've happened if you hadn't left Chicago? No.
Aren't you two a lovely couple? Such a beautiful dress.
May I steal my daughter for just a moment? Of course.
Just because Wallace came to our rescue doesn't mean you have to sleep with him.
[Chuckling] I'm not.
"Our rescue"? The other night, after I learned of your predicament, I phoned Wallace.
We worked out a deal.
Thanks for consulting me.
I saved you again.
You saved your poll numbers.
I kept you out of prison.
For possession as a first offense? [Chuckles] Screw up this job, and Wallace will charge possession with intent to distribute.
You will go to prison.
An ultimatum.
How familiar.
This time, your father agrees with me.
This is your last chance.
Tough talk in the middle of a Senate campaign.
That's what talk shows are for.
Oprah has been dying to have me on.
I'd play it for sympathy.
Discuss my shortcomings as a mother, and I'm aware I wouldn't be lying.
I would talk about how you had a harder time than your brother growing up in the public eye.
How you would say that instead of a childhood, you had a series of photo-ops.
And how loving your children sometimes means making tough choices.
I do love you, Hayes.
You are so smart and brave and amazing and have every opportunity in the world.
Imagine what you could do if you actually tried if you worked at anything as hard as you do at making us all believe how little you care.
The question is, do you have it in you? Forget I, for one, would like to know.
Why I forget why I forget I'm here to see Odell Dwyer.
[Buzzer blares] This is crazy.
Hayes Morrison here to see me a-and looking You tried to buy a gun There's the murder weapon.
You were on steroids There's motive.
[Stammers] Don't lie to me.
I'm immune.
Childhood over-exposure.
I didn't kill Anna.
Then why'd you want the gun? I was 17 and stupid and I thought it'd be cool to have a gun.
Well, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
[Laughs] Yeah.
Why was Anna afraid of you? She wasn't.
Well, she wrote it in her journal.
"He got so mad it scared me.
He won't leave me alone.
" She wasn't writing that about me.
- So who was it then? - I have no idea.
- Well, that's a crappy answer.
- It wasn't me! The steroids I was trying to give myself a better chance at a football scholarship.
- It was a mistake.
- You made a lot of those.
Doesn't everyone? Didn't you? Look, I just need a chance.
And you're that chance.
I spent the evening with my dad chewing me out for hassling Jim McNally.
Said he was one of the best cadets he ever trained gave him five stars.
My dad is a stickler for organization.
Five stars means McNally took notes at that first meeting with Odell's eyewitness, but his street files are not in the prosecution's document.
So those notes must undermine the case against Odell.
We need to get ahold of them.
Well, McNally's going through a nasty divorce.
He mentioned most of his stuff is still at the house, which probably includes the case files.
I'll go see the ex-wife tomorrow.
She's probably home now.
Hayes: If they're getting a divorce, why is he here? Maxine: What are you doing, Jim? Uh, just getting some stuff out of the attic.
Leah's been nagging me, so, you know This sudden urge have anything to with the questions I was asking you about your street files? Eh, it's a total coincidence.
We can get a warrant for the contents of those boxes, unless you want to hand them over now.
[Scoffs] Why would I do that? Um I'll let you touch these.
It's worked before.
Jim, look, I get it.
The witness makes an initial statement and you start liking Odell for the crime.
You go back, you help the witness remember some things, maybe tweak a few details.
Imagine someone going through your old cases, Maxine.
I'm calling for a warrant.
We both know they'd find some dirt.
Hayes: I need to speak with Judge Come on.
Jim, do the right thing.
Turn over I did the right thing when I put Odell away.
He killed that girl.
I know it.
I knew it when he went nuts during the interview.
I knew it when I read the girl's journal.
I knew it when I talked to her mom.
The first person she mentioned was Odell, because Odell Dwyer is a murderer.
And you want to set him free.
[Chuckles] Well, screw that.
The eyewitness is out.
And the beech leaves.
I did a little digging.
Found out that the lab tech who worked on Odell's case was fired later that year for drinking and repeatedly contaminating evidence.
It's likely she accidentally transferred leaves from Anna's clothes to Odell's car.
Definitely not a moron today.
The case against Odell seems pretty weak, and I think he's innocent.
So recommend vacating his conviction.
This isn't about what I believe, what any of us believe.
We need an undeniable case that Odell doesn't belong in prison.
The key to winning trials as a defense attorney pick one story to tell the jury and stick to it.
Odell's story is that she wasn't writing about him in her journal.
Let's believe him, try and back it up.
Someone in here order a pig? Yeah, that's me.
On the table's good.
What the hell? Look, I've been so hung up on his lack of alibi, I forgot about this.
