Conviction (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Bridge and Tunnel Vision

1 [Ladyhawke's "Let It Roll" plays] [Cellphone alarm beeping] I'm on the flip side of every dollar bill I am the eye watching over you Too many hard times, too much to think about So let it roll like a newborn soul - Let it roll - [Telephone rings] Let it roll Let it roll like a newborn soul Frankie: Hello? Automated male voice: Collect call from an inmate at the detention facility.
You think you look good You take a photograph It makes you smile when you're feeling bad [Cellphone alarm beeping] But it's the wrong way to start a new day So let it roll like a newborn soul Let it roll Let it roll Let it roll like a newborn soul Let it roll Let it roll Let it roll like a newborn soul Let it roll Let it roll Let it roll like a newborn soul Too many lovers in a hotel room They're making plans to run away to the moon Not a care in the world they feel This is the rhythm as the heart beats on and on Not a care in the world they feel This is the rhythm as the heart beats on and on - Let it roll, let it roll - [Cellphone alarm beeping] Let it roll, let it roll Let it roll, let it roll, roll, roll Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll, roll, roll Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll Let it roll, let it roll Sam: Hey, Lisa.
You delivering the paper now, too? The night before what was supposed to be your first day as head of CIU, Hayes Morrison was in a police holding cell.
That's just a rumor.
Until you confirm it.
I run my story, you're back in charge.
Look, even if I confirmed that rumor, which I'm not, there's no guarantee of that.
Uh, if Hayes Morrison blows up, Wallace's priority will be to keep the CIU running smoothly.
After the Odell Dwyer case, it's the biggest jewel in his crown.
Hayes was the one that cracked that case.
And she'll do amazing work until she gets bored and self-sabotages.
Apparently, that's her pattern.
Just admit it, Lisa.
You're not chasing a story.
You're chasing me.
[Both chuckle] You're only gonna get me.
You're a good guy, Sam.
You deserve the job way more than Hayes Morrison.
Sleeping with the help how egalitarian of you.
If you don't want me to sleep with waiters from Mom's campaign events, don't hire hot ones.
Only ugly waiters I'll get right on that.
It's not like I'm running a Senate campaign.
Or a hotel, for that matter.
You realize that hooking up with a former First Daughter is probably a tweetworthy event for him.
As long as he doesn't give me a bad review, what do I care? Your promiscuity is hardly new information, and you're pretty golden with the media these days.
Really? How did that happen? The new job.
You really should thank Wallace.
That's one way of looking at it.
Wallace better fasten his seatbelt.
No idea what you mean.
[Elevator bell dings] [Telephones ringing] [Indistinct conversations] Who has a conviction to review a case worthy of the next five days of our time? Virgil Mendez life sentence for murder based solely on a jailhouse informant.
A case prosecuted by our dashing D.
, Conner Wallace.
Conviction Integrity Units don't usually investigate cases from the sitting D.
's tenure, let alone ones that D.
personally prosecuted.
Time for us to break out of the mold.
It's our second case.
And Wallace kind of gave you this job.
Correction he blackmailed me into it.
After you were stopped with cocaine in your purse.
Let's go.
Career-making cases from Wallace.
The Roosevelt Island Killer.
But he was busted with a freezer full of feet.
Frankie: Hammersmith gun-trafficking case.
Pretty open-and-shut, though.
Tess: What about the Prospect 3? My old boss was dying to take it on, but we didn't have the time or the money.
So, issues with the conviction? - A potential miscarriage of justice? - Definitely.
As well as a huge careermaking case for Wallace.
We have a winner.
Man: Tell everybody why tonight sucks.
Well, the concert got canceled.
I guess the sound board got - Boom! - Hey, man.
- Oh! Geez! - Yo, Prospect Park, check it! Mikey K.
and his crew are gonna bash heads toni That's Mike Kurtzman who stole the camera, that's Seamus Gadsen, and Brian McKinney, collectively known as the Prospect 3.
They're 10 years into an 18-year sentence for rape and felony assault committed that night.
Mike and Seamus were 16.
Brian was 14.
Wallace charged them as adults.