- What if the prosecution was wrong - about Anna's time of death? Odell's alibi might be the football game that night.
I want to test the time of death with the pig.
Grab the pork and go.
We're running out of time.
Okay, let's go.
Prosecution claims Anna died between 4:00 and 5:00 p.
Help me unwrap Wilbur.
When Anna's body was found, there were no flies on her, and no fly larvae was found at the autopsy.
The thing about flies, they're drawn to animal and human remains right away if the death occurs during the day.
At night, it's too cold.
Flies hibernate unless they're already at a food source.
So, no flies on Anna's body means she was shot after dark, when Odell was his game.
It might.
This experiment should prove it for sure.
This half goes out now And the other half goes out after dark.
Then we wait and check for flies.
Anna: He scared me today.
Odell wants me to go to the game tonight.
He scared me today.
He won't leave me alone.
He got so mad.
- I'm scared.
- Reporter: Stars turned out to support Harper Morrison's Senate campaign, including a surprise guest her daughter, Hayes.
Hayes and Harper's relationship has been described as strained over the years Anna: He won't leave me alone.
He scared me today.
My mom has no idea how weird he is.
He scared me today.
My mom read my diary as a kid.
Okay? I gave everyone a code name so I could have some privacy.
Maybe Anna did the same thing in her journal.
So, instead of writing he, she was writing "H-E"? Question is, who was she worried that might be reading her journal? Maybe it was her mom or maybe someone else had access, someone like - this guy.
- Who is that? Whoever he is, he's in a bunch of these, and he's not a cop.
Where's the DD5 from the police interview with Anna's mom? Lupe barely speaks English.
Does McNally speak Spanish? No.
No mention of a police interpreter being present.
Then who translated that conversation? According to the report "A family friend helped out.
" A friend named Hector.
Lupe talked about him.
Hector's last name? Esparia.
Looks like we have a suspect.
[Knock on door] We're looking for Hector Esparia.
He doesn't live here anymore.
Any idea where we can find him? - No.
- It's very important.
Any information you can give us.
Look, unless you have a warrant Hey.
You're that president's daughter.
She looks like me.
Apparently, Hector asked Anna out a few times and she said no.
Well, Hector's not big on "no.
" He's got a temper.
Cindy, did Hector get violent with you? Look whatever happened, it's not your fault.
If Hector killed Anna, the cops are to blame because we put the wrong guy away for murder.
How did she die? Gunshot to the head.
There's something you should see.
[Timer beeping] All right.
It's 12:04.
It's the time police found Anna's body.
I found this in the back of one of his drawers.
I hid it so he wouldn't use it on me.
[Flies buzzing] No flies.
That proves it.
Anna died after dark.
And on September 2, 2008, it was dark at 7:25 p.
- [Chuckles] - Odell was playing football.
- He's innocent! - Yeah! [Both laugh] [Knock on door] - Hector Esparia? - Yeah.
[Grunts] [Handcuffs click] Hayes: Hector Esparia's ex-girlfriend turned over the gun he used to kill Anna.
Odell is innocent.
Just got word that the judge agreed to vacate his conviction immediately.
Happy ending.
I told you you'd be good at this.
And I told you I'm dangerous.
I'm coming after your cases, too.
I'd expect nothing less.
You're not scared? That's not the first thing that comes to mind.
Press charges on the cocaine, and I'll reveal that you blackmailed me into taking this job.
How's that for a happy ending? That arrangement was made with your mother.
- You can't expose it without - Without exposing her? I know.
You can't control me anymore.
And neither can she.
What do you want? To right the wrongs, to fight the power, to stick it to the man.
Why be the fox guarding the henhouse when I can be the wolf who mauls the fox and anyone else who gets in her way? See you around, Wallace.
[Shirley Manson's "Pretty Horses" plays] Thought you might want to comment on how Hayes Morrison ended up running the CIU.
In a city somewhere In a corner of the world I've had my share of trouble And trouble I have caused - Though I've paid and paid in spades - It doesn't take the pain away - But sometime in my life - Maxine: Your ex let me have a copy.
Retire or IA gets one, too.
I must have done something right We've waited here long enough Maybe this time our ship's gonna come and berth Here I am asking you 'Cause I've got no time for a step out of line [Buzzer blares] Do you think you can handle it? 'Cause I've had my bellyful I don't want anyone hurt [Reporters shouting indistinctly] [Laughs] We've waited here long enough Maybe this time our ship's gonna come and berth Here I am asking you 'Cause I've got no time for a step out of line Do you think that you can be good to me? What the hell is all this? Possible cases.
We've been getting deliveries all morning.
Do you think you can handle it? 'Cause I've had my bellyful I don't want anyone hurt Who's next?