Which makes sense considering what they did to Zadie Daniels.
This is her before the attack.
And after.
[Clicks tongue, sighs] She wasn't expected to survive.
Her brain injury made it biochemically impossible for what happened that night to imprint on her memory.
Kind of a blessing.
Those kids are lucky they only got 18 years.
We can't go into this assuming that they're guilty.
Or innocent.
We're not the Innocence Project or law enforcement.
We're after the truth no matter who it pisses off or whether it sets anyone free.
A little after 9:30 p.
, NYPD officers started rounding up 35 kids for setting fires, hassling people, and other various acts of mayhem in the park.
Later, Zadie Daniels was discovered unconscious.
Her broken watch put the time of the attack at 9:22 p.
Of 35 kids, why did the cops focus on these three? Brian, Mike, and Seamus were involved in other incidents, including the attempted robbery of another young woman.
And they confessed to assaulting Zadie.
after hours of questioning, and later recanted.
But still, they confessed.
I mean, who does that if they're innocent? Think of the forensics.
No DNA from the boys on the victim.
Her rape kit tested positive, but the semen wasn't from any of the three.
Younger rapists often don't ejaculate.
I mean, a fourth guy may have gotten away.
It - Hey, boss.
- Hmm? First rule of Fight Club, everybody.
[Clears throat] You can't just show up here.
Your letterhead says "Office of the District Attorney," so, yes, I can.
We have letterhead? I'm interested in your next case.
Us, too.
Just about to dig in.
I'd like to hear what it is.
You agreed I pick the cases, no interference.
Not interfering, just asking.
Virgil Mendez.
Serving life for murder on the word of a prison snitch.
I thought for sure you would've picked one of my old cases.
You don't know me as well as you think.
Gonna go tattle to daddy? All three guys are at Wyckoff Correctional.
I'm gonna go talk to them.
Take Frankie along.
His ex-con insouciance counterbalances your prosecutorial squareness.
You two, review the confessions.
Conviction Integrity Unit? You think there's a chance you could get us out? Depends if our review finds significant issues with your conviction.
I never touched the woman.
None of us did.
Then why say you did? I was 16.
I thought that I was the king of the world.
I was just a kid.
Man: Tell me about the woman.
I told you I didn't hurt her.
Then why'd this other kid say that you did? - Who said that? - Seamus Gadsen.
The detective is lying.
Which is completely legal according to the Supreme Court Frazier v.
I went to law school.
I know the ruling.
But these were teenagers.
They were scared out of their minds.
If you or your loved one had been assaulted, you'd want the cops to lie, to intimidate, to use every trick in the book.
Hayes: Is that what you wanted, Tess, when the police were investigating your aunt's murder? I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
It was a long time ago.
And it's private.
Not if it potentially impacts your approach on a case.
Ooh, God.
Long night last night.
[Groans] That was the hospital, Mike.
The woman you beat near to death, somebody hit her with a brick.
Was it Seamus? Yeah.
And you were with him? Yeah.
And you got in the action, too, huh? You ready for Brian's confession? Yeah.
Man #2: Brian, your foster dad said you should talk to us.
Tell us the truth Did you go to the concert alone? Yeah.
Brian: I-I didn't know Seamus and Mike before that night.
We grew up in the same hood, but we never met.
Now we're pretty tight.
Yeah, you can make real connections in here.
It's the only good thing to co-m-me out of this nightmare.
Were you guys running around together all night? Seamus: Pretty much.
Everybody kind of scattered when the cops showed at the park, but we all ended up at the same place.
Looks like you found your path.
In here, every decision is made for you.
Faith is one choice I could still make, so I did.
Once you got back to the station, then what happened? Until my first night in here, that was the most scared I've ever been in my life.
They kept saying Man #3: Tell us the truth, Seamus.
I did.
I never seen that lady.
We know that's a lie, Seamus.
You attacked her.
We know you did it.
The sooner you admit it, the sooner it's over.
I was thirsty, hungry, tired.
I just wanted to go home.
They said I could.
All I had to do was Tell them what they wanted to hear.
It was a lie.
What I said we did, I'm never telling that lie again.
Brian, Mike, and I all promised each other no more lies.
No more saying that we hurt that woman.
We saw her coming towards the pavilion.
Who saw her first? Brian.
There is no way these kids would know these details if they didn't do it.
The cops hammered them for 10 hours, fed them information.
Their parents should've lawyered up or at least pulled them out, but there is no evidence of contamination.
You hit her with something heavy, didn't you? A brick.
Now, where'd you find it? You're wrong.
About the contamination.
I think the cops mentioned the brick first with all the boys.
I'll check.
You were awake this whole time? Those stories that I slept through law school I just listen better with my eyes closed.
Okay, maybe 15% of the time, I was asleep, 20 tops.
The first confession, call came in from the hospital.
According to the detective notes, the officer called in after speaking with the surgeon, who said the victim's skull was smashed in - with, apparently, a brick.
- Got 'em.
Here's Brian's confession at 1:42 a.
That's after the hospital called.
Tell me about the brick, Brian.
The brick? Who hit her with it? That guy, M-Mike.
And Mike's at 1:38.
And that brick, you, uh, hit her in the head with it? Mike: No.
Seamus did that.
The cops told all three of them about the brick.
Yes, well, that doesn't prove their innocence.
Yeah, but these confessions sure don't mean they're guilty.
The boys' confessions were contaminated, coerced.
Let's forget they existed.
Why didn't the kids' defense lawyers argue that? Sam: No, the defense did argue coercion.
It just didn't stick.
Wallace played the confessions at trial, and there is nothing like seeing the defendants say, "I did it," to make juries disregard everything else, sometimes even proof of innocence.
- Which doesn't exist here.
- Well, minus the confessions, there's a really strong case against the three boys.
I reviewed all the complaint reports from the park that night.
Mike, Brian, and Seamus stole that camera, set fire to the trash can, and attacked this young woman Becky Langes.
She was riding her bike.
The boys grabbed her and tried to pull her off.
Sounds like a busy night.
Maybe we should see if it was even possible for them to have done all that.
A smaller crime is an alibi for a bigger crime.
Viable and ironic.
Check it out.
If Becky Langes was such a perfect prosecution witness, then why didn't Wallace have her testify? Maybe she was an unreliable witness.
- Your mom.
- Hmm? Mother, what a surprise.
- Note the absence of the word "nice.
" - [Chuckles] Security let me up.
Perk of being a former First Lady.
Harper Morrison.
So good to meet you all.
Maxine Bohen.
A pleasure.
Maxine meant to say she didn't vote for your husband.
What are you doing here? I wanted to meet your team.
What case are you all tackling now? The Prospect 3.
Very high profile.
Tess Larson, right? It's nice to meet you.
- And you must be Sam Spencer.
- Hi.
And you're Franklin Cruz.
- Hey.
- [Clears throat] Hi.
[Chuckles] Mom, let's go in my office.
So lovely to have met all of you.
Stop smiling.
She only knows your names because a staffer briefed her.
[Quietly] I don't care.
Prospect 3.
- That was Wallace's case.
- It deserves a review.
The confessions were contaminated.
Conner Wallace is our friend.
We're Morrisons.
We don't have friends.
We have supporters.
We also have enemies.
Don't turn Wallace into one.
You didn't drop by to give me advice or see where I work.
CIU is very high-profile.
Jackson insisted that a visit would be a good campaign photo op.
So he made sure the press were outside when you came by.
I also wanted to see your office.
This job is an exciting opportunity, Hayes.
It will be great for your poll numbers.
I meant for you.
You're in charge here, doing important work.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
I have to go.
Victim notification.
Important, difficult work.
Get an orchid for your desk.
Warm the place up a little.
[Horn honks] I can't tell you anything about that night.
I don't remember it.
Zadie, I'm not here to interrogate you, just to keep you informed.
Every anniversary of the attack or an appeal, it's like I disappear and go back to being the Prospect Park survivor.
Everyone calls her brave or heroic.
But she's not you, not all of you.
That was just an event you endured.
Who wants to be defined by one, terrible night at Prospect Park? We'll do everything we can to make sure this investigation is low-profile.
Wallace's press conference isn't gonna help with that.
He called me earlier and let me know it was happening.
Maxine: I'm feeling a little typecast.
What do you mean? I'm a black woman.
Zadie Daniels is a black woman.
I got to play her in the re-enactment? Oh, I'm sorry, I just I figured Frankie, I'm busting your chops.
- I'm Zadie Daniels.
- You're the marauding kids.
Just tell me when to start.
Hold up.
We need to be in sync.
Her routine was to leave the office at 9:00 p.
Starting the footage now.
And go.
Leaving Zadie's office now.
Man: Well, the concert got canceled.
I guess the sound board got Oh! All right, I'm where the kids grabbed the camera.
Yo, Prospect Park, check it! Mikey K.
and his crew [Distorted] are gonna bash heads tonight.
I'm on the move.
I'm tracing the kids' steps.
[Indistinct shouting] [Distorted, indistinct shouting] - Get out of here! - Want to bet? [Shouting continues] They raise a little hell, mess with the crowd.
[Distorted laughter] Turning left through the park gates now.
Arriving at where the kids went pyro.
Yeah! Whoa! Mikey K.
on the loose! They shut the camera off after the fire.
What do you know? And here comes the woman on the bike.
Going past the restrooms.
Passing the park bench.
I'm right when they attacked the girl on the bike.
- It's, like, late at night - Hey! Hey! - [Bike clatters] - Oh, my God.
[Distorted chatter] Turning right up the hill.
[Heartbeat] Something's wrong.
Frankie? [Sinister music plays] [Breathing heavily] Frankie.
Frankie! But the kids still had eight minutes to get to Zadie would have been early.
Coming straight from her office, she would have to wait to still be on this spot at 9:22.
Wait, so does that rule out the three kids? No, but standing here alone in the dark what woman does that? The 9:22 timeline doesn't make sense.
We're missing something.
Over time, I've come to have doubts about the boys' confessions.
Now, I set up the CIU as an independent unit, but I decided I was allowed to call in one favor.
[Laughter] So I asked them to review my prosecution of the Prospect 3.
[Camera shutter clicks] Are you saying the confessions were contaminated? The CIU will make that determination.
And if they are, and if the conviction doesn't stand without them, then those young men will go free.
A corrected mistake, I can live with.
An ongoing injustice no way.
I'll give you an update once the review is complete.
Thank you.
[Indistinct conversations] Woman: Any additional comments? Checkmate.
And if they are, and if the conviction doesn't stand without them, then those young men will go free.
So much for keeping Wallace in the dark.
We've been pulling files, asking questions.
Word gets around.
Says the guy who probably helped it get around.
But what's done is done.
Let's get back to getting these kids off.
Says the woman who claims to have no agenda but the truth.
Which, in the case of Becky Langes, the bike girl, is that the Prospect 3 used her as a dress rehearsal for Zadie's attack.
She was a very solid witness.
Her memory of the boys was detailed, accurate, and scary.
With the confessions, Wallace didn't need her.
And our park visit didn't turn up any alibi for the guys.
But it did reveal a possible gap in Zadie's timeline.
I called her old office and reviewed the key card records.
Zadie's routine wasn't routine that night.
She left an hour early at 8:00 instead of 9:00.
What does that mean for Mike, Seamus, and Brian? I'm not sure yet.
How come the cops never pulled those records? Well, they had the confessions.
They had the time of the attack thanks to the broken watch.
Wallace missed it, as well.
So did the boys' attorneys.
No one was investigating Zadie.
Since she can't remember where she was in that missing hour and 20 minutes, we need to do it for her.
Zadie's supervisor a Lewis Anderson uh, he swiped out at the same time that she did.
I'll talk to him, see if he knew where she was headed.
It probably won't change the fact she ended up at that park assaulted by those kids.
Take Sam with you.
Seems like he could use some air.
Just give me a minute.
[Cellphone clicks] [Cellphone beeps] [Indistinct chatter] Zadie Daniels? We used to work together, but we weren't close or anything.
According to the key card records, you and Zadie left the office together - the night she was attacked.
- Mm.
I don't really remember, but if the records say so And we left at the same time, not together.
So you do remember.
- Uh, yeah - I should get back to the office.
Did Zadie mention any after-work plans, meeting up with a friend or I told you we hardly knew each other.
That wasn't the question.
You know what I see here, Lewis? I see a guy who worked with a woman who got raped and beaten.
A guy who gets really nervous when asked about that woman.
I'm not nervous.
A guy who keeps insisting he wasn't close her, didn't know where she went, and definitely wasn't with her.
So, what did you do, Lewis, follow Zadie into the park that night? - What? - Maybe you'd been flirting at work, decided to close the deal.
You think I raped Zadie, that I beat her? Well, I know how we can find out.
Pull his cup from the trash.
We'll run the DNA.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't do that! It'll match.
The DNA.
But I didn't rape Zadie, I swear.
She and I had been flirting for months.
That night, we snuck out early to this Cajun bar on Lincoln the Second Line.
It was a Mardi Gras theme night.
Beads being tossed around, hurricanes.
We ended up having sex in the bathroom.
It got a little wild.
- Like, how wild? - Kind of rough.
I smashed my phone screen.
She broke her watch.
That happened with you? Before the attack? What time did you leave the bar? 9:30.
I'm a cheating schmuck, but I'm not a rapist.
When I told Zadie what had happened Wait.
Zadie knows you two had sex that night? When did you tell her? When she got out of the hospital.
Hayes: You lied, didn't you? Lewis Anderson told my colleague about your Mardi Gras celebration.
Maxine: We know you had consensual sex earlier the night of the attack.
You weren't raped, and you knew it.
When I woke up in the hospital, everyone doctors, uh, nurses, the police told me I had been raped.
I didn't remember anything after the office.
As far as I knew, it was the truth.
But Lewis told you before you testified.
You perjured yourself.
You let three men be charged with a rape you were fairly certain didn't happen.
[Voice breaking] They nearly killed me.
Rape or not, those boys destroyed me, destroyed my life.
Correcting that one detail meant telling the world I had sex in a bar bathroom with a married man.
Everything people would have said about me then, they'll say now.
Please, don't do this to me.
Zadie, three men are in prison.
I'm sorry.
I I don't have a choice.
[Horns honking] [Siren wails] Zadie Daniels wasn't raped.
What? Of course she was.
She had consensual sex with a married colleague in bar.
The lab's running DNA to confirm it was his sperm inside her.
And we've uncovered a totally new timeline for the case.
How? Zadie's watch was smashed at the bar.
She was there until 9:30.
The attack didn't take place at 9:22? I was sure those convictions were solid.
Here, look at this.
The confessions were tainted.
The rape was consensual sex.
The timeline completely inaccurate.
We have more than enough exculpatory evidence to compel a new trial.
Without confessions This is why I was so certain.
- [Folder thuds] - Brian McKinney's juvie record.
He was a violent kid.
All female victims, no sign of remorse.
Why didn't you use this at trial? I couldn't.
Brian's record was sealed.
Brian wanted to cop a plea after jury selection, but we never make deals at trial.
What about the other two? They express interest in a deal? No.
[Folder thuds] We called them the Prospect 3.
We all assumed the three were together the entire evening.
When they confessed, they were all guilty.
When the timeline changed, it made me think they were all innocent.
But of course, that isn't the only option.
Brian could be guilty, but the others Could be innocent.
The problem is if the judge vacates the conviction based on what you uncovered, then all three of them go free.
Including Brian McKinney.
And without our recommendation, they all stay in prison.
It's all or nothing.
Put everything back up.
There's plenty of exculpatory evidence.
Yes, and if I call the judge, all the convictions will be vacated, including Brian McKinney's, who had a juvie record for repeatedly getting rough with girls.
He's why Wallace thought this case was a slam dunk.
He's a violent kid.
New theory to test-drive stop looking at the boys as a single unit.
Instead, consider that Brian attacked Zadie Daniels alone.
We don't even know if Brian had time to attack Zadie.
Not to mention any evidence of his actual guilt.
Or the other guys' actual innocence.
And we have less than 48 hours to try and get it done.
The longest of those hours being my time spent at my mother's campaign event.
[Telephone rings] I'm calling from the Conviction Integrity Unit.
Please call me back regarding a child you fostered 12 years ago Brian McKinney.
[Receiver clacks] [Cellphone vibrates] [Cellphone clicks] [Cellphone beeps] [Horns honking] Nothing in the notes about what kids were picked up where or when.
Well, it makes sense considering they rounded up 35 kids that night.
I could head back out to Wyckoff, talk to Mike and Seamus.
If those guys are as tight as you say, they're just gonna have Brian's back.
Frankie: Nothing in the forensics separates Brian from Mike and Seamus or the other 32 kids herded into the wagons that night.
They went to the precinct in patrol wagons, not cars.
Find me the booking sheet.
How could a record of when the kids were booked tell us when they were picked up? FILO.
First in, last out.
The Prospect 3 were all brought in on the same wagon, but Brian was processed first, and then Mike and Seamus eight kids later.
Those two were the last ones out.
Meaning they were the first ones in.
And the wagon started loading at 9:30.
That's when Zadie left the bar.
Mike and Seamus got picked up before Zadie got to the park.
This essentially proves they're innocent.
Brian was the first one out, and the cops must have grabbed him right before the wagons left at 10:10 p.
He had plenty of time to attack Zadie.
[Indistinct conversations] As Senator, I hope that I can effect change the way Hayes is at the CIU.
What they're doing there, it's remarkable.
- You two should meet Nicholas Shore.
- [Cellphone chimes] - He's got some fascinating notions - - about judicial restraint.
- I will join you in a moment.
[Keyboard clicking] Put that away, or you and Mom are - gonna be at each other's throat again.
- Actually, we had a nice time when she came to visit my office.
Mom came to CIU? - Yeah.
- [Cellphone chimes] On your directive, Mr.
Campaign Manager.
If I had done it, every media outlet would have run that photo.
Harper: I'd like to follow up on this.
May I call you? - A minute, mother? - Oh.
Family first.
Excuse me.
[Indistinct conversations continue] At CIU, you wanted to know what case we were working on.
Jackson didn't arrange that visit, did he? Wallace sent you to spy on me.
Turned out Wallace was right to be suspicious.
He does know you.
That whole visit was a lie.
You said you were proud of me.
That's true.
Are you ever, ever just my mother? Or is there always another angle? Your father and I made a decision to lead big lives.
Being just your mother is a luxury I've never had.
You expect me to, what, pity you? Sympathize? I was trying to be honest.
[Cellphone rings] [Cellphone clicks] Got something? [Light jazz music plays] Brian's first foster family kicked him out after he assaulted their 13year-old daughter.
Doesn't mean he attacked Zadie.
No, it shows pattern of behavior.
The foster father realized when he found the girl's shirt under Brian's bed.
Now, because of Zadie's perjury, Wallace can compel a new trial and try Brian as a lone assailant.
Meanwhile, Brian is free to beat women and steal their shirts and whatever other trophy Hayes: Stop.
On his wrist.
- Tess: They look like Mardi Gras beads.
- They are.
Zadie and her co-worker were at a Mardi Gras night before she was attacked.
He said they were handing out beads.
Sam: You think Brian took those from Zadie like he stole his foster sister's shirt? If he did, we might have just found our proof.
[Buzzer, lock disengages] [Door opens] Hi, there.
I'm Hayes Morrison.
I-I know who you are.
[Door closes] I've been reading up on you, Brian.
Rough road.
Dad beating on you, foster care.
I bet you got away with a lot more in the foster system.
Pushed some boundaries.
That's always fun.
It was all right.
Was it fun, Brian, when you shoved your foster sister down? I-I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Must have been a thrill ripping off her shirt, - having a piece of her.
- That wasn't what happened.
That night at the park, you wanted to hurt that girl on the bike.
It It It It was just a goof.
Mike and Seamus, sure, but you, you wanted to hurt her, wanted to take something from her.
And when she got away, you got so angry.
You broke away from Mike and Seamus.
They got grabbed by the cops, but you you found Zadie.
No, that's not true.
Later, when the cops dumped you in the wagon, Mike and Seamus, they didn't notice that you came back with these from Zadie.
I never seen those before.
You were wearing them on your wrist the night in the station.
I don't remember.
I got them from your property bag the night you were booked.
NYPD had them all along.
You want them? No.
No? Then I guess I'll just Mine! Mine.
[Door opens in distance] They're not yours.
What? The ones from your property bag are being tested for Zadie Daniels' DNA.
It's your friends.
Or was that a lie, too? No, they're they're my boys.
Then do right by them.
Tell the truth.
[Exhales sharply] Brian confessed, and the DNA on the beads backs it up.
He assaulted Zadie Daniels by himself.
He'll serve his sentence for robbery and assault.
Mike and Seamus' rape convictions are being overturned.
They've already served time for their other crimes.
Did he hurt you? I'm fine.
Let me see.
You did what I couldn't.
Found the truth of what happened that night.
I'd like to find a way to say thank you.
Next time you want to check up on me, find a different spy because I'm never sleeping with someone already in bed with my mother.
[Banners' "Shine a Light" plays] [Door opens, closes] [Buzzer, door opens] Light will lead the way to set you free I'm only looking for a little peace And when the night falls Oh, call on me Just don't forget to show me some mercy [Buzzer, lock disengages] Ooh Take me higher Whoa Shine a light on Shine a light on me Whoa Shine a light on Shine a light on me I was lost at sea While the waves were dragging me underneath Whoa Shine a light on Shine a light on me I'm sorry about your aunt.
And everything after.
I looked into the case.
- Sorry.
- Bad habit from being a cop.
Witnesses make mistakes.
It happens.
The guy you put away he works in the city.
He has a coffee cart.
Seems like he's doing okay.
You need to mind your own business.
[Door buzzes, lock disengages] Your appeal? They turned me down.
[Scoffs] [Indistinct chatter] [Sighs] [Reporters shouting] Hayes.
[Camera shutters clicking] Zadie Daniels was the victim of a terrible crime.
Everything she did in the aftermath came from a desire to keep her private life private.
The scrutiny she is under now only proves that she was right to worry about being judged.
- Woman: Zadie! - Tell us, why did you lie?! [Reporters shouting] [Camera shutters clicking] Woman #2: Zadie, why'd you lie? Zadie, why'd you lie? Man: How many married men did you sleep with, Zadie? How many? One, two, three? How many married men was it, Zadie? [Shouting continues] [Scoffs] Sam: I wouldn't have picked the Prospect 3 case because Wallace prosecuted it.
He's the sitting D.
He set up the unit.
Hayes didn't care, and two innocent men got out of jail.
You're not confirming the rumor, are you? No.
I'm not.
Hayes Morrison doesn't deserve to run the CIU.
Wallace doesn't agree with you.
I might not, either.
[Scoffs] You are a really good guy, Sam.
That's it? We're done? And I'm a really good reporter.
Eventually, I'll break this story.
I just hope I don't smash CIU or you in the process.
Man: Following the release of two members of the Prospect 3, questions continue about Zadie Daniels.
- [Door opens] - Was her amnesia faked? [TV shuts off] [Sighs] Wrapped up another one.
Good job.
Great job.
We had five days to solve a 10-year-old case.
We made sure justice was just, and we kept a dangerous man in jail.
Some things along the way the situation with Zadie, I We found the truth.
We did our job.
I can't do this.
You gave two boys their lives back, Hayes.
You did that.
And you're gonna do it again.
But first [Icona Pop's "Someone Who Can Dance" plays] we dance.
[Chuckles] I-I don't feel like it.
Since when do you turn down a party? Working at the video store, every day's a bore I just dream away - DVDs are gone for life - [Laughs] We just get online and go to Pirate Bay Tripping like I'm on the moon When I think of being in the disco light Give me that bass right up in my face I want glitter on the floor tonight I want nothing like the others I want more than I can